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Hiatus : Back to Work

“Hello again, Nox here. I apologize for the lack of anything interesting this week. January has been entirely unkind to me. Surgery, complications, and recovery wiped me out for a few weeks.” The author typed apologetically to explain her absence.

“Don’t forget the meds!” Sanguine interjects, laughing hysterically at the poor authors misfortune.

“Thanks for that,” Nox frowns and swats the fairy away not noticing her other visitors arriving to mock her lack of decent updates.

“If it’s so hard to keep up I could just end it all,” Maefyl grins devilishly behind our now very nervous author pulling aside the hair from her neck and leaning in close.

Nox maneuvers quickly, grabbing the keyboard as she turns to fend him off, but being a klutz stumbles over the chair and clocks herself with the keyboard instead. That went well, she thought as she sighed and slumped back into her seat.

“Don’t you have some work to do,” came the voice of Lucifer as he appeared out of nowhere. He leaned past the author to leave a much needed cup of coffee on the desk. “Now everyone out.”

Lucifer quickly shooing away the distractions as Nox greedily attacked her coffee and rubbed her forehead regretting the failed keyboard defense. As silence returned to the room and she pulled her chair in close resting her fingers on the keys ready to continue her work.

“Also would it kill you to run the vacuum?” Lucifer once again interrupting as he leaned over her shoulder laughing as he dissolved into the air leaving Nox with his last disembodied words, “I kid of course, you have new adventures to document. Enjoy your coffee.”

Finally silence and solitude. Nox sighed and went to work, shifting gears from comic relief into the somber darkness of Tsuriai as it continues.




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Print Edition now available on!

woohoo! amazon page for the print edition of Tsuriai has gone live!

available here!

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Slow Day

Eternity was amusing herself by stringing together paper clips in long strings and hanging them from the ceiling of Eidolons office like silvery vines. She would swing between them, singing to herself as she went, about how boring the day was. There would be a Circle meeting that evening so the chance of going out and doing anything of interest to her was slim.

Eidolon was paging through a book and would glance up at her antics here and there and smile. She was usually very calm and reserved, but as all fairies are she was also spontaneous and given to fits of silliness like this. He was glad to see her playing again, she had been grieving as he had over the losses of the previous years events. They were both finally beginning to accept things and move on. As he read on he listened to her amusing songs about being stuck inside on such a nice day.

“It’s warm and bright out there,” the fairy twittered as she swung from her paper clips, “but it’s just as fun in here in the dark with Eidolon doing nothing at all. If the sun goes out and i never see it again, I will make him build me a new one.”

“You are going to clean that up when you are finished,” Eidolon smirked while he listened to the clicking metal vines as she fluttered about the room. There were several hours until he would have to drag himself to the meeting, and he wasn’t doing anything particularly important. He knew she would refuse the offer if he sent her out on her own, Eternity had been ever vigilant of his moods and refused to leave him alone to ‘mope about in the dark’.

“Maybe,” she teased. “And maybe i like the new decor.”

Eidolon closed the book leaving it on the desk as he stood up to admire her handy work. Multiple lengths of tiny metal strings covered most of the room at this point all clicking madly as she swung between them. “And maybe if you straighten up this mess we’ll take a walk.”

She jumped at the chance and started a delightful dance of magic. Each of her strings broke apart and swirled around the room as she led them in a march to the desk. She jumped from clip to clip on her toes her magic making her shimmer as she moved. The room was filled with a dance of light and paper clips, Eidolon watched her spectacle and smiled. Fairies were such a joy to watch. Things that could be done so simply in the blink of an eye when left to a fairy became a display of elegance, instead of letting the magic simply do it’s work they put such flare into the spells they used so easily. The beauty of something so simple as cleaning up a mornings boredom was enough to inspire awe and respect for power he often took for granted. As the last of the small metal clips landed in the cup on the desk the spell began to fade, the twinkling light of her dust dissolving into the air leaving it charged with a subtle energy only noticeable to those like herself and Eidolon who were so in sync with magic themselves. Any normal creature who happened upon this room would just experience the effects in ways they would never understand, a sense of calm may take hold of them, or happiness. The effect left behind would greatly depend on the mood of the fairy during her casting. And Eternity was overjoyed with the prospect of a few hours outside in the sun. She rushed to Eidolon excited.

“What would you like to do, then?” He asked as they headed out the office door. His mood souring slightly as he caught site of Kage on the stairs heading up to his own office. He gave a slight nod of acknowledgement and then chose to ignore the unpleasantness of the demons presence.

“Just walking is fine,” Eternity admitted. She was just glad to be leaving the confines of the office for a few hours in the sun, but as she didn’t want to waste the opportunity of his offer, “Or we could go get sweets and picnic in the park!”

“Anything you like,” He tapped his shoulder to offer her a perch there which she took, wrapping her legs beneath her gracefully as she made herself comfortable. He was glad of her constant companionship. Comforted by her voice and warmth. Without her presence and the growing friendship with Gabriel, the last year would have been unbearable. She so often catered to his moods, his work, his schedule without complaint or expectation of anything in return. He owed it to her to indulge her whims on occasion.

“Then i want lots of chocolate,” She grinned as they made their way outside. She soaked in the warmth and light of the midday sun as it washed over them and breathed in deeply her first fresh air of the day. The smell of some local cafe caught her attention, “And whatever that is! It smells delicious!”

After locating and purchasing her growing list of snacks Eidolon walked to the park and let her rummage through paper packages and start to eat. He found himself a patch of grass beside her and sat quietly, entertained by her over indulgence. It was a lovely day. The sun warm but not overbearing, the soft breeze that passed every so often carrying a soft flowery bouquet from the trees that were reaching their first bloom of the season. He reached over Eternity to take a piece from the pile of bacon she had insisted on and the slapped at his hands playfully.

“Aren’t you supposed to ask first?” She said as she swallowed a piece of cake and licked her fingers. She knew of course she wouldn’t finish even half of what he had gotten for her, but was determined to have a taste of all of it.

Eidolon grinned as he ate her snack then found himself laughing as she put on a play of shock at his behavior.

“Oh my,” she gasped, “Such awful manners!”

She quickly went back to her snacks. Taking bits of everything as she swayed happily. She broke apart strips of bacon and smashed them around tiny pieces of cake making herself odd flavored sandwiches. She enjoyed her creations and Eidolons company while they watched the people go by. When she had her fill of snacks Eternity started feeding the remains to the local residents of the park to amuse herself. Ducks and geese crowded around her squawking loudly their thanks at an easy meal and of course demanding more. Squirrels snuck up between them to snatch anything the birds had missed. Eternity giggled as she played with them, playing chase with the squirrels, riding on one such squirrel as she scattered more crumbs for the smaller birds, trying to make all the geese honk in unison, and glad to see Eidolon smiling as she did. Her somber master needed to take a few moments to enjoy himself once in a while.

They spent the afternoon enjoying the weather, watching the passers by, and chatting with one another. Eidolon had made the trip hoping to ease her boredom and frustration but realized that he needed the break as much as she did. In an effort to forget about the things that haunted him he had buried himself in busy work and shut himself off. Gabriel seemed to be the only one who could lure him out for a few hours, and once they parted he was back to his grief. He felt guilty suddenly for what he had put Eternity through.

“I apologize,” He confessed as she chased after a butterfly, suddenly stopping when she heard his words and turning to face him. “I’ve been neglecting you.”

“Nothing to worry about, Eidolon.” She smiled as she came closer and laid her tiny hand on his knee.”I’ve been with you a long time, I know you were hurting and I don’t feel neglected.”

The conversation and their pleasant day was interrupted by the phone vibrating in his pocket. Kage calling with a pointless reminder of the evenings meeting no doubt. But as he sighed and answered, a look of understanding passed between the two of them. He stood as he took the call and with an instant of fast magic cleaned up the mess of the day and gestured for Eternity to follow as he spoke to the caller. She hurried to his shoulder and swayed happily as they walked back to the Circle building.

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Print Edition Now Available!

Print edition can be purchased here!

will also be available for purchase on in a few weeks.

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First proof arrived


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January 9, 2013 · 9:40 pm

Character Fan Research


In the name of research and to celebrate the upcoming print edition, a bit of incentive to join us on the blog. With the second book underway the blog will be your up to date source for all thing Tsuriai. Entry is simple, just leave a comment here or on the related post on the facebook page to enter stating your favorite character. A little insight as to why is fine, just keep it spoiler free!

WInner will be randomly selected, Imperfect signed proof dependent upon it’s timely arrival.

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Those Left Behind

She wept at the ashes left behind for days. Shaking as she laid her fingers in what remained of her friend and companion and cursing the one who took him away. No one came to mourn with her, she was alone again. Her exhaustion and grief were overwhelming, but she realized her endless watch over his scattered remains would never bring him back to her and that she had to move on without him. She gathered a single tear from her tiny cheek and watched it glisten on her fingertip before she infused it with simple magic and let it fall into his ashes. As the liquid absorbed  a bit of her lost love it flashed a brilliant white and then faded leaving behind a tiny black talon that came to a sharp point that curved and thickened. She picked it up from the ash, turning it over in her tiny hands as tears streamed down her face. Bringing the pointed end to her earlobe she pierced it through and turned it back until the thickest end protruded only slightly from the front of her ear. The pain of it quickly faded but she allowed her blood to infuse the fairy forged metal, one last taste for her lost master.

“I’ll keep you with me always, darling,” The fairy took one last look over the room. Their home. Then she ran her fingers through her short rainbow dyed hair and promised him she wouldn’t cry anymore. She turned and fluttered away, unsure where she would go. Perhaps to the gardens, time away from the cruelty of this world could be just what she needed. She knew the creatures of Itami would welcome her warmly. But none of them would have his smile. Never again would he wink at her, she would no longer sleep on his warm shoulder after he had fed. The thoughts nearly brought her to tears once more when she finally made the leap to Itami. For now she would bask in the warm light that filled these trees and fields and find herself again. Her hatred for those that led him to such an end would wait until her thoughts were clear. She would never forgive them, but in time her need for revenge would fade. It was revenge that had ended his life. She couldn’t bear to let her anger make these decisions for her.

As she felt the heat of Itami’s sun on her skin and a splash of cool mist from the falls nearby she knew she would be here for quite a while. The serenity of the unspoiled gardens would renew her and she could venture out into the world again when it was no longer a constant reminder of her loss, and instead filled with fond memories of their time together.

She flittered into the branches of a tree close to the sweet smelling falls and made herself a comfortable perch in the leaves before allowing herself to fall asleep. She dreamt of happier days that would never come again, but she would carry part of him with her always, a memorial to man she knew better than anyone and would now be immortal in the memories of a fairy.

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