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The Falcon and the Viper

“You realize the pointless nature of trying to talk to him?” Eternity sat under the small lamp on Eidolon’s desk enjoying its warmth as she expressed her concerns. Her loathing of Kage was understandable. In her time with Eidolon, his relationship with the demon had been a sour one. “The mans very words are poison.”

Eidolon tightened the ribbon that held back his hair as he reflected on her words. Poison. There was a time when Kage had been known among the Watchers as the Viper. Lucifer’s serpent, an eager assassin and a master a treachery. He and Eidolon were revered as the Dark Lords personal guard, his sword and shield. Each alone a force to be reckoned with, but as one they were honored and feared as they stood with Lucifer unequalled among their kind. The Falcon and the Viper. The friendship they shared long lost to unpleasant circumstances that left Kage bitter and resentful.

“He probably won’t  even come.” Eternity continued her lecture, “He doesn’t even follow the orders he’s given, I doubt he’ll pull himself away from his narcissism long enough to acknowledge a request.”

“If he does not come I will have my answer.” Eidolon frowned knowing she was likely correct in her assumption. He had sent the letter not as a summons but as a plea. The bickering between the two of them had become tiresome and Eidolon wanted to put it aside. As they were required to work closely together, they should at the very least have some level of respect for one another. He explained as much in his message and hoped that Kage would at least be willing to consider it.

“I wouldn’t expect much,” Eternity fluttered across the desk and landed on his hand as he tapped his fingers on the desk. “I think he enjoys being universally despised.”

“I don’t despise him,” Eidolon told her. “Quite the opposite. I once called him friend.”

“Feeling Nostalgic, Eidolon?” Kage stood in the open doorway scowling. “You waste both of our time with this nonsense.”

“I would apologize,” Eidolon gestured for Kagami to come inside and he did, taking a seat in front of him. “But i doubt you were doing anything useful with your time anyway.”

“Charming.” Kage hissed at him, “Would it be any more useful to dutifully sit behind my desk as you do yours and cater to the complaints of these wastes of flesh? I will spend my time as I see fit.”

“You have your orders as I do,” Eidolon sighed. “Your defiance in Circle matters is inconvenient to me but not the reason I asked you here.”

“Of course,” Kage laughed, “You would rather reminisce about times long since dead.”

“When was it that we started to find each other so repulsive?” Eidolon closed his eyes hoping that this was not as pointless as Eternity suggested. “Do you have no regret for the loss of rapport between us?”

“My trust in you died when I felt your talons at my throat.” Kage hissed, “When he turned against me you stood at his side, not mine.”

“You turned against him first.” Eidolon pointed out the details Kage seemed to have forgotten. He had well earned Lucifer’s rage by his actions. “Did you expect me to defy him as well?”

“I would never ask you to do anything of the sort.” Kage’s eyes burned as he spoke. “You could however have show the least bit of hesitation in carrying out his command, eager as you were to please him, a hint of remorse-”

“And would you have accepted such pity?” Eidolon interrupted angrily. “We both know you would have found it far more abhorrent for me to beg forgiveness for your indiscretions. I refuse to let you play on my guilt. You knew full well that acting against her would insight his wrath.”

“You hated that useless witch as much as I did!” Kage shouted at him.

“You are mistaken.” Eidolon explained. “I never thought of his favor for her as competition and she had done nothing to offend me. Why would I hate her?”

“You disgust me,” Kage hissed. “Your blind loyalty to him even after he cast us aside.”

“He cast no one aside,” Eidolon tried to get the demon who sat across from him to see reason. “Even after the mess you created he kept us both at his side. You were the one that decided to recluse yourself.”

“I have no use for your lectures, Eidolon.” Kage laughed as he stood to leave. “Or your friendship.”

“Must you be so unreasonable?” Eidolon leaned forward to plea with him.

“I have wasted enough time on this,” Kage insisted as he walked out the door. “Good day, Eidolon.”

“Well, I guess it could have gone worse.” Eternity whispered.

“He is only being stubborn.” Eidolon smiled as he watched her walk up his sleeve to his shoulder as he went to gather his mail. “He would not have come if he truly despised me as he claims. I think it went rather well.”


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The Little Things

Maefyl had a few hours to kill while Shiroi dutifully attended to her paperwork and he ignored his own. He had settled on the couch in an old t-shirt and a simple black skirt that fell just below his knees and moved his bare toes to the music that poured into the room from the old stereo he loved so much. The light from the television casting eerie shadows in the room as he played his video games. Sanguine stood on his fingers as they moved swiftly across the buttons and cheered him on as he fought the monsters on the screen.

“Go get that one!” She yelled over the music as she jumped excitedly and watched as he smashed the deformed critter with a crowbar. She fluttered her wings as she cheered. “SQUISH!”

“Squish?” Maefyl laughed, amazed at her amusement in his hobbies. He gave a quick wave to the door when it opened and Gabriel stepped inside.

“Busy as ever I see,” Gabriel mused as he walked to the stereo and turned it down a bit. “How can you even hear yourself think?”

“Wasn’t really doing a lot of thinking,” Maefyl explained as Gabriel sat beside him shaking his head disapprovingly. “What?”

“I thought we were past this phase.” Gabriel sighed as he tugged the edge of Maefyl’s skirt.

“Eww,” Gory focused on the screen as she walked to Gabriel’s knee and watched the game with Sanguine. “What is that?”

“About to be very squished.” Maefyl laughed as he killed the monster before responding to Gabriel’s disapproval. “And maybe you are past it. I’m comfortable.”

“Watch Gory,” Sanguine shouted as she eagerly awaited the next kill on the screen, “The head will come off and go running around!”

“Neat!” Gory watched closely and clapped with glee at the strange head crawling around until Maefyl made that go ‘squish’ as well.

“The two of you shouldn’t encourage him,” Gabriel sighed and attempted to pull Maefyl’s attention from the screen. “Any chance you can change and join me for lunch?”

“Lunch?” Maefyl paused the game and the fairies booed at him. He turned to Gabriel to point out the ridiculous nature of the request. “Tell me, Gabriel. Why would I go to lunch?”

“A walk then,” Gabriel had only wanted the company. He knew the vampire would be terribly bored sitting in front of empty dishes at a cafe and suggested an alternative. “I just need to get out of my office, I thought maybe you would join me.”

“You are out of your office.” Maefyl returned to his game smiling.

“Should I take that as a ‘No’?” Gabriel asked.

“That depends,” Maefyl answered as he watched the screen intently. “Does the walk require me to change as well?”

“You are so impossible.” Gabriel sighed and grabbed Maefyl’s boots from the floor. He sat them by the vampires legs. “No, I will let you embarrass me.”

“Deal.” Maefyl sat the controller aside and pulled on his boots Sanguine tugged on the laces as he tied them. He wandered to the mirror to check his eyeliner before he headed for the door. “Ready?”

“To go out, yes.” Gabriel stood beside him for a moment shaking his head at his awkward friend while Gory reclaimed her place in his front pocket of Gabriel’s perfect grey suit. “For the embarrassment, no.”

“But he’s so cute,” Sanguine giggled as she took her place on Maefyl’s shoulder as they headed out the door.

“See,” Maefyl slid his arm playfully through Gabriel’s. “I’m cute.”

Gabriel laughed and gently tugged his arm away straightening the sleeve at his wrist as they wandered through the courtyard. He continued to cast glances at Maefyl as they walked. He had never minded the make up or the feminine way about the vampire. He even found it charming, but he still didn’t like the clothes. Maybe it was the sloppy way Maefyl went about coordinating his more feminine outfits. He was always so well put together until he decided to wear these things.

“Does it really bother you?” Maefyl asked as he noticed Gabriel trying to hide the frown. He sighed and let the skirt lengthen around his legs, the fabric wrapped around them forming black jeans as he walked. “For fuck sake, Gabriel. It’s just clothes.”

“It makes a mess of you,” Gabriel explained. He hadn’t wanted this to turn into an argument and he was well used to the stares of disapproval when Maefyl decided to dress this way. He just hoped the times of ill fitting attire had passed. “Why such a creature would wear things that hardly flatter him is beyond my comprehension.”

“You do look better this way,” Sanguine whispered.

“Okay, I get it.” Maefyl pouted. “You know I was just fine on the couch, I really don’t need this from you two.”

“Then go home, Maefyl.” Gabriel sighed. “It was not my intent to offend you. I wanted company, not a fight.”

“Just shut up and walk.” Maefyl stuck his hands in his pockets and walked quietly beside his friend a while. Gory and Sanguine chatted on about the people they passed by and eventually Maefyl relaxed as he thought things over. It was after all ‘just clothes.’

“Still upset with me?” Gabriel asked as he noticed Maefyl had stopped scowling at him.

“No,” Maefyl admitted. “Have I ever been able to stay upset with you? Just don’t give me shit about the make-up and I will stop with the clothes.”

“Agreed.” Gabriel smiled at the small victory. He was not about to admit to the vampire that the gloss and eyeliner did not bother him in the least. As feminine as Maefyl was it actually looked good on him.

“And I am starving.” Maefyl had realized that lately his thirst came faster and stronger. Any length of time he spent around humans made him ravenous very quickly and he had started to eye up a potential meal as they walked. “Mind waiting?”

“Just wait,” Gabriel took his arm and pulled him into a shop filled with the soft pleasant aroma of old books. Aside from the clerk at the desk who seemed unaffected by their arrival it was blessedly empty. He led Maefyl to the back to be out of sight as he pulled up his sleeve and made his quiet  offer. “You have been getting worse.”

Maefyl took the offer and quenched the thirst on his friends blood. The rich taste of Gabriel a far better alternative to human blood, and held the benefit of not requiring a life be taken. When he had enough he leaned back against a bookcase and stared at the floor. So Gabriel had noticed as well.

“It’s not by choice,” Maefyl told him in a whisper. “Trust me, I’m not thrilled with the situation.”

“I know that.” Gabriel offered a solution. “I bleed well enough, and if it spares you the regret of taking more lives than necessary just come to me when you need to.”

“You sure about that?” Maefyl looked up and grinned at the generous offer.

“If it helps.” Gabriel smiled knowing it would.

“You had lunch after all!” Gory giggled from Gabriel’s pocket.

“So it seems,” Maefyl added as he laughed.

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Book 2 : Draft Complete!

Starting the editing process.

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A Quick Bite…

Echo made her way down the crowded thoroughfare with her thoughts on the errands she had set out to accomplish. It was a lovely day, the sun warming her skin as she walked through the sea of people. She smiled as she walked, listening to the music that poured from her headphones as it set her pace.

She stopped suddenly when her shoulder caught the arm of a passing man. He steadied her on her feet as he voiced his apology.

“Sorry,” he said simply as he smiled, “I blame him for distracting me.”

Gabriel waved a short greeting as he silently accepted responsibility.

“No worries,” Echo answered quickly as she was distracted herself by the cold hand on her arm and the demonic eyes that looked down at her. As his fingers fell away she excused herself without a word and went back to her confident stride down the sidewalk, not noticing that the man had excused himself from the company of his friend and followed a few paces behind her in the crowd.

She was about to duck into a building on the corner when she felt the cold hand again. The fingers folded tightly across her mouth and prevented her from screaming as she found herself pulled easily into a nearby alley. As he turned her and lifted her back against the brick, the vampire frowned slightly at her horror. It was unlike him to choose anyone so randomly and it had merely been her misfortune to cross him at a moment when the thirst left him irrational. He regretted acting on it now as he realized the woman hardly deserved to part with life in such a way.

Echo’s mind raced and she pushed against the assault with all her might, frustrated with the ease in which he held her there. As he took her neck in his hands and brought his teeth to her throat she felt a single tear fall from her face.

Maefyl in his guilt made his feeding as painless as possible, using enough magic into his touch to numb the girls pain and make her passing peaceful.

She barely felt the pierce of the creatures kiss as she felt herself slipping away slowly. Her thoughts faded and her struggling ceased as her limbs fell beside her. As her last breath left her she embraced her final thoughts. There was no anger left in her mind for the assault, no fear and no pain. She slipped from life and the vampires grasp with only her loving family filling the last moments of conscious thought.

“I am truly sorry,” Maefyl healed the wound at her throat as he cleaned himself up and folded her arms over her. As he left the alley he nearly wept. He had experienced her final thoughts as he took her life. He cursed at himself for his mindless decision to destroy someone so innocent and the family he had undoubtedly destroyed as a result.

As he rejoined Gabriel in the crowd he did so silently. Knowing he would never be able make up for what he had just done.

Later that week, Maefyl did something he rarely even considered. He stood quietly behind the people gathered at Echo’s grave trying to find the courage to approach. When he finally did he could barely lift his gaze, pained by the loss on the faces of her loving children and husband.

“I’m sorry,” Maefyl handed her widowed spouse the envelope that would ensure they would all live well. Maefyl felt ashamed to offer so little, the life he was providing was a pale substitute for the years of love and memories he had deprived them all.

Her husband watched as the stranger walked away. He was unconcerned with what he was sure was another somber message of condolences he held in his hand, he returned to his grief as others came to shake his hand and smile sadly at his loss.

Maefyl turned one last time and bowed his head sadly to offer his final apologies to the casket.

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Book 2 : Chapter 4

I’m beginning to notice i have no self control when i write. When i sit at the keyboard it’s as if the charachters come to life on their own and I am just along for the ride. It seems the residents of Tsuriai have decided to take things in a darker, sexier direction and I am loving every second of their exploits.

Things are progressing nicely and i’m finding myself addicted to my hours tapping at the keys.

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Book 2 :Chapter 3

Already working on Chapter 3!

perhaps a sneak peek later ^_-

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Chapter 2

Finally making some more progress on the sequel. Working on chapter 2.
Hopefully i’ll have another short up on the blog this week.

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