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голод : The Secrets He Keeps Pt.3

Azazel had his face buried in the blankets as he cried and when Nikolai came into the room the sobbing turned to sniffles, then silence. Nikolai sat behind him and rubbed his back. Azazel just curled up tighter around the tangle of blankets.

“That little joke of yours wasn’t fucking funny.” Azazel mumbled into the blankets. “You call me that again and I’ll make you regret it.”

“Back to threats again?” Nikolai sighed. “I came to apologize.”

“Stop fucking up and you wouldn’t have to apologize.” Azazel leapt up and kicked Nikolai back into the wall before he pounced on him and punched through the plaster beside his head. His bright golden eyes now black and swirling with anger. “Do you have any idea the things I could do to you? How easy it would be to have my way with you? Hurt you, humiliate you?”

“Are you going to lash out like this every time I make a mistake?” Nikolai moved to touch Azazel face but faster then he could react Azazel had his claws dug deep into his wrist. “That’s the second time today you’ve refused me.”

“I’m not refusing you anything!” Azazel screamed at Nikolai as he grabbed him by the hair. “I’m trying to protect you and you insult me. You pick fights with people I have no way of fighting. You are going to get me and Bezer killed because you don’t know when to shut up.”

Nikolai was silenced by the words. He had been selfish and as Azazel fell against him sobbing, Nikolai couldn’t find the words to console him. There was no way to defend his behavior. He had been putting them at risk and there was no way to apologize for it.

“If you want answers I will get them for you.” Azazel curled beside Nikolai and pulled the vampires arms around him. “Stop fucking with Watchers, and don’t ever mock me again for what I’ve given you.”

“I didn’t mean to mock you.” Nikolai slid down the bed so he could look Azazel in the face. “What I said was cruel and I am sorry, but can you really hold that against me? Do you think the things you said were any kinder?”

“You call me master again and it wont be the things I say you need to worry about.” Azazel’s eyes still swirled with black but were beginning to calm. “I’ll just give you a taste of what it would mean for you.”

“Azazel, if it will stop your tears you can do whatever you want to me. If you are unhappy with how I keep you…” Nikolai was interrupted by the warmth of Azazel’s mouth against his own and then the taste of blood ended the conversation completely. They only parted when Bezer and Svetlana returned.

“You are right.” Azazel slid from the bed smiling. “He is hiding something, but you can’t force a secret from him. Just give me time and I will figure it out.”

“Sneaking around will make him just as angry.” Nikolai noticed the mess Azazel had made of his hair and grabbed a brush on the way out of the room. “Stay out of trouble.”

“He will be expecting me to dig around.” Azazel followed Nikolai to the living room and smiled at the girls. “It makes the game more fun for him. In the meantime you work on your etiquette.”

“I will.” Nikolai smiled as Bezer snatched the brush from him and pulled him to the couch. Svetlana turned on the TV and rested her head in his lap as Bezer brushed through his hair and Azazel sat in front of Nikolai munching on the snacks Bezer had returned with. Nikolai had never been so glad for the television and it’s ability to distract people as he wrestled with his thoughts.


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голод : The Secrets He Keeps Pt.2

“Nikolai, please stop.” Bezer begged him as she sat at his feet. She looked up at him in tears. “Why are you trying to make him mad again? Why does any of this matter? You are happy aren’t you?”

“Of course I am.” Nikolai assured her. “I just want to know whatever secrets he insists on keeping aren’t going to destroy that happiness.”

“You aren’t losing us.” Azazel interrupted again. “I’m sorry I upset you earlier. Just let it go. I’d love some answers too, but this is just pointless.”

“If I confirm that you are in no danger of losing them, will you move on?” Lucifer asked. “I was hoping for a far more civil gathering.”

“I have your word?” Nikolai caved to the desperate looks from his loves. No secret was worth having if it made them suffer. “I wont settle for less than your promise that they are mine always.”

“You should know that I am not in the habit of making promises.” Lucifer smiled. “Particularly to someone who insists on breaking their own promise to me.”

“I have not broken any promise to you.” Nikolai tried to defend himself but Azazel leapt quickly and covered his mouth to let Lucifer finish without interruption. Azazel only let him go when Nikolai nodded his understanding.

“I like you, Nikolai.” Lucifer admitted as he smiled. “I have tolerated your disrespect because of that, but my patience for you is wearing thin. I have given you gifts that make even some of my most loyal servants jealous. I asked only your loyalty in return.”

“I haven’t disobeyed you.” Nikolai replied softly.

“Respect is part of loyalty.” Lucifer explained his aggravation.

“Lord Lucifer.” Nikolai bowed his head hoping to calm the Dark Lord with the gesture. “I never intend disrespect, but you fault me for voicing my opinion, for asking simple questions and defending what I love. I gave you my loyalty and you do have my respect, more than I can possibly explain, but you are impossible to please.”

“Not impossible.” Lucifer grinned. “Azazel and Bezer are yours, always. If you keep your promise to me then I will personally protect their lives and your bond with them. It wont be the cubs you lose if you push me again. It will be your life. On that you have my word.”

“Lord Lucifer.” Bezer and Azazel bowed to him expressing their gratitude in unison. The offer he was making was not one either of them would have expected, and not to be taken lightly. For Lucifer to promise his personal protection was not only rare, it was nearly unheard of.

“I don’t understand why this means so much to you.” Nikolai confessed. “I am hoping one day I will find a balance between the friendship you offer and the servitude you require. In the meantime I beg you to be patient while I try and accept my thanks for all you have done.”

“You already have my friendship.” Lucifer stood and patted Azazel and Bezer as he approached Nikolai. “We will have to try this again when you are less agitated so that you can accept that fact. For now I will take my leave.”

“I look forward to it.” Nikolai smiled.

As Lucifer left them, Nikolai closed his eyes and waited for someone else to break the silence. Svetlana wrapped her arms around him tightly but kept her thoughts to herself.

“You really get under his skin.” Azazel stretched out on the floor relieved to be rid of some of the tension but bothered by things that were left unanswered. “Do me a favor and stop fucking with him.”

“I’ll try.” Nikolai muttered.

“And no more solo visits with Raven.” Azazel added. “At least not until I talk to her.”

“By all means Master Azazel.” Nikolai mocked him playfully. “I wouldn’t want to give you another reason to worry.”

“I said I was sorry.” Azazel screamed at him and stormed out of the room slamming the door to the bedroom behind him.

“What happened today?” Bezer pouted. “You’ve got Lord Lucifer all angry. Why doesn’t Azazel want you to see Raven? And did he say you shifted?”

“What does that mean?” Svetlana asked quietly. Once again feeling as if she had been left in the dark regarding so many things.

“It means he figured out how to do this.” Bezer demonstrated by making the short jump across the room and appearing at Nikolai’s side on the couch. “Which is just impossible.”

“Really?” Svetlana smiled up at Nikolai impressed with him. “Why is it impossible?”

“It requires a lot of magic.” Bezer explained. “And Nikolai, I don’t mean to be rude, but you could barely manipulate enough chaos to heal scars a few years ago. You’ve gotten better, but there is just no way…”

“No way?” Nikolai whispered at her ear, suddenly behind her. Svetlana had steadied herself on the cushions when he suddenly left her arms and stared at him in awe. Bezer turned to look at him and he kissed her, relieved that she accepted it warmly.

“I don’t understand.” Bezer shook her head. “And what does Raven have to do with this?”

“She was trying to help.” Nikolai told her as he stood. “Azazel seems convinced she has done something to me. I should go talk to him.”

“He said he was sorry.” Svetlana asked as she looked toward the door concerned about what had led to Azazel’s latest tantrum. “For what?”

“I think it would be better if I left that between Azazel and myself.” Nikolai ran his fingers gently over her face. “Let me go apologize to him.”

“I’m hungry anyway.” Svetlana offered to make herself scarce.

“I’ll go with her.” Bezer nodded. “I can pick up snacks.”

“Thank you both.” Nikolai saw them off before he headed to the bedroom door. He paused there when he heard the muffled cries inside and wondered if anything he could possibly say would make up for the day he had ruined.

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голод : The Secrets He Keeps Pt.1

“I’m going to wander off.” Svetlana laid a tea tray on the table in the dark meeting hall before she kissed Nikolai. “This room is creepy.”

“Just wait upstairs.” Nikolai told her as she headed for the door. “We shouldn’t be long.”

“Perhaps somewhere more comfortable.” Lucifer suggested as he took them all to their apartment and reached for his cup. “I’m sure you are far more eager to continue our chat than to discuss business anyway.”

“No meeting then?” Bezer giggled. “Can I drink?”

“Why not?” Lucifer nodded. “Now where were we?”

“What were you chatting about?” Svetlana asked as she sat on the floor at the end of the table and shuffled a teacup back and forth between her hands.

“Demons.” Azazel answered. He was still distracted by the sudden talent Nikolai had developed. He forced a smile when Bezer handed him a bottle and plopped down beside him.

“Neat.” Svetlana exclaimed. “What about them?”

“We’re awesome!” Bezer laughed. “What did I miss?”

“Nikolai was worried we might not really look like this.” Azazel explained where things had gotten started and decided he needed to lighten up before someone realized his mind was elsewhere. “As if I could be anything but this cute.”

“Can I ask too?” Svetlana grinned up at Lucifer. When he nodded she leapt at the opportunity to pester him. “How old are you?”

“Very.” Lucifer laughed at her simple question. Still so innocent and so very human. “You may want to let Nikolai ask the questions.”

“So that I can make you angry again?” Nikolai had so many questions but was sure most of them were off limits.

“Just ask.” Lucifer picked up the cup Svetlana was playing with and smashed it on the table. “You will know when you have gone too far.”

“Sorry.” Svetlana said quietly.

“I understand your use of demons to run this utopia you created. They were already loyal to you.” Nikolai shook his head at Lucifer’s impatience. “Why vampires? More specifically, why me?”

“It amuses me.” Lucifer answered simply. “As far as you are concerned, I have already told you that I saw potential on you.”

“I don’t seem to be a very logical choice for it.” Nikolai pointed out. “When compared to the few others I have met.”

“Is it my judgment you doubt?” Lucifer looked at him sternly and the air chilled in the room.

“Not at all. In fact, I thank you for your unexplainable faith in me.” Nikolai wanted his answers even at the risk of angering Lucifer. “At the risk of being offensive, it is your honesty I doubt.”

Lucifer had kicked the table aside and had Nikolai by the throat and a blade at his ribs before the twins could act to defend him, but neither of them dared to touch Lucifer to begin with. They fell at their knees on either side of him near tears as they begged for his mercy on Nikolai’s behalf.

“Tend to the girl and leave him to me.” Lucifer told them as he held Nikolai. “I am just waiting for him to explain himself.”

Bezer went to collect Svetlana as she was told, the table had knocked her back into a wall, the damage was healing but she seemed to be in shock as she shook silently in the corner. Azazel stayed and took Nikolai by the hand.

“Just apologize, Nikolai.” Azazel made a desperate attempt to shift Lucifer’s rage to himself. He would gladly suffer it to get Nikolai his answers and he had questions of his own. “Lord Lucifer, he only wants to know how you chose them. I’d like to know that myself. Is this really necessary?”

“They love you enough to stand up to me.” Lucifer grinned as he let Nikolai relax but still leaned over him on the couch. “You hold such sway over them and you doubt me for placing you here?”

“I only doubt the reason you gave me.” Nikolai continued his risky quest for answers. “You are hiding something.”

“Before you attack him again.” Azazel interrupted still hoping to spare Nikolai any harm. “I would have to agree with him. Unless you can give me some explanation why all of a sudden a vampire can shift.”

“Learning quickly, are you Nikolai?” Lucifer laughed as he crossed the room and lifted Svetlana away from Bezer and they all watched him nervously. She was shaking when he sat her beside Nikolai on the couch and then he righted the table before he reclaimed his seat across from Nikolai. “Calm yourself, Svetlana or I will ask you to leave.”

“He’ll do no such thing.” Nikolai stroked her hair and held her close as she relaxed against him. He glared back at Lucifer. “This is her home. If you have a problem, you go.”

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голод : The Power Within Pt.3

“And gone.” Azazel giggled as Lucifer left them as quickly and silently as he had arrived. “I know it’s probably weird for you, but most demons don’t even know who created them. It makes things easier.”

“I wasn’t judging him for it.” Nikolai smiled. “I’m just curious.”

“And it’s adorable.” Azazel purred.

“Do you have any?” Nikolai asked as Azazel stretched and leaned back against the desk.

“Kids?” Azazel laughed and shook his head. “Fuck no, Nikolai. Don’t you think I would have mentioned that at some point? And before you ask, no I haven’t ever bothered trying to meddle with that much chaos.”

“What are the lessers then?” Nikolai asked. “They seem so frail.”

“Even I can make those.” Azazel told him. “They all come from the same stream of chaos, I don’t know if I can explain it very well but it’s a sort of a dense collective of broken souls that can’t take form on their own. Most demons can call up a bunch of them and use them for whatever is necessary. When they aren’t needed or they die, they get absorbed either back into the chaos or by the demons that called them.”

“How are there so many on Earth now?” Nikolai quickly corrected himself. “Tsuriai, rather. If they require someone else’s power. There are hundreds now in every city.”

“Lord Lucifer called most of them up.” Azazel yawned. “I imagine a few of the Watchers pitched in. If we ever need more, me and Bezer will take care of it.”

“Seems heartless to use them like that.” Nikolai sighed. “Do they have no will of their own?”

“I’m not gonna debate it with you.” Azazel smirked. “It’s just the way it is. They probably enjoy a chance to actually exist for a while and it’s not like they get mistreated.”

“Am I boring you?” Nikolai laid his head back against the chair. “If you don’t want to talk just say so.”

“Don’t be stupid. I like talking to you.” Azazel pouted. “But I’m not going to argue with you over lessers.”

“I don’t want to argue at all.” Nikolai grabbed Azazel by his collar and pulled the demon to his feet as he stood. “I will leave the questions for later. We have a few hours, come out with me.”

“Hungry?” Azazel asked. “I could take care of that here.”

“I just don’t feel like sitting here all day.” Nikolai explained as he pulled Azazel along with him. “So I’m taking you out.”

“A date?” Azazel looked up at him smirking. “I already married you.”

“Then you shouldn’t mind coming out with me.” Nikolai offered his arm. “So what would you like to do?”

“We could just meet up with the girls.” Azazel suggested. He refused Nikolai’s arm as he winked. “I love you, don’t want it getting out that you’re a pervert.”

“If I want to show you off, I will.” Nikolai moved to grab Azazel as he grinned, but the demon dodged out the door.

“Promise?” Azazel laughed as he tugged Nikolai’s ponytail. “Don’t trip on this. You’re it!”

Azazel ran off down the stairs and Nikolai took off after him laughing. The two of them darting down the sidewalk caused quite a stir and neither of them cared. Azazel was barely trying, staying just barely in front of Nikolai so he could turn to tease him.

“When I catch you.” Nikolai laughed. “You are in serious trouble.”

If you catch me.” Azazel taunted. “Those long skinny legs don’t seem to help.”

A moment later Azazel ran into Nikolai and looked up startled as the vampire smiled down at him. Nikolai had just found it in himself and tried to do what he had seen the twins do so often, he was just as proud of the accomplishment as he was of the astonishment on Azazel’s face. The pride soon soured when Azazel started to look more upset than surprised.

“How the fuck did you do that?” Azazel had still been impressed with the elemental manipulation earlier, but this sudden burst of talent was almost frightening. “Did Raven teach you that?”

“No.” Nikolai frowned. “I just thought I would try. What’s wrong?”

“Aside from the fact that you need to be more careful.” Azazel forced a smile as he tugged at Nikolai’s shirt. “How did you go from barely being able to light a candle to shifting like that?”

“I wont do it again if it upsets you so much.” Nikolai leaned to kiss Azazel but he turned away. “Which apparently it does.”

“It doesn’t upset me.” Azazel whispered. “It worries me. Let’s just go home.”

“You go home.” Nikolai threw up his arms and turned to walk away.

“Don’t do that.” Azazel sighed and walked after him. When he caught up he shoved his hands in his pockets and just kept pace. “Nobody grows that fast, Nikolai. Its like Raven woke something up.”

“And that’s a good reason to refuse my touch?” Nikolai said coldly.

“Just stop it.” Azazel nudged against his arm. His worries could wait, he hated seeing Nikolai upset. “And be more careful, I don’t want you to hurt yourself. So cheer up.”

“I will be careful.” Nikolai pulled Azazel’s hand from his pocket and held it as they walked. “So how does our dear Lord Lucifer take his tea?”

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голод : The Power Within Pt.2

“You always amaze me.” Nikolai smiled as pulled at Azazel’s collar. “Do you want yours?”

“Yes.” Azazel nodded and followed Nikolai to the desk. “Do you have any idea how impressive that was?”

“With all you are capable of, you find that impressive?” Nikolai smiled as he removed the old collar and rubbed at Azazel’s neck admiring the stripes. “Can I ask you a strange question?”

“Sure.” Azazel said uncertainly. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Nikolai laughed as he replaced Azazel’s collar with one that would now match Bezer’s. “I’m just a little curious about something. You all seem to change so easily.”

“You want to know if this is really me?” Azazel laughed and pounced onto Nikolai knocking him back into his chair.

“Yes. Well sort of.” Nikolai smiled. “If it isn’t. Would you show me?”

“I could be whatever you want, but this is me. I promise.” Azazel smiled as he explained. “In general it’s easier for us to stay in the form we take when were created, or in some cases born with.”

“And in your case?” Nikolai asked.

“Created.” Azazel purred. “Its not a whole lot different. We are still born, just full grown and from chaos with a bit of a nudge from someone powerful enough to get it started. In our case that nudge was a bit screwy and we ended up twins.”

“Screwy how?” Nikolai always enjoyed learning more about them, and each time he did he realized just how little he knew about the world they came from.

“You’d have to ask Lord Lucifer.” Azazel laughed. “We were his fuck up.”

“I do not ‘fuck up’, Azazel.” Lucifer scolded from the seat he had taken in front of the desk. “Your creation was an intentional experiment. A successful one.”

“My Lord.” Nikolai tried to shuffle Azazel from his lap but Lucifer raised his hand and waved off the effort.

“No need.” Lucifer smiled. “I don’t want to interrupt your moment, but I wont have you thinking of either of my cubs as mistakes.”

“I never could.” Nikolai held Azazel tightly. “If my curiosity is a bother I can keep it to myself.”

“It is not.” Lucifer laughed. “In fact I find it reassuring that you take such an interest.”

“So why is it some of you have such flair,” Nikolai grinned as he tugged at Azazel’s tail, “And others look so human?”

“I look human?” Lucifer laughed. “I will set aside that attack because you are so deliciously naïve. A simple answer to your question is aesthetic taste. I tend to create beautiful things.”

“I would have to agree.” Nikolai smiled as he ran his hand down Azazel’s back. “Do you consider them to be your children?”

“No.” Lucifer grinned.

“Do you have children?” Nikolai asked and Lucifer’s grin became vicious and the air in the room grew cold.  “I have apparently crossed the line. Forget I asked.”

“Forgotten.” Lucifer smiled as he watched the fear on Azazel’s face. “Don’t worry, I wont take him from you for being curious.”

“He just doesn’t really know much about us.” Azazel pouted. “And even I don’t know when it’s okay to ask certain things about you, Lord Lucifer.”

“I like it that way.” Lucifer chuckled at the thought. It had always amused him to watch others stumble over their words when they spoke to him. “To clarify things a bit for you, Nikolai. Our creations are not our children. Most of us don’t even bother overseeing the whole process; they merely create the spark and let the life take its own course. In rare cases, greater care is taken in the process and that spark is given more guidance.”

“But there are actual children as well?” Nikolai realized suddenly that he might be making a pest of himself. “Forgive me, I don’t mean to keep you, I just can’t help asking.”

“We are supposed to meet this evening anyway.” Lucifer leaned onto the desk. “We can continue this discussion then.”

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голод : The Power Within Pt.1

“Have you practiced at all?” Raven chuckled as Nikolai slapped at the remaining embers on his sleeve.

“Not really.” He sighed. “I think starting with something as destructive as fire may be ill advised. Water may be a safer option.”

“Water is more difficult to control.” Raven shook her head. She knew he held a great power within him, but his lack of confidence hid it away from him.  She sat a glass of water in front of him. “But you can try. Instead of trying to create, try to manipulate it.”

“How?” Nikolai watched as she demonstrated. The liquid danced from the glass into a ribbon that rose to her fingertips and circled her arm, then twisted behind her and around her opposite arm before it collected in a sphere that hovered above her claw like fingers.

“The idea is the same.” Raven explained. “You have the talent for it, you will find a way. Chaos will answer your call if you will only speak to it.”

“You seem so certain I have this talent.” Nikolai smiled and reached for the impossible ball of water in her hand. As he ran his fingers across its surface he became fascinated with it. His finger danced on the surface sending ripples through the sphere, while he could sense the moisture his fingers remained dry as he slid them over it’s surface and rested them beneath it until the sphere rested on his fingertips.

“I am certain.” Raven said from behind him. She had moved away when she noticed his distraction and saw the water responding to his fancy. “It seems you were right however, we should have started with water.”

“You are toying with me?” Nikolai let the sphere roll into his palm but it maintained its shape.

“What possible reason would I have to do that?” Raven rested her talons on her hips and the cascade of feathers from her arms fell like a gown around her bare legs. “I brought you here to teach you. I left its form to you the second you touched it.”

“I am doing this?” Nikolai whispered as he stared at his hand.

“Try something else.” Raven nodded.

Nikolai tried to concentrate on creating the ribbon of water that he had seen Raven do so easily. He closed his eyes frustrated when the water only lifted slightly and hovered over his palm.

“Water must like you, Nikolai.” Raven laughed softly. “Open your eyes.”

The water from the glass still hovered over his palm in a perfect sphere, but coils of water of his own creation wrapped his arms and danced around his ankles.

“Well, it isn’t what I tried to do.” Nikolai laughed.

“It’s an amazing start.” Raven explained as she walked toward him slowly. “You will need to learn to control it.”

“May I ask why you are helping me with this?” Nikolai pierced the sphere with his fingertips as he spoke and the water spiraled around his fingers in a rapid unending torrent. “I am grateful of course, but I don’t understand your interest.”

“Isn’t it normal for friends to help one another?” Raven smiled as she watched his rapid growth. “Though I suppose it is also a matter of curiosity. How you could have so much talent and have never even noticed is intriguing, but also upsetting. I hate to see such potential wasted.”

“I will try not to disappoint you.” Nikolai smiled as he willed the water into an avian form and sent it to circle her.

“Do you always adapt so quickly?” Raven was almost startled by his sudden confidence. In minutes he had unwittingly called on the chaos and learned to bend it to his will with a remarkable amount of skill. If he were aware of what he was actually doing, he could easily become as strong as some demons. For now it was best to keep him focused on elements and simple tricks to teach him discipline and control.

“I’ve never given it much thought.” Nikolai admitted as he marveled at his own efforts. “What do I do with it now?”

“Any magic you call on becomes yours.” Raven explained. “It can be given permanent form, absorbed into yourself to increase your own strengths, used to defend yourself, to attack someone else. If it came to your call it will answer to your will.”

Nikolai hardly needed to defend himself at the moment, had no will to harm Raven in anyway, but the idea of becoming more skilled intrigued him. With hardly a thought he felt a pulse a warmth run through him as the water that had been entertaining him seemed to seep into every part of him. He was left with only a small pool of it in his palm, which he closed his fingers around as he closed his eyes.

“For you.” Nikolai took Raven’s hand and slid a thin band onto her the smallest of her slender black fingers. A solid ring that seemed to flow like liquid around her finger, soft shades of blue marbled through a bright green that matched her eyes.

“It’s lovely.” Raven admired the gift. “I should refuse this, but one day it may serve to remind you of how simply you started.”

“I only meant it as a way to thank you.” Nikolai sighed.

“I know.” Raven leapt and shifted into the dark feathered bird she favored and landed on his shoulder. The band now smaller and circling her right leg above her claw. She dug at his shoulder gently before she took him home to Golod.

“So that’s where you ran off to.” Azazel spun around in Nikolai’s chair as Nikolai stepped into his office. “Hey, Raven.”

“Morning, my pet.” Nikolai smiled. “I told Bezer to let you know.”

“She was too busy showing off her new collar.” Azazel frowned. “She took Svetlana shopping. So what were you doing anyway?”

“Trying to learn a few things.” Nikolai explained as Raven leapt from his shoulder to stand beside him.

“You did more than try.” Raven sighed. “You are allowed to be proud of yourself when you accomplish something.”

“Show me.” Azazel hopped up onto the desk and perched there grinning. He had been waiting for a few hours and wanted to know it was worth it.

“I can try.” Nikolai extended his arm and the magic came to him, easier this time, answering to his will as if it had been with him always. Coils of water ran forward rapidly from his arm and folded around Azazel before they retracted pulling the demon into Nikolai’s arms.

“In a day you did this?” Azazel looked up at Nikolai as he hugged him.

“In a few hours.” Raven explained. “Once he found a medium to work with it came easily.”

“You amaze me sometimes.” Azazel purred as he pulled Nikolai’s face down to his and kissed him.

“I have a few things to do.” Raven bowed out gracefully with a giggle.

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голод : An End to Innocence

“Is there even going to be a point to this anymore?” Svetlana leaned against the edge of Azazel’s bed as she thought about everything that had changed. The last few weeks she had avoided asking Azazel for his time because she wasn’t sure she could even experience the same bliss from the pain he could inflict. They had all been so lost in the recent changes in their relationships that he seemed just as inclined to put off these visits in favor of the new intimacies they had been sharing. In the months after their marriage it had been clear that she was always the focus of their attention when they turned down the lights. She enjoyed it as much as she felt guilty for it and she imagined the focus was because she was the simplest to please.

Now that Nikolai had turned her, the two of them were closer than they had ever been. The act of sharing one another rivaled the sensuality of any of the other physical intimacies they had lavished on her. With new confidence and experience to guide her she had been repaying Bezer’s attentions often as well and they had grown to love each other on new levels as they spent more and more time with one another. When it came to Azazel, Svetlana was sadly at a loss. She had no idea how to maintain his interests, without her body to give him she was sure they would drift apart. When he asked her for some time alone she couldn’t refuse him, but now as she stood in front of him she was worried that she would only disappoint him. “I’m about as useful to you now as Nikolai was to me before.”

Azazel’s hand across her face rang through the room. He hit her hard enough to knock her to the floor and she broke her arm trying to catch herself. As the injuries healed the lingering pain heightened her senses and fueled the same strange desire for more pain that she had always had.

“Don’t talk shit about him.” Azazel stood over her and scowled. “And don’t insult me, I can still hurt you.”

“I only meant…” Svetlana couldn’t finish her thought before Azazel lifted her by the throat and tossed her onto the bed so she collided with the headboard.

“I don’t give a fuck what you meant.” Azazel snapped at her. “He was never useless. You just didn’t know how to use him, so shut up.”

“What is wrong with you today?” Svetlana winced as her body worked to repair the damage he was doing. In minutes he seemed to have done more than he had in hours before.

“I guess I waited a bit too long to bring you back here.” Azazel glared at her. “Looks like you’ve forgotten a few things.”

“Things have changed.” Svetlana pouted playfully, “I haven’t forgotten, Master Azazel. I do have a question though.”

“Which is?” Azazel crawled onto the bed and leaned over her.

“Why is it that you and Bezer both seem to let Nikolai have your blood whenever he wants it.” Svetlana could feel her thirst building. It seems that the pain that once aroused one desire now fueled her hunger for blood. “Bezer has been kind enough, why haven’t you?”

“Get your freebies from Bezer, then.” Azazel teased her as he ran a finger over one of her fangs only to tear it away and taste it for himself. “If you want my blood, you are going to earn it.”

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“So, you tell me.” Azazel teased as he crawled from the bed. “Is there still a point to it?”

“I think you enjoy torturing me.” Svetlana smiled as she slid from the bloodied sheets so he could work his magic and clean up after their evening.

“Is that a problem?” He giggled as he ruffled his fingers through his short hair and straightened out the one bit of length in the front.

“No, Master Azazel.” Svetlana hugged him from behind and rested her head against him. “I enjoy it, too.”

“You want to head back to the apartment?” Azazel asked as he stroked her arms around his waist. He pushed enough magic through his fingertips to ensure any damage he had done was completely erased. “They may be a while.”

“I guess.” Svetlana sighed. “Maybe we can find something to do?”

“Wanna go fuck with people instead?” Azazel giggled as he snatched her up and took her to the courtyard in Golod.

“What do you mean?” Svetlana laughed. She was still amazed each time she saw the sudden changes in his demeanor. He went from monster to child as easily as one could turn a page. His mischievous grin delighted her and she watched as he ran his fingers over the ring of his collar and created a long black cord, like a leash, and handed her the loose end of it.

“Hop on.” Azazel winked as he turned into the tiger that once frightened her. “We can take a walk instead of sitting around waiting.”

“You can still talk like that?” Svetlana laughed. “Your voice is weird though.”

“You coming?” Azazel asked impatiently. His voice was deeper and far more commanding in this form.

“You don’t mind carrying me?” Svetlana asked as she looked at the leash in her hand. “I could just walk with you.”

Azazel yawned.

“Okay, Okay.” Svetlana laughed as she carefully hopped up onto his back and steadied herself with the leash as Azazel walked from the courtyard and headed down the street. She grinned and she leaned to scold him. “You better not get us into trouble.”


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