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голод : Maefyl’s Mercy

“If she is no longer in pain…” Nikolai asked as he ran his thumb over the bands on her finger.

“Explaining your pain will only make it cut you deeper.” Lucifer explained as he laid his hand on Nikolai’s shoulder.

“Forgive me my Lord.” Nikolai trembled as he spoke, “But you have no idea how deeply wounded I am.”

“Because you are at least in part a demon,” Gabriel explained as he arrived and stood beside Maefyl. He explained the painful truth to Nikolai. “You seem to be free from one of the cruelest aspects of vampirism. When a human is turned their soul is forever bound to the prison of their body. There is no salvation for them. No freedom in heaven or hell. No rebirth. Only oblivion.”

“You can free yourself from the pain by destroying her body.” Lucifer told him. “But in doing so, you destroy her soul.”

“Then I have damned her in trying to save her.” Nikolai kissed each of the cubs at his side and pushed them away before he called flames to the tips of his fingers and laid his head across Svetlana. “And I condemn myself with her.”

“Wait.” Maefyl rushed to him and grabbed him by the wrist.

“I understand the torment of it Nikolai.” Lucifer explained as the twins wept at his feet. “But should they suffer your loss as well?”

“Forgive me, my pets.” Nikolai beckoned for them as Maefyl released his hand and held them tightly when they rushed to him. “I just don’t know how to live with myself knowing I have completely destroyed what I swore to love and protect.”

“At least free yourself from the pain.” Gabriel suggested reluctantly. “In time you may learn to forgive yourself.”

“Damn it.” Maefyl exclaimed as he closely looked at Svetlana lying in front of him. He kneeled there tormenting himself with guilt that no one else would ever know to place on him and decided to make the attempt. “If her soul could be released, would you forego suicide?”

“Maefyl.” Gabriel looked at him nervously. “Why would you offer him a false hope?”

“I wouldn’t.” Maefyl sighed as he called on a power within himself he never thought he would see fit to use. He laid his hand against Svetlana’s skin and everyone watched in silence as he extended his mind through her like ghostly fingers. As those ethereal fingers found the ties that bound her cursed soul he burned through them, releasing her from the torment of darkness and allowing her soul to find it’s way. He let his hand rest on the body that was left in peace as those who understood what he had done looked on in astonishment.

“How did you manage that?” Lucifer grinned at the shock on Gabriel’s face. It seemed not even Maefyl’s closest companion was aware of such a possibility.

“It doesn’t hurt any more.” Bezer sniffled.

“What have you done?” Nikolai asked as the pain left him.

“Set her free.” Maefyl stood slowly and turned to Gabriel who was near tears as he smiled at him. “Don’t look at me like that.”

“Maefyl look!” Sanguine squealed excitedly at the twinkle that grew on Svetlana where his hand had rested. The air around them suddenly filled with the dust of thousands of fairies that gathered to witness the birth.

“What is going on?” Nikolai spoke softly as he inched closer to Svetlana, pulling the cubs beside him.

“This is the first time you’ve done this?” Lucifer smiled. “It seems I could not have chosen a better resting place.”

“Eternity?” The fairy had fluttered to Nikolai and sat on his fingers to watch a new sister emerge. The twinkle had grown and streams of light were weaving themselves into form.

“Fairies are born from the power of exceptional beginnings, Nikolai.” Eternity explained and she watched. “Maefyl has just given birth to one.”

“The first soul released from his curse.” Sanguine told him as she rested on Maefyl’s knee when he sat beside the body across from Nikolai. “I wonder what she will be like.”

“She’ll be perfect as you all are.” Eidolon had witnessed the birth of so many of them and the spectacle was still astounding to him. The crowd that twittered around them creating dancing mists of energy and light as their laughter and joy filled the air.

“Careful Maefyl.” Gory cautioned as Gabriel crouched beside him.

Maefyl slipped his fingers carefully beneath the newborn as the light collected tightly into the delicate limbs and the wings unfolded. She was as unique and beautiful as each of her sisters. Her tiny yawn as she stretched and opened her eyes obliterated any regret he had for his action. Who could ever regret being the spark that created something as beautiful as a fairy?

Waves of joy filled the air around them and even grass and trees seemed to call out their greetings as she dangled her legs playfully over Maefyl’s fingers. She smiled up at Maefyl thankfully, with a full understanding that he was responsible for the act that created her. When she turned the bright green eyes set into the tiny stark white features of her face to Nikolai and the twins her smile grew loving and wide.

Nikolai’s tears began again as he looked at the small miracle that sat in Maefyl’s hand. Her translucent wings shimmered with pink that matched the short locks of her hair and the white skin of her tiny limbs led in perfect gradient to hands and feet of a flawless black. As she blinked her tiny green eyes at him he noticed the thinnest band of black that circled her perfect throat and the tiniest set of fangs gleaming in her perfect smile.

“No more tears.” The fairy fluttered from Maefyl’s hand and hung in the air in front of Nikolai. It was as if Svetlana had given a piece of herself to help create this new life, her soul whispering its final thoughts to the magic that gave the fairy form. “She was happy, she would want you to be as well.”

“Let her sit.” Eternity pulled Nikolai’s hand beneath her new sister and he laid it out for the fairy to sit in his palm.

“This thing can never replace her.” Azazel shouted and buried his face against Nikolai.

“I would never try to.” The fairy said sadly as Gory and Sanguine fluttered behind her and Eternity joined her on Nikolai’s hand.

“Svetlana loved fairies.” Bezer whimpered. “Don’t be mean, Azazel.”

“I’m not sure I know how to deal with this.” Nikolai admitted. “Maefyl, what you’ve done for her, for me. I can’t even begin to…”

“There’s nothing to say about it.” Maefyl let Gabriel help him to his feet as he smiled. “You don’t have any more guilt to suffer.”

“Honor her memory by moving on.” Lucifer added as he set the bed of flowers beneath Svetlana burning.

“Wait.” Bezer cried as she leaned through the flames and kissed Svetlana one last time. Lucifer held the flames until Nikolai and Azazel did the same and let them weep their last tears as he quickly let the flames consume the body. The ash left behind was swept up in the current the fairies had created and sent to rest in the fields of Itami.

“Nikolai.” Eternity spoke sweetly as she broke his mournful silence. “If you allow it she wants to stay with you.”

“If they agree.” Nikolai looked to the twins who nodded their approval with dampened faces and once again offered his hand to her. “Then she is more than welcome. What shall we call you?”

“I would like you to give me a name.” The fairy smiled from his palm.

“Sve-“ Bezer began but Nikolai shook his head and Azazel hissed at her.

“I’ll give her name to no one, Bezer.” Nikolai explained.

“Blondie, then.” Bezer sniffled. “I know she isn’t going to replace her, but she is kind of a part of her.”

“Suit you?” Nikolai asked the tiny miracle in his hand and she smiled and nodded excitedly. “Blondie it is then.”

Once their goodbyes were said. Gabriel joined Maefyl and they went to further placate the dragons Lucifer had put at ease before their arrival. Eidolon returned to Tsumi with Eternity and a new respect for Maefyl and Nikolai. Of their race the two of them had risen above amazing torment and came out of it improved. Lucifer returned to his estate satisfied with the alliances that strengthened among his favorites.

Nikolai returned home with Azazel and Bezer to grieve their loss with the fairy they accepted into their family.


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голод : A Band of White Pt.3

“Then we will only step in when necessary.” Eidolon carried the lot of them to Skorn’s estate and forced the door open for them. She was just inside, waiting and ready to gloat.

“You’ve brought friends to watch you crawl back to me?” Skorn teased Azazel as he entered before the others.

“You could have killed her quickly.” Azazel growled as he made his slow approach. “Why did you make her suffer?”

“For stealing you away.” Skorn shouted at him. “The more she suffered, the more your pathetic excuse for a Master suffers.”

“And now you will suffer.” Nikolai commanded the magic within him with more precision than he would have thought possible and directed a torrent of frozen spikes toward her, as Skorn made attempts to dodge Azazel crushed her against the wall with his foot and the thick blades of ice sliced the dark armor of her arm and she wailed.

Bezer pounced forward grabbed hold of Skorn’s repulsive tail and snapped the stinger from it, tossing aside the demoness’ best defense. Skorn howled in agony as her tail oozed thick blood and venom to the floor, she tried to cast protective magic as Nikolai approached her. Azazel drug his claws across her face until blood poured from the deep gashes and Nikolai willed himself daggers that he plunged deeply into her abdomen and pried against the scaly skin at her sides.

As Skorn screamed from the ongoing assault the others looked on at the justified cruelty and made no move to end it. When enough damage had been done and the twins started to break down Skorn’s soul, only then would they step in and see to it that Nikolai had his fair part in the victory.

When Skorn tried to beg for mercy, Azazel crushed her jaw in his fist. There was nothing she had to say that he wanted to hear, and for taking Svetlana she deserved no mercy.

“She was so much more than you ever could be.” Nikolai cut into her chest with one of the daggers, hardening and sharpening the steel with flames as he cut through bone before he plunged his fingers deep into her chest and closed them around the pulse of her heart before he tore it from her.

Bezer and Azazel systematically destroyed the rest of her as Nikolai crushed the heart in his hand and closed his eyes. He felt his legs weaken and Maefyl caught him as he fell.

“It will never be enough.” Nikolai whispered. “No suffering would be enough for what she has taken.”

“Get it over with, Gabriel.” Maefyl begged for an end to it. “Painlessly if you can.”

The twins artfully destroyed Skorn and took most of her into themselves before Gabriel and Eidolon halted them to claim the remains. The soul had largely been consumed and the parts that remained where easily manipulated and before they forced the remnants of Skorn’s power into Nikolai they erased any chance of a piece of her anguish would haunt him. He moaned as he struggled to take in the power they forced into him, even the small part of her they insisted he take in was far more potent than that of Dorian.

“Maefyl.” Azazel whimpered beside him. “We’re supposed to take him to Itami. Will you come?”

“Gabriel and I will see there is no trace of her left in hell.” Eidolon assured Nikolai. “No one will dare speak her name and she will be forgotten. This estate will be dust in the wind.”

Nikolai nodded weakly as Maefyl took him to Itami to meet with Lucifer. Maefyl helped him to his feet as they approached the Dark Lord as he stood over Svetlana. He had laid her in a bed of flowers and removed every visible blemish left by her attacker. Nikolai kneeled beside her and wept as he took her hand. Bezer and Azazel fell to either side of him and cried.

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голод : A Band of White Pt.2

“She can’t be dead.” Bezer screamed as she clung to Svetlana’s legs in front of Nikolai. “Please, do something.”

“There is nothing to be done.” Lucifer sighed as he appeared beside them and laid his fingers across her face. She was beyond saving even for him. And he knew Nikolai’s suffering had only just begun. “Avenge her, Nikolai. Skorn is expendable. Be cautious. The three of you are not.”

“If for one second I thought this was your doing.” Nikolai’s calm was shaken.

“It was not.” Lucifer assured him. “I cannot extend my protection to everyone. I did not expect any demon to make such a cowardly attack or I would have watched more closely.”

“If she is gone.” Nikolai asked as he noticed Bezer rubbing the bands on her finger and felt the throbbing of his own. “Will the pain remain for them.”

“It would be best if you leave the girl with me.” Lucifer took Svetlana’s lifeless body from Nikolai. Insisting they all let go of her. He knew the pain would remain. The bond was eternal, and because of the nature of Maefyl’s curse, her soul was now locked in her dead body. He would bear them the truth of it only after they had taken care of their rage so they could mourn her properly. “Gather your allies and take your vengeance, Nikolai. The two of you bring him to Itami when you are through.”

“What allies?” Nikolai shouted. “Not one of you came to her aid. You watch so closely when it amuses you, but one of your own takes innocent life and you do nothing!”

“Skorn is not one of mine.” Lucifer cautioned Nikolai against further accusations as he made his silent calls for assistance. “And I should warn you I can still rescind the protection I have extended to the rest of what you hold dear.”

“What have you done?” Eidolon whispered as he arrived and saw Svetlana lifeless in Lucifer’s arms and the twins holding Nikolai by each arm.

“I’ve done nothing.” Lucifer explained as they were joined by Gabriel and Maefyl. “You will help him take care of the one who did this.”

Lucifer left them behind and Nikolai screamed as he left. Bezer and Azazel went from restraining him to embracing him as they wept. The three companions Lucifer had called to aid them looked on silently, each of them having little to offer in the way of comfort.

“Who did this?” Maefyl said finally. As he approached Azazel grabbed his coat and pulled him into their embrace. He considered pulling away but if they needed his comfort, it was the least he could do to supply it. He stroked each of the twins heads as he leaned his forehead against Nikolai’s and offered his aid. “What do you want us to do, Nikolai?”

“I want her to pay for the pain she has caused.” Nikolai answered with that very pain making his voice tremble. “But there is no cruelty I can exact on her that will ever make up for this loss.”

“If you want our help, you have it.” Gabriel accepted the task Lucifer had called him for. “If need be we will act on your behalf and you can…”

“No.” Azazel protested. “Help if you want, but this is our fight. I’m going to enjoy killing that bitch for this.”

“We wont need any help tearing her apart.” Bezer growled.

“Before I lay Svetlana to rest, I want Skorn destroyed.” Nikolai calmed himself as he agreed that the task should be theirs. “We will claim justice for our bride.”

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голод : A Band of White Pt.1

“Hey, wake up.” Azazel poked at his sister on his way through the office. “I am not going to do all the work.”

“Like you work.” Bezer stretched as she stood and continued to tease him on her way to the desk. “You were probably in the park playing with kids again.”

“There isn’t a whole lot that needs doing.” Nikolai informed them as he pushed away a stack of paper. “Most of this is nonsense.”

“Most human shit is nonsense.” Azazel pointed out. “No offense, but the race does seem to dwell on the inane.”

“We’re no better.” Nikolai explained. “Everyone has problems, I tend not to judge the severity of them. What you think of as a pointless concern could be causing them grief.”

“I don’t get how you can be so compassionate.” Azazel pouted. “You’ve suffered more than most.”

“I’ve also been blessed more than most.” Nikolai grabbed hold of Azazel’s collar and pulled him close to kiss him. He suddenly felt cold and his heart started to race. “Don’t judge others based on your own experiences, my pet.”

“I don’t feel right.” Bezer said suddenly as she sat on the floor. A sudden panic had gripped her and she had no way to explain it.

“Me either.” Azazel grabbed hold of Nikolai as he screamed and grabbed at the bands on his finger. They all felt it at once; the waves of panic ran through them followed by an intense pain that pulsed violently from the visible symbol of their bonds. “Something is very wrong.”

“Svetlana.” Nikolai had barely said her name when Azazel took them to her. Nikolai ran to her side and lifted her to him as Bezer and Azazel swatted away dozens of black scorpions that still roamed the room. Svetlana was cold and her limbs fell limp at her side as he held her. Nikolai opened his wrist and tried to force her to drink. As he wept he poured magic through his hands and tried to heal the hundreds of tiny pricks on her skin. “No, my pet. Please.”

“Wake her up.” Bezer screamed as she tugged at Nikolai. “This can’t happen. Make her wake up.”

“Azazel, help me.” Nikolai demanded and Azazel came to his side as he dealt with the last of Skorn’s pests. As soon as he touched her Azazel’s tears fell. Nikolai watched helplessly as the twins cried over her. As Nikolai brushed the hair from Svetlana’s face he noticed through his tears that the fourth band on his finger had turned entirely white and throbbed with a near excruciating pain.

“I never should have left her alone.” Azazel screamed. “This is my fault.”

“You can do nothing to save her?” Nikolai asked softly already knowing the answer. Svetlana was lost to them. “Could Lucifer?”

“We can’t heal the dead, Nikolai.” Bezer cried. “I’m sorry. I should have just stayed at home with her.”

“I was so concerned that she would come after you.” Azazel leaned onto Svetlana weeping. “I never thought she would go after Svetlana. I’m so sorry, Nikolai.”

“Did she suffer?” Nikolai’s voice shook as he asked.

Azazel just looked at him sadly as his lip quivered and Nikolai knew the answer was yes. Not only had Svetlana been taken from them, but she had spent her last moments in pain. He would never forgive this.

“She has stolen away a piece of my heart.” Nikolai spoke coldly as he stood and lifted Svetlana to him. “I want you to help me return the favor. I want to tear her heart from her chest and crush it.”

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голод : Everything Changes

“Well hello little guy.” Svetlana smiled at the strange insect on the nightstand, fascinated by its pincers and long tail. She reached over to poke at it playfully, oblivious to its many companions and their Master filling the room behind her.  “How did you get in here?”

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голод : Feeding Darkness Pt.2

“Where did he go?” Svetlana asked as she and Bezer popped over to the table to check on things. Azazel had run off in a hurry and they wanted to be sure there was no trouble.

“He wont be long.” Nikolai sighed. “His club seems to be his personal buffet.”

“And it’s delicious.” Kurayami grinned as he put his arms around Svetlana and Bezer.

“Hands off.” Bezer growled as she grabbed his arm and twisted it.

“Easy kitten.” Kurayami slid into a chair beside Nikolai. “Just being friendly.”

“Are you through dancing?” Nikolai asked Svetlana hopefully.

“It’s still early.” Svetlana pouted. “You already want to go?”

“Go enjoy yourself then.” Nikolai smiled and kissed Azazel on his neck. “Go with her.”

Bezer took Azazel’s place on Nikolai’s lap and rubbed up against him.

“Never stay cold long, do you?” Kurayami laughed. “Do you get any time to yourself?”

“Why would I want that?” Nikolai teased as he took Bezer’s hand and kissed her fingers. “Not all of us are satisfied with the passing infatuations of potential meals.”

“You have gotten down right snarky.” Kurayami noted playfully. “Pissing off Kage, mouthing off to your elders. Be careful, baby bat; not everyone is as forgiving as I am.”

“He hardly needs to worry about you.” Bezer leered at him.

“You were one of the ones who suggested I ‘lighten up’.” Nikolai continued to taunt him and cut off Bezer’s chance to share any secrets. “I don’t intend to spend my years in constant fear of upsetting everyone with my words. Least of all your dear Kage.”

“It was a friendly warning, not a threat.” Kurayami explained. “There are just people you don’t want to push.”

“Kindly remember that next time you see fit to touch my brides.” Nikolai could feel Bezer purring as he defended her.

“Are you seriously threatening me?” Kurayami laughed as he jumped from his seat and glared at Nikolai. “I thought you wanted to be all friendly, baby bat. I have no problem being a family of one.”

Nikolai sat unmoved by the threat, smiling back at Mist as Azazel returned to his side with Svetlana behind him.

“Unfortunately for you, Nikolai has us.” Bezer giggled. “You want to sit back down and reconsider what you just said?”

“I think I liked you better before.” Kurayami sat and eyed them all carefully. Nikolai had changed so much in such a short time and it wasn’t just his confidence that had grown, he was stronger and his presence more commanding than before as if he suddenly broke free from a cocoon that had held him back and now he was starting to spread his wings. “At least there was something endearing about your stupid questions.”

“Things change.” Nikolai smiled. “I still very much would prefer to keep things friendly between us. I just don’t enjoy it when you show them disrespect.”

“Friends it is then.” Kurayami grinned as Demise whispered caution to his ear. “And I will keep my hands to myself. Don’t threaten me in my own place, though. You will make me look bad.”

“Deal.” Nikolai smiled and let Azazel return to the floor with Svetlana. They ended up spending longer in Tsumi than he would have expected and when they finally stepped outside the club the sun was near rising. They returned to Golod and left Svetlana to relax at home while they went to fill a few hours in their offices. It hadn’t been his intention, but he had likely set himself at odds with Mist in trying to shake off the reputation of being a child amongst his peers. He hoped he had managed to repair any damage done with simpler conversation, but if he had not it was not worth dwelling on at the moment. He focused on the busy work the day provided and put the night behind him, Bezer napped on the couch and Azazel went off on errands while he read through page after page of the mail he had been neglecting in favor of more personal matters. With his past squared away he looked forward to a more tranquil hereafter.

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голод : Feeding Darkness Pt.1

“This place is incredible.” Svetlana exclaimed as they entered Feeding Darkness behind Kurayami. “Is it always so full?”

“It’s early.” Kurayami explained as he led them to a table at the corner of the bar. “The day crowd is a bit small and boring. Stick around.”

“I love it.” Svetlana gushed and grabbed Nikolai by the sleeve. “Can I go dance?”

“Go, my pet.” Nikolai forced a smile and sighed as she walked away. “I am not going to enjoy this.”

“I’ll go dance with her.” Azazel knew why Nikolai was troubled and figured he would just end the problem before it began. “If anyone pulls my tail can I kill them?”

“No.” Nikolai smiled at him. “But thank you.”

Bezer wandered off to dance with them and Nikolai just watched them nervously from the table. He was surprised that Kurayami sat with him; he figured he would be as eager as the others to enjoy himself.

“So it looks like you and Eidolon have gotten close.” Kurayami hoped conversation might make the vampire loosen up. “Usually he just yells at me.”

“Do you deserve it?” Nikolai grinned.

“Probably.” Kurayami laughed. “I thought he just disliked vampires in general, but it seems to be just me.”

“Before they get too comfortable, I have to ask.” Nikolai remained nervous about being in Tsumi because of its leader. “Is Kage going to be a problem this evening.”

“I doubt it.” Kurayami explained as he noted how Nikolai watched over them. “He doesn’t make a habit of coming here, but I have a feeling your friend Eidolon is off distracting him for you anyway. You don’t need to be so on edge, nothing will happen to them here.”

“I am vigilant, not on edge.” Nikolai told him as he watched the three of them. Azazel casting subtle glances back at him made him smile, it occurred to him that Azazel was just as concerned over his well being as he was with theirs. “I love them, and I am responsible for them.”

“I guess they are lucky to have a Master that gives a shit.” Kurayami nodded. “But give yourself a break once in a while.”

“Not happy serving Kage?” Nikolai asked rather thoughtlessly.

“Watch it, baby bat.” Kurayami frowned. “Don’t forget I have a few years on you and I doubt Kage would mind cleaning up the mess if I decided to end you.”

“You brought it up.” Nikolai grinned at him. He doubted that Kurayami had been informed of recent events and Nikolai had a feeling the threat would not be so easy to carry out as the vampire believed. “It was a fair question.”

“So it looks like your cheerleader is happy with joining the family.” Kurayami ignored the question, fair or not he was not up for discussing his situation with Kage. “You pencil her in on your ridiculous list?”

“No.” Nikolai laughed softly as he disregarded the insult. “I’ve decided that the past can stay buried. I have more important things to concern myself with.”

As a group of eager young women approached them Mist winked at Nikolai and turned to greet them flirtatiously. Nikolai just shook his head at the sight of it. He nearly laughed as Kurayami wandered off with one of them; the remainder of the group pouted their disappointment before they turned their sights on him.

“He is extremely unavailable.” Azazel draped his arm across the front of Nikolai before the girls even had a chance to begin their rehearsed lines. “So unless any of you think you can compete with me, fuck off.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be entertaining, Svetlana?” Nikolai smiled as the girls glared at Azazel.

“It looks like you’re the one I need to look out for.” Azazel grinned and climbed into his lap.

“So are you only into guys?” One of the more aggressive flirts of the bunch leaned onto the table. “I could try and change your mind about that.”

“Take a hint will ya?” Azazel took Nikolai’s hand and laid it out on the table beneath his, spreading their fingers to show off the bands. “Married. Now fuck off.”

“Behave, Azazel.” Nikolai kissed him and the girls finally wandered off when they realized they were not getting anywhere. “Your jealousy always amazes me. You do realize you have nothing to worry about?”

“You’re too nice.” Azazel purred at him. “They would have been hanging all over you and I would have had to rip their arms off.”

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