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Vex : The Third

“I suppose you aren’t the worst choice for this.” Maefyl admitted. Brig may have become a little flamboyant over the centuries, but he had managed to behave with enough restraint to keep Maefyl from regretting the decision to let him live.

“Lesser of two evils.” Brig sat on the floor in front of the counter and watched Maefyl sending messages on his phone and occasionally grinning at whatever replies he received.

“How so?” Maefyl asked without looking up from the screen.

“Only other vampire in Vex that isn’t a complete fuck up is a woman.” Brig laughed. “Women in power are scary.”

“Hey!” Sanguine protested the insult as Maefyl chuckled at his phone.

“Who are you talking to that has you so giddy?” Brig asked as he looked up at the vampire, still wondering what had happened to change him.

“My daughter.” Maefyl answered before he crouched in front of Brig to question him about Lucifer’s offer. “Do you plan on taking the job?”

“I have no idea.” Brig couldn’t help but ask about the changes. He took Maefyl’s arm. “What happened to you anyway? What is all of this?”

“That would take a lot of explaining.” Maefyl shook his head. “Most of it I don’t care to share with you. Sorry.”

“Whatever.” Brig looked away offended. “Not like we’re friends right, I’m just the lucky one you let go.”

“Does the girl know what you are?” Maefyl heard footsteps above them and knew she would be wandering downstairs and putting an end to the discussion.

“ShaSha?” Brig laughed. “No.”

“Keep it that way.” Maefyl told him. “If you take Lucy up on his offer, you need to play the part.”

“Gee thanks.” Brig scoffed at the insult and changed the subject when he heard the steps creaking. “So where is the guy you always hang around with? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you without him.”

“Gabriel?” Maefyl smiled as Shana wandered over yawning, the need to answer the question was erased as Brig’s attention was taken by the girl’s arrival.

“You guys are still here?” Shana stretched her arms above her and kicked Brig in the knee as he looked at her bare stomach. “Don’t you ever stop?”

“Nope.” Brig grinned at her and she rolled her eyes as she waved at Sanguine. He bit his tongue and tried not to shout at her refusal to even look at him.

“I hate to kick you out.” Shana laid her hand on Maefyl’s arm. “But thanks to Brig I need to go find another job.”

“I should go anyway.” Maefyl patted her hand. “Thanks for the company.”

“I need to go see about a job, too.” Brig scowled at Maefyl.  He was furious at him for the way he seemed to hold Shana’s attention. He had always accepted reluctantly that he could not win her over, but only because it seemed like no one else could either. Seeing someone else touch her, seeing her laugh and smile as she talked to Maefyl made Brig realize how much he really wanted her. As he stood up in front of them he took one of Shana’s long braids and twisted it around his hand. “I think I’ve decided on what I want in exchange.”

“Don’t.” Maefyl glared at him as he made his silent call for Gabriel.

Shana looked between them confused and pulled her braid away from Brig. The appearance of the demon she recognized from Maefyl’s photos made her jump against Maefyl.

“Problem?” Gabriel ran his fingers through Maefyl’s hair as he looked over the others. “Brig?”

“Gabriel, take the girl.” Maefyl stared at Brig. “Let her crash with you until I make sure there isn’t a problem.”

“What?” Shana looked at him in shock. “Why? I can’t go anywhere. I have to…”

“You will need to explain this to me, Maefyl.” Gabriel sighed as he shifted behind Shana and disappeared with her.

“Real slick.” Brig grinned. “We’ll see what the boss has to say about it.”

“Until then she deserves a bit of peace.” Maefyl grabbed Brig and took them both outside to the street before he let him go. His candidacy for the Circle made it a bad idea to attack him, but he could at least ensure the girl a few days without Brig harassing her. He walked away as Brig stared at his back. “I have things to do.”

“She’s mine.” Brig shouted after him. “You can’t just hide her away.”

“Well that got weird.” Sanguine remarked from Maefyl’s shoulder as he ignored the shouting behind him. “You always manage to end up in the middle of things. Where are we off to?”

“He mentioned another vampire in Vex.” Maefyl told her. If there was another candidate for the Circle it may alleviate the problem before they dismantled the existing Circle. “We’re going to go say hello.”


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Vex : Raziel & Galik Pt.2

“Wont that make him sick?” The girl who had led them here managed to maneuver through the throng of Galik’s new fans and leaned over the bar beside Raziel expressing concern for the copious amounts of alcohol his friend was consuming.

“It will not.” Raziel told her as he watched Galik accept his next drink, Raziel accepted his half of it before he handed the rest back to Galik and looked at the girl. “He is enjoying this.”

“You don’t seem to be.” She frowned at him as she adjusted her pigtails. “There are other places if you don’t like it here.”

“She came back.” Galik smiled around Raziel as he shared another drink with his Master. He looked at the girl a moment, her light hair colored pink and pulled into pigtails. Her tiny frame barely covered by tattered half shirt and short black skirt supported by the red straps of her suspenders. Galik leaned close to Raziel to ask his guidance. “How do I express appreciation to a mortal, Lord Raziel?”

“You wish to thank the girl?” Raziel asked. “The words alone should be adequate.”

“Thank you, Lord Raziel.” Galik embraced him suddenly before he reached for the girl’s hand resting on the bar and rubbed at her fingers. “And thank you.”

“You are very welcome.” She smiled as she checked the watch on her wrist. “You two have fun, I’m heading home.”

As she started to push back from the bar Galik frowned at her intention to leave and Raziel took hold of her wrist.

“Can I convince you to stay willingly?” Raziel offered a subtle threat with his unchanging face, his words enough to convey he would be willing to make her stay regardless of her decision. His blank expression and near lifeless eyes, even the ease with which he held her wrist made him seem completely detached from his own effort to threaten her. “My Galik would like you to stay.”

“I’m going to pretend that I’m not completely creeped out right now.” The girl smirked as she grabbed a pen from the bar and wrote across the back of Raziel’s hand. “I would be glad to hang out with your Galik, too. I need to go be a boring mortal, though. That’s my number.”

“An interesting excuse for one who is not mortal.” He spoke quietly enough that no mortal would have heard him over the noise in the bar. Raziel looked at the ink scrawled across his hand. A name and a number. “Van?”

“Yes, Van.” Van smiled at his unmoved expression. “You noticed?”

“I did.” Raziel had recognized the girl as a vampire immediately but was aware of their need for secrecy and thought it best to feign ignorance until she called attention to it by claiming to be mortal. He spoke quietly to keep those around them in ignorance of their conversation. “You leave to feed?”

“A girl has to eat.” Van winked at the demon that still held her wrist in his effortless grasp. She pulled her phone from the waist of her skirt and waved it at him. “I gave you my number. He can call when he gets bored again.”

“Will that do, Galik?” Raziel asked and waited for his companion to nod before he released her wrist. Galik grabbed his hand to look at the scribbles across his Master’s perfect skin.

“How do I ‘call’?” Galik asked curiously

“With this.” Raziel created a thin black phone for his companion and slid it into his hand.

“Fancy trick.” Van smiled as she leaned in to look at it. As excited by the magic as Galik was by the gift itself. She stepped onto the base of Raziel’s seat to reach across him and poke at the screen of Galik’s new toy as she explained how to get ahold of her. “Just put my number in here and we can talk.”

After deciding to let him figure the rest out on his own, Van said her sweet goodbyes and they watched her slip out through the crowd. Galik returned to his quest to sample every bottle, sharing each glass with Raziel as he played with the exciting new gadget he was given and listened to the adoring whispers of the crowd around him through the pulse of the music pouring into the room.

“Can I see her again, Lord Raziel?” Galik whispered as he took the half emptied glass from Raziel. When the girl that led them here touched him he felt comfortable, content. She was friendly and did not seem to be frightened of him. The other girls that dared themselves to get close to him were attracted but scared to touch him. Van seemed as comfortable talking to him and to Raziel as she would be talking to anyone. She was pretty as well; playful and colorful, and the smell of blood on her excited him.

“If you would like.” Raziel nodded. Galik seemed fascinated with the vampire and to enjoy the attention of mortals. Raziel could tolerate them for the sake of his companion’s amusement and he was just as intrigued by the vampire who seemed so at ease with them. Taking Lucifer’s offer may actually be more rewarding than Raziel ever expected. “We will stay in Vex.”

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Vex : Raziel & Galik Pt.1

While Brig was getting reacquainted with Maefyl, Raziel and Galik were familiarizing themselves with the mortal residents of Vex. Raziel had walked Galik through street after street letting the excited demon duck into shops and poke through local wares. He watched as Galik sampled food with the exuberance of a child, savoring each new taste as if it were some divine privilege. Galik became fascinated with the shops selling clothing, even though he wore very little himself. Even now he explored Vex shirtless and barefoot, but insisted on trying on the various fabrics just to feel them against his skin as he modeled for Raziel.

As the sun started to fall many of the establishments emptied and closed, the streets started to clear of the crowds that were keeping Galik so entertained and he became agitated.

“Mortals sleep.” Raziel explained as Galik pouted his disappointment.

“Not the fun ones.” A passing girl had overheard the two of them and offered a simple solution to Galik’s boredom as she stopped at smiled at the demons. “I didn’t mean to intrude, but there is a night life in Vex if you’re bored. Do you like to dance?”

“Dance?” Galik looked to Raziel for an explanation. Galik spent almost all of his time at Raziel’s side and while Raziel catered to Galik’s whims they spent little time around mortals. Most of their time spent split between the two realms were Raziel kept his homes. Their time with mortals had been brief and detached and Galik had little interaction with human society. Raziel, as a Watcher, had more understanding of the creatures that wandered Tsuriai, but had never had any real interest.

“Yea, Dance.” The girl tugged at her red suspenders and smiled at the demon. “You like music?”

Galik nodded at the girl who seemed so unlike the others as she offered her hand. He wanted to touch the brightly colored hair tied high on each side of her head.

“I was heading out to dance myself.” She winked. “I can take you if you want.”

Galik grinned at Raziel waiting for permission to take the girls hand and her tempting offer.

“Gently, Galik.” Raziel nodded and watched Galik rest his fingers in the girls open hand to let her determine the force of the grasp. She closed her hand around his and tugged him along and Raziel walked beside them.

“Your hands are cold.” She swung Galik’s hand in hers. She peeked around Galik at Raziel and his blank expression as they walked. “Are you all cold like this?”

“Lord Raziel is warm.” Galik grinned as he took Raziel’s hand and pulled it in front of him. The girl grasped the pale slender fingers which were indeed warm and noticed Raziel’s unchanged expression before she let go of his fingers.

“At least his fingers are.” She muttered as they approached a bar were music spilled out into the street and Galik squeezed her fingers a little tighter as they walked. When they came to the door she pulled her hand from his cold fingers and pushed open the door for them. “So here you go. Have fun.”

As they entered Raziel watched the girl disappear into the crowd. Another crowd formed around them and Galik soaked up the attention of the growing swarm. Each compliment, each flirting glance, each offer to dance making Galik smile wider.

“Does this make you happy, Galik?” Raziel sat beside his loyal creation at the bar. Galik was determined to try the contents of each colorful bottle on display despite the warnings of his growing audience.

“It’s fun, Lord Raziel.” Galik smiled as the man behind the bar filled his glass from the next bottle, shaking his head. Galik sipped from it before he held it toward his Master. “Drink with me?”

“If you would like.” Raziel took the glass and finished half of it before returning it to Galik’s hand. Galik’s skin shimmered slightly, like marble catching sunlight, as he finished off the glass. His shimmer was a reaction akin to blushing for Galik. The sight of it won gasps of amazement from the women that pressed close to the bar for a chance at conversation with one of the demons.

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Vex : Freya

“It would be fantastic if you would stop following me around.” Mist turned and shouted at Freya. “What the fuck do you want?”

 “I’m supposed to be with you.” Freya defended her presence. Reinn had insisted that she was to serve his beautiful son. A command she was not only willing to follow but enjoyed. He was strong, handsome and that kiss of his was enough to make her forget a lifetime of misery. He was positively awful to her, but when he was inclined their dark kiss made up for his harsh words. “If you want time to yourself, just ask.”

 “I want all my time to myself you useless bitch.” Mist smacked her. “I only tolerate you for Reinn.”

 “You don’t like me at all?” Freya pouted at him and he scowled. “Not even a little?”

 Not in the fucking least.” Mist walked past her on his way to feed. “Don’t follow me, you get in the way.”

 Freya watched him leave and went off in another direction to find her own meal. She would see him later anyway. Reinn had insisted they share a bed. Freya knew the frequency with which he shared his kiss was only in an effort to stop her questions each night, but even if he hated her she could not help but love him.

 She had only been this way a short time, but Freya learned quickly that they were not gods. They called themselves vampires and they were amazing creatures. She adapted fairly quickly to the needs her new life required. Reinn praised her for her beauty, praised her devotion to Mist, and her love of the life they had given her. Mist was quiet and polite to her around Reinn out of the immense respect he had for his father, but whenever they were alone he made no secret of his disgust at her existence. They would leave the encampment together to keep others convinced they were together as Reinn wanted, but after she was competent enough on her own they started to part ways and hunt alone.

 Freya fed and headed back, hoping to beat Mist to where they would meet and head back to the encampment together. He hated to be kept waiting but almost always beat her back. When she made her way back the clearing was empty and smoke poured from the direction of the encampment. Even if it meant getting into trouble with Reinn she couldn’t wait for Mist. She ran and her world crumbled around her.

  Everything was gone. Everyone was gone. She wandered until she found Mist.

“What happened?” Freya cried as she approached his back.

 “Stay away from me.” Mist cautioned her. “The only one I cared about is gone.”

What happens now?” Freya panicked. “With everyone gone? What do we do?”

 “We?” Mist turned and scowled at her. “There is no we. You are fucking useless to me. You can do whatever the fuck you want as long as it is far away from me. I dealt with your pathetic clinging for Reinn. If you ever come near me again I will take the life I gave you.”

 Mist left the encampment, Freya never saw him again.

She spent years trying to reclaim her family of vampires. Growing more confident as she wandered from cult to cult, each accepting her as some sort of goddess and lavishing affection on her. She seemed to have a knack for narrowly avoiding the disaster that befell one after another. Someone was trying to eradicate her kind and they seemed to be quite skilled at doing so. Rumors circulated amongst vampires that their father had turned on them.

 For a brief period she left behind the strange cults that insisted on living in the dark. She was so lonely she attempted to create herself a companion as Mist had created her. She found several beautiful men, but failed at attempt after attempt until she found the dark haired Artemis.

 He was pretty. He was adoring. And he loved her. She enjoyed their dark kiss but after a brief time spent together she started to realize that she felt nothing for him. That she had done to him what Mist had done to her. Given him a life of loneliness.

 She thought it was best not to add to the misery. She would never bother creating another lover. There were plenty of vampires hiding in the dark. She returned to her old habit of moving from gathered family to gathered family. Taking lovers as she moved through them and then wandering off on her own.

 The little lonely girl had grown into a beautiful lonely woman. Miserable because she had all the time in the world and no one to spend it with. 

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Vex : Her Piano Pt.5

“Boo, it’s raining.” Sanguine pouted as she settled on the back of the piano and looked out the window at the sudden downpour.

“So who are they?” Shana dared to flip to the next picture to see a girl that looked nothing like a demon hanging on the back of a black striped demon.

“That’s my daughter Asura and Azazel.” Maefyl told her as he flicked at the screen to find the rest of them, he stopped on one Bezer had taken as she squished them all on the couch. “That’s all of them.”

“They are all so cute together.” Shana laughed. “Those two look like twins.”

“They are.” Sanguine giggled as the door swung open and a rain drenched vampire stepped inside. “Oh crap.”

“Didn’t I already tell you I wasn’t in the mood to talk to you?” Shana scowled up at him. “Go away, I have company.”

“So I see.” Brig grinned at the demon beside her as he leaned on the piano. The demon with a familiar face. “It can’t be…”

“It’s been a while, Brig.” Maefyl smiled up at him.

“You know each other?” Shana pouted at Maefyl as she pointed at Brig. “He’s the asshole.”

“That cut your face?” Sanguine asked and as soon as the girl nodded Maefyl shifted in front of Brig and lifted him by his throat.

“That wasn’t my fault, ShaSha.” Brig hoped she would speak up before Maefyl squeezed any tighter. Even though his eyes had changed he remembered that murderous glare. “Come on, Maefyl.”

“Nice to see you scared of someone for a change.” Shana sighed as she stood up and held Maefyl’s phone out to him. “It’s true though. He wasn’t attacking me, he’s an idiot but you can let him go.”

“Leave her alone.” Maefyl warned as he set the vampire to his feet.

“Lay off.” Brig rubbed at his neck and looked Maefyl over. His eyes were demonic. He was covered in strange marks to perfect to be tattoos. “I’m not going to hurt her. What the fuck happened to you anyway, weren’t you blonde?”

“Cute.” Maefyl turned away from him as he took the phone from Shana’s hand. He was glad Brig was discreet enough to avoid bringing up some of the other changes to his appearance. “You were asked to leave.”

“How do you know each other?” Shana asked innocently. It made no sense that a demon would be keeping company with Brig.

“That’s complicated.” Brig realized they were skirting topics that would put the girl at risk. He looked to Maefyl for a change of venue. “Can we go talk somewhere?”

“It’s pouring you idiots.” Shana realized she was not supposed to be a part of whatever they needed to discuss. She leaned past them and locked the door. “I’m going to bed. Don’t fuck with my books.”

“Night ShaSha.” Brig leaned on the shop counter until he was sure she was upstairs and the door was closed. “I thought you might be the slayer he mentioned.”

“Slayer?” Maefyl chuckled and shook his head. Lucifer had apparently saddled him with a new title. “When did you see Lucy?”

“This morning.” Brig laughed. “You call him Lucy? Sure his wife loves that.”

“Lilith?” Maefyl laughed. “I somehow doubt she cares. What did he want?”

“Job offer.” Brig answered off handedly more concerned about other things. “What are you doing with Shana?”

“He offered you a place on the Circle?” Sanguine shouted from the back of the piano.

“Yea.” Brig shook more of the rain from his shirt. “I haven’t answered him. And you haven’t answered me.”

“I’m not interested in he girl if that is what you’re worried about.” Maefyl explained and Sanguine fluttered over beside him.

“Sure hope Lucifer has picked better for the other two.” Sanguine crossed her arms judgmentally as she stared at the vampire. “This one isn’t very bright. She told you to go away, I don’t think she likes you.”

“Yet.” Brig grinned.

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Vex : Her Piano Pt.4

Shana had only been inside a moment and was about to head upstairs when she heard the tap at the glass. She turned to see the familiar demon leaning back against the shop window and tapping his fingers against it.

“Back already?” Shana grinned as she unlocked the door and leaned through it. “You left your money.”

“Keep it.” Maefyl laid his hand on her head. “You busy?”

“No.” Shana stood aside and invited him in. “Just had a bit of a weird night.”

“This whole city is weird.” Sanguine said from his shoulder.

“I can’t argue that.” Shana frowned. “I can’t just keep that money.”

“Sany, go pick out books for Gabriel.” Maefyl laughed as he sent the fairy shopping. She remarked about it being pointless considering the size of Gabriel’s library but fluttered off anyway knowing Maefyl was trying to appeal to the girl’s sense of pride. “Good enough?”

“Sure.” Shana watched him sit at the piano and start to play as Sanguine flew over carrying a dusty old book many times her size. Shana took it from her and sat it on the counter giggling. “I could have pulled that down for you. Who is Gabriel?”

“Sany is stronger than she looks.” Maefyl smiled over at Shana. “And Gabriel is my husband.”

“Husband?” Shana never realized the concept of marriage went beyond humans, though she had never spent any time with anything but humans so her assumption was probably as rude as she suddenly felt. “I don’t mean to sound shocked. Sorry. You’re the first demon I’ve really talked to.”

“He’s got a wife too.” Sanguine dropped another book on the counter.

“That’s a little weird.” Shana laughed as she listened to the mood of the demons melody shift slightly.

“Not really.” Maefyl grinned as he obliged her harmless interest. “My daughter has two husbands and a wife.”

“Kids too huh?” Shana giggled. “You have a wallet full of pictures?”

“Don’t carry a wallet.” Maefyl slid his phone from his pocket and opened an album of pictures he thought should be safe enough for mortal eyes, taking a moment to admire the picture of Gabriel himself before he handed it to her.

“This is Gabriel?” Shana sat beside him on the stool. Somehow his being attached to someone else made her feel safer around him. She nudged his arm as he returned to playing. “Very nice. No wonder you were sad earlier, that is a face worth missing. Why isn’t he here?”

“He’s working.” Maefyl laughed. “Like I’m supposed to be.”

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Vex : Her Piano Pt.3

“I don’t get why you bother with the bookworm.” Brig ignored the comment from one of the leeches as he paid for their drinks. He found himself a place to sit and made himself available for the coming onslaught of girls who had already seen his arrival and were about to jump on the chance to get close to him.

Brig pawned most of them off on his eager entourage and just tried to enjoy the music while he thought over the offer Lucifer had made. Money he had. It was easy to accrue wealth when you lived so long, easy to charm it out of potential victims. He wasn’t sure power was all that alluring because of the responsibility that it came with, and he already had more of a following than he probably deserved. As tempting as it sounded on the surface, Brig had his doubts that taking the offer would do anything to improve his life.

Still the city was shit. He had spent most of his long years here. He would leave for a while, travel to far off places to find something better when his eternal youth started raising questions, but always found himself returning to the rain and fog. Something about the city that bore him always brought him back.

His last return home was met as always with a sudden idol status and the youth of Vex flocked to him. All but one. She had seemed to share the same bizarre need to come back home as he did and he thought he may actually end up with someone worth remembering for a change, but their brief conversations became awkward when giggling girls surrounded him and eventually she stopped speaking to him at all.

His usual charm failed him when it came to Shana. She seemed immune to whatever allure drew everyone else to him and refused his every effort at friendship. She hated him and it drove him crazy.

He scolded himself for letting his mind wander. He was supposed to be thinking over a serious offer and he was daydreaming over a girl that wanted nothing to do with him while some other girl talked at him endlessly. He had barely even nodded when she approached and had not heard a single word of her speech to win him over.

Lucky for Brig her attention was caught by two impressive demons that wandered in and she stopped her rambling to join the crowd that marveled over their arrival. Brig took the distraction as an opportunity to duck out early and slid out a back door to the street.

He usually had the pleasure of being the center of attention, but he would let the pretty newcomers have a go at it while he spent some time alone for a change. He walked past a dark alley and could smell a few of the pathetic young vampires that hid their days away. He just hurried away and thought about how pathetic he had once been until he remembered Lucifer mentioning his ‘slayer’.

He thought about the vampire that spared him so long ago. Who had quietly checked up on him from time to time in his early years. It had been centuries since he had seen Maefyl grinning at him from the shadows with his friend beside him. He had saved them all a few years back. From death and from a loveless existence.  Brig found himself wondering if their savior was the slayer who would save Vex from its cult of vampires.

He could hear the sounds of a piano as he neared the bookstore and it distracted him from his thoughts of Maefyl. The notes were clear as they resounded against the glass of the shop window. As it started to rain her heard something else. Laughter. He had never heard Shana laugh that way and he ran through the downpour to see what had her so happy.

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