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Vex : The Circle of Vex Pt.1

“One of the remains I claimed for you.” Raziel explained as he took Galik into the cells below the Circle. A young woman cowered in the corner of the small dark room. “I know you felt denied. Enjoy.”

Galik hugged Raziel and kissed his neck before he skipped to the corner and crouched in front of the woman.

“I just want to go home.” She cried as she saw him up close and scrambled against the wall to try and distance herself from the silvery white eyes that looked her over. When he smiled she reached up and clawed at Galik’s face.

“It scratched me, Lord Raziel.” Galik pouted as his wounds closed.

“Then remove its claws.” Raziel suggested and watch as Galik took hold of one of her fingernails and tore it out. Her piercing screams echoing against the walls of the empty cell as Galik grinned and pulled out each nail to see the faces she made. As Galik slowly tortured the woman to death Raziel watched and they had quiet conversations between her screams.

“Lord Raziel, what is a girlfriend?” Galik was gnawing on skin he had torn from the woman’s face as he poked at the wound.

“A mortal concept.” Raziel explained as he watched Galik kick aside the corpse. “A lover one is committed to in an honorary fashion. Something mortals seem to do before they wed.”

“I’ve broken it.” Galik wiped the blood from his face and smiled at Raziel. “Can I have one?”

“You’ve had lovers, Galik.” Raziel cleaned the rest of the blood from Galik.  “You broke those too.”

“Not a girlfriend.” Galik pointed out playfully. “Can I?”

“It’s a wasteful concept.” Raziel explained as he returned them to his office. “If you want the girl, take her.”

“I don’t just want to play with her, Lord Raziel.” Galik sat on the floor scowling at Raziel’s feet. It may be the first time Raziel had denied him anything at all. “I want to keep her.”

“Don’t pout, Galik.” Raziel crouched beside his creation and took his chin in his hand. “If you wish to do this the complicated way, you have my permission, but I can offer little advice on it. I am disappointed you would commit to someone other than myself, but if it is what you desire I wont deny you.”

“You are my only Master, Lord Raziel.” Galik’s eyes glossed with tears and he tried to put Van out of his mind. The last thing he ever wanted was to offend Raziel. “I’m sorry.”

“We have work to do.” Raziel stood. “Come.”

Galik rose to his feet and walked beside Raziel as he made his way down the hall to the door of their new colleague. The door opened for Raziel as he approached.

“Join us.” Raziel stood in the doorway as he looked at the flustered vampire sitting behind the desk. “It is important we establish presence and that we learn to work together.”

“Right.” Brig stood and sat the computer on the desk. “Maybe you can tell me what it is I’m supposed to be doing.”

“You’ve decorated.” Galik noticed the vast difference between his office and the ones he and Raziel had left untouched.

“Maefyl did that.” Brig shook his head. “It’s not bad I guess. Where are we going?”

“Lucifer told the residents the Circle would be more available.” Raziel explained. “We are going to make ourselves available. He has asked we make an effort to establish rapport with those we are meant to protect.”

“Sounds good.” Brig smiled. “Raziel and Galik right? You drink?”

“We do.” Raziel told him and offered a correction. “It’s Lord Raziel. I am not common, don’t speak to me as if I am.”

“Lord Raziel, then.” Brig looked to the darker skinned demon. “And you?”

“Galik is fine.” Galik pulled the phone from his pocket and sighed before putting it back.

“Lead the way, vampire.” Raziel stood aside. “You are more familiar with Vex.”

“Might not want to call me that in public.” Brig suggested and remembered to keep his tone respectful. “I’m going to have a hard enough time playing one of you, Lord Raziel. If we intend to fix things in Vex it’s probably not the best idea to panic anyone with talk of vampires.”

“Brig then.” Raziel agreed.


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Vex : Humble (Series Spoilers)

“Has the half-breed returned?” Kage asked as he arrived.

“Hello to you too, Uncle.” Shiroi looked up at him smiling. It was a gestured he rarely returned and today was no exception. He seemed to be in a foul mood.

“What do you want, Kage?” Maefyl shouted down the hall when he heard him. He and Gabriel headed out to greet him a moment later. Maefyl whispered to Gabriel as he walked. “I’ll let it go. Just be more careful.”

“Were you left to mentor the third?” Kage asked before he started to explain his frustration. “It seems I need to befriend that disgusting toy of Raziel’s.”

“At least he didn’t try to eat you.” Maefyl laughed. “Wanna trade?”

“Amusing half-breed.” Kage hissed and looked at their human guest. “I have better things to do with my time then look after weaklings.”

“Shana, this charming individual is Kage.” Maefyl made quick introductions. “Don’t mind him, he hates everyone.”

“Few more than you.” Kage grinned wickedly at Maefyl.

“Few?” Maefyl chuckled. “Did I get knocked down the list?”

“Despite their exchange, they get along far better than they used to.” Gabriel said as he leaned over Shana and swiped across the screen to check on Shiroi’s messages before returning it to what had her entertained. “Is it Osore you are interested in, or just Maefyl?”

“I was just reading.” Shana grinned up at him. His subtle jealous assumption was covered with a warm smile. “He’s sweet and all but you can have him. I read yours, too. Just trying to figure things out so I don’t bug you with questions.”

“That information is not for the humans, Gabriel.” Kage hissed. “You are far too trusting.”

“She isn’t doing any harm, Viper.” Gabriel squeezed her shoulder gently. “We’ve already discussed that what she learns from us is to be kept secret. You mentioned Galik.”

“Yea.” Maefyl interrupted. “Looks like we have both been recruited for long term service to Vex. Brig gets to call me whenever he feels lonely.”

“That is unfortunate.” Shana laughed. “He seems the needy type.”

“Galik?” Shiroi asked. “I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure.”

“It’s not a pleasure.” Kage hissed. “My only solace at the moment is that he is delightfully distracted by one of the half-breed’s children.”

“Watch it Kage.” Maefyl cautioned him. “Not in the mood. I get you’re pissed, but don’t start with me.”

“He takes responsibility for those he turned himself, not the others.” Gabriel glared at Kage. “And we have only one child.”

“It wasn’t meant as an insult.” Kage folded his arms in front of him as Maefyl stepped in front of him smiling. “What?”

“We’ll call it even.” Maefyl hugged him and Gabriel laughed as Kage squirmed away from the embrace. Kage was not one to be shocked but his reaction to Maefyl so casually putting his arms around him was worth whatever horrible things he would say about it. “Not going to hug me back?”

“Don’t do that again, half-breed.” Kage hissed as he scowled at him and straightened his lapels. “There are limits to what I will tolerate from you.”

“Why does he call him that?” Shana asked Gabriel quietly. “Seems a bit insulting.”

“They have a complicated history.” Gabriel explained as he made his displeasure at Kage’s insistence on using the phrase apparent. “Maefyl is both demon and vampire. A rare gift that Kage’s own daughter shares, which makes the insult far more distasteful than it used to be.”

“I’m used to it.” Maefyl shrugged it off.

“He has a kid?” Shana gave him a puzzled look. “He doesn’t seem all that fatherly.”

“My half-sister, Kaneko.” Shiroi explained as she displayed a picture of Kaneko and herself to Shana.

“She’s adorable!” Shana exclaimed. “So, same mom I take it?”

“Everyone you bring home asks so many questions, Maefyl.” Sanguine laughed.

“Too many questions.” Kagemusha added. “My Lord Kage’s private life is not up for discussion.”

“I hope I am not interrupting.” Lucifer arrived on the couch between Shiroi and Shana and smiled as he leaned over the screen in Shana’s hands to brush his fingers across the screen and display a cleverly hidden bio of his own and took one of her thin braids in his fingers. “These are cute.”

“Thanks.” Shana inched away from him nervously when she realized the name attached to his image at her fingers. He gestured across the screen again to close the image as he stood and walked over the coffee table to reach Maefyl and Kage.

“I thank you both.” Lucifer bowed his head to them. Both Maefyl and Kage watched in stunned silence at the gesture. “I haven’t asked you to help them to punish either of you. Vex was my mistake, it never should have been left to fall so far. Your help in this is appreciated and will be rewarded.”

“Lucy?” Gabriel whispered seeing the pain he was in over the problem in Vex. He cared so deeply for all of Tsuriai and seeing his own choices for protecting a part of it fail him and abuse their position had wounded him. To see Lucifer admit fault it anything was rare enough, to see him humble himself to admit it was enough to cause Gabriel pain.

There were no words in existence to express their understanding. Maefyl pulled Lucifer into his arms and held him. Kage only stepped closer to lay his hand on Lucifer’s shoulder.

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Vex : Shana in Osore (Series spoilers)

“According to the computer Vex has been replaced.” Shiroi wandered into the apartment with her tablet to report what she had been waiting on since Maefyl left. She looked up from the computer expecting to see Gabriel and instead saw the girl she had awoken. “I wasn’t aware we had a guest.”

“Hi.” Shana yawned as she rubbed her face. “I guess I crashed. I’m Shana. Where is Gabriel?”

“Not sure.” Shiroi looked at the girl puzzled as to why Gabriel had a human girl here to begin with. “I’m Shiroi. How do you know Gabriel?”

“I don’t really.” Shana explained. “Maefyl told him to bring me here and he did. You’re the wife right?”

“Maefyl’s yes.” Shiroi sighed. She hoped he was not getting himself into trouble again. “I’m afraid to ask why.”

“I think he’s trying to help.” Shana told the pale white haired women who sat down the couch from her. “But this kind of sucks, I need to get back and find another job.”

“Not enjoying my company?” Gabriel asked playfully as he walked down the hall with Maefyl.

“You’re back!” Shiroi jumped up and ran over to Maefyl leaving the computer on the couch.

Maefyl hugged her tight and kissed her while Gabriel joined the curious girl who had leaned over to take a peek at the disturbing images on the screen. Shana turned quickly as he picked up the tablet and sat beside her thinking she would be scolded for looking.

“It’s fine.” Gabriel assured her and sat close enough for her to look things over with him. “You are from Vex, they are your new Circle. I can’t believe Raziel agreed.”

“His pet is a bit unruly.” Maefyl carried Shiroi to the couch with him holding her close as he sat beside Gabriel.

“Galik is not a pet.” Gabriel explained. “Raziel adores him. Please tell me you did not start anything with either of them.”

“I can’t see that guy adoring anything.” Maefyl smiled. “And I didn’t start it.”

“Maefyl.” Gabriel gave him a disappointed look.

“It’s fine.” Maefyl assured him as he tapped at the screen to pull up his bigger concern. “This is the one that’s the problem.”

“Brig?” Gabriel let Shana lean closer to look at the screen.

“Hunter?” She laughed.

“I know.” Maefyl laughed. “Such a crap name for a vampire.”

“Really?” Gabriel raised an eyebrow at Maefyl who had changed and shortened his last name years ago in an attempt to hide from who and what he was. “Is yours better?”

“Looked at my door lately?” Maefyl teased. “I took yours.”

“You guys are weird.” Shana laughed and tapped at Brig’s image on the screen. “So is he in charge now?”

“Raziel is.” Maefyl explained. “Brig is the third.”

“That means exactly nothing to me.” Shana smiled as she admitted she had no understanding of the intricate details of the Circles. “But he’s official?”

“Yes.” Gabriel told her and she leaned back frustrated.

“I should just sell the store and move.” Shana sighed. “He was irritating before, now he’ll be bloody impossible.”

“For now you can stay here.” Maefyl took the computer from Gabriel and pulled up his own information and handed it back letting Gabriel kiss him for the change to his name.

Maefyl Nosfer Anubin

 “At least Lucy was kind enough to leave your less desirable nicknames from the file.” Gabriel smiled. “And thank you.”

“Yep.” Maefyl winked over at Shana who seemed a bit bothered by their kiss. “Like I was saying, Asura said we can loan you her room, so you can stay.”

“And do what?” Shana pouted. “I have a life, you know.”

“That I am trying to make sure you keep.” Maefyl shouted at her.

“That’s enough, Maefyl.” Gabriel hated doing it, but he was not going to have Maefyl attacking what he was trying to protect and gave him a not so subtle reminder.

“Fuck you, Gabriel.” Maefyl clutched at his throat as it burned and sent waves of pain through him. He pushed off the couch and walked down the hallway slamming the door behind him.

“Was that necessary?” Shiroi asked crossly. Gabriel had overdone his warning.

“Yelling at the girl was not necessary.” Gabriel stood sadly and followed after Maefyl. “But I may have been a bit harsh.”

“This is why I should just go home.” Shana called after him. She didn’t understand what had happened, but felt responsible for it. “See the trouble I cause.”

“Don’t bother.” Shiroi sighed. “They’ve made up their minds to help you.”

“What happened anyway?” Shana asked. “He looked like he was in pain.”

“He was.” Shiroi rubbed at her own throat. Gabriel had indeed been harsh if Maefyl was in enough pain that he let it slip to her. “Quite a bit of it.”

“So I can’t go home and I’m stuck bothering people who are going to hurt each other because of me.” Shana pouted and picked the computer back up and started reading over Maefyl’s information. “Life is just bloody grand.”

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Vex : Maefyl (Massive series spoilers)

“Leave Brig your number.” Lucifer stood in Brig’s doorway and smiled at Maefyl. “If you help him when he needs it and you can go home to Gabriel.”

“Phone.” Maefyl held his hand out to Brig and the vampire shoved the phone into it. Maefyl decided to invade a bit of privacy while he had the chance and was a bit disturbed by the many candid photos of Shana. He left his number in the contacts and sat the phone on the desk. “Later Lucy.”

“Thank you, Maefyl.” Lucifer smiled as he dissolved and a voice rang in the skies of Vex announcing the changes and promising a better tomorrow.

“That was subtle.” Sanguine giggled.

“Have fun, Brig.” Maefyl waved a quick goodbye and furnished the office for the demon. Elegant and simple with plenty of room for personalizing. Maefyl smiled as he left glad to be going home.

“Miss me?” He arrived to the sweet sounds of longing from Gabriel’s violin and slid his arms around him as he rested his head on Gabriel’s back.

“You know that I did.” Gabriel smiled.

“Where’s the girl?” Maefyl still held Gabriel, just glad to feel the warmth of him.

“Asleep on the couch.” Gabriel held the violin and bow aside and stroked Maefyl’s fingers. “Will she be staying?”

“For a bit if you don’t mind.” Maefyl squeezed Gabriel tightly for a moment before he let go and hopped up on the bed to sit. “I’ll see if Asura minds Shana using her room. I’ll just have to behave so she doesn’t figure too much out.”

“That wont be necessary.” Gabriel sat beside him. “It would be nice if you would behave for a change, but she already knows what you are.”

“I always behave.” Maefyl grinned.

“You most certainly do not.” Gabriel pulled Maefyl to him and kissed him. “I don’t mind if she stays, but you get to tell her that. She was eager to return home.”

“Let her sleep for now.” Maefyl insisted as he willed the lock on the door closed with a playful gesture and laid back pulling Gabriel with him.

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Vex : Van’s Dilemma

In the office down the hall Van was sitting on the desk in front of Galik feeding him candy and giggling as he licked at her fingers. He sat in his chair gently holding her ankles beside his legs.

“So, Raziel said you have a place already.” Van asked as she looked around the huge empty office. “You have a girlfriend at home?”

“A what?” Galik looked at her puzzled.

“I’ll take that as a no.” Van giggled. “I guess you will be busy anyway, but I was hoping you would live here.”

“Galik lives with me.” Raziel appeared suddenly beside Galik’s chair.

“Oh.” Van gave a disappointed sigh and smiled. “Well, I guess I will leave you guys to your work. Call me if you have free time?”

“I don’t want you to leave.” Galik pouted. “Make her stay, Lord Raziel.”

“I’ll come and hang out with you when ever you want.” Van promised as she slid from the desk into his lap and hugged him. Smiling as he clutched her ankles tighter. “I have to feed, though.”

“Let her go, Galik.” Raziel instructed and Galik let his fingers fall loose beside him. “You can play with Van later. I have a gift for you.”

Van bounced to her feet and waved her goodbyes so she could take care of the thirst that had been driving her crazy for hours. She managed to find a depressingly easy mark pretty quickly and found she was too impatient to stick around and let him recover, so in one of her more impulsive moments she just killed him to be done with it.

She hit up a few local stores shuffling through racks and picking out a few new outfits. She swung the bags of clothes beside her as she walked and questioned her odd fascination. She had been using her charms to get attention for centuries now, but had never fallen to anyone else’s. She scolded herself for acting like a silly girl with a crush.

“What am I thinking?” Van laughed at herself. She was throwing herself at the impossible. How long could she possibly hold the attention of a demon? She imagined her fascination with them would far outlast theirs for her. Theirs?

Why had she thought that? She stopped in a market and grabbed herself a lollipop before she headed home to change and tried to sort through her thoughts. Raziel and Galik. And how the fuck did Brig manage to get a job like that?

Van jumped in the shower and tried to clear her head, scrubbing through her bright pink hair and realizing it had faded a bit. She sat on the bed in her towel and repainted her fingernails in a pretty grey she had found while she was shopping and while she blew them dry she found herself daydreaming about dragging them across pretty grey skin. She looked at her phone beside her and sighed. No messages, no calls.

“Guess I’ll go get the hair done.” Van pulled through the bags of clothes and pulled out a tiny grey t-shirt and ripped one of the sleeves and several inches off the bottom before she pulled it on. “Perfect.”

Van admired her work in the mirror before she pulled out a short pleated white skirt and slid it on, and attached new black suspenders that she left to hang at her hips. Slid into a pair of black sandals and tucked her phone in the waistband at her hip, some money into her bra and wandered out the door. She found a snazzy salon and pulled her hair out of the pigtails as she walked in and decided on a little change to her color. An hour or so later she was pulling her hair back into pigtails. Her pink was far brighter, but she had black streaks added. She wanted white, but salons sucked at white. Bleach never worked the way you wanted it to.

Still no call. This was miserable. Van decided she needed to snap herself out of this stupid little crush. She headed to one of the local clubs a little early and decided try and dance it out of her system.

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Vex : The Hunter & The Succubus Pt.3

Brig would have done anything in that moment. He would have slit his own throat to taste her lips again. He caved into her desires and pampered her through hours of pain; clumsily trying to recreate the process that brought him into this life with a love for her he could not fight and did not understand. He had no idea if he would be successful until she finally smiled up at him.

 As Van ran her tongue over the fangs in her smile she let him take her kiss once more. And what a kiss it was. As they shared one another in that Dark Kiss she almost loved him herself, but as their lips parted the magic ended for her.

 “Time to snap out of it, pretty.” Van slapped Brig across the face after pulling him to his feet and he scowled at her.

 “What did you do to me?” Brig shouted at her as he came to his senses. “You some kind of a witch?”

 “I guess.” Van giggled. “Also some kind of a vampire it would seem. So what do I call you?”

 “Brig.” He pushed her back against the wall before he turned to leave. “Fucking cunt.”

 “Aww.” The girl skipped after him. “What’s the matter, Brig? Don’t love me anymore? Do you have trouble with commitment?”

 “Why the fuck are you following me?” Brig scowled at her as the walked through a crowd of early risers on their way to whatever would occupy their day. “You got what you wanted.”

 “Well.” Van giggled. “I figured new life, new place. So show me where home is.”

 “You are NOT living with me.”  Brig clenched his teeth as he tried to keep some control over his rage. “Stay away from me.”

 “Nope.” Van hooked her arm through his. “We are gonna be the best of friends. And don’t think I can’t make you. You were easy.”

 “Don’t do that shit again.” Brig figured at this point it was easier to just put up with her; the house was big enough that he should be able to avoid her. “Ever. And you can stay with me.”

 “Deal.” Van smiled triumphantly. Brig led her to the house, gave her a spare key and left. Van made herself at home. The house was old and needed some work, but it was huge. She claimed a room for herself and decided to go try out her fangs before she went to grab her things and move in.

 Brig fed rather violently that morning and spent hours just walking until he was calm enough to confront what he had done. When he returned home he found Van in the living room dancing with her headphones in and her eyes closed. He watched and found no urge to have her, she had already gotten all she wanted from him and true to her word she would never attempt to sway him with her skills again.

 Brig threw himself on the couch and laid back against the pillows as Van danced around the room thrilled with herself. Brig just shook his head and thought; at least it’s company.

 “She’s been a pain since.” Brig smiled up at Maefyl. When he stopped to think about it, Van did not really bother him. All the years they spent together they would bicker, but it was never serious. They gave each other space when they needed it, but were just as likely to hang out together like the best of friends she insisted they would be. She had become more of a sister than anything else. “But Van’s okay.”

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Vex : The Hunter & The Succubus Pt.2

“Why do I keep coming back here?” Brig asked himself as he locked the door of the huge old house and went off to quench his thirst. He had only spent a few years away, just enough to disappear from the attention of the following he was sure to rebuild with a new generation. It had become a never-ending cycle he swore he would break, but he always managed to find his way home.

 Brig spent the evening hopping from bar to bar to see how things had changed this time. As always not much. The faces were different, the music that blasted through the speakers had new beats and different lyrics, but scene was as it always was. The bored and lonely desperately seeking the approval and attention of their peers. He smiled at the flirting glances and flipped off the angry boyfriends, buying a few rounds to reestablish the favoritism that would ensure he would not have an empty table for long and moved to the next bar.

 And there he met the competition for attention. He had always owned every room he entered, but the purple pigtailed vixen on the dance floor here held the focus of nearly every eye in the club. Scantily dressed and seductively working the floor as she moved to the sounds pounding from the speakers. She would have to go.

 He spent an hour watching her tirelessly enrapture those that watched her, eager for her to finish with her fun and wander off alone. Brig had managed to catch her attention as well, the girl would cast him the occasional wicked gaze as she danced.

 Brig was relieved at last call and quietly followed as everyone made their way into street, keeping his focus on the bouncy little thing that flirted her goodbyes to her adoring fans. He followed a discreet distance away as she led him through infuriatingly well lit avenues, even the way she walked would have brought a mortal man lurid daydreams. When she finally left the main thoroughfare Brig sped his pace and followed her into a shadowy dead end where his prey sprung her trap.

 The girl was leaning against a far wall one foot resting against her knee, lifting her leg high enough to give a glance up her thigh. She smiled as she rested a hand on her hip and extended her arm in front of her gracefully rolling her fingers back at herself to beckon his closer.

 Brig couldn’t help himself. Even as a human he had never been one to indulge in his lusts, now it seemed pointless. Still he fell to her will, and approached her slowly as she cast deeper spells with her eyes.

 “Pretty little vampire, what big teeth you have!” She had a sweet seductive giggle and her voice wrapped around him like a lovers embrace.

 Brig laid his hands on the brick on either side of her head as he leaned close unable to take his eyes off of her as she ran her hands back against his cheeks and slowly slid her fingers down his neck. She folded her leg around his back and pulled him against her.

 “You are playing with fire little girl.” Brig whispered as he tried to fight whatever hold she had on him, but it was pointless.

 “Van.” She gave her name as she ran her finger over his lips and looked into his eyes melting his will to fight against her. “You don’t want to burn pretty little me, do you?”

 Van slid a finger between his lips and dragged her finger along the sharp edge of one of his lower fangs and letting him lick at the cut a moment before she slid her bleeding finger down his chin and pulled him closer to lick the blood away. She smiled as he tilted in to kiss her and she bit his lip to deny him.

 “You want another taste?” Van grinned.

 “I want more than a taste, Van.” Brig pressed against her and she let him part her lips with his tongue and kiss her with the passion she had inspired. She panted and writhed seductively against him, until he looked at her with such adoration she knew she had him securely twisted in her web.

 “You can have all you want, sweetness.” Van slid her arms around him smiling at the victory her skills were ensuring her. “But I am simply too pretty to die and you my friend are going to make sure that I don’t.”

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