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Vex : A Date By Any Other Name… Pt.2

“I would be too young for you anyway.” Shana couldn’t imagine what they could possibly have in common, if he had a century or more of experience she must seem like a child. It made no sense to her that he was ever interested to begin with. “You must be like a hundred years old, right?”

“Few more than that.” Brig chuckled at her guess.

“How many is a few?” Shana asked as they passed through a crowd that cast glances at Brig and started chattering about the Circle demon and his friend, though they used far more colorful terms that made Shana want to kick in their teeth.

“Can’t really talk about this in public, ShaSha.” Brig told her softly as he glared at the gossiping twits who insulted Shana until they took the hint and ran off. He shook his hair out of his face and noticed she was frustrated. He was not sure if it was because of the nasty comments or the way he dodged the question. “If you want to talk about it, I don’t mind. We have to be alone though and I get the feeling you don’t want that. So keep it simple.”

“Just find someplace quiet then.” Shana put her arm through his and smiled up at him. “I told you I wanted to talk.”

Brig led her toward his house thinking it was the lesser of two evils. His front steps would make for better scenery than his office and the area was always empty. It would be private enough without the awkward feeling of being locked in a room alone with him.

“What’s this place?” Shana asked as Brig led her up the sidewalk to the enormous old house.

“Home.” Brig sat on the steps. “Nobody really lives around here anymore, so it’s quiet. You can sit up on the porch.”

“I can sit here.” Shana sat beside him on the steps awkwardly trying to deal with the skirt she wished she had changed.

“Hold on.” Brig laughed and ran inside to rummage through whatever Van has left behind and came back out laying a pair of jeans across Shana’s legs. “Go in and change.”

“Whose are these?” Shana looked at the pants on her knees. “And you still haven’t answered my question. How old are you, Brig?”

“Van left them.” Brig knew it was going to lead to more frustrating questions so he preempted a few of them. “Before you bother, no we weren’t together she just lived here.”

“Whatever.” Shana watched him lean against the post by the steps and light a cigarette and took it as a cue to go in and change. She grabbed the jeans and wandered through the door to change. As she slid into Van’s jeans she started to question herself. Why had she insisted on a conversation that left her alone with him? Why did she want to talk to him so bad?

Van’s old clothes were a bit loose and the jeans sat low on her hips. She was a bit uncomfortable with how much midsection was exposed, but it was better than fighting with a skirt all evening. When she stepped outside Brig tried to hide his boyish grin by turning away to put his cigarette out on the ground. “So will you answer now?”

“I don’t have an exact number for you.” Brig rested his arms on his knees, one leg resting a stair lower than the other as he tried to give her the best guess he could. “Sixteen hundred or so I guess, you lose track after a while and I trashed most my records a long time ago.”

“That’s forever.” Shana made herself comfortable on the steps next to him. “Don’t you get bored?”

“As much as anyone else.” Brig laughed and pulled another cigarette from his pack and sat it aside wishing he had stopped for more. He had a feeling all her questions were going to keep him on edge. He never talked about what he was and now his position made him unsure of how much he had the right to divulge. He trusted her. “I get more lonely than bored.”

“You’re always surrounded with people.” Shana scoffed. “How are you ever lonely?”

“Surrounded yea. Because I pay for shit.” Brig hated having to explain how depressing his life had become.  “I rarely have a conversation beyond ‘where are we drinking tonight?’”

“Sorry.” Shana watched him close his eyes and rest his head back against the post. She had always assumed he was enjoying his leader of the pack status, but his reaction was genuine and she felt bad for making him admit his loneliness a second time. “Why do you smoke so much?”

“Not like it’s going to kill me.” Brig smirked as he blew the smoke away from her. “Does it bother you?”

“I guess not.” Shana had only been trying to change the subject because he was obviously upset but it opened the door for more questions. She had never really considered how immortal a vampire was. “Do you even get sick?”

“No.” Brig pushed his hair aside with his pinky as he smoked. “Had a weird problem a few years ago that almost killed all of us, but other than that the only thing that fucks up my day is not feeding enough.”

“You know you wouldn’t have to mess with your hair so much if you just cut it.” Shana smiled at him as his hair fell back over his eye. She actually liked his goofy hair, but anything to take a topic away from his need to eat seemed like a good idea.

“I like it like this.” Brig grinned at her. “It doesn’t matter anyway. It grows back in a few days. I have to cut the back everyday.”

“You were human right?” Shana instantly regretted the question as she watched his smile slip away.

“Yea.” Brig tried to keep his thoughts from wandering into the dark corners of his mind, but he could remember the dirt in his eyes as he dug a pointless grave behind the house, the smell of death and the flames that erased his family. The mother and father destroyed for trying to save him, the sister who would never have a chance to live. He found enough in the house after the funeral to at least learn her name. Juniper. The tree bearing her name grew tall over her final resting place. He ended up lost in the memory and had not noticed his own tears.

“I’m sorry, Brig.” Shana had moved closer and put her hand on his leg in an effort to apologize. Even through his jeans he felt cold. “I shouldn’t ask so many questions, but how else am I supposed to figure you out?”

“It’s no big deal.” Brig laid his hand on top of hers and was surprised she did not pull away. “I guess you just don’t get over some shit.”


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Vex : A Date By Any Other Name… Pt.1

“Probably should have fed.” Brig stopped at one of the shop windows before Shana’s bookstore to straighten out his hair. He was pale and worse he was hungry, but he figured she was not going to tolerate his company for all that long so he decided to risk it rather that be late. “Fuck it.”

As Brig turned to take the last few strides to her door he saw her step through it and lock the door. He just waited and smiled as he watched her checking her reflection and tossing her long braids over her shoulders before she turned and leaned her back against the door. She looked frustrated with herself as she looked down and tugged at the hem of her skirt.

“Am I late?” Brig strolled over and stuffed his hands in his pockets as he stood in front of her and leaned over to look at the phone. “I had to handle work first.”

“I wasn’t sure you would come.” Shana looked up at him. The thought of him working was amusing; he never seemed interested in anything but soaking up attention. “You seemed pretty upset.”

“Honestly, I still am.” Brig admitted rather painfully. Some of her accusations wounded his pride in ways she would probably never understand. They had also pointed out how depressing his life had become. “You said some pretty hateful shit, ShaSha. I just know I deserved most of it.”

“Hold this for me.” Shana shoved her phone and her wallet complete with chain into his hands. “No pockets.”

“Guess I should be glad you don’t carry a purse.” Brig tucked them away and pulled the chain across his hip and clipped it with two of his own. “Where to, ShaSha?”

“Just not to one of your hangouts.” Shana pushed away from the door as she made the request. “This is weird enough without your groupies.”

“Well inviting you home is out of line.” Brig hoped that just mentioning was not just as out of line. “Dancing is out if you want to avoid the clubs. You want dinner?”

“Can you even eat people food?” Shana asked not realizing the poor choice of words until they were already out.

“Yea ShaSha, people are my favorite.” Brig rolled his eyes. “Be careful how loud you say shit like that. No, I don’t eat, but I can still take you out and we’ll figure out what you want to do from there.”

“Just find me coffee and jerky.” Shana took a few steps slowly until he started to walk beside her. She tugged at her skirt wishing she had worn something else. She had dressed pretty mindlessly and by the time she figured out it would look like she was trying to impress him it was too late to bother changing.

“It’s not that short.” Brig laughed at her nervous gesture. “Leave it alone.”

“Maybe not for the girls you hang out with.” Shana mumbled.

“Don’t start that again.” Brig sighed and offered her an out. “Do you want to go change?”

“No.” Shana was finding it hard to break the habit of being vocally defensive around him. “It’s fine.”

“Good.” Brig leaned a bit to smile at her. “You look nice.”

Shana led the way to a local market to find herself a make-shift meal and after a brief argument over who was paying she gave in and let Brig claim it as part of his ‘apology’. He had already been recognized as a member of the Circle several times, and it caused a bit of a stir at the counter or she would not have given in so easily. When they were back outside she re-opened the issue.

“I don’t need you to pay for me.” Shana defended her independence.

“I never said you did.” Brig was already certain this night was not going to go well. He was only prolonging the inevitable, but if nothing else he could make up for shouting at her and part on slightly better terms. He hoped. “Did you just ask me back to argue all night?”

“Just to talk.” Shana was trying to accept everything she had learned about it and found it frustrating. It was easier to think of him as an arrogant human than as a vampire and a member of the Circle. She worried about the fact his position had made him more recognizable. He had already had a presence in Vex that made it hard for him to go anywhere without running into someone who knew him. Now it was worse. She wondered what it was going to do to his reputation being out like this with a human, and what it was going to do to hers to be out with what everyone assumed was a demon. “Is this okay though? Should you even be hanging out with me like this?”

“I don’t think Lucifer has a no dating policy if that’s what you’re asking.” In fact Lucifer seemed be encouraging his efforts. Brig felt the pendant in his pocket and wondered if he would ever get the chance to give it to her. Things were not going all that well and she was always furiously stubborn but even as she scolded and insulted him he was just happy being close to her.

“This is not a date.” Shana insisted sternly. “This is an apology. Your apology.”

“I know ShaSha.” Brig wanted it to be more than that, but knew he should feel lucky even just talking to her again after the mess he had caused. He also wanted to take her hand as they walked, but he kept his hands in his pockets to avoid the temptation. “So what did you want to talk about?”

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Vex : Small Victories Pt.2

“Good evening, Raziel.” Lucifer was standing in the center of the large dark hall when they entered. “Did you even visit your office today?”

“You left Vex in my hands.” Raziel spoke as always with no hint of emotion as he reminded Lucifer he was in no way his servant. “Don’t pester me with nonsense.”

“Don’t pester me with uninvited guests.” Lucifer grinned as he walked toward them and took one of Van’s pigtails in his hand. He noticed the tiny rings in her ear. “This hall was meant to keep these affairs from those not involved with the Circle.”

“Remove your hand, Lucifer.” Raziel taunted him with the damage he could do. The secrets that would ruin his reputation. “I don’t want the scent of the Viper on my belongings.”

“You’ve just put your belongings in jeopardy.” Lucifer took Raziel by his throat and watched the rage in his companions. Raziel’s expression remained unmoved, but Galik’s form shifted quickly into a dark thin creature covered in stone like scales and brought his talons at Lucifer. The Dark Lord kicked Galik away with ease and smiled at Raziel as a large table appeared behind him with three chairs along one side and one on the side across from those. “Tell your toys to have a seat Raziel.”

“They will keep the secrets I keep.” Raziel lifted a hand to halt Galik’s attack and rested his other hand on Van’s neck as she glared at Lucifer. “Do we have an understanding Lucifer?”

“She stays silent unless I say otherwise.” Lucifer shifted away to claim his seat. “Brig is excused for the evening. Sit.”

“Van stand beside me.” Raziel claimed his seat and Galik slammed himself into his before Raziel spoke again. “I’ve already sent you reports. This is pointless.”

“You’ve done well.” Lucifer folded his hands in front of him.

“Are you planning on calling in your slayer for the gathering remnants on the outskirts?” Raziel asked.

“If you want Maefyl to handle it, ask him.” Lucifer grinned. “I doubt he would refuse. He does have intense hatred for vampires.”

“Are you serious?” Van laughed. Maefyl was their source, the savior. He could not possible hate vampires.

“Silent, Van.” Raziel gave her a rather unkind reminder and she struggled to stand. Van held back her tears as she forced a smile and waited for the pain to pass. Raziel continued as Lucifer nodded his approval. “I will speak to Gabriel.”

“As you wish.” Lucifer tapped on the desk. “I wont keep you. Just see to the rest of the menace.”

“It will be done.” Raziel stood as Lucifer left.

“So much for ‘no one’ touching your things.” Van pouted.

“Lucifer doesn’t play by rules.” Raziel led them out of the hall. “But you will follow mine. You were to remain silent.”

“I know.” Van was just as disappointed in herself, but couldn’t help defending someone who had given her away to enjoy the love she had found. “I just don’t believe his crack about Maefyl. I didn’t mean to embarrass you, Lord Raziel.”

“You may have a chance to ask him yourself.” Raziel climbed the stairs listening to Van’s laughter as Galik tossed her onto his shoulder and followed. He could have just as easily told her Lucifer’s words were true, aside from a select few Maefyl had made friends of he found those who carried his curse detestable. Raziel was not inclined to upset her smile with the disappointment. “I have a few favors to ask of Maefyl. In the meantime I want you to think of more pleasant matters.”

“Like going home to play?” Van giggled. She had a whole list of new rules to live by. Most of which boiled down to a very simple set of guidelines; ‘Do as your told’ and “keep your mouth shut’. At either of Raziel’s estates; at home, the rules were simpler. Behind locked doors and powerful magic barriers her and Galik could do almost anything they pleased, most importantly they could enjoy Raziel’s affection. Anywhere else Galik and Van were to be discreet, behaving as loyal pets to their doting Master. There was no need however to keep the love between Galik and herself a secret, and it amused Raziel to watch them.

“I want to give you a gift.” Raziel sat behind his desk as Galik sat her on the surface in front of him. “What would you like?”

“Surprise me.” Van laid back on the desk to look up at Raziel and explain. “It’s special that way and I don’t have to feel selfish for asking for something in particular. I do want my lollipops though. Where did I put that bag?”

“Right here.” Galik waved it over her and snatched it away as she reached for it. He held it behind himself making her sit up and put her arms around him to try and reach it. “Kiss me first.”

“Candy for kisses?” Van gave him a playful, pensive look as she stroked her chin. “I believe that sort of bartering is illegal in most Circles.”

“All Circles.” Raziel added.

“No candy for you then.” Galik turned to rummage through the bag as she pressed against his back and reached around him as he teased her with her own candy.

“Razzy!” Van pouted as Galik teased her. “He’s taking my stuff.”

“Galik.” Raziel held out his hand and waited as Galik unwrapped one of Van’s lollipops and handed it to him. Raziel managed to join in the game and tease her even with his still black eyes and unchanging expression as he stuck the lollipop in his mouth and went back to typing up the message he planned to send to Gabriel.

“No fair!” Van smiled at Raziel as he worked and Galik turned to her grinning with all the charm of a veteran playboy with the stick of another lollipop clenched between his teeth. She threw her arms around his neck. “Okay that’s worth a kiss.”

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Vex : Small Victories Pt.1

“Well, that’s great.” Brig grabbed the stack of hand written envelopes off his desk. Raziel had left him plenty to occupy his entire day. “Thanks a lot, now I have shit for time.”

Brig stormed out of the building and went to work. He had never been more thankful with how quickly he could run. At least the trips between deliveries would not take long. He had hoped to swing by the bookstore, but Raziel had him running errands in the completely wrong direction. The tearful recipients were doing nothing to improve his mood.

As hour after hour passed he wondered if he should finally respond to Shana’s message and just tell her he could not be there. Raziel promised a brief meeting with Lucifer but spending the whole day running around left him no time to do anything properly. He was not even going to finish the stack in his hand before he had to go to a meeting he did not understand the point of.

“Why did I agree to this?” Brig mumbled as he lit a cigarette, shaking his hair out of his face as he exhaled.

“Because you will be good at it.” Lucifer laughed as Brig turned to look for the voice. “Up.”

“Well at least someone has free time.” Brig smiled up at Lucifer lounging along the branch of a tree. “You make it pretty hard to believe you’re in charge of everything, you know that?”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” Lucifer pushed himself off the branch and landed effortlessly on his feet inches from Brig. “And you will have plenty of free time. Raziel is working quickly.”

“Not when I need it.” Brig muttered to himself. “I have shit to do. If you want to talk, walk with me.”

“Admirable work ethic.” Lucifer laughed as he snatched the letters from Brig. “Allow me.”

Brig watched as he was suddenly looking at a dozen or more identical copies of Lucifer each holding one of the letters and grinning wickedly before they all disappeared leaving only the one standing in front of him with a warm smile.

“What was that?” Brig had let the cigarette slip from his fingers onto the ground and he nearly jumped out of his skin when Lucifer stepped closer and stepped on it.

“Ghosts.” Lucifer explained. “Convenient doubles when I need to be everywhere at once. Pick that up.”

“So is this you or a ghost?” Brig stooped to grab the crushed mess Lucifer had made of the cigarette and it burst into flames. He sighed. “You could have just done that to begin with.”

“I know.” Lucifer grinned. “But it’s so much more fun this way.”

“Did you need something?” Brig stood up and rubbed the back of his neck in frustration. “I assume if you needed that work out of the way, there is something more important.”

“There is.” Lucifer looked sullen as he rested his hand on Brig’s shoulder and took him back to the Circle building and grinned as he winked at him. “I meant what I said Brig. You will do well in Vex. My business this evening is with Raziel, you’re excused for the day.”

“I think he’s gonna be pissed if I don’t show.” Brig gave him a puzzled look. “Am I being shut out already?”

“Hardly.” Lucifer grabbed Brig by his hand and drove a dagger through it making the vampire cringe. Lucifer gave him a wicked grin. “I’m impressed. You didn’t try and stop me.”

“No point, right?” Brig watched as Lucifer gathered some of the blood in his palm and his hand filled with a strange dark mist as he closed his fingers and yanked the blade out of Brig’s hand. “Not that I mind a little blood, but was there a point to that?”

“There was.” Lucifer slipped the dagger in the waist of his pants as he grabbed Brig’s hand again to open his palm and leave a dark red heart shaped pendant on a black cord resting in Brig’s hand.

“Pretty.” Brig winked at him. “You’re not my type though, cupcake. And I’m not big on jewelry.”

“And this is?” Lucifer tugged at the chains attached to Brig’s belt loop.

“That’s a wallet chain genius.” Brig laughed and looked at the necklace in his hand.

“It’s for the girl.” Lucifer glared at him. “Don’t stay out too late. You will have more than letters to keep you occupied.”

“Thank you.” Brig clutched the gift and hung his head. “I need all the help I can get with this, Lord Lucifer.”

“I’ve given you the day off.” Lucifer grinned. “I’ve been told my dating advice borders on sadistic, so I’m afraid you’re on your own. Good luck, Brig.”

And Lucifer was gone.

“He is so fucking strange.” Brig smiled and tucked the pendant into his pocket. As he walked toward the doors they opened and Raziel stepped inside. Galik was beside him carrying Van on his back as she giggled.

“I thought you would be out on errands.” Raziel offered his hand in greeting. “You found the letters, yes?”

“I had a bit of help.” Brig told him as they briefly shook hands.

“As long as it has been done.” Raziel could smell Lucifer in the air and knew where the help had come from. “Enjoy your evening, Brig.”

Brig watched a moment as they went inside. Van waved at him as he was about to turn and they shared a sibling like moment of understanding. She was happy. Immensely so. Brig walked outside thinking how badly he wanted to be. He looked at his phone and started running. Apparently his colleagues had wandered in fairly late. They were going to the meeting he had been excused from and he had a slim second chance to take.

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Vex : P.S. I Love You Pt.3 (NSFW)

They left Brig to mingle with some of his leeches and Raziel took his belongings home to his estate in Heaven. He let Galik lead Van through the large impressive rooms and watched her taking in the sight of his home with infectious delight.

“This place is incredible.” Van bounced on her toes as she clung to Galik’s arm. “Where is your room?”

“Lord Raziel?” Galik looked to his Master knowing that he would have rules to explain. And Van looked up at Raziel as he stepped close to her, he slid his fingernail against the elastic holding her pigtails into place and snapped each of them letting her bright hair fall around her shoulders.

“I am a keeper of secrets, Van.” Raziel explained his position as he ran his fingers up her neck and through her hair. “I know everyone’s and I do not share my own. You; like Galik, will be privileged to know me as no one else does.”

“I’ll keep your secrets.” Van watched as Raziel slid his fingers up through Galik’s hair and took them to another room and pulled Galik away from her. She watched as Galik responded to Raziel’s whispers and sat against the center of the headboard and let Raziel take each of his wrists and bind his arms. “Why are you tying him up?”

“So that he does not hurt you.” Raziel sat close beside Galik with his ankles resting on his knees. “Undress.”

“For me.” Galik smiled at her eagerly and the angry protest she was about to make was silenced and she slipped out of her shoes.

Her agreement alone was enough to arouse Galik and he struggled against the ties at his wrists wanting to pounce on her. His furious attempts to release himself when she tossed her shirt aside distracted her. His fingers lengthening into claws, his toes tearing through the sheets as he kicked and arched himself off the bed, near howling as he screamed his desires. Raziel watched her reaction patiently, letting her come to understand what he had tried to warn her about as he stroked his fingers through Galik’s hair.

“Come here, Van.” Raziel beckoned her closer and she walked around the side of the bed. When she did he slid his fingers along the sides of her neck and she shuddered. “Is my brave vampire suddenly frightened?”

“Let me have her!” Galik screamed as he thrashed wildly on the bed.

“What are you doing?” Van fell against Raziel in pain as he took her left ear in his fingers.

“Making very certain you remain loyal and faithful.” Raziel explained as Van cried. He pulled her into his lap as he finished and she gasped in pain. He let his fingers fall from the edge of her ear and ran them back through her hair. “The pain will pass.”

“I think you just like hurting me, Razzy.” Van pouted as she pulled herself up using his shoulders. She ran her fingers over her ear as she looked at Galik still fighting to reach her, she imagined the tiny rings she ran her fingers over were a perfect match to his and Raziel’s. “What did you do? What are these?”

“Be quiet a moment.” Raziel tilted her face to his and parted her lips with his tongue. After a wide-eyed moment of shock, Van let her eyes fall closed and accepted him warmly. When Van wrapped her arms around him Galik raged beside them wanting the embrace for himself. Raziel saw her aching for more of him when he took his kiss away from her. “I do not like hurting either of you.”

“But you do it anyway.” Van touched his face admiring the unmoved perfection of it. For someone who seemed to be completely free of emotion his kiss was so passionate.

“Help me calm, Galik.” Raziel let her crawl from his lap and onto Galik’s as he growled through his eager smile.

“Why are you so angry, Galik?” Van ran her hands up his chest and spread her fingers over his shoulders as they hardened with a thin layer of scales like stone.

“He is not angry.” Raziel ran his finger over Galik’s lips. “He wants you. I have kept my poor Galik in much pain for your benefit.”

“Why?” Van locked eyes with Galik seductively and leaned close enough to kiss him as she ran her hands over his outstretched arms as he started to succumb to her gaze. “I don’t want you to hurt him.”

“I had to force his gentle way with you.” Raziel touched the tiny black rings on Galik’s ear and Galik leaned against his hand letting Raziel stroke his ear. “He would have torn you apart if I hadn’t. I took away his pain and bound him to show you his fierce desire for you.”

“I want to taste her, Lord Raziel.” Galik looked at Van hungrily as she calmed his rage with her captivating skill. The thin forked end of his black tongue slipping between his lips.

“You want to kiss me?” Van smiled seductively at him and leaned closer.

“Promise me you will be as gentle as I was, Galik.” Raziel tugged at Galik’s hair. “You don’t want to break what belongs to me do you?”

“I promise.” Galik smiled excitedly as Raziel released his wrists.

“Just a kiss, Galik.” Raziel reminded Galik to be patient. He watched Galik trying so hard to keep his promise, fighting against his urge to violently ravage the girl as he wrapped his claws behind her back. Raziel pulled at Galik’s fingers laying them flat against Van’s skin so he would not tear at her flesh as he pulled her closer and pressed his mouth open against hers. “Gently.”

Galik’s kiss was fierce and painful until Raziel gave his painful, controlling reminder. Van was fascinated with his strange slick tongue, now she adored it. Galik coiled and uncoiled it around her tongue, squeezing it gently before bringing it into a more manageable tongue to enjoy the sweet taste of her kiss. The taste of her lollipops, the taste of the blood of her victims. Galik dug his claws into her back as he tried to pull her closer and she screamed.

“No more for now.” Raziel pushed Galik against the headboard by his throat and healed the damage as he shook his head. “You need to control yourself. I don’t want to keep you in pain.”

“Don’t be mad at me, Van.” Galik pouted as she took his hands. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” Van smiled and pulled his arms around her, pressing herself against him. Raziel still held Galik by his neck and she kissed at his fingers until he let go. “He didn’t mean to, Lord Raziel.”

“You both need to learn restraint.” Raziel lifted Van off of Galik and stood beside the bed with her. “Make room, Galik.”

“For what?” Van watched as Galik smiled and curled under the blanket on the other side of the bed. “Are you hurting him again?”

“Unfortunately.” Raziel kissed her neck and slid her out of the rest of her clothes as she flushed and tried to cover herself with her arms. Galik folded the blanket out of his way as Raziel sat on the edge of the bed and pulled Van closer by her hips. “I have no choice.”

“I would rather be in pain than hurt you, Van.” Galik had calmed under the influence of her magic, but it still took Raziel’s power over him to bring him under control like this. “I love you.”

“Lie with me.” Raziel took her hand and slid into the center of the bed. Galik was quick to wrap around his back as Raziel shed his clothes. Raziel watched Van as she started to put things together in her head. “With us.”

Van crept onto the edge, pulling the blanket up to cover herself as she watched Galik caressing his Master. Her Master. She clutched the rings on her ear. Raziel reached around her waist and pulled her to lie beside him. Caressing her back as he held her against his chest.

“I love you both.” Van smiled at Raziel anxiously. Excited for what she hoped and feared was coming. “Not going to sleep are we, Razzy?”

“We are not. We have no need of sleep. There are far better uses for our bed my sweet, wicked little vampire.” Raziel pushed Van to her back as he kissed her. Then leaned over Van smiling wickedly as pushed into her very willing body. As she moaned Raziel left the smile that took his lips and teased her readiness to accept him. “Such an eager bride.”

“Bride!” Van scolded playfully as she tugged at his ear, blissfully writhing with the pleasure of feeling him inside of her and adoring the wickedly playful grin on his face. “You’re smiling!”

“My smile is for you and Galik alone. And there was no point in asking.” Raziel stroked her thigh as he moved inside her. Galik inched closer waiting for permission to do more than run his hand over the tensing muscles of Van’s leg as she wrapped it behind Raziel. “I already knew your answer and I love you as well.”

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Vex : P.S. I Love You Pt.2

Brig was glad when Van called to invite him along on their trip. It seemed like the Circle was going to spend more time together then he had counted on, but they were decent company. They settled in at one of the nicer clubs in Vex. One that had long afforded VIP status to both Brig and Van. The raised and half walled section allowed the Circle to make a presence without being swarmed and offered a bit more privacy for their conversations.

“Van tells me you were upset.” Raziel watched the waitress laid drinks on the table as he spoke. “Was the work I gave you unpleasant?”

“Well it wasn’t fun.” Brig raised an eyebrow at what he assumed had been mockery. “But it needed to be done.”

“I love these.” Van caressed the edge of Galik’s ear as she sat on his lap excited by his very evident arousal and thrilled as he pulled her tight against him. She found herself wondering if Raziel had enjoyed it as she stroked his ears or if he had only tolerated her touch. She put her legs across his lap and nearly squealed in joy as he took a momentary break from his conversation with Brig to look at her and lay his fingers across her ankles.

“We will have our first report to Lucifer tomorrow.” Raziel shared the message he had earlier received.

“When?” Brig had a feeling his plans were about to be ruined. “I was hoping to duck out early.”

“Six.” Raziel told him.

“Fuck.” Brig leaned back in the booth miserably. “Well that screws me.”

“Aww.” Van mocked his pained expression playfully. “Did someone have a date?”

“Not anymore I guess.” Brig felt his slim second chance slipping through his fingers before he could even try and take it.

“Lucifer is famously brief.” Raziel told him. “It should not interfere with your evening.”

“I doubt she’ll wait.” Brig admitted as he watched Galik lean close to Van’s slender neck and slid that grotesque forked tongue of his around her throat. “It was probably pointless anyway. I think I’m gonna go dance.”

Raziel stroked Van’s ankles as he watched each of his colleagues. Galik pushing the limits of his self control as he teased Van and the vampire making his way onto the dance floor where he was met with adoring sighs. Raziel was surprised Brig had managed to stay hidden among them so long, he seemed inclined to showing off. His movements were beautifully fluid as he made efforts to hide the strength and speed he was capable of. Women flocked to him, trying to find their place close to him as he danced and they made futile efforts to match his skill.

“So pretty.” Galik slid his fingers through her bright pink and black hair and rested his other hand on her thigh and stroked down the length of her leg before he took Raziel’s hand at her ankle and pulled it back up her leg. “And so soft.”

“And fragile.” Raziel reminded him.

“Razzy.” Van gently moved Raziel’s hand off of her thigh before she took Galik’s hand and turned it to look at the seal on his arm. “What do they mean exactly? You said things like ‘claimed’ and ‘property’, but when I offered you…”

“He belongs to me.” Raziel explained. “I can do whatever I like with him.”

“Its still him though.” Van felt completely naïve. “Still his decisions whether or not to do what you say.”

“Yes.” Raziel told her. “Though because he is mine, his refusal would be answered with whatever punishment I consider appropriate, and as my property no one would dare defend against it. For Galik this is not an issue of concern, he has always been loyal. But any defiance would cause him pain before I even decide on a fitting discipline.”

“What if I’m okay with that?” Van asked. “I want to spend more time with both of you.”

“Patience puppet.” Raziel drank half of one of the drinks on the table and handed the rest to Galik. “Until I can teach Galik to separate his passions your rush to his bed is suicide.”

“I don’t want to break you, Van.” Galik slid the empty glass onto the table before he smiled and touched her lips. “I want these more than once.”

“Teach him?” Van pouted. “With more of your slutty little gifts?”

“If you prefer I can let him have you right here.” Raziel laid his hand on the table as he spoke. “He can amuse the people of Vex with the dying screams of a vampire and paint the walls with your blood.”

“Van, be patient.” Galik pleaded.

“I would wait forever.” Van tried to wriggle out of his arms but he only held her tighter. “But not if it means sharing you.”

“What if it meant sharing yourself?” Raziel offered an alternative as he took her hand and clasped her wrist. “Are you still willing to call me Master?”

“No other girls?” Van bargained.

“It will still require your patience.” Raziel explained. “Your loyalty to me for eternity.”

“But no other girls?” Van asked again more impatiently.

“You will share him only with me.” Raziel told her as he clutched her wrist tightly. As she started to part her lips to scream he slid two fingers along her tongue and pressed it still as he held her jaw in his hand silencing her screams enough to be masked by the loud music. As he finished burning his seal deeply into her arm, embedding the magic into her tissues in a web that spread through her painfully, her muscles twitched and tears ran down her face. Brig approached the table in the last moments and looked on scared for Van but far two frightened to move against the demons that had her restrained. As Raziel’s hand left Van’s jaw she panted in relief and Raziel let Galik lick the taste of her tongue from his fingers. Brig wasn’t even sure what he was seeing until he heard Raziel speak soft words at her ear. “As Galik belongs to me, so to do you. I am your Lord and Master always.”

“Van?” Brig stared at the mark left on her arm as Raziel slid his fingers over it. Galik took her left hand in his own so he could look at their seals together and smiled wildly at Raziel.

“This does not concern you, Brig.” Raziel explained. “It is unrelated to our work together.”

“Is she okay?” Brig asked as he slid into the booth across from them. “If she wanted this I have no concern beyond that.”

“I’m okay, Brig.” Van rested against Galik’s chest as he held her. “It just hurt a bit more than I thought it would.”

“Can I see?” Brig laid his hand on the table and Raziel grabbed her arm as she tried to oblige him. “Hey, I just wanted to see it up close.”

“Will mine do well enough?” Raziel shifted beside him and leaned forward letting Brig nervously lift the few inches of soft black hair that fell over Raziel’s crest. After a moment Raziel leaned back and looked at him. “Satisfied?”

“Can you please lighten up, Lord Raziel?” Brig left his hand on Raziel’s neck. “I like you. Van is my friend and that’s it. Trust me.”

“Understood.” Raziel shifted back beside Galik and rested his hand on Van’s knee. “If you betray the trust I give you, I will not be forgiving.”

“Got it.” Brig winked as he relaxed back in his seat. “I guess this means I lost my roommate?”

“It does.” Raziel told him. “Van will be staying with us.”

“Where do I send her shit?” Brig teased hoping Raziel and Galik would understand that he only wanted to maintain an old friendship as he built a new one with them. “She has more clothes than half the stores in Vex.”

“I do have a lot of stuff.” Van giggled as she sat up a bit almost fully recovered from whatever Raziel had done. The mark may have existed on her wrist but she could feel something pulsing through her. “I use one of Brig’s extra rooms as a closet.”

“I will take care of it.” Galik smiled at her as she wrapped his arms around him. “We can get your things whenever you want. It will mean you have enough for both places.”

“Both?” Van laughed. “Do you have a summer home, Master Raziel?”

“I keep an estate in the realm of Heaven and the realm of Hell.” Raziel answered as calm as ever, his interest in his new servant seemed non-existent, but Galik was unable to hide his happiness that she would be going home with them and smiled like a child as he squeezed her. “We may retire to which ever you wish tonight.”

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Vex : P.S. I Love You Pt.1

Van had finished up Raziel’s errands but sat outside the building watching the sunset and trying to figure out what she was doing. She was always in control of her life, but these two demons… A chance meeting on her way to go dancing, they had demolished the wall she had built to keep everyone at a distance without even trying.

For the first time ever she felt no desire to try and use her captivating charm to win her prize. She thought it would ruin the amazing feeling that kept her heart racing, her hands trembling. The only other time she had been even close to this excited was when she spotted a pretty vampire that could make sure she lived forever. A fact she could not possibly be happier about now. She never would have lived to see Lucifer turn the world upside down, never would have seen the magic that made her a freak start weaving itself into the world so beautifully, and never would have met the psychopath and the sociopath upstairs who had her so mixed up.

What bothered her more than anything was the fact she was falling so hard for both of them. She would do anything to spend every minute of the day with them. Galik so enraptured with everything around him, enjoying each and every moment with a playful viciousness that for some reason made Van want to watch him every second of the day so she could have a piece of that joy. Raziel was such a mystery. One she desperately wanted to unravel regardless of the fact she found him so frightening. Maybe that was part of what made her want him.

“I might be as crazy as they are.” Van giggled as hopped to her feet and skipped toward the building. Winning affection from Raziel would be impossible, she knew that. She was only hoping to earn enough respect from him that she could at least be with Galik.

Van hopped up the stairs and made her way to the center office and ran her finger over the name etched in the door before she tapped her knuckles against the surface and it opened unassisted. Galik was sitting cross-legged on the desk while Raziel leaned back in his chair with the tablet computer in his hand. She stopped to clean up the mess she had made of her lollipops and jumped away as the bag and all her broken candies burst into flame.

“Or you can just take care of it.” She mumbled to herself as she shook her singed fingers and Galik smiled over at her. She walked to the desk and slid the page he had given her earlier back to Raziel. “Done. I don’t mind doing this, but can we maybe spread it out a bit. I don’t usually need that much.”

“I will make note of that.” Raziel said as the page dissolved into nothing under her fingers. “That will be all for today.”

“Can we get more drinks?” Galik asked hopefully.

“Can I touch your ears?” Van leaned onto the desk smiling at Raziel. Both he and Galik had long pointed ears that reminded her of old pictures and movies full of elves. Each of their left ears held multiple small black rings pierced through them that seemed to have no beginning or end.

“If you’d like.” Raziel looked at her eager grin as she leaned on her elbows. Both Van and Galik looked at him for clarity as to which question he had answered. “To both of you.”

“Can I go with you?” Van crawled up onto the desk and sat in front of Raziel letting her legs hang over the edge on either side of his knees as he slid closer to accommodate her strange request. Van slid her fingers along the edge of his jaw and up along the long thin ears.

“Yes.” Raziel felt her stroking the end of his ears through her fingers and could see Galik getting more and more jealous of her touch. Raziel took her wrists and pulled her hands gently away from his face. “I hope you enjoyed that, you’ve upset Galik.”

“I didn’t mean to. You wont let me touch him.” Van pouted until she thought she had a brilliant idea. She pushed her arm toward him. “If I’m your property too can I least hug him? I like it when he holds me.”

“You don’t understand what you are offering me.” Raziel sat her hand in Galik’s and the two of them smiled at him with tears in their eyes. “You may hold one another only if it goes no further.”

“Thank you.” Van smiled and pulled him into an awkward one-armed embrace as she clutched Galik’s hand tightly.

“Thank you, Lord Raziel.” Galik moved closer to embrace them both.

“If you wish to get drink’s Galik, you will have to let go.” Raziel let the two of them continue their own embrace for a moment as he stood. “Shall I invite the third?”

“He could use it.” Van sniffled. “He seemed pretty upset earlier.”

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