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Vex : Loyalty : Vengeance Pt.2

“Now that they are quiet.” Lucifer laughed. “Where were we?”

“A long overdue execution.” Maefyl called his blades into each hand.

“Put them away.” Lucifer demanded as he stood. “I have not decided on you for this task.”

“Don’t you dare.” Maefyl scowled at him and turned the blades at his wrists before raising one toward Lucifer. “I will kill them if I have to go through you to do it.”

“Why are you so determined to do this?” Gabriel looked to Lucifer for a moment of patience and Lucifer nodded his understanding. Gabriel gently took each of Maefyl’s wrists as he stepped in front of him and Maefyl reclaimed the magic that had created the swords.

“Vengeance.” Maefyl admitted sadly, he had hoped never to share this burden with Gabriel. “Not just for Brig and Shana, not just for Osore and Itami, but for Asura.”

“Asura?” Gabriel grabbed Maefyl’s arms. “Meaning what, Maefyl?”

“She doesn’t remember it. I saw it when I was in her head.” Maefyl whispered as he pulled Gabriel into his arms. “I couldn’t tell you, I didn’t even want to know.”

Buried so deeply that it could hardly be called a memory. The tear filled eyes and quivering smile of the woman that protected Asura. The estranged aunt that Kaneko had placed the girl with after tearing her away from abusive parents. The Auntie that had loved her, trying to smile bravely as she hid the girl away in the dark as a battle crashed through the streets outside.

 “Not a peep, Asura.” The woman wiped away the girls tears. “You wait here until you don’t hear anything, and then wait some more.”

 “Auntie.” Asura sniffled. “I don’t want to. Don’t leave me alone.”

 “Asura, please. I love you.” Asura’s Auntie hugged her tightly one last time. “If I’m not back when its quiet, you find your way to the Circle like I told you. They’ll take care of you.”

 The door closed and the dark was frightening. The noise outside made it hard not to scream, but Asura stayed quiet, even when the monsters came inside and Auntie was screaming. Not a peep. Just like Auntie told her.

 Gabriel had heard the story from Asura the day they met. The day he brought a dirty, hungry little girl to his table. The day he took her in and she became his daughter. She had heard only screams, saw only the aftermath. The account told through the tender recollections of a child had been hard to bear, but this was horrifying.

Maefyl had developed an amazing skill with entering the minds of others and could relive a memory with such clarity that it was as if the memories were his own. He could share them as he did now with Gabriel, and every detail was in place as if it were happening that very moment.

Alone in the dark with a frightened child who struggled to keep herself from crying. She could see only darkness, hear only screams, but the one who shared her memory with her had far better senses to draw on. He heard the voices outside, he heard the lessers soldiers attacking the innocent, the cries of dragons and harpies. He could smell the blood that ran the streets, the houses burning. And he could smell the demon that caused the screams just outside the cabinet door.

Maefyl had to hold Gabriel tighter to keep him from collapsing as he took in the weight of the truth Maefyl had carried alone.

“I don’t want her to remember this.” Gabriel insisted. “The few things she recalls about her Aunt are good memories, I want them to remain that way. The woman sent Asura to me, to us. I don’t want the memory of her tainted. Not with this and not with the knowledge of what you do here. Lucy, you will let Maefyl do this.”

“Raziel and Kage already gave the right to him.” Lucifer scowled at the prisoners that writhed in pain. “Hiwai will die by his hand, but I will have Nikolai take care of the woman.”

“No, you won’t.” Maefyl broke from Gabriel’s embrace and rushed at Lucifer who met him in a malicious stare in front of Hiwai and Freya. “You know he would bring Asura and I won’t have her involved in this shit.”

“Do I need to remind you of what happened the last time you defied me?” Lucifer grinned. “I will do as I please.”

“You will not put my daughter through this, Lucy.” Maefyl’s eyes burned with rage as he spread his wings. Gabriel instantly inflicted excruciating pain to keep Maefyl from acting. He fought it but Gabriel managed to bring him to his knees. “Damn it, Gabriel. No amount of pain is going to stop me if he brings her here now.”

“I don’t want to see Asura hurt any more than you.” Lucifer lifted Maefyl by the front of his shirt so that he could look him in the eye. He brought an immense amount of chaos into his other hand, clenching his fingers around it as the magic condensed and took form. He leveled his arm beside him at Freya before he further tightened a single finger over the trigger. The shot silenced the room and the sight of what it left in its wake brought a single guttural howl from Hiwai. There was nothing left above the ribs, and dark flames were fast consuming what remained. Maefyl watched the end of Freya before Lucifer lifted him further to stand him on his feet. Lucifer glared at Maefyl. “Satisfied?”

Maefyl just stared at him unsure of how to react to what he had just seen. Lucifer loathed guns. He found them impersonal and cowardly. To call one into existence for this…

“You enjoy this sort of thing, don’t you?” Lucifer grabbed his wrist and slid the cold metal into his palm. “Finish it.”

Maefyl had planned on making Hiwai suffer as he had made so many others suffer, but Lucifer had given him a way to avenge Asura’s loss without soaking his hands in Hiwai’s filth. He could hardly refuse the offer.

Maefyl took aim at the broken demon that cried with a broken voice and pulled the trigger that by Lucifer’s own command should not even exist. It was no ordinary gun of course. As effective on Hiwai as it had been with Freya. The destructive blast of chaos it unleashed nearly erased what it touched. It scattered Hiwai’s soul with no effort and the after effect of the flames that spread so quickly consumed what remained. Powerful, frightening magic. He handed it back to Lucifer and retracted his wings as he ran to comfort Gabriel.

“Take what is left of it, Kage.” Lucifer crushed the gun in his hand, absorbing the power he had called to create it. Such a lazy way of killing had no place in his realms. He watched as Kage began to eradicate every last trace of Hiwai. He turned to take in every expression. Raziel of course was unmoved, Galik vibrantly excited by the violence and his part in things, Van and the small creatures in her arms fascinated by it. Lilith smiled serenely at Lucifer with her usual adoration for his every action, while Gabriel hid his grief for Asura in Maefyl’s hair as he took comfort in the arms of his love. Then there was Brig; he had watched unblinking in a state of shock, even now he was focused on the blood on the floor as Kage worked some strange magic. He managed to shield Shana from the scene and still kept her face against his shoulder as his arms trembled around her.

“Do you have any further need of me here, Lord Lucifer?” Kage finished taking the last of Hiwai’s soul and cleaning up Lucifer’s hall as he came to the Dark Lord’s side.

“Not for now.” Lucifer grinned. “I imagine Eidolon is still getting his pups acclimated, tell him I missed having the Falcon at my side.”

“Until you have need of me.” Kage bowed as he left the hall.

“And now for the rest of you.” Lucifer grinned as he lounged across his throne and contemplated the victory he was about to enjoy.


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Vex : Loyalty : Vengeance Pt.1

“Morning.” Brig waved through the door as it opened for him. He stood in the doorway with his arm around Shana until Van bounced over and took their hands to drag them inside. Raziel sat back in his chair emotionless as usual as Brig smiled and offered to make up for the lost time. “I can just get back to work if you need me to.”

“We have taken care of things in your absence.” Raziel assured him and returned Brig’s computer. “I took the liberty of answering your messages. You have developed quite the following.”

“Thanks.” Brig took the thin tablet from him. “Not just for this. You saved my ass.”

“I’ve managed to reconstruct some of what was lost in the fire that took your store.” Raziel explained to Shana. “The building has been restored as well, it is yours if you want it.”

“I want my books and stuff, but I don’t know about the store anymore.” Shana sighed. “Now that Brig sort of told people I’m not human, I don’t know what I want to do.”

“Work here then.” Galik suggested. “Van does.”

“I don’t think I would be as useful.” Shana admitted. “But if you don’t mind me hanging around I will do what I can.”

“So, what happens to the ones that took them?” Van asked.

“Execution.” Raziel answered. “Hiwai sealed his fate when he laid his hands on what belongs to me, but he has far more to answer for.”

“That he does.” Lucifer finished off the cake he had brought with him as he walked across Raziel’s desk and stepped off of it to the floor licking his fingers. “Would you care to get it over with?”

“You mind if I sit this out?” Brig shoved his hands in his pockets. “This revenge shit doesn’t sit well with me.”

“I mind.” Lucifer grinned. “All of you will attend, because all of you were involved.”

“I have to go?” Shana looked at him in horror. “I don’t want to see people killed.”

“I’ll cover your eyes, doll face.” Brig winked at her as she clung to his arm.

“Another of Maefyl’s innocent children.” Lucifer sighed and turned to Raziel. “Lilith is at my throne. Wait for me there.”

“Gathering your court again?” Raziel asked as he stood.

“That will take seconds.” Lucifer ran his fingers over Frikk as he stopped to admire Raziel’s work and the critter shivered and smiled at his touch. “I am just going to finish my tea with Gabriel before we take care of things. You can bring them along as well.”

“He doesn’t ever say goodbye, does he?” Van laughed. “So odd.”

“Let’s just get this out of the way.” Brig sighed as Raziel stepped in front of him.

“You only need to be there.” Raziel explained and Galik and Van each took one of his arms. Raziel took them to Lucifer’s doors and they swung open. Raziel led them through the entrance and into the hall.

“Hello again, Brig.” Lilith smiled as they entered.

“Hey, doll- Mistress.” Brig caught himself but he was surprised he managed to when he saw Maefyl sitting on the floor in front of her and she was brushing his hair. Brig tried to keep himself respectful. “I wish it were under better circumstances.”

“Hi Maefyl.” Shana spoke softly as she looked around the empty hall. “This place is a little creepy.”

“Yea it is.” Maefyl laughed. “You guys can all sit. He’s chatting with Gabriel, they’ll be late.”

“Hey.” Lilith pulled Maefyl’s hair before she continued brushing it. “I should be the one to offer, not you.”

“Half-breed.” Kage hissed his greeting as he stormed past the others and stood beside Lucifer’s throne. He bowed his head to Lilith.

“You’re in a lovely mood.” Lilith scowled at him.

“I don’t want to be here.” Kage hissed at her.

“You aren’t the only one.” Shana sighed as she pulled Brig with her to sit close to Maefyl. Raziel followed with Van and Galik but just stood close by and waited. Shana rested her chin on her knees as she pulled her legs in front of her. “Is this going to be bloody?

“I hope so.” Sanguine giggled. “I skipped out on cake to make sure I didn’t miss anything.”

“Can you be done with the hair, please?” Maefyl started to pull his hair back and Lilith smacked his fingers with the back of the brush. “Damn it. You want me to beat the shit out of Brig for asking stupid questions?”

“I wasn’t going to.” Brig smirked nervously. He had hoped he had been subtler but apparently not. “It’s not any of my business.”

“It is also not why you are here.” Lucifer took his throne as he arrived with Gabriel. He waited for his guests to stand aside quietly as they gathered near his throne. “If you would, Lilith.”

Lilith nodded and rose to her feet. She brought the prisoners into the hall, each bound at wrists and ankles, Hiwai weakened by a slow, painful syphoning of his power and Freya near starved from hunger. Lilith smiled and crossed her arms in front of her as she took her place beside Lucifer.

“Hiwai forgive me.” Freya sobbed. “If I could take it all back…”

“Then you would not be the woman I love.” Hiwai looked to Kage for a final mercy. “Please, my Lord. Spare her.”

“Kage is uninvolved in the decision.” Lucifer crossed one leg over the other as he leaned back in his throne. “You have nothing to bargain with, and no one who would even consider compassion for your bride. Both of your crimes span centuries. The only thing either of you has ever accomplished is spreading hatred and misery. This is not a trial, there will be no mercy, and you will both die.”

“Please, Lord Lucifer.” Hiwai pleaded. “I beg you. I accept my fate, I ask only you that you let her live.”

“This was my fault.” Freya could barely speak. Her autumn eyes filled with tears. All of her bitterness, all the hatred she had for the happiness of others faded away and she could think only of the one who had loved her. She leaned forward sobbing loudly and hated herself for what she had done. She had finally found happiness, found love but instead of embracing it she continued to destroy everything beautiful and perfect. So blinded by years of misery that she overlooked the simple fact hers had ended. And now she had destroyed not only her own happiness, but also the one that gave it to her. “I was the one that took them, that hurt them. Please, don’t punish Hiwai for what I’ve done.”

“Silence them.” Lucifer commanded.

“With pleasure, my Lord.” Kage walked slowly toward the prisoners. “Care for a hand in this, Galik?”

“Is it okay, Lord Raziel?” Galik smiled wildly, thrilled for a chance to feel blood on his hands.

Raziel gave a single nod and Galik ran towards Kage and waited for the instructions of his appointed mentor. Kage grabbed Hiwai’s throat drawing further power from him until the demon gasped in pain. When he did Kage forced two fingers into Hiwai’s throat and gave a soft, vicious laugh as he lengthened his fingernails into heated blades. He flicked them apart, slicing into Hiwai’s throat before slowly dragging them out again, robbing the demon of his voice and slicing off the end of the offending tongue as a final insult when he reclaimed his blood drenched fingers.

“You are through offending me with your cowardice.” Kage sliced across Hiwai’s face before retracting his nails and shaking the blood from his fingers.

“No! Hiwai, I’m sorry.” Freya cried until Galik took her throat and looked to Kage for permission. Freya just stared up at him in horror.

“Put an end to her whining.” Kage kicked Hiwai across the face as he tried to gurgle a protest through the blood in his throat. Galik’s smile was childlike as he crushed the front of Freya’s throat. Her scream escaping as little more than a crackling breath. Galik grabbed her tongue and tore it from her.

“Good enough?” Galik’s eyes were wild with excitement as he offered the fleshy trophy to Kage.

“Give it to Hiwai.” Kage grinned as he walked away to return to his place beside Lucifer’s throne. “He seems fond of the filth that slid from her tongue.”

“Should have picked a better vampire.” Galik smiled at Hiwai as he forced the tongue into the demons thin scaly fingers. Galik skipped back to Raziel licking the blood from his fingers until Van decided she wanted to finish cleaning them off for him. He looked back at the bloodied prisoners that had been reduced to quiet moaning and let Van suck the last of their blood from his fingers. “See, my vampire is so much better.”

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Vex : Loyalty : Hard Earned Respect Pt.2

“I have a problem.” Lucifer sighed when Lilith finally returned. “Rather a confession I should make.”

“There’s no need.” Lilith caressed his face as she crawled onto his lap. “I already know. I knew when I let him come to you that it would awaken what you already had within you. I am not angry, my Lord. You have no guilt in this. But I have a request that may be the solution if your feelings of guilt pain you.”

“Anything, my love.” Lucifer grinned. “Even without guilt, I’m intrigued.”

“It should wait until things have settled.” Lilith smiled as he embraced her tightly. “In the meantime, know that I love you, endlessly and without question. I bear no grudge over your time with Kage. I don’t want you thinking you have to indulge this request to make anything up to me.”

“You are and always will be my greatest love.” Lucifer rested his hand on her chest where the heart beat in perfect sync with his own. He smiled when he suddenly realized he knew another of Raziel’s secrets. “Tea?”

“Lovely idea.” Lilith grinned. “You can tell me what clever thoughts just popped into that pretty little head of yours.”

“Raziel is going to be quite the trophy.” Lucifer laughed and took her to Itami and sat her on a picnic blanket beside a tea setting for two.

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Vex : Loyalty : Hard Earned Respect Pt.1 (18+)

“It’s sinful how much I enjoy fucking you.” Lucifer pushed Kage out of his bed. He watched as Kage stood and reclaimed his form as he dressed in his perfect suit.

“Sinful? How insulting. I’m glad you think so little of this.” Kage hissed and headed for the door. “Raziel knows.”

“Leave the Keeper to me.” Lucifer’s voice carried the hint of his grin. “He will give me his loyalty and what he knows will no longer be of any concern.”

“As you wish.” Kage opened the door to head through it but paused a moment. “Is there anything else, my Lord?”

“There is.” Lucifer shifted beside him and laid his hand against the small of Kage’s back as he led him from the room. “We should discuss Hiwai.”

“A message from your Master.” Lucifer tossed the scroll on the ground in front of Hiwai and distracted the demon from his wailing for his bride. Lucifer stood and watched Hiwai break the seal and read Kage’s words.

 “No.” Hiwai sobbed on the floor of his cell.

 You have disappointed me for the last time.

I hope the twisted screams you have fucked from your harlot

have been worth it, she has been your undoing.

You will die at the hands of those worthy of the respect

I wasted on you.

You are nothing.

You have no Master.


“It would seem all you have left is your Freya.” Lucifer laughed as he read the script on the page. “Was she worth it?”

 “Please, Lucifer. I beg you.” Hiwai whimpered at his feet. “Make him see me, I need Lord Kage to understand. I never meant to bring him shame.”

 “Kissing the Viper’s boots will change nothing.” Lucifer chuckled as he weakened Hiwai, drawing the power from him until the demon collapsed in tears. He let enough of the cells barrier fall to let the sounds of Freya screaming in the next room spill into the cell. “Enjoy your last days.”


“There is nothing to discuss.” Kage insisted. “Let Maefyl kill him.”

“Ever the cold-hearted serpent.” Lucifer laughed. “So beautifully cruel, yet there is more beneath your scales. You’ve impressed me with some of your recent decisions.”

“Which decisions would those be, my Lord?” Kage smirked at him as they walked.

“You called on Eidolon’s pack for one.” Lucifer explained. “Giving him more power in Tsumi instead of yourself. Things have improved between the two of you.”

“They have.” Kage answered. “I value his friendship, but the decision was made because it better serves the city you insist I protect.”

“You’ve made a friend of his bride as well.”  Lucifer grinned. “And of Maefyl.”

“The half-breed is not a friend to me.” Kage hissed.

“If you must lie to yourself, by all means.” Lucifer laughed as he took Kage’s throat. “But lying to me is as pointless as it is dangerous.”

“The boy has earned my respect.” Kage admitted. “It is nothing more than that.”

“You favor him over Shiroi.” Lucifer caught Kage’s fist as the swung on him. “Careful, Viper. My feelings are delicate.”

You have turned on your daughter.” Kage hissed. “I have not.”

“Your refusal to help her?” Lucifer asked.

“Motivation.” Kage hissed at him as they entered the hall. “She can return for my assistance once she proves it will not be wasted.”

“Which is no different then my distance from her.” Lucifer took his throne as Kage scowled at him. “Don’t insult me with your assumptions. She has been disappointing, but I love her no less.”

“Your love is poison.” Kage hissed. “Will that be all, Lord Lucifer?”

“Not quite.” Lucifer grinned and watched Kage fall to his knees in pain. Every time he laid so much as a finger on Kage he had strengthened the power he had over him. Every brush of his fingers deepening the strength of his crest until it was nearly as effective as any collar could be. He had done so subtly over so much time that Kage had never even noticed until now how deeply it was woven into him. The realization in his eyes was as delicious as the agony. “Any more shortcomings you would like to point out before I continue? Or have you had enough of my poison?”

“What else did you need to discuss, my Lord?” Kage forced himself to stand and deal with the pain until Lucifer finally let it end.

“When I decided the grotesqueries in my prison cells have suffered enough you will come to see an end to them.” Lucifer commanded. “Hiwai’s remaining power belongs to you.”

“Keep it.” Kage hissed at him. “You take everything else.”

“So ungrateful today.” Lucifer rose to his feet and stepped up to Kage and took his throat. “Maybe I didn’t sin enough. Shall I try harder?”

“Do what you want.” Kage looked down at him furiously as they made a fast return to Lucifer’s chambers. “Like everyone else I seem to be nothing but a toy to you.”

“What is your problem today?” Lucifer walked past him and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Just take what you want so I can be on my way.” Kage took the female form Lucifer favored and stood before him, still bruised. “There is no need to feign concern.”

“Just answer my question.” Lucifer pulled Kage too him by the hips where his fingers sat near perfectly in the bruises that Kage had not bothered to heal. Lucifer healed the damage he had done. “Keeping mementos of your visits?”

“The wounds you inflict heal well enough on their own in time.” Kage explained. “I just don’t bother wasting time on them anymore.”

“And your mood?” Lucifer let his hands fall away from Kage’s hips and laid back on the bed. “I thought you enjoyed this.”

“I do, my Lord.” Kage hung his head. Kage enjoyed it more than he could ever explain, more than he ever should explain. He hated himself for how much he enjoyed it. His foul mood had more to do with the secret being discovered by Raziel and his embarrassment of being associated with Hiwai.

“If you need to talk…” Lucifer patted the bed beside him. “Talk.”

“I don’t need to talk.” Kage wrapped his female form in a small black robe before he sat. “I will deal with it and won’t let it trouble you again.”

“It is no trouble. It is amazing how something so simple can change the entire aesthetic.” Lucifer wrapped his arm around Kage’s waist and slid him back into the bed. He ran his fingers under the edge of the silky robe and slid it over Kage’s shoulders. “I should have you dress before I take you, I like this.”

Lucifer filled Kage’s mouth with the heat of his kiss as he once more ravaged the body only he knew. He was enjoying his time with Kage far more than he should and the guilt of it only seemed to make him enjoy it more. He whispered confessions in Kage’s ear as Kage’s screams of pleasure rang through the room, covering the wickedness of whispered words.

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Vex : Loyalty : Well Deserved Happiness Pt.2 (18+ near the end)

“See, you’re already addicted.” Maefyl laughed as Asura poked through the bag of lollipops trying to decide between flavors.

“OML!” Asura sighed. “This actually tastes like coffee. Karla will go nuts!”

“Totally going into business with this.” Azazel laughed. “Suckers for blood suckers!”

“You may have to split the profit on that one with Van.” Maefyl warned him. “She figured it out.”

“She getting freaky with Lord Raziel’s freak or what?” Bezer finished off another bottle of vodka and purred as she crawled across the room for another one.

“I believe she is.” Maefyl laughed. “Hey, Nikolai. Can I ask you something?”

“If it’s about Freya…” Nikolai sighed. He was getting frustrated with the topic he had decided to put it behind him and the constant reminders were starting to make him angry.

“It’s not.” Maefyl stretched out on the floor and rested his head in Gabriel’s lap. “I’m going to kill her, there aren’t any questions to ask. She took the kid and tortured him, again. She’s history.”

“Thank you for your candor.” Nikolai rolled his eyes as Asura sat behind him and started brushing his hair. “Then what is it?”

“Aside from Asura and yourself,” Maefyl hoped the question didn’t remind Nikolai that he had once tasted both of the cubs. “You wouldn’t let the cubs spill a drop for anyone right?“

“No.” Nikolai answered crossly. “I was angry enough when it was your fangs in their throats, I would destroy anyone else that touched them.”

“Calm down, I wasn’t asking for the privilege.” Maefyl assured him. “Just curious. I would beat someone to death with their own arms if they touched Gabriel, I just wasn’t sure if I was unusually jealous or not.”

“You are not.” Nikolai explained. “There are few things more intimate than sharing your blood. Why the curiosity?”

“Just something that has me bothered.” Maefyl grabbed the comic from Azazel’s pocket as he walked by and started to flip through it.

“Hey!” Azazel turned to snatch it back. “You can’t have it back.”

“Just looking, pussy cat.” Maefyl closed the book and handed it back once he noticed Gabriel flushing and trying to hide the fact he was looking as well. Maefyl reached up to Gabriel’s face hoping to deepen the redness Gabriel tried so hard to hide as he whispered. “Later.”

“Promises, promises.” Gabriel kissed Maefyl’s fingers.

“You ask such a question and then offer no explanation?” Nikolai sighed.

“I believe he is being cryptic because of my presence.” Lilith offered.

“Very astute of you, Mother.” Maefyl grinned. “I doubt there’s a need to be cryptic. If I can figure it out, I’m sure Lucy already has.”

“A correct assumption.” Lilith grinned.

“Don’t let him interfere.” Maefyl pleaded. “Brig has been through enough and Shana is a good kid.”

“Enlighten me.” Gabriel stroked his fingers through Maefyl’s hair.

“Would you even give your blood to Shiroi?” Maefyl looked up at him and Gabriel shook his head. “Because you’re particular about it, right? You think Raziel is any less particular?”

“It could not be the case.” Gabriel denied the possibility of what Maefyl and Lilith suggested. “It could have been pride, or a means to spite you.”

“Would you open a vein for either reason?” Maefyl added. “Do you really think Raziel would?”

“Do you think they know?” Gabriel turned to Lilith.

“I don’t believe he wants them to.”  Lilith added. “I doubt he would want it discussed so openly either. Perhaps we should discuss this another time.”

“Please do.” Bezer suggested. “We didn’t invite you guys to get all creepy, we’re celebrating.”

“They can leave and talk if they want.” Azazel crawled into Nikolai’s lap and turned to lie back in his arm. “I can think of other ways to celebrate.”

“Behave, my pet.” Nikolai smiled and ran his finger through the ring of Azazel’s collar and pulled at it playfully. “Don’t I always reward your patience?”

“Azazel has patience?” Bezer laughed and ran into the kitchen for snacks and found Sanguine, Gory and Blondie sitting on a plate eating cubes of cheese and shouted. “That was mine!”

“It’s awfully yummy.” Sanguine giggled.

“Blondie!” Bezer scolded her. “You didn’t ask!”

“Come here, Sany.” Maefyl laughed and she flew through the apartment with a tiny block of cheese until she sat on him giggling. Gory followed after dodging a swipe from Bezer at the kitchen door.

“So bad.” Bezer pouted as she grabbed Blondie and sat her on her shoulder before wandering back into the room with what was left of her cheese.

“It takes two seconds to make more yourself.” Azazel teased his sister for her pointless moping.

“It’s not the same.” Bezer flopped on the couch.

“Yea. It is.” Azazel laughed. “You are so weird.”

“I will take you out for more tomorrow, my pet.” Nikolai smiled at Bezer until she smiled back and then squeezed Azazel to him. “And you stop being difficult.”

“Okay, Master Nikolai.” Azazel purred.

“What the fuck are you doing?”  Maefyl laughed at Lilith. She had scooted beside Gabriel and started to gather Maefyl’s hair.

“Let me brush it.” Lilith insisted.

“Are you kidding me?” Maefyl smirked at Asura who was smiling as she brushed Nikolai’s hair. “You know this is your fault, right?”

“She’s your mom.” Asura giggled. “You used to brush my hair all the time.”

“You’re a girl.” Maefyl sighed.

“Do as she asks.” Gabriel smiled as Maefyl reluctantly sat up and handed a brush over his shoulder to Lilith.

“This is ridiculous.”  Maefyl sighed, but he could not help but enjoy each gentle stroke and the feeling of comfort as she gathered his hair. Lilith did not often feel the need to be motherly, so he catered to the rarity when it occurred. He would never admit it aloud but he had grown to appreciate the time with Lilith he had avoided for so many years. It was almost painful to think about how much he had missed, but there was no love lost between them because of it and they were making up for lost time lately.

“I’ll just owe you a favor then.” Lilith smiled as she ran the brush through the hair that fell almost to his waist. The major events that had changed him over the years had lengthened and darkened the hair that had once been blonde. Now there was no trace of it. Aside from the red he kept in it, his hair was now as dark and straight as her own and Lucifer’s.

“You don’t owe me anything.” Maefyl muttered as he stretched his legs out in front of him and tapped a cigarette on the table until he got the okay from Nikolai to light it.

They all ended up watching movies, laughing as they played old board games that Maefyl and Asura insisted on. Lilith gushed over some of Asura’s latest sketches with the fairies and excused herself shortly after to return to her Master. Bezer eventually had her fill of snacks and vodka and curled up in Nikolai’s lap.

“This stuff smells awful.” Azazel sat behind Asura at the coffee table with his arms wrapped around her and his chin on her shoulder as she laid his hands on the table in front of her and painted his fingernails. She was so in love with the cub’s hands. Long, slender fingers that ended in the points of their fingernails. Azazel used to hate it when she suggested painting them, but eventually he just started enjoying it as a way for them to be closer.


“It’s not the bad.” Asura laughed. “Dad paints his.”

“He also wears eyeliner.” Azazel kissed Asura on her cheek. “Don’t get any ideas.”

“You’re just jealous because you wouldn’t look this good.” Maefyl teased as Gabriel pulled him to his feet. “I guess we’re going?”

“I think we’ve bothered everyone long enough.” Gabriel smiled at Asura. “You’re painting was perfect.”

“Thanks Daddy!” Asura smiled and Gabriel kneeled close to hug her and Azazel. “We’ll see you later. I love you guys.”

“Night, sweetheart.” Maefyl leaned and kissed Asura on her forehead as he rubbed his fingers through Azazel’s hair. “Thanks for letting us crash a bit Nikolai.”

“Your company is always welcome.” Nikolai smiled and rested his hand on Bezer’s shoulder as she slept. “I would see you out…”

“Later.” Maefyl waved his last goodbye before he turned and lunged at Gabriel, shifting them both so he could tackle him to the bed. “Now, why don’t you show me which of the pussy cats dirty stories made you blush?”

“The ones that would require crossing boundaries that keep you comfortable.” Gabriel smiled up at him.

“Keep me comfortable?” Maefyl stuck his tongue out at Gabriel. “Or you?”

“I always put my concern for you above my own…” Gabriel sighed.

“Well, quit it.” Maefyl brought a perfect duplicate of what he had given Azazel into his hand and tapped it on the side if Gabriel’s face. “You are going to show me what made you blush.”

“No, I’m not.” Gabriel pushed the book aside. “I want you to stop this.”

“Not until you tell me…” Maefyl teased as he sat up and flipped through the pages playfully. “Was it this?”

“Stop.” Gabriel turned away as Maefyl turned the pages to him.

“How about this?” Maefyl continued to taunt him as Gabriel flushed more and more.

“Damn it, Maefyl.” Gabriel sat up and grabbed him. He rolled him beneath him and snatched the book from his hand and shouted at him. “All of it! Is that what you want to hear? That I want you as you are? Even if only once. That I want to hear you cry my name with your own voice?”

“You are so fucking repressed.” Maefyl sighed and brushed away Gabriel’s tears before he wrapped his arms around him. “I just wanted you to admit it.”

“Well, I have.” Gabriel held him tightly. “Now will you please let it go?”

“No, I have no intention of letting it go. I’ve been waiting too long for you to stop lying about it.” Maefyl pulled the ribbon from Gabriel’s hair. “First, you are going to calm down and kiss me.”

“And then?” Gabriel pulled Maefyl’s face close to his and lengthened his fangs, ready to take Maefyl’s dark kiss.

“And then you are going to let me give you what you want.” Maefyl pulled Gabriel down to the bed with him. “All of it.”

“Maefyl…” Gabriel closed his eyes.

“No arguments.” Maefyl ran the tip of his tongue up Gabriel’s neck. “I want this, and you are going to give me what I want… Master Gabriel.”

“Don’t ever call me that again.” Gabriel kissed Maefyl as a triumphant smile took his lips.

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Vex : Loyalty : Well Deserved Happiness Pt.1

Gabriel felt Maefyl’s fingers in his hair and looked at the tender smile he had missed the last few days. Not quite three days, but almost. Sanguine and Gory were still fast asleep on the pillow, exhausted from their vigil and he was perfectly content to remain in bed a while longer holding Maefyl.

“You going to help me up or what?” Maefyl found his voice for the first time in days as Gabriel settled back beside him. “Look, I know you have been loving this, but I am going to go crazy if I lay here any longer.”

“It was nice to have you to myself.” Gabriel admitted as he sat up and helped Maefyl do the same. “But I’ve missed your voice.”

“Didn’t seem to mind cuddling up to a corpse for a few days though.” Maefyl laughed. “That’s fucked up, Gabriel.”

“Funny.” Gabriel scowled a moment as the suggestion. “How do you feel?”

“I haven’t moved in three days, I’m a little stiff.” Maefyl stretched until he felt Gabriel’s hand under the blanket and laughed. “Not what I meant, pervert. At least feed me first.”

“Because that went so well last time?” Gabriel stopped Maefyl when he leaned for his neck. He sighed and crawled from the bed offering his arm instead. “Until I’m certain it wont happen again.”

Maefyl took Gabriel’s arm, but instead he pulled Gabriel back onto the bed and pushed his shirt out of the way to bite into Gabriel’s side just above his hip.

“If you want to get out of this bed you need to stop teasing me.” Gabriel smiled and ran his fingers over Maefyl’s bloodied lips. “Always such a mess.”

“You love it.” Maefyl kissed him quickly and crawled over him to get out of bed. “Now get a shower and take me out.”

“And where would you like me to take you?” Gabriel shifted behind Maefyl and kissed his neck.

“Any where you want.” Maefyl teased. “After we go visit Asura. I’m sure Golod will do wonders for your libido.”

“And you say Lucy is cruel.” Gabriel laughed and dragged Maefyl with him into the shower.



“Mistress Lilith, this is unexpected.” Nikolai greeted her at the door to his office and invited her inside. “Is everything alright?”

“This is just a social visit, Nikolai.” Lilith smiled and hugged him. He was still so adorably nervous around her that he barely accepted the embrace. His familiar pat on her back was a reassuring constant. Nikolai may be the head of one of Tsuriai’s most twisted Circles but he remained forever a perfect gentleman. “I imagine Maefyl and Gabriel will be along shortly.”

“To give me news of a death in the family, no doubt.” Nikolai offered Lilith a glass of wine from one of the bottles he kept on hand for Raven’s visits. “I assume your visit is for similar reasons.”

“Freya has not been killed, not yet.” Lilith told him as she took the glass from him. “But she soon will be.”

“It’s not any business of mine.” Nikolai returned to his desk and sat behind it. Returning his attention to the messages he had been answering.

“But you are curious.” Lilith grinned as she sat on the edge of his desk. “It is no secret, you can ask.”

“It is not a concern for Golod.” Nikolai smiled up at her a moment before he continued typing rapidly on the screen of his computer. “Nor is she a part of what I consider my family. The woman has more than earned whatever fate is decided.”

“What if it was decided that you were to carry out her execution?” Lilith teased. “Would you still deny your interest?”

“I would do as required.” Nikolai slid aside his computer. “Mistress, as much as I enjoy your company, if you only came to insight my anger you can stop wasting your time. I have no interest to deny, I am not concerned with Freya or her coming death. If your Lord decides my presence is required I will answer his call as always, but it is my understanding that Maefyl would prefer the honor and he has my blessing in it.”

“You never fail to impress, Nikolai.” Lilith finished her wine and slid the glass on his desk before she went to greet his arriving guests. As the door opened she kissed Maefyl on each of his cheeks and smiled at him. “I hope you aren’t too angry with him, My Lord was quite proud of his little joke.”

“I’m sure he was.” Maefyl smiled over her shoulder as he hugged her and waved to Nikolai. Gabriel had asked he leave the matter alone and he planned to. “You have plans, Nikolai?”

“Not any that wouldn’t allow for company.” Nikolai smiled. “Azazel and Bezer plan on drinking themselves silly while Asura finishes her mural.”

“Perfect.” Maefyl knew she had been working on it, he was glad they would be there to see it finished. “Are you about finished with work?”

“Give me an hour.” Nikolai would likely be through with his work were it not for all the interruptions. “I will meet you there.”

Gabriel followed a step behind as Maefyl graciously escorted his mother through the streets of Golod. As always the residents were cheerful, going about their well-protected lives under the care of the Circle they all adored. When they came to the corner where Asura was working they all smiled.

“Positively amazing.” Lilith noted as she looked at the crowd gathered to watch Asura complete her mural. Bezer drank colorful sodas at the base of the ladder, while Azazel played with the younger children gathered in front of the painting and occasionally stole glances up Asura’s skirt.

“They all love her.” Sanguine fluttered beside Maefyl and admired Asura’s painting. She soaked in the happiness. The citizens of Golod so accepting of the cities playful mascot and the Circle that loved her. The crowd laughed and cheered as Azazel pounced up the ladder to kiss Asura on her cheek and she slid her paintbrush down his cheek.

The mural was of Golod’s Circle and like all of Asura’s art it was perfection. Each of them beautifully captured, even Blondie playfully perched on Bezer’s shoulder. It was largely complete and today she was adding the finishing touches that brought each of them beautifully to life on the wall.

“Hi!” Asura called down the ladder as soon as she saw Gabriel and Maefyl shift past the crowd with Lilith. “You guys like it?”

“It is gorgeous.” Lilith floated up beside Asura to hug her winning gasps from the crowd.

“Quit showing off, Lilith.” Maefyl laughed.

“I need to move anyway.” Asura giggled and pushed herself away from the ladder and yelled. “Hey, Bezer! Catch!”

“Gotcha!” Asura fell into Bezer’s arms and the crowd exploded with laughter and applause. Asura popped to her feet and kissed Bezer on the cheek before she ran over to Gabriel and jumped into his arms. Bezer went to move the ladder and Asura’s paints.

“Beautiful work.” Gabriel was as proud as ever of his daughter. “Why did you not include yourself?”

“Because she’s as stubborn as Maefyl.” Azazel jumped onto Maefyl’s back. “Did you bring me presents?”

“Always, pussy cat.” Maefyl pulled a comic from his back pocket and smacked Azazel on the forehead until Azazel snatched it and grinned as he flipped through the naughty pages. Maefyl laughed and held out a candy bar for Bezer as she finished moving the ladder and ran over. “Don’t worry, I didn’t forget you.”

“Thanks.” Bezer hugged him and unwrapped her present.

“Who are they?” One of Azazel’s little fans tugged at his pants and he slipped the comic in his back pocket and picked up the curious little girl.

“These are Asura’s daddies and her Auntie Lilith.” Azazel hugged her as she waved and giggled. He sat her on her feet and patted her head. “Run off and play.”

“Where’s my hug?” Asura held out her arms to Maefyl and he lifted her into his embrace.

“I brought you presents too.” Maefyl sat her down and pulled Gabriel over to reach into the inside jacket pocket for the bag of lollipops he had gotten for Asura.

“Candy?” Asura looked at him awkwardly. “You feeling okay, Dad?”

“Don’t be a smart ass.” Maefyl unwrapped two, taking one for himself before he offered the other to her. “Don’t actually eat it.”

“Like he did.” Gory laughed.

“That was a mistake.” Maefyl defended. He had gotten angry playing video games and crunched through several one night. He flicked the stick to the other side of his fangs. “Honestly, Asura. Would I give it to you if it weren’t okay?”

“Nope.” Asura took the lollipop and sat it on her tongue. Strawberry. She missed strawberries. She hugged Maefyl again. “I love you. I’m gonna go finish.”

“I really wish she hadn’t worn that today.” Nikolai sighed as he arrived and offered his hand to Gabriel. “Has she always been so defiant?”

“I wish she hadn’t worn anything under it.” Azazel purred as he wrapped his arms around Nikolai.

“No, she was quite well behaved before the influence of your cubs.” Gabriel shook Nikolai’s hand.

“Asura is still a good girl, Lord Gabriel.” Bezer assured him as they all gathered at the base of the ladder while Asura finished the last of her details. “Master Nikolai just doesn’t like it when other people look at her.”

“Her work is exquisite.” Lilith smiled. “What inspired such a large undertaking?”

“Azazel.” Nikolai explained. “He wanted to inspire some of the young artists in Golod, it didn’t take much convincing once she was offered such a large canvas.”

“Done.” Asura finished the last of her details and looked down at the family she loved. One of which quickly shifted to join her on the ladder and brought her down to the others as he kissed her. “Does that mean you like it, Master Nikolai?”

“It would only be more lovely if you had made yourself a part of it, my pet.” Nikolai held her fingers around the brush she still held. “Go sign your work.”

As Asura finished signing the piece Lilith laid her fingers against the wall and ensured the longevity of her granddaughters work.

“How do you want to celebrate, Asura?” Bezer bounced excitedly.

“Are you going to hang out a little while?” Asura looked between her fathers’ hopefully until Gabriel nodded and Maefyl took his hand. “Yay!”

“It’s right around the corner.” Nikolai took Asura’s arm and started to lead the others in a short walk after instructing Azazel and Bezer to see the crowd was dispensed pleasantly.

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Vex : Loyalty : Home Again Pt.2 (18 +)

“Thank you, Galik.” Brig hugged him and Van before they left. Once they had gone, he took Shana in his arms and just held her.

“I’ve missed you, too.” Shana smiled as she hugged him back tightly. “Let’s go inside.”

“I wasn’t sure I would ever see you again.” Brig carried her inside. “I never want to let go.”

“I’m not going anywhere.” Shana kissed him as he carried her up the stairs. He was as tender as always when he helped her out of and laid her into the soft sheets of their bed, kissing her like it was the first time again as tears ran down his face.

After sweet whispers and sweeter kisses, when Brig finally accepted he was not dreaming and was actually home and holding Shana in his arms again, Brig’s tears subsided and he fell into the gentle rhythm of the passion she offered. They were both so relieved, felt so fortunate to be together again that neither of them could stop smiling. Eventually they ended up laughing together as the laid in the tangled sheets.

“You want to go dancing?” Brig offered as he lit a cigarette for each of them and let her take one. “I need to move around, I’ve been stuck in a shitty little room for too long.”

“I can’t dance, Brig.” Shana laughed. “But we can go out if you want.”

“I’ll teach you.” Brig rolled over onto her and kissed her. She was warm and still smiling; she had managed to stay fed while he was gone. “Did you stay with Maefyl?”

“No, Raziel.” Shana corrected. “I wanted to be in Vex in case you managed to come home.”

“They take care of you okay?” Brig loved the feel of her skin against his. “I know Raziel can be a bit cold.”

“They were all very nice.” Shana took a drag of her cigarette and blew it aside. “They all wanted you back.”

“Why do you have to be so sexy, doll face?” Brig kissed along her shoulders as he reached for the ashtray and flicked the ash into it. “They were probably just flirting with you all week.”

“You’re the one flirting.” Shana smiled. “I thought you wanted to go dancing.”

“It’s early.” Brig grinned as he sat his cigarette in the ashtray and pushed into her and she moaned softly through her smile. He took her cigarette and put it out before he continued.

When they finally let each other out of bed and dressed, they headed out for a night of distraction. They both wanted the misery behind them, and she knew it would be a while before Brig would be comfortable talking about the things that had happened, a night out together would do them both good.

Brig took Shana to a small out of the way bar where they would be less likely to run into any leeches. He attracted attention anyway and the bar that had been almost empty soon filled with patrons brought out by news of the presence of a member of the Circle.

“Sorry.” Brig whispered to her ear as he tried to get her to move to the music. “I guess unless we’re home, we’re out of luck for privacy.”

“It’s okay.” Shana smiled at him as he tried to loosen her up. She was too embarrassed by her infatuation with her own husband to admit she had barely noticed the growing crowd. All see was seeing was Brig. He was back with her, and nothing else mattered. “I’ll get used to it.”

“As much as you love music and you have no rhythm.” Brig laughed as she stepped on his feet and fell against him. “You are positively awful at this, ShaSha.”

“Hey, I’m trying.” Shana giggled as she spun her around and pulled her close to kiss her. The jealous sighs and catcalls in the crowds drew them from their tender moment. “Want to take a break?”

“You can suck at dancing.” Brig took her hands and started to back off of the dance floor. “I’m allowed to be better at something. You can just keep being gorgeous, doll face.”

“Well if it isn’t ‘too good for his friends’ Brig and his book worm.”  One of the leeches had managed to find them and of course had to start trouble.

“Back off.” Brig pushed Shana behind him to keep her from getting involved. “I’m not too good for anyone, I’ve been busy.”

“Fucking the bookworm and making powerful friends.” The leech laughed as Shana put her arm around Brig and he took her hand in his own. They had matching rings. “Married? Oh, that’s rich. Play with the humans too long? Do our girls fuck better?”

“That’s real nice language in front of a lady.” Brig reached for one of knives and smiled his boyish grin. “And Shana isn’t one of you.”

“Your little bitch is hardly a lady.” The leech laughed and Brig had enough. He drew his knife and lunged forward but instead of feeling it sink to the gut of an arrogant leech he felt Raziel’s hand on his wrist and watched as Galik snapped the boy’s neck and slammed his corpse to the floor repeatedly.

“Would anyone else like to fuck with the Circle?” Galik grinned as he wiped the splatter of blood from his face and Van rushed into his arms giggling.

“Jesus Christ, Galik!” Brig shouted instantly feeling ridiculous that he had used a long dead expression. It invoked more confusion than understanding of his shock at what had been done. “I wasn’t going to kill him.”

“I would caution you against using that term.” Raziel whispered. “That is a name that still stirs fury in some of those closest to you.”

“What are you doing here?” Brig cradled Shana’s face against him until Galik cleaned up the mess he had made. “You maybe want to do some damage control?”

“He was acting against a member of the Circle.” Raziel spoke loud enough for the shocked patrons to hear. He had locked them in for this very purpose, to make it clear that the attack had not been unprovoked before rumors circulated otherwise. “We are here to protect all of you, we risk much to keep you safe, our private lives are our own as are those we share them with. Insults and attacks against the three of us or those that belong to us will not be tolerated.”

Between Raziel and Galik, the bar was cleaned up and undamaged. The patrons who remained once the doors were reopened settled back at their tables and booths and cast glances at the demons of the Circle and those they would kill for.

“Why did you do that?” Brig sighed as he held Shana beside him and sat across form the others. “I was just going to scare him off. He was all talk.”

“It served to prove a point.” Raziel explained. “No one will touch either of you ever again. Not in this realm or any other. If anyone breaks this very simple rule they will answer, as Hiwai and Freya will, with their lives.”

“That’s a bit harsh.” Brig protested. “He was a kid and there isn’t a single life in Vex as vile as Hiwai or Freya, don’t feel inclined to kill off the ones we are supposed to be protecting on my account.”

“You disapprove?” Raziel remained a blank mask devoid of emotion as he made his point clear to Brig. “I risked much to secure your return. I could have easily left you to your captors, requested another third. As I have saved your life I have right to it. I will not have you go missing again.”

“Right to it?” Brig smiled at him nervously. “I already call you Lord and run your errands. Don’t expect more than that of me.”

“I said I have right to your life, not that I will make any claim on it.” Raziel told him. “I am merely pointing out that I could so that you understand my resolve in protecting what I have saved.”

“Fine, Lord Raziel.” Brig stared at him coldly. “I owe you for saving me. For bringing me home to Shana.  But next time you feel like I’m in need of your protection, maybe you should ask me.”

“Don’t be shitty, Brig.” Van suggested and tried to lighten the mood. She stood and pulled Galik with her by the hand. “Raziel doesn’t want anything different from you than before, just say thank you so we can dance.”

“Go ahead. I think my dance partner is a little freaked out at the moment.” Brig hugged Shana and kissed her cheek before he turned back to Raziel. “I do appreciate what you did, Lord Raziel. I’m not trying to be ungrateful. I’m just not really thrilled with you killing and saying it’s for me, and I think anyone would be a bit put off when you tell them you own them because you did them a favor.”

“You misunderstand.” Raziel told him as he watched Van and Galik. Her determination to make him dance with her was yielding results and they were both moving beautifully. Raziel continued to try an explain himself. “Or perhaps I misspoke. I am not claiming you as my own, though it would make protecting you simpler. But our positions as they are makes me responsible for you.”

“But you made it pretty clear you could have left me to rot.” Brig tapped at the table. “Why didn’t you?”

“I did not want another as my Third.” Raziel tore his attention from Van and Galik so he could make his sincerity clear. His face still and calm, his voice as cold and emotionless as ever as he looked between them. “I may not have made it very easy for you to understand, but I think of you as a friend. I trust the both of you.”

“Thank you, Lord Raziel.” Shana smiled at him.

“Don’t call him that, ShaSha.” Brig hung his head. “It’s bad enough I have to.”

“Trust means a lot to him, Brig.” Shana lifted Brig’s face in her hands and smiled as she spoke. “I don’t mind giving him respect.”

“Your respect and discretion are all I ask.” Raziel added. “Aside from the duties your office requires, obviously.”

“Friends then.” Brig offered his hand across the table. When Raziel took it Shana laid her hand over both of theirs. “Just take it easy on the locals.”

“I will make an effort.” Raziel agreed.

“Your blood is awesome by the way.” Brig grinned as he squeezed Raziel’s hand. “Any chance I’ll ever get another taste?”

“I will consider it.” Raziel returned his attention to Galik and Van. They spent a few more hours at the small bar; the crowd growing and dispersing for their glimpses of the Circle went largely unnoticed as the Circle of Vex strengthened their little family. Frikk and Frakk kicked glasses back and forth across the table, Demise laughed from Brig’s shoulder and Galik and Raziel shared each drink. Van and Shana would twitter on girlishly while Brig tried to explain some of the finer points of human society to Galik. Raziel watched and listened, comforted by the rapport them and hoping that he would not regret the trust he was giving; that letting himself keep friends would be worth the risk.

“So I have a strange question for you.” Brig asked Raziel when they all left the bar together. “I slipped up earlier and said something a little embarrassing. You said it would upset people. Who?”

“Those are not secrets I can share with you.” Raziel carried Frikk and Frakk in his arm as Van and Galik pawed at each other. “I had forgotten humans once used the boys name as a means to swear and that you are old enough to have it in your vernacular. Just don’t make a habit of it, it is inappropriate.”

“Boy?” Brig laughed and poked at Demise vaguely recalling a story she had started to tell when he was barely able to keep himself from screaming. “I think maybe you’ll need to tell me those stories after all.”

“Maybe later.” Demise giggled. “They aren’t really my secrets to tell either, but I’ll think about it for another kiss.”

“Hey!” Shana pouted at him playfully. “Why are you kissing another girl? Do I need to be jealous?”

“No, doll face.” Brig turned and hugged her close, leaning to whisper in her ear. “You need to be in a rush to get home and out of these clothes.”

“We will see you in the morning.” Raziel had heard Brig’s whispers and thought it was time to part ways for the evening. He saw them off after they insisted on walking and took Galik and Van with him to his estate.

“Hell tonight!” Van pulled off her shirt and tackled Galik to the bed as soon as they arrived. “I feel a little better being naughty here.”

“You have the misconception that Hell is the home of evil; that Lucifer himself is evil, like Brig, you were born before Lucifer rose against Iehovah.” Raziel explained as he snapped the elastics from her pigtails and ran his fingers through her hair as it fell loose around her shoulders while Galik groped her and she sighed. “Neither is true. Lucifer is powerful, more so than any other, but he is not evil. He is cruel, but not evil.”

“He doesn’t really seem all that cruel either.” Van grinned as Galik detached her suspenders and used them to tie her hands before he sat up wriggling between her arms leaving her locked in an embrace around him. “Feeling kinky, Galik?”

“He is cruel and he is devious.” Raziel continued as he watched the two of them. Galik rolled Van beneath him and took a handful of her hair as he took Van. Aggressively, but carefully. His hands controlling but each thrust ended before it caused her pain, each kiss fiercely passionate but tender. Raziel smiled as he leaned onto the bed, he stroked Galik’s back and slid his finger’s over Van’s lips as she smiled. “He is also far to clever to leave things as they are.”

“Ouch, Galik.” Van winced as he got a bit too excited and dug his claws in to her shoulder. “Careful with those.”

“Sorry, Van.” Galik licked away the blood as the wounds healed and pleaded forgiveness. “I didn’t mean to. Don’t be angry, Lord Raziel. Will you still…”

“Shh. Be more careful, puppet.” Raziel pulled Galik’s hair as he moved behind him and kissed his neck. “I told you it would depend on more than your behavior, but you are doing very well.”

“You freed him?” Van smiled and hugged Galik tightly as she rolled her hips against him. “Then I don’t mind the claws at all.”

“He wants a reward for his efforts.” Raziel grinned at her over Galik’s shoulder as he folded his fingers over the hands bound behind Galik’s back. Each time Galik moved inside her, Van’s fingers tightened around his.

“What do you want, Galik?” Van panted as he brought her closer and closer, waiting for an answer that did not come until she did. “You are so amazing.”

“How kinky will you get for me?” Galik grinned as she looked up at him satisfied and he slowly started to build her passions again and slipped his thin tongue between her lips to claim her kiss.

“Ask, Galik.” Raziel slid his nails down Galik’s back gently.

“I want you both.” Galik whispered to Van.

“You have us both.” Van kissed the cool skin of his neck as his skin darkened a shade.

“He means he want to have us both.” Raziel tightened his fingers around hers until she looked at him. He then drew on his magic and from the edges of the headboard brought long cords into each hand. “He wants me to take him, as he takes you.”

“That might be a little weird for me.” Van could feel Galik’s silent sigh of disappointment but when he looked at her, he still smiled. Van pulled herself to kiss him.  As she did Raziel unbound her hands and she thought Galik would actually cry. Van ran one hand up his long thin ear, letting it slip between her fingers as she pulled one of his arms out from under her. She laced her fingers through his and stretched her arm out for Raziel. “I didn’t say no. I just said it might be weird.”

Raziel slipped the cord around their hands and tied them together. He pulled Galik to kiss him before he bound their arms on the other side. Galik had done so well controlling himself, but he knew the potential for losing control would be far greater once he joined their passions.

Galik returned his kiss to Van, returned to making her moan as they laced together the fingers of their bound hands and he felt Raziel’s fingers in his hair and the warmth of his Master’s skin against his back. The sweet pain as Raziel took him and Van tensing as she once more screamed her unintelligible howls brought Galik to the first of many releases he would have between them.

Once Galik screamed for Raziel to stop, he laid aside smiling as he watched Raziel ravage Van until he could take her again himself. Eventually they laid in a tangle of sheets embracing and laughing at the sounds of Frikk and Frakk on the floor making every effort to exhaust one another. A nearly impossible feat that they were no less willing to try and accomplish.

“So no more hurting Galik?” Van ran her fingers over Raziel’s bare stomach and Galik stroked her hand.

“Not as badly.” Raziel hugged her gently to him and kissed her head. “He still needs more time, Galik has made centuries of progress quickly because he wanted for us all to be together. It will still be necessary for me to control him on occasion, but while we are alone like this I see no reason for it.”

“So was that too weird for you?” Galik gave Van a hopeful smile.

“It was different.” Van blushed as she thought of his face so filled with ecstasy. “But not too weird.”

“Did you enjoy it, puppet?” Raziel asked more directly, concerned for her desires as much as Galik’s. “If you did not…”

“It may take a bit of getting used to, Razzy.” Van pressed a finger to his lips as she interrupted. “It made Galik happy, I think we all enjoyed it. Just don’t expect me to volunteer for the role in the middle.”

“I would not.” Raziel laughed. “This was at Galik’s request. I am more than happy with each of you on your own and I make every effort to cater to each of your needs and desires.”

“Well that’s good.” Van grabbed a lollipop from the nightstand and snuggled back against Raziel. “I will definitely let you tie me up again, that part was fun.”

“Then I’m going to have all kinds of fun with you after work.” Galik teased as he poked her nose and hopped from the bed. He grabbed Frikk and Frakk from the floor and skipped from the room to relax in the bath.

“Thank you, puppet.” Raziel kissed Van before he pulled her from the bed with him. “He has been begging for it. Once he proved his resolve I could no longer deny him, but I told him it was your decision. I would not…”

“It’s okay, Razzy.” Van hugged him. “I love you both, I trust you both. Let’s go get all soapy in the tub, Galik promised to wash my hair.”

“We can’t have you miss that.” Raziel smiled and squeezed her against him and shifted them into the steamy air above the tub. They splashed into the water sending Frikk and Frakk into fits of laughter and making Galik smile wildly. Raziel laughed softly as they surfaced and he pushed the hair from her face. “You were right, puppet. That is funny.”



“You coming with me, doll face?” Brig wandered in from the bathroom in his towel and started to throw clothes onto the bed. He had not heard from Maefyl or Gabriel and he was worried about Raziel’s behavior. He hoped he had not gained Raziel’s friendship only to lose what little friendship he had with them. He was distracted when Shana wandered in and tossed another toothbrush into the trash and he laughed. “You know you don’t need to bother any more, right?

“Tough habit to break.” Shana folded her arms in front of her and sighed. She had already showered and dressed and had listened helplessly at the door as she heard him crying in the shower. Demise gave him words of comfort and Shana decided it was best to let him think she was oblivious. “You should be dressed already.”

“I’m working on it.” Brig tossed his towel at her. “Stop staring, I’m shy.”

“Such a tease.” Shana giggled as she sat on the bed and waited for him to dress.

“I know you were hungry.” Brig hated to make her remember her time in a cell and he knew it was going to open the door to questions he did not want to answer, but he had to know. He continued quietly, unable to look at her as he pulled on his shirt and fastened his belt. “Did they do anything weird to you?”

“No.” Shana crawled to the edge of the bed and hugged his back. “I was just tied up, Brig. My hero saved me in time.”

“I told you she was okay.” Demise fluttered to his shoulder.

“I’m not going to push you about this.” Shana hugged his tighter. “But I want to know…did she force you again?”

“No.” Brig was relieved on both counts. He had been spared the worst possible torture and Shana had been spared almost all of it. He turned to embrace Shana properly. “I’m no hero, ShaSha. You saved me. From them and from myself.”

“Okay you’re saved, now cheer up.” Shana slid back from his hug and held his hands. “Before your boss yells at us for being late.”

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