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RO : CWYWF : Mending

“What are you doing?” Maefyl was glad he had stopped here first. He had been quietly admiring her efforts since he arrived and Shiroi was too focused on her endeavors to notice him as she created kunai and tossed them across the apartment. She had moved almost all off the furniture to make room for her exciting new hobby. “I thought you didn’t like this sort of thing.”

“Just practicing.” Shiroi smiled back over her shoulder. “I didn’t know when to expect you. I was killing time.”

“When did you take this up?” Maefyl stepped beside her and spread several kunai through his fingers and tossed them at the target, each one landing beside one of her own.

“Kryss has been helping.” Shiroi hugged Maefyl and sighed. “Just trying to figure out if I’m good at anything.”

“You are good at plenty. You’re my little hero.” Maefyl tilted her head to kiss her and bit into her tongue, offering his own to her bite. In their kiss her thoughts started pouring into him. Each touch of his fingers and caress of his tongue punctuated with unuttered words. Adoring thoughts and desperate pleading for his approval and acknowledgement. It was unsettling, but not enough to stop him from enjoying a glimpse into her unspoken feelings. He almost felt guilty for it, but what Raziel would have called her focused thoughts were laid open to him in a way he couldn’t ignore. It was like her mind begged him to listen.

This odd new talent made him focus even more on Shiroi, each loving thought driving him. But as focused as Shiroi was, his own mind was wandering. He had always had to make an effort to hear thoughts before, he had a talent for it, but it never came on it’s own like this. He wondered if it was her adoration or something in him that had changed.

“I’m going to spend a few days away.” Maefyl watched Shiroi dress as he smoked and tried to figure out what had happened. He doubted Raziel would have over-stepped and done anything without permission. He seemed rather bent on taking the role of loyal servant seriously. It had to be another growth spurt he would have to learn to keep in check. “When I get back maybe you can practice with me instead of Kryss…”

“You jealous?” Shiroi laughed.

“No.” Maefyl smiled at her and pulled himself off the bed to get dressed. “I trust you. I hate that you felt the need to find someone else to teach you to begin with. I should be the one you come to.”

“You want me to stop going?” Shiroi leaned against him while he reapplied his gloss.

“No. Kryss seems to be a good teacher, he’s a decent enough guy.” Maefyl kissed her and stuffed his pockets with essentials. “I’m just offering to help like I should have been doing all along.”

“I love you.” Shiroi hugged him. “Don’t stay away too long.”

“Love you.” Maefyl left and settled in with his thoughts at the keys of Gabriel’s piano.

“How long do you think it will take him to show up?” Sanguine laughed and sat on the edge of the piano in front of him.

“Not long.” Maefyl sighed as his fingers danced over the keys. Gabriel would know he was here, and he knew Maefyl well enough to know that if he really wanted to be alone he would have gone to Itami. “I should probably figure out what I’m going to say to him.”

“I’d start with ‘Hi’.” Sanguine swung her feet and pointed behind him.

Maefyl smiled but did not bother turning to greet him. He kept playing until he felt the familiar hands on his shoulders and Gabriel kissed the top of his head.

“Still upset?” Gabriel sat beside him, facing away from the keys and tried to avoid Maefyl’s expression.

“Not really.” Maefyl nudged Gabriel with his elbow to try and get him to relax. “I want you to stop hiding shit from me. You’ve known me my whole life. You know everything about me, but I seem to know nothing about you.”

“You know me better than anyone, Maefyl.” Gabriel sighed. “Don’t fault me for existing before you.”

“No, Gabriel. I don’t.” Maefyl slammed his hands down on the keys. “I am constantly playing catch up with Lucy. There are whole parts of your life that I know shit about. People you’ve never even mentioned… I’m tired of getting sideswiped by your past.”

My past?” Gabriel answered defensively. “It’s your past that more often puts us in harms way. And I should remind you that you keep just as many secrets.”

“I’m not the one hiding.” Maefyl turned and grabbed Gabriel by his shirt. “And don’t you turn this around on me. I’m not the one who dragged his husband into the woods to stab him. Now tell me what your freakish little friends said that has you so bent out of shape.”

“Why don’t you ask Raziel?” Gabriel smirked at him. “He seems to enjoy sharing his past with you.”

“This is not about him.” Maefyl shouted. “I don’t give a fuck about Raziel. This is about you. Gabriel, I swear if you don’t start talking to me… we’re done.”

“The fact that you would even make that threat…” After a moment of shock the words sunk in and Gabriel closed his eyes as his tears fell. The one thing he ever truly loved was always seconds from slipping away from him. Always something threatening to steal him away. Tragedy after tragedy. Even at the worst they managed to come through it together. To hear the threat to end it from Maefyl’s lips tore through him and he started to shake. He could barely breathe.

“I didn’t mean that.” Maefyl slid his arms around Gabriel and held him close. He felt the panic in Gabriel and realized he could not have possibly said anything more hurtful. “I couldn’t live without you. I wouldn’t want to.”

“I wasn’t trying to attack you, Maefyl.” Gabriel still shook as he spoke. Even with comfort to follow the cruel words they still haunted him. “They expressed a vulgar interest in you. I can’t protect you from both of them on my own. I was trying to see if you were ready.”

“So instead of telling me that; you decided to beat me up?” Maefyl laughed as he squeezed Gabriel tighter. “You’re an asshole sometimes.”

“You’ve been too distracted lately.” Gabriel continued to explain his actions and his concern. “You don’t notice approaching vampires, you didn’t even notice that I was in the estate when you came here.”

“I’ll work on it.” Maefyl sighed. “Yes, I’ve been distracted. My head is a mess. So help me clear it up, stop making me wonder. If I’m not constantly trying to figure you out…”

“There’s nothing to figure out.” Gabriel spoke seductively as he slid his hand under Maefyl’s shirt. He softly whispered words punctuated with kisses up Maefyl’s neck. “All you need to know is that I love you and everything I am is yours.”

“I’m not letting you fuck your way out of this, Gabriel.” Maefyl sighed his protests but was already succumbing to his desire and trying to force Gabriel out of his clothes. “You need to start talking to me.”

“I will.” Gabriel pulled Maefyl’s shirt off of him and pulled him to the floor. “I’ll answer whatever questions you ask… I’m just going to make you earn the answers.”

“I might enjoy it.” Maefyl teased as Gabriel leaned close to his face.

“That is the idea.” Gabriel kissed him gently before he whispered at his ear. “Do you still want me to fill your ear with Zakesel?”

“Forfeiting the match?” Maefyl grinned.

“We’ll call it a draw.” Gabriel looked down at him a moment then slid his hands into Maefyl’s hair and teased him. “But I’m still going to claim my trophy.”

“Say it.” Maefyl pulled himself up against Gabriel and bit his ear. “Your trophy is waiting.”

“De kosh sek.” Gabriel felt Maefyl shiver beneath him and smiled.


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RO : CWYWF : Cleaning The Wounds

Nat had brought the umbrella with her to work every day with the intention of returning it. It sat in the corner of the break room with a few of her paintings and she told herself again, ‘I’ll do it today’. She wasn’t sure if she was avoiding temptation or the look on his face when he noticed fresh bruises from a few steady nights of brutality.

“He’s a strange one.” Another of the waitressed came into the break room trying to avoid taking the most recent seating. “Hey Nat. Table for you.”

“Be right there.” Nat snapped herself out of her daydream and tightened her apron. She shuffled out to the dining room and felt her stomach leap into her lungs when she saw the familiar shaggy hair and black tail with white ends. She hoped her makeup covered things well enough and went over to greet him. “Are you stalking me?”

“Would you be mad if I said yes?” Kryss forced himself to smile up at her. After his most recent task for Eidolon he had been melancholic and troubled. When he saw Nat earlier that morning he had followed her to work and spent hours debating with himself how; or if, he should approach her. He was just desperate for a friendly smile in the sea of frowns.

“It might be a little disturbing.” Nat winked at him, thinking he had just happened upon the restaurant and it was all a coincidence. She wished she could win such a pleasant stalker. “But I wouldn’t be mad.”

“Good.” Kryss wasn’t sure he could handle any one else being upset with him at the moment. He had not seen either of Eidolon’s brides but imagined they were both furious with him for their friends demise. Kryss was hoping he could put the feeling of guilt behind him quickly. He had never once regretted following one of his Lord’s orders and he wasn’t going to start doubting him now. “What’s good here?”

“Aside from the waitress.” Nat stuck her tongue out slightly and smiled at him. “The burgers are decent.”

“That’ll do.” Kryss stretched his arms across the table and laid his head on them to wait.

“Not picky?” Nat wanted to touch him. Wanted to know if his ears were as soft as they looked. As soft as his fingers when he had laid them on her neck. She clutched her little pad tightly and tapped her pen against it nervously when she saw him smile up at her and realized she was flirting. She kept telling herself she needed to stop, but each time she saw him she wanted him more and more.

“I don’t eat much.” Kryss was glad he stopped in when he looked up at the flush in her cheeks and her sudden nervousness. Her smile was making him feel better, like he hoped it would. “I’ll try whatever you bring me.”

“Okay.” Nat bounced off and stopped at her other tables. When she noticed Kryss casting not so subtle glances at her she tripped over a chair and barely caught herself before she fell. She had stupidly hoped for his interest, but now felt guilty for wishing so hard. She was flattered and terrified. She handled her customers, and tried to steal peeks at him without him noticing, but each time they ended up locking eyes and she would feel her face heating up. When his order was up she dutifully delivered it and tried to ignore his smile when their fingers touched on the edge of the plate.

“I don’t suppose you could sit with me?” Kryss poked at the seed filled green slices on his burger. “What are these?”

“Jalapenos. And no. I would get fired.” Nat chuckled. “I’ll let you walk me home later if you aren’t busy.”

“Deal.” Kryss pulled one of the peppers from his lunch to try it and made what must have been an amusing face of disgust. It was worth hearing her giggle, but he was quick to knock the rest of them off of the bun. “Okay, I hate those.”

Nat turned around giggling to let him eat and instantly started to chide herself for making him the offer to walk to her home. ‘I must be a complete idiot’ she thought to herself, but what was done was done. She finished her shift stealing glances of him while she worked and met him at the table where he waited. When she gestured for the door and smiled she noticed his tail wag for a moment and she tried to cover her laugh with her fingers.

“Aren’t you a little busy to be waiting around for me all afternoon?” Nat asked as they stepped outside and she handed him the umbrella he had loaned her. She frowned a moment when it dissolved in his hands, sad to see an end to the trigger for her recent daydreams.

“Lord Falcon gave me a few days to deal with something.” Kryss answered more honestly than he had intended to, but it was harmless enough. “I just figured a friendly face might help.”

“Something happen?” Nat rubbed his shoulder and noticed his tail swaying again.

“Nothing I can talk about.” Kryss looked over at the paintings she was carrying and used them to quickly change the subject. “Those for me?”

“Yea.” Nat handed them over. “I said I would bring them. They aren’t great.”

“Do you have time to stop somewhere so I can look at them?” Kryss asked hopeful that he could steal more of her day for himself.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea.” Nat sighed. “Kryss if I’ve been leading you on, I’m sorry. I have a boyfriend.”

“Not a very good one. I said I wouldn’t ask last time.” Kryss tucked the paintings under his arm and ran the back of his fingers along her jaw where another bruise hid under her makeup. Once again he pushed a gentle magic through his fingers and healed her aches and the dismal patches of discolored skin. “No more freebies.”

“I told you it was nothing.” Nat could feel herself flushing again. “I mean, thank you. I don’t mean to be ungrateful.”

“Why would you let someone do that to you?” Kryss shook his head. “It’s not nothing. It’s awful.”

“It’s not that big of a deal.” Nat told him. “I can handle it.”

“You shouldn’t have to handle it.” Kryss muttered too quietly for her to hear. “If I see more bruises, you’ll have a corpse for a boyfriend.”

“What?” Nat was still distracted by the tingling from whatever magic he had worked. As they walked her fingers brushed against his and she fought against the urge to grab his hand. “No more stalking, okay? I want to be friends, just come see me when you want to.”

Kryss nodded and walked her the rest of the way home. Despite her claims of disinterest she flushed as they talked and she could barely look at him when she stopped to unlock her door. As much as he appreciated and admired the loyal quality; he hated that she was loyal to the one who waited behind that door.

“Thanks for the company.” Nat managed to smile at him, but she heard the TV when she opened the door, which meant Joshua was home, and she felt the need to rush their goodbye to prevent a problem. “Let me know if you like the paintings.”

“Where the fuck have you been, Nat?” Joshua hollered at her when he heard her voice and peeked around the corner to see which halfwit waitress friend had followed her home. When he saw Kryss instead of a girl he headed toward the door to mark his territory so the fuzzy eared freak knew to back off. Joshua grabbed her hair and kissed her roughly against the door before he glared at her new friend. “Who the fuck are you?”

“This is Kryss.” Nat wiped her face against her shoulder. “I told you he helped me when I went up to the school.”

“Sorry she wasted your time with her shit.” Joshua sneered at the quiet demon a moment before he turned away laughing and stumbled back inside. “I’m not up for company. Shove off, fuzzy.”

“I’m sorry, Kryss.” Nat’s eyes were glossing over and she could not have been more embarrassed. She wanted to beg his forgiveness for letting him come up to the door but could only manage to find an excuse to see him off. “I need to go make him dinner.”

Kryss said his quiet goodbye and watched her tears fall as she closed the door. He had wanted to tear the man’s throat out the second he saw him. He smelled of alcohol and other women. Not only was he abusing what he had, he was not even respectful enough to remain faithful. Kryss stood there a moment staring at the door and wanting to kick it in and carry her away. He heard the screams behind the door as Joshua accused Nat of infidelity and of lurid acts he assumed she used to win favor with a demon. Kryss had never been more conflicted. Almost everything in him screamed to put an end to her suffering, but he feared Eidolon’s reaction to such a personal vendetta. His own motives scared him as well, was he trying to play knight or conqueror? He returned to his apartment when he could not take anymore of the shouting, he didn’t want anger to make the decision for him. He unrolled and framed Nat’s paintings without really looking at them. Once he placed them on one of the many empty walls he laid in a pile of cushions and finally stopped to admire her work.

She was talented, but clearly miserable. Each of the pieces were haunting, but the one his eyes lingered on made him anxious. A figure that stood in shadow looking over a broken girl draped carelessly over the edge of the bed was enough to point out her misery, but the part he focused on was the shadow the figure in the doorway cast into the dark room. Elongated and distorted with brush strokes, but with two very discernable features. His ears and tail.

Kryss spent the next few hours trying to make sense of her work. Make sense of her. He did not want to watch her from shadows and clean her wounds for someone to recreate them. Kryss fell asleep miserably trying to figure out how to save someone that did not want to be saved.

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RO : CWYWF : Accepting The Way Things Are Pt.2

“How bad is she really?” Maefyl asked Gabriel about the situation in Tsumi once he insisted they drive home so they could talk.

“She’s cursing and threatening to leave.” Gabriel sighed as he crossed his arms in front of him. “He is being patient, so don’t insult him by asking if he’s hurt her.”

“Don’t insult me by assuming I would. I know Eidolon well enough to know he won’t hurt the girls.” Maefyl scowled. “What the fuck is with you lately?”

“I apologize.” Gabriel looked away frustrated with himself for his misplaced anger. As he watched scenery speeding by he heard Maefyl chuckling as he lit another cigarette. “What has you so amused?”

“Nothing.” Maefyl grabbed Gabriel by his shirt and pulled him awkwardly to his shoulder. “Tell me you love me.”

“I love you.” Gabriel braced himself against the dash and the driver seat as he smiled at Maefyl’s sudden need to hear something he already knew.

“I meant in your words.” Maefyl grinned as he kept his eyes ahead of him.

“Are you that intrigued by them?” Gabriel hated the fact Maefyl had any interest at all in the Wyrms. “I would rather forget the meeting happened at all.”

“Don’t be difficult.” Maefyl released his grip on Gabriel’s shirt so he could shift through traffic. “I don’t give a shit about them, I just like hearing you talk.”

“I’m not going to teach you Zakesel.” Gabriel pushed himself back into his seat. “It’s useless.”

“I didn’t ask you to teach me.” Maefyl corrected Gabriel’s assumption and pulled to the side of the road. He climbed awkwardly into Gabriel’s lap and curled over him. Gabriel opened the door and pulled Maefyl out with him. Maefyl laughed and ran his fingers over the car to reclaim its magic as Gabriel carried him past it into the woods that lined the road. “Was the car too cramped for you? You getting old on me?”

“Well, I was going to play with you since you seemed so eager.” Gabriel sat Maefyl to his feet and pushed him back with his fingertips into the trunk of a tree before he stepped back and drew his blades. “But since you’ve insulted me, I’m going to make you work for it.”

“And when I win?” Maefyl drew his swords and lunged at Gabriel. He smiled as his blade met Gabriel’s.

“In that unlikely event…” Gabriel taunted him. “I’ll tell you I love you in any tongue you want.”

As they fought through the trees Gabriel’s thoughts were troubled. The Wyrms were interested, which meant they would come out of hiding again. ‘I need you stronger, Maefyl. I need you to best me.’

“Easy, Gabriel.” Maefyl gasped as Gabriel kicked him backward into tree that creaked angrily at the force of his landing. “I’m not used to all these obstacles.”

“Get used to them.” Gabriel slashed at him and as he dodged caught Maefyl’s shoulder with his wakizashi. “And pay better attention.”

“Damn it.” Maefyl healed the wound in his shoulder and jumped up into the branches above him. “You trying to kill me?”

“You need to start taking your practices as seriously as Asura.” Gabriel taunted. “Maybe you should take lessons from Eidolon as well.”

“That’s a bit low.” Maefyl shifted behind Gabriel and lifted his chin with his blade. Gabriel pushed his short sword back through Maefyl’s side and he fell against Gabriel’s back bleeding. “Why?”

“I expected you to dodge.” Gabriel reclaimed his blades and turned to pull Maefyl close. He rested his hand on the wound that was already healing and erased the remaining damage. Maefyl just glared at him. “Don’t be angry. You are usually faster, it was a mistake.”

“Was it?” Maefyl pushed him away. “If you have something to say to me, say it.”

“He’s just a little jealous.” Lucifer leaned against a nearby tree. “Since he has to share the Wyrms attention now.”

“Not now, Lucy.” Gabriel sat on the ground and hoped he would just go away.

“Why did you take him to see those two?” Lucifer laughed. “I’m far better company.”

“He asked to meet them.” Gabriel sighed.

“Remind me again who wears the collar?” Lucifer crouched beside Gabriel. “Really, Gabby. As if you didn’t have enough trouble with him.”

“You two enjoy your chat.” Maefyl lit a cigarette and repaired the damage to his clothes. “I’m going home.”

“I’ll come with you.” Gabriel started to stand but Maefyl glared back at him and he hesitated.

“Don’t bother.” Maefyl walked off. “I’d rather be alone.”

“Maybe you should let me take care of your pet a while, Maefyl.” Lucifer called after him. “He seems to be getting you into trouble.”

“Later.” Maefyl shifted back to Osore and left Lucifer and Gabriel to swap their insults without him.

“Just tell them to leave him alone.” Gabriel rested his chin on his knee. “You’re the only one they’ll listen to.”

“I’m afraid you’ve picked a bad time for me.” Lucifer grinned his refusal. “You’ll have to deal with them on your own since you were stupid enough to dangle a new toy in front of them.”

“Damn it, Lucy he’s your friend. Your son.” Gabriel shouted at him. “Would you show compassion for once and fix this?”

“I have other business with Azrael and Samael.” Lucifer stood and brushed the dirt from his hands. “You and Raziel created this mess. Clean it up. And leave the Wyrms alive.”

“Vak sek, Lucy.” Gabriel screamed at him.

“If I were you Gabriel…” Lucifer’s voice lingered as he dissolved. “I would be a bit more careful who you say that to. Azrael and Samael will most certainly take it as an offer.”

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RO : CWYWF : Accepting The Way Things Are Pt. 1

Maefyl had driven around Golod for more than an hour until Asura had sniffled her last and stared out the car window silently. Even as a child it always seemed to settle her to ride around for a while, he caught himself smiling over the way some things never change.

Asura sighed as she leaned her head against the glass.

“Here.” Maefyl offered her a cigarette.

“I don’t smoke, Dad.” Asura pushed his hand away. “And Nikolai would kill me. He hates it.”

“Fuck him.” Maefyl laughed. “Just take it.”

“I’m fine.” Asura reached for the radio instead and grinned when he lit the cigarette for himself. “Thank you, by the way.”

“Not a problem.” Maefyl flicked her nose with his finger. “You know why he had to do it. Don’t hate him for it.”

“I don’t.” Asura gave a quirky smile as she pouted. “I’m not even mad at him for it, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t upset me.”

“He didn’t have much of a choice.” Maefyl sighed. “I know you’re upset. Just take it easy on him.”

“Do you think…?” Asura hoped it had at least been a peaceful death but couldn’t bring herself to finish asking. “Never mind. Can we talk about something else?”

“Sure.” Maefyl turned out of the city and sped along clearer roads to distract her. “I think your Dad is going to beat the shit out of Raziel.”

“What is with you two anyway?” Asura smirked at him. “He is a bit weird.”

“You live with Azazel and think Raziel is weird?” Maefyl laughed. “Raziel is creepy, but he isn’t all that bad. I think he bothers Gabriel though.”

“I think he bothers everybody.” Asura had overheard Eidolon’s conversation with Shana before things had gone bad. “I don’t think Uncle Eidolon likes him either. Just be careful.”

“I’m always careful.” Maefyl teased.

“No you aren’t.” Asura laughed at him and leaned over to hug his arm. “You are always in trouble.”

“You’re a rotten kid.” Maefyl kissed her head as she turned up the music and clung tighter to his arm.

“You love me anyway.” Asura smiled and they spent another hour just talking until she decided she was ready to face her spouses and apologize for making them worry.

When they returned Gabriel took Asura in his arms and held her in his fatherly embrace. Relieved that she had already started coming to terms with the way things are. He started to tell her the bad news, but she shook her head to refuse the words. She had already known it was resolved and did not need to dwell on it. She was as always a remarkable child.

“How is Karla?” Asura asked as she settled on the couch in the awkward huddle of relief from her spouses.

“She is having some difficulty with it.” Gabriel took Maefyl’s arm intending to end the visit soon. They had other things that needed to be discussed and Asura was already recovering from her loss. “Give her time to mourn.”

“She needs to hurry up.” Asura giggled as Azazel tickled her sides. “I have lessons tomorrow.”

“Good. You can still laugh.” Azazel teased her but he was seriously relieved by the fact she was smiling again and that she was not holding any grudges against Eidolon. “You’re still going to go practice with him?”

“Of course.” Asura said proudly and pushed her fingers back through Azazel’s hair. “We’ll probably both need it. But until then you’ll just have to make me feel better.”

“We’re all going to do that.” Bezer pulled Asura’s hair playfully as Nikolai shook his head.

“That’s gross and I’m out.” Maefyl turned away laughing. “Let’s go, Gabriel.”

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RO : CWYWF : Un-pleasantries Pt.2

They arrived to Asura wailing in Nikolai’s arms while Bezer and Azazel stroked her back in an unsuccessful attempt to calm her.

“What happened?” Maefyl patted Asura on the head and tried to shake off the misery on Nikolai’s face when she turned and crawled up into his arms. He hated the fact he had been unable to comfort his own bride. Maefyl gave him an understanding nod and rocked Asura gently as she cried. “I thought you were in Tsumi today.”

“We were.” Bezer sniffled. Her misery over the situation gave her a pained expression that Maefyl had not seen on Bezer in a long time.

“Who is Martha?” Azazel asked for clarity that Asura had been unable to give through her tears. “Weren’t they friends?”

“Shit.” Maefyl held Asura tighter when he realized what had happened.

“They were.” Gabriel answered sadly. He knew instantly that whatever reunion had occurred had gone terribly wrong. “They grew up together.”

“He’s going to kill her, isn’t he?” Asura wailed as she clung to Maefyl.

“Calm down.” Maefyl sat on the table and tried to settle her enough to get an answer. “Tell me what happened.”

“The lady just showed up and started screaming at them.” Bezer answered for her. She pouted as she explained. “She was hitting Eidolon and accused him of hurting them. Eidolon got mad and had Kryss take her away.”

“I doubt it will make much of a difference at this point, but I will go and speak with Eidolon.” Gabriel kneeled to embrace Asura between him and Maefyl as he made the offer to ease Asura’s worry, but he knew Eidolon would not have hesitated if he thought Karla was in any danger at all. The situation was likely already dealt with. “I won’t be long.”

“I’m going to take Asura for a drive.” Maefyl lifted Asura and kissed Gabriel’s cheek before he left. Nikolai and the twins may be at a loss over how to console Asura, but he had years of experience with calming his daughter. “It’ll be okay, Nikolai. You and the pussy cats can relax.”



“What exactly is it you think you are doing?” Eidolon returned to his apartment to find Karla storming through the closet and haphazardly filling her backpacks with clothes.

“Leaving.” Karla screamed. “I fucking hate you. I don’t want to be here.”

“Do you honestly think I will allow that?” Eidolon tried to keep calm but he knew his voice carried his anger and was beginning to frighten both of his brides. Kaneko was whimpering behind him in the doorway as he scolded Karla for her reaction. “You are being childish.”

“Yea that’s me. A big fucking baby. Fuck you.” Karla shouted. “I don’t want to talk to you.”

“Kaneko, the door please.” Eidolon sent her to invite Gabriel inside before he took Karla’s wrist in his hand as gently as he could. “If you need time to accept this I will give it to you, but you will not leave here and you will not speak to me like that again.”

“Don’t threaten me and don’t fucking touch me.” Karla tried to pull her arm away from his effortless hold on her but he only pulled her closer. When he ran hand through the back of her short hair and leaned to kiss her she slapped him across the face. “Don’t you dare!”

“Whether or not you choose to see it, I have done this for you.” Eidolon stepped away to prevent himself from returning her aggression. “We will talk when you decide to be reasonable.”

“Reasonable?!” Karla took a glass sculpture from the table beside her and threw it at him. He caught it in his hand and walked past her to return it to the table as she continued to rant. “You murdered my friend and I’m unreasonable?”

Eidolon left the room, closing the door behind him and heard the shatter of glass against it. He left her to scream her anger as he moved into the living room to deal with his guest. He offered Gabriel a seat and sat across from him silently and closed his eyes to wait for Gabriel to scold him. For several minutes there was silence between them and Eidolon decided to move things forward.

“I assume Asura is just as angry with me.” Eidolon looked over to Gabriel and hated the pity he saw on his friend’s face.

“She is upset.” Gabriel confirmed. “But she will understand and accept it eventually. They were all very close, but she knew she was going to outlive her past.”

“If they all knew their human lives were to be left behind…” Eidolon stopped himself from ranting on his brides broken logic and instead just justified his actions. “I did what I had to.”

“I would have done no differently.” Gabriel saw no fault in Eidolon for his decision. He regretted he would have to see Asura through the painful loss, but he would have been no less quick to remove the threat. Gabriel moved beside Eidolon and rested his hand on his back. “In fact, I once asked Maefyl end the life of another friend who discovered Asura’s nature. Karla is only alive because he trusted her.”

“Was that supposed to ease my pain?” Eidolon smirked at him. “You are about as poor at offering comfort as I am.”

“As painful as this is for the girls it was the right thing to do.” Gabriel had no real comfort to give; only the promise that time would heal the wounds. “They will both understand that.”

“She will never forgive me for this.” Eidolon leaned into Gabriel’s embrace. “I can’t lose her again, Gabriel.”

“She will and you won’t.” Gabriel assured him. “Give her time to accept it and trust that her love for you will help her see you were only doing it to keep her safe.”

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RO : CWYWF : Un-Pleasantries Pt.1

The Wyrms were an odd pair. Maefyl was used to demons and angels with uniquely animal like features, but none amongst the Watchers. The Watchers were all very human in appearance; only their overly perfect features and demonic eyes gave them away. Raziel seemed to be the only one who broke the mold with his long elf like ears; a feature that Azrael and Samael shared, but the Wyrms seemed to be the further departed from the human aesthetic.

The two of them stood in the doorway in nothing but simple black sarongs, giving a very good look at their unique aesthetic among the Watchers. Their skin was hauntingly white. They each had a black tint to their lower lip that made their smiles seem wicked. As they spoke Maefyl noticed the sharp edges of several wide set teeth in their bottom jaw that were similar to his own. They were further separated and there were no companions to them in the top teeth that he could see.

They each had tiny, delicate white scales covering their hands and feet that continued half way up their forearms and calves. The same tiny iridescent scales covered the long reptilian tails that slightly dragged the ground behind each of their slender feet. Their toe and fingernails were solid black and grew to menacing points at the ends of each of their slender digits.

Samael’s hair was golden, like his eyes, and though he kept it short, it was long enough to be spiked and styled into an unexplainably fashionable look for a creature that seemed to hide himself from the world. Azrael’s hair was long and hung loose to elbows, the silver threads of it cascading over his shoulders and the white skin of his chest.

Maefyl stole short glances as Raziel and Gabriel exchanged pleasantries that he imagined were not actually all that pleasant. Or even courteous from the sound of the growing hostility. Maefyl was fascinated by the odd language they spoke and loved hearing the words roll off of Gabriel’s tongue. The dialect sounded almost harsh and broken; a collection of sounds that seemed as familiar as they did alien. Still there was something exotic in Gabriel’s voice as the words crossed his lips and Maefyl could not help but love each syllable.

Their exchange grew more heated and Gabriel tightened his fingers where he had rested them on Maefyl’s hip. Gabriel’s patience was wearing thin and Maefyl rested his head on Gabriel’s shoulder hoping to calm him.

“Seldak Tsuri.” Gabriel was determined to bring the conversation into a common tongue. He may regret the things they would say, but he was insulted by their attempts to keep Maefyl at a disadvantage as they mocked him.

“Vak sek, Gabriel.” Azrael shouted at him and stormed inside. “Danbol sulesa de.”

“VolVol.” Samael waved and gave them a wicked grin before he blew Gabriel a kiss and closed the door.

“Volkana!” Gabriel shouted after them and turned to Maefyl. “Deseka kaat voneka.”

“What?” Maefyl smiled at him.

“I said ‘we’re going’.” Gabriel shook his head and corrected himself.

“That did not go well.” Raziel seemed as unmoved to the others as usual, but he was just as troubled by the Wyrms behavior. The seem to still find Gabriel as fascinating as before and now they set sights on Maefyl as well. Before he could voice concerns or an apology, the phones in both Gabriel and Maefyl’s pockets chimed and he watched them both panic over the message they received.

“We’ll talk later, Raziel.” Maefyl squeezed Raziel’s shoulder to thank him. It would have to do for now.

Raziel nodded his gratitude for the gesture and returned to Vex to join Galik and Van. While Gabriel and Maefyl went to comfort their daughter in Golod.

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RO : CWTWF : Breathing Room Pt.2

“Is everything alright?” Karla set an obnoxious hat on Shana while she was typing a quick message on her phone. “He doesn’t want you to come home already, does he?”

“Nope.” Shana looked in the mirror and laughed at herself. “This is bloody hideous!”

“I know, right?” Karla laughed and grabbed her hand. “Come and watch Bezer try on dresses. This should be funny.”

“Keep your tail down!” Asura scolded as Bezer spun around in the dress giggling at the patrons that stopped to gawk at her playfully exposed posterior. “This is why Master Nikolai gets Raven to make your dresses.”

“I have a cute butt!” Bezer stuck her tongue out at Asura as she dodged the attempt to grab her tail. Shana and Karla were laughing so hard at the spectacle that Shana’s eyes started to water and Bezer was glad to see them all getting along so happily. “That’s why you keep trying to grab it!”

“Can Kaneko try some, too?” Kaneko purred beside Eidolon and tugged at his hand as she flipped through the rack beside her. “Kaneko wants to be pretty.”

“You are always pretty.” Karla pulled a dress from the rack and smiled and she handed it to Kaneko.

“Don’t behave like Bezer.” Eidolon kissed Kaneko on the cheek before she ran off to join in the fashion show. He watched over them as always with all the patience he could muster for their antics. The addition of another guest had made them all the more playful and Shana seemed to fit right in. When Karla and Kaneko ran off with dresses Eidolon stepped beside Shana to offer an apology. “This would be easier on your Master if I had made more of an effort to speak with him before now.”

“It’s okay.” Shana smiled. “We’re still sort of finding our place and it looks like they keep you pretty busy.”

“Joyfully so.” Eidolon nodded. “Bezer will be wanting lunch. Ordinarily I leave Asura and Karla in Kaneko’s care, but I promised your Master you would have my attention. I’m afraid you will have to suffer the whims of her appetite.”

“I don’t mind.” Shana liked Eidolon, but found him unsettlingly intimidating and she hoped maybe an hour or so of more casual conversation would make them both more comfortable. “I don’t call Brig ‘Master’ by the way.”

“He is your Master though.” Eternity pointed out coldly. “It’s not a bad thing.”

“Brig doesn’t really think like that.” Shana grinned up at the fairy of Eidolon’s shoulder. She was so much more serious than Demise. “The only ‘Lord’ in Vex is Raziel.”

“A fact I’m certain the Keeper is very content with.” Eidolon was glad to have missed out on the appointment of Raziel and the others in Vex. Raziel had always been a disturbing creature and he preferred to keep his distance. “Do you get along well?”

“With Raziel?” Shana laughed. “As well as we can I guess. I respect him, I trust him. We have an odd little family dynamic. Don’t you like him?”

“Anything involving Raziel tends to be odd. I don’t dislike him, I have just known him a very long time and we have had our differences.” Eidolon embraced Kaneko as she ran over to model the pink and white dress for him. Kaneko often hid her tail to better fit in with humans, but did so now to keep herself from embarrassing him. He took her hands as she rocked back on her heels smiling. “You look lovely. Do you want it?”

“Kaneko can just make her own later.” Kaneko shook her head as she smiled and she squeezed his hands. She loved his subtle reactions to their simple gestures. He had to be one of the most expressive demons she had ever met and she felt as always fortunate that he let her stay at his side. “Kaneko just wants to know if you like it.”

“Maybe not in pink.” Eidolon winked at her. “But yes.”

“Can we go eat?” Bezer interrupted once she had changed and paid for everything Asura wanted. She swung the bags beside her smiled up at Eidolon hopefully.

“I wasn’t done shopping Bezer.” Asura pouted as she took Bezer’s arm. “I wanted to get presents for Nikolai and Azazel.”

“Do it later.” Bezer purred. “I want sushi.”

Bezer managed to convince everyone to put their shopping on hold and they started off to get her something to eat. As they walked Bezer and Kaneko rambled on about how they adored their respective Masters and the trio of vampires giggled in front of them. Shana was loving every second of their company and was so glad Brig had let her branch out.

Unfortunately their happy outing was cut short by a middle-aged woman who stepped in front of the vampires abruptly and looked at them in angry disbelief.

“Rose? Asura?” The dark skinned woman started to cry when she saw their reactions and knew that she was not mistaken.

“Martha?” Asura tried to hug her but Martha stepped away horrified. They had been inseparable as children, but Asura and Karla had backed away from their mortal lives and both eventually left Osore to live with the demons they loved. Donna had married and they lost track of her, but Martha had simply buried herself in schoolwork. She had been largely unreachable even before Karla had left Osore and neither of them had heard from her since her graduation from college.

Martha looked at them a moment longer before she glared past them at Eidolon. Furious with his part in stealing her childhood friends. When she had moved to Tsumi she had thought about paying a visit to the Circle, she thought maybe Kaneko would know what became of her friends that had so suddenly disappeared. Rose had not even attended the funerals of her own parents and everyone seemed unable or reluctant to give her any answers as to where she had gone. To see both Rose and Asura here with a Demon they knew in childhood. One that Asura had lovingly called Uncle. To see them both unchanged since the last time she had seen them. She felt like she was having a bizarre nightmare and as she cried she kept wishing she would just wake up. When Eidolon stepped closer and she saw Karla cling to his arm, Martha flew into an angry rage.

“What did you do to them?” Martha screamed and pushed at Eidolon’s chest. His sullen face and lack of any vocal reaction only made her angrier.

“Martha, stop.” Asura tried to pull her old friend away by her arm. “Uncle Eidolon didn’t do anything.”

“Don’t touch me!” Martha pulled her arm away shouting. “What the fuck are you?”

“Please Martha. It’s still us.” Asura knew Eidolon would not tolerate and spectacle and she hoped she could diffuse the situation. “Calm down so we can talk.”

“Lord Falcon.” Kryss responded to his Master’s call and quickly rose from his respectful gesture when he saw the problem. The woman that screamed at them was making quite the scene and Eidolon wanted a quick end to it. “Your order?”

“Take her to the Circle.” Eidolon spoke softly as he gave the command. “I will deal with it shortly.”

“At once, Lord Falcon.” Kryss grabbed the woman’s arms and bound her as he removed her from his Master’s path.

“What are you going to do?” Karla looked up at Eidolon with tears spilling down her cheeks. “What do you mean deal with it?”

“We’ll discuss this later.” Eidolon touched her face to brush away her tears and she turned her eyes away from him.

“Uncle Eidolon, she’s our friend.” Asura stepped beside him crying. “Please don’t hurt her.”

“I’m sorry, young Asura.” Eidolon pulled Karla close to his side and called an early end to the spoiled outing. “I will do what has to be done. Bezer, it would be best if you take Asura home.”

“Okay, Lord Eidolon.” Bezer wrapped her arms around Asura. “I’m sorry, but we have to go.”

“Kaneko, bring Shana.” Eidolon instructed before he left with Karla.

“What just happened?” Shana asked as Kaneko took her hand. The usually bouncy demoness was as teary eyed and saddened as Asura and Karla had been. “Who was she?”

“She grew up with Asura and Karla in Osore.” Kaneko told her before she took Shana to Eidolon’s office where Karla was begging Eidolon for mercy.

“Please, Master Eidolon.” Karla had her hands clutched into fists and hit his chest as he held her. “She won’t say anything.”

“I’m afraid she will, Mistress.” Kryss entered the room somberly after he had stashed the woman away. “I’m sorry, but she is already screaming such threats.”

“Then let me talk to her.” Karla pleaded with Eidolon. “Let me at least try to calm her down.”

Shana sat aside quietly. She had no family left and no real friends that would ever cause a problem, but she still understood the pain her new friend was in. Shana knew what Eidolon would likely do to protect the secret and she wished she had a way to comfort Karla and Asura through it.

“I can not risk it.” Eidolon stroked her hair. “You must understand what damage this could cause, the panic it would spread.”

“But she is my friend.” Karla cried against his chest. “I’m begging you. Let her go.”

“He can’t, Karla.” Kaneko whimpered. “She knows you were both human.”

“But she knows Asura’s dad is a demon.” Karla tried to find some logic that would sway the decision and spare her friend. “Can’t we just fake it? No one figured out what Maefyl was.”

“You did.” Eidolon corrected her. “Now that she has seen you she will want to know, and what am I supposed to do once she figures it out? Let her destroy your secret and put you at risk?”

“I don’t want you to kill her!” Karla screamed at him. “Just let her go!”

“I can not.” Eidolon looked to Kryss and gave his order. It would be far crueler to keep the girl imprisoned. “Kryss I hate to give you this burden, but I need my hands clean.”

“I understand, Lord Falcon.” Kryss nodded. “I will take care of it.”

“No.” Karla screamed and tried to push her way out of Eidolon’s arm to keep Kryss from leaving. “Leave her alone, Kryss. Please.”

“Forgive me, Mistress.” Kryss bowed his head. “It is my task to keep you protected from any threat.”

“Make it painless.” Kaneko wiped the tears from her face as she accepted the necessity.

“I will, Mistress Kaneko.” Kryss left with a bow that reflected his deep regret for the pain he was about to cause Eidolon’s brides.

“I hate you.” Karla fought against Eidolon’s embrace until he finally released her from it. She stomped off through the door to their apartment screaming and Eidolon turn to his desk to try and convince himself her tears were worth what he had just done.

“It will be okay, Master Eidolon.” Kaneko rested her head on his back and wrapped her arms tightly around his waist. “She’ll understand.”

Shana stood and quietly headed for the door. She thought it would be best to duck out and just send a message for Raziel to pick her up. She only realized her mistake when she laid her hand on the door and remembered she was not in Vex. These doors would not open for her.

“I will take you home.” Eidolon turned to embrace Kaneko and kissed her gently before he headed for the door to join Shana. “I apologize. You should have not seen any of that.”

“You don’t need to apologize.” Shana rested her hand on his elbow. “I can just call Raziel to come and get me. I think you need to be alone.”

“I appreciate your understanding.” Eidolon rested his fingers across her hand on his arm and took her to Vex. “But I was responsible for your care in Tsumi, I won’t shirk my duty. I don’t want to burden you further, but what happened with the woman…”

“Don’t worry, my lips are sealed.” Shana gave him a reassuring smile. “I understand what you did and it doesn’t concern me. If my time with Lord Raziel has taught me anything, it’s how to keep my mouth shut.”

“I had hoped your friendship with Karla was going to be a lasting one, but this may have wounded things as badly for you as it most definitely will for me.” Eidolon patted her hand. “Should I take you to Brig?”

“No. You go patch things up.” Shana headed toward the Circle building with the intention of calling Brig from his office. She could wait for him safely there and relieve Eidolon of his responsibility to protect her. “Karla will come around. Don’t be mad at her for being upset.”

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