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Nihil : Warm & Fuzzy Pt.2

“She is adorable.” Mala watched the kitten bouncing along and swiping at Vikarr’s fingers almost jealous that Donovan couldn’t keep the cat. “Donovan may have over done it, but you should have plenty for a while.”

 “Where are you running off to?” Vikarr watched the kitten bounce off the desk to his lap then the floor and wander off crying. After circling pathetically in the corner she crouched and her little tail twitched as she peed on the floor. “Damn mortals. Remind me to scold your lover.”

 “My what?” Mala had been laughing over the kitten’s mess and stopped to stammer over what he hoped he had misheard.

 “Donovan.” Vikarr laughed as he used a bit of magic to correct Doma’s mistake. “Did you really think I didn’t know?”

 “Vikarr, you’re mistaken.” Mala hated the lie on his tongue but Donovan had so desperately wanted to keep things hidden.

 “That is why Raziel’s presence had you so stiff.” Vikarr poked through the bags Donovan had filled with everything but a solution to the current problem. Doma squirmed at his feet when he held one of the long fuzzy toys. He leaned over and teased her with it. “You want this?”

 “Vikarr…” Mala clutched the back of the chair. “Don’t tell him you know. If it is a problem, I’ll end it kindly.”

 “Why would it be a problem?” Vikarr sat on the floor with his kitten and pulled out the rest of the toys. “It has been a hilariously delicious show to see the two of you torture yourselves to hide it, but I don’t plan on meddling in your personal lives.”

 “How long have you known?” Mala hung his head. He had never enjoyed hiding it to begin with, but he wondered how many long years they had been playing a pointless game.

 “Probably since before the two of you realized it.” Vikarr laughed as the kitten scurried across the floor with a crinkly ball that rang when she smacked it. “When Donovan’s pitiful pining was replaced with stolen glances from both of you I knew one of you had finally…”

 “The whole time, Vikarr?” Mala scolded him. They had hid things for nearly two centuries. “You could have told me.”

 “As I said.” Vikarr smiled up at him. “It was amusing. What made you think I would ask you to end it?”

 “Donovan thought you would find it inappropriate.” Mala admitted sadly that he had let Donovan’s worries make the decision. “Because we are colleagues and are supposed to stay unbiased.”

 “I’m afraid that I haven’t made much of an effort to befriend either of you, but I am not very adept at that sort of thing. Others tend to find me difficult. Mala, I trust the both of you to be smarter than to base important decisions on selfish desires.” Vikarr explained his disinterest in their affair. “Besides, I have the final say regardless of what you two bicker over. So enjoy yourselves and tell Donovan I told him to relax.”

 “I’m not sure I know how to tell him any of this.” Mala should have been relieved but sometimes the truth has a way of burdening joy with reality. “Or if I even want to.”

 “Don’t care.” Vikarr heard his phone on the desk. “Toss me that.”

 “It’s Donovan.” Mala pouted and held the phone with shaking fingers. “Lord Vikarr…”

 “I said I wouldn’t meddle.” Vikarr laughed and held out his hand until Mala gave him his phone. He answered the call and grinned at Mala. “Trouble?”

 “Not really.” Donovan sighed. “I just remembered I didn’t get a few things for the kitten.”

 “A little late for that.” Vikarr laughed. “What will keep her from making a mess of my office?”

 “Shit, I’m sorry Vikarr.” Donovan laughed. “I’m close enough, I’ll be back.”

 “I hope he’s quick about it.” Vikarr slid his phone into his jacket. “I was hoping to have some fun this evening.”

 “I can just look after Doma.” Mala offered to let Vikarr head off on what he was sure was a lecherous adventure. He was afraid the Jester was going to be tempted to meddle despite his claim and would rather not have the conversation for his amusement. He was worried about having it at all.

 “It’s still early.” Vikarr crawled after the kitten as she chased after another of her toys. “Find her something to eat.”

 “Vikarr.” Mala pulled through the bags for a dish and her food. He thought of their strange beginnings and wondered how long he had been blind to his friend’s desire. “How long did I make him wait?”

 “When I said I wouldn’t meddle, I meant in any direction.” Vikarr laughed as the kitten batted at his hair. “After this long I would have thought you would have discussed his long unrewarded crush by now. Unless of course you want to swap secrets. You give me dirty little details and I’ll tell you about all those adorably pathetic moments Donovan tried to hide.”

 “I think I prefer to keep my details private.” Mala smiled as the mighty Watcher crawled along the floor after his pet and disappeared behind the desk. “I’m sure they would bore someone with your… experience.”

 “Are you trying to question my spotless character?” Vikarr popped up next to his chair on his knees and leaned across the desk to playfully challenge Mala’s accusation. “I’ll have you know, sweet Mala that my experience is driven by only the purest of intent.”

 “And what intent is that, Lord Vikarr?” Mala laughed.

 “The intent to enjoy the fuck out of it.” Vikarr picked up Doma and laid her back on his arm to rub the soft fur on her stomach. “I don’t regret a minute of the things I’ve done, Mala. You angels may have had high ideals about what should and should not be done, but I lived as I wanted then and couldn’t have been happier to join Lucifer in a realm free of such ridiculous judgment.”

 “I was not judging you.” Mala shouted at him. “And I may not have leapt at Lucifer’s first offer but fought with his army when it mattered. I have slain angels that would cast those judgments.”

 “So, you do scream. Calm down, Mala.” Vikarr rubbed the edge of Mala’s eye as he started to tear. “I was not trying to start a fight with you. We all lost much, but we are all demons now.”

 “Everything alright?” Donovan wanted to run to Mala when he saw him so upset but swallowed his urge and played at the friendly concern that was expected. He sat everything beside Vikarr’s desk and looked over at Mala to wait for an answer. “Kitten make another mess?”

 “Doma.” Vikarr corrected and turned to smile at Donovan. “And no. We were discussing ancient history. Set that up, would you?”

 “You okay?” Donovan pushed a box into the corner as Mala held the box of litter beside him. “I can put off work a few hours.”

 “No. You can’t.” Vikarr corrected as he cuddled Doma to his neck. “But if you’ll come and check on Doma, Mala can go with you.”

 “Where are you going?” Donovan filled the box that Mala had already changed to a much more fitting squared edged black.

 “To make Eliza angry.” Vikarr laughed and lifted one of Doma’s tiny paws to point at Donovan. “You are going to get your work done and stay out of it.”


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Nihil : Warm & Fuzzy Pt.1

“Come here.” Donovan rushed to his office door and waved Mala over. “Before I have to run off after a bunch of idiots.”

“I need to talk to you anyway.” Mala shook his head as he joined Donovan at his office door. The Keeper would know all the details of their little affair and if Donovan wanted to keep things quiet Mala wanted to explain the necessity to keep Raziel placated. Donovan pushed Mala inside and the door closed behind them. “What are you doing?”

“Look what I found.” Donovan crouched down to address his guest. “Here kitty. Come here.”

A little black and white kitten wandered over purring and rubbed against Donovan’s shoes as he pet it. Mala grinned and crouched beside him and the kitten jumped up onto his knees.

“Isn’t she cute?” Donovan grinned. “She was wandering around out front when I got back so I went and got her food and water.”

“You blew me off for a girl.” Mala poked Donovan and giggled. “She is adorable, are you going to keep her?”

“I don’t think I can.” Donovan pet the kittens head and stood. “I doubt Dodo would dig a cat chasing him around. You want to take her?”

“That wouldn’t be fair.” Mala sighed. “I never go home.”

“Think Vikarr is a pet person?” Donovan laughed. “She is black and white. They might bond.”

“Ask him.” Mala picked the kitten up as he stood and let it climb up onto his shoulder and sniff at his hair.

“I was kidding.” Donovan laughed. “I wouldn’t do that to the cat.”

“I wasn’t.” Mala grabbed one of Donovan’s ears. “Let’s go ask.”

“You said you needed to talk.” Donovan pulled his head away. “What about?”

“Our guest.” Mala sighed. “You remember when I told you about the Keeper?”

“Mind reader, right?” Donovan could see Mala’s subtle pout over him pulling away again and stepped closer to pet the kitten on his shoulder. He let his hand brush against Mala’s face until he smiled again. “You think he knows?”

“Most definitely.” Mala nodded. “It shouldn’t be a problem unless either of us make him angry. I just wanted to warn you. I know you think it’s important to hide me away.”

“Don’t be like that.” Donovan sighed. “Can we just talk about this later? I don’t want to fight about this when I need to leave.”

“Kiss.” Mala pointed playfully to his cheek. “And I’ll think about it.”

“You’re too cute.” Donovan kissed Mala’s face and then rubbed his hands back through the demon’s hair to mess it up again. “Oh no. I made you cuter.”

“You’re so strange, Donovan.” Mala changed his clothes and tilted his head against the kitten on his shoulder. “Let’s go see if Vikarr likes cats.”

They left Donovan’s office as Eliza was cursing her way to the front door and laughed their way across the balcony to Vikarr’s door.

“Do you have a minute?” Mala smiled in at him.

“I’ve had many minutes.” Vikarr chuckled and tried to decide how he was going to spend his day. “Come in.”

“I brought you a present.” Donovan lifted the soft critter from Mala’s shoulder as they headed inside. “You like animals?”

“Afraid your Dodo wouldn’t approve?” Vikarr laughed at Donovan’s offering. It was less of a gift and more of a favor he was asking.

“Would you mind?” Donovan watched as Vikarr slipped his fingers around the black and white fur and lifted the kitten for a closer look.

“How long do they live?” Vikarr sat the kitten on his desk and watched it poke at the computer resting on the smooth white surface.

“Ten years or so.” Donovan reasoned to Vikarr’s sense of fashion. “She matches your office and your outfit.”

“I suppose I can commit to a decade.” Vikarr sat at his desk and the kitten flopped into his lap. He rubbed her tiny head and she purred at the gesture. “Aren’t you supposed to be working?”

“There’s food for her in my office.” Donovan nodded. “I’ll get it and get back to work.”

“Mala can get it.” Vikarr waved him off. “I want Raziel out of my city. Go find the last of them.”

Mala smiled at Donovan as he turned to go. The sweet wink as he left that was meant to convey his affection made Mala remember such simple moments over the years, before they blundered into their more intimate time together. He wondered how many of Donovan’s smiles were hiding the longing that embarrassed him.

“Snap out of it, Mala.” Vikarr laughed. “If you are going to daydream, do it in your office.”

“Sorry, Lord Vikarr.” Mala giggled when he saw the Watcher petting the kitten in his lap. “What will you call her?”

“Doma.” Vikarr let Doma chew on his fingers as he pulled up some information on his computer. “What did you think of our guests?”

“Which of them?” Mala slid into a chair in front of Vikarr’s desk. “I had dealt with the Keeper before. He spent as much time in Heaven as he did in Hell.”

“His pet was interesting.” Vikarr was intrigued and curious over their arrangement. “Pretty thing, though he seemed a little spoiled.”

“Not so much as Galik.” Mala, like so many others, had no understanding of why a Watcher would create and keep at his side such a horrible creature. As lovely as Galik was, he was violent and unpredictable. Mala thought of the extreme differences in the Keeper’s pets. “I thought Raziel had claimed a female when he took over in Vex.”

“He did.” Vikarr laughed. “Maybe he has started to collect vampires.”

“I rather liked, Brig.” Mala admitted. “I think perhaps our Miss Drake did as well.”

“She is a curious creature.” Vikarr had found as much information as he could about the fanged club owner and was flustered by how little there was of it. “I think I may pay her a visit this evening.”

“Looking to start your own collection, Lord Vikarr?” Mala laughed. “Or did you just want to hear her scream at you again? I could do that for you.”

“That could be fun.” Vikarr laughed as he tapped his fingers across the desk and let the kitten chase after them. “I can’t imagine you screaming.”

“I rarely let things bother me enough for there to be a point in it.” Mala was glad to see Vikarr enjoying his new friend. He imagined Donovan would be relieved Vikarr had taken to the kitten so quickly.

“Raziel’s arrival seemed to bother you.” Vikarr teased. “Have secrets worth keeping?”

“Doesn’t everyone?” Mala smiled and lifted himself out of the chair. “I will go get Doma’s things. If you are going to be out this evening you should feed her first.”

Mala went to Donovan’s office and grabbed the bags of food, water and toys. Mala shook his head at the number of things Donovan had gotten for the kitten, he must have wanted so badly to keep the warm, fuzzy critter for himself. As Mala carried everything back to Vikarr’s office he let his mind wander to the day Donovan had brought home another pet.

“Say ‘Hello’, stupid.” Donovan poked at his feathered beast and offered it a cracker.

 “Made a new friend?” Mala squeezed Donovan and grinned at the parrot that gnawed on the offered treat.

“Dodo.” Donovan pulled Mala in front of him. “Where have you been, beautiful?”

 “Store.” Mala grinned and pointed to the bags by the door. “I want you to make me more pancakes.”

 “All you do is eat.” Donovan laughed and pulled Mala a little closer. “Are you staying tonight?”

 “Hello, stupid.” Dodo interrupted. “Hello, stupid.”

 “Awesome.” Donovan sighed and went to grab the bags from the door while Mala congratulated the bird on its amusing accomplishment.

 “Can he not fly?” Mala let the bird walk onto his hand as it flapped at him. “Is he broken?”

 “The store probably clipped his wings.” Donovan explained on his way to the kitchen. He laughed at the excessive amount of ingredients Mala had brought. “How many pancakes do you plan on eating?”

 “A lot.” Mala leaned against the counter with the wounded bird. He was troubled by the cruelty of it. “Why would they clip them? Birds are meant to fly. It’s mean.”

 “So he doesn’t get away, I guess.” Donovan sighed. “He’s a pet, humans do some pretty awful things to pets.”

 “What if he is unhappy?” Mala pouted. “Can I just heal him? If he likes you he’ll stay.”

 “If you want.” Donovan shrugged. “You get to clean up whatever mess he makes.”

 Mala spilled magic through his fingertips and into each of Dodo’s wings. He laughed as the bird flapped through the doorway and landed on the couch.

Hello, stupid.” Dodo pranced along the arm of the couch before he flapped his way back to his perch to dig through his dish.

 “Now he’s happy.” Mala smiled and opened a new bottle of syrup for his snack.

 “Now he’ll crap everywhere.” Donovan shook his head and laughed at Mala. The demon was pouring syrup onto his tongue. “You are so odd.”

 “You’re slow.” Mala teased. “Where are my pancakes?”

 Mala slipped back into Vikarr’s office with everything and sat the bags in one of the chairs. Vikarr was chasing the kitten around the surface of the desk with his fingertips.

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Nihil : E

Eliza was having the most amazing dream. She had similar dreams before. Depressing memories of a long lost time in her life when she was sad and lonely. This was different. She was bathed in the warmth of the coming sunrise as she walked the edge of cliff by the ocean, spinning happily along the fragile stones and listening to the waves that crashed below with a swell of happiness she could never explain. The sound of those waves should have been frightening at this dizzying height but today they soothed her and the soft breezes that pushed at her legs instilled an odd confidence in her instead of fear. She turned her back to the ocean and pushed back off the rocky edge.

 She smiled as the wind rushed at her back, her black hair whipped in front of her face and she felt liberated by the freedom of the fall. She waited for the crash with a sense of calm but instead of breaking over the foam drenched rocks, her fall ended with warm arms wrapping around her, pulling her close and cradling her to the strong chest that seemed to beat with a heart that belonged to her. The wind softened and Eliza listened to the sound of the wings that carried her effortlessly through the air as the sun crested over the horizon. She heard whispered words of adoration and started to look up to gaze on the face of her prince when she woke…

 “Fuck.” Eliza stretched and cursed the end of her pleasant dream when she remembered she had been arguing and felt like she was being held. She opened her eyes reluctantly and it was no prince that greeted her. “Double Fuck.”

 “Enjoy your nap?” Vikarr smiled at her as he slid aside the computer he had been reading from and wrapped his other arm around her. “Mala apologizes for his methods, but it kept you from harm.”

 “Tell him to add a couple of minutes before the alarm.” Eliza pushed against Vikarr as she protested the abrupt end of her dream. “And let go or you’re gonna need him to keep you from harm. You better not have done anything weird while I was out.”

 “I prefer conscious lovers.” Vikarr turned his chair and let her to her feet. “I only held you as you slept.”

 “Which is extremely creepy.” Eliza looked around the room. It was as monochromatic as he was. Everything had sharp defined edges and the stark black and white contrast that made him so strange. “I assume you and your fucked up friends settled things after you had me knocked out.”

 “It will be taken care of.” Vikarr nodded and stood in front of her. She looked up at him with her wide green eyes and he smiled as he gestured for the door. “I have a car waiting outside to take you wherever you would like. Unless of course you would like to spend a bit more time on my lap.”

 “You are too freakishly tall to smack properly.” Eliza glared up at him and crossed her arms in front of her. “I don’t need the car, just fix the problem.”

 “Smack away.” Vikarr bowed deeply to her and lifted his face to accommodate her. “I’ll treasure the sting of your fingers.”

 Eliza hated that he was enjoying himself so much but after the weird gesture she was angry enough to indulge the offer and brought her hand across his face as hard as she could. He laughed as she shook her fingers.

 “I apologize.” Vikarr took her hand as he righted himself and rubbed her fingers in his. “I should have said my natural defenses are a bit beyond your fragile capabilities.”

 “Don’t touch me.” Eliza snatched away her fingers. “Where did that weird guy go with Brig?”

 “They’ll be a Nihil a short while.” Vikarr smiled. “If they do stop by your club I advise you to steer clear. If Mala or myself is not there to defend you; your sharp tongue could invite a tragic end.”

 “Cram it.” Eliza stormed toward the door. “I don’t need some freaky bean pole and his smiling sidekick to rescue me. Stay out of Sordid and away from me.”

 “I’m afraid I will have to deny that request.” Vikarr grinned as he opened the door and watched her leave in a rage-fueled race to be away from him. “You are far too fun to ignore, my lovely.”

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Nihil : Fragile Puppet Strings (18+)

“He isn’t going to hurt her, is he?” Brig hurried after Raziel as he walked ahead. He hadn’t said a word since they left Vikarr’s office and he seemed to walk without destination just to avoid conversation. Brig was getting flustered by the cold shoulder and rushed up to grab Raziel’s wrist. “Would you answer me?”

“I am angry with you.” Raziel stopped and turned to face Brig. “Your answer can wait until I no longer have the desire to strike you for behavior.”

“The guy was being a dick.” Brig defended his actions as Raziel pulled his arm away. “I can’t believe you are pissed at me for defending you.”

“Did I seem like I required your defense?” Raziel answered coldly and tapped the pages Brig was holding. “Just lead the way and stay quiet.”

“I told you it was a bad idea to bring me here.” Brig looked over the addresses and hoped he remembered his way around Nihil as well as he thought he did. “It’s not like I was trying to embarrass you. You’ll have to excuse me if I’m not used to being someone’s pet.”

“If you make another comment like that I will punish you for it.” Raziel stepped close to Brig. “And I don’t want you speaking to that woman.”

“Don’t pull that jealous shit with me, Raziel.” Brig scowled at him. “We are not fucking married and you of all people know damn well I have no interest in her.”

“I warned you, Brig. You will not speak to me this way.” Raziel grabbed Brig by his throat and called chaos to bind his arms behind him as he took them to his estate in Hell. Brig’s horror and panic manifested instantly, nothing seemed to affect Brig more than being bound and locked away. Raziel pushed him and Brig fell to the floor pulling furiously against the bindings as his breath quickened and he looked at Raziel with desperation in his eyes that pained him. “I have work to do. I will return for you later.”

“Raziel, don’t do this.” Brig struggled against the bindings until he started to bleed from his efforts and despite wanting to keep his dignity fear brought him to tears as his heart pounded in his chest. He pleaded Raziel for compassion. “I’ll shut up, I swear. Just don’t leave me like this.”

“Stop.” Raziel kneeled beside Brig and healed the tears in his skin. In trying to teach Brig a lesson he was punishing the both of them. “I don’t want you to hurt yourself while I am gone.”

“Then take me with you.” Brig forced himself to sit up in front of Raziel. He tried to stop himself from shaking as he appealed to Raziel’s more merciful side. “I can’t handle this, not from you. If you love me so much…”

“Don’t try to use my love for you against me, Brig.” Raziel let his mask slip away as he spoke and watched Brig’s expression soften because of it. He released Brig’s arms and turned away as he stood. “It is painful enough on it’s own. Give me a moment alone please.”

It took Brig a moment himself to get his pulse to slow and tried to decide what relief was greater: no longer having his arms immobile or not seeing the sadness on Raziel’s face. Brig was still shaking as he stood and fought with himself over the decision to take Raziel’s hand and pull him into his arms.

“Are you ever going to listen to a thing I tell you? I am your Master, I asked you…” Raziel scolded Brig sternly until he heard Brig’s nervous intentions and felt the shaking arms around him pull him closer.

“Probably not. I’m not great at following orders.” Brig tilted his head and kissed his Master. He told himself it was an apology, a thanks for ending a torturous punishment, even a means to spare Shana any backlash from his misbehaving. Anything not to admit to himself that he liked the feel of Raziel in his arms as he kissed him.

“Isn’t this usually the other way around?” Tali whispered to Cid as they watched tears stream down Raziel’s face. The two of them had scattered when Raziel started his violent lesson. They had learned to keep quiet and out of the way when things got heated and just waited to see where this was going.

Raziel pushed his tongue against Brig’s fangs; spilling blood into their kiss as he slipped his fingers into the vampire’s hair to prevent his first reaction to pull away. After a few blissful moments letting Brig lead their kiss, Raziel took control over it to keep it from ending. Brig’s thoughts quickly clouded in a euphoric haze from the blood and Raziel encouraged Brig to take more to keep him willing.

Brig had been denying for months the idea that he could ever enjoy these moments, but every time they happened he started to succumb to it. Raziel’s kiss was blinding and now with the sweet elixir of Raziel’s blood spilling over his tongue he could no longer make the conscious effort to hate what he was doing. His body reacted and he desperately hoped Raziel wouldn’t notice, but in seconds he felt the encouraging stroke of the demons hands through his jeans and felt the soft bed beneath him as Raziel took him to his bed. Even euphoria couldn’t stop the fear that gripped Brig and he scrambled back into the headboard as he pulled away from Raziel’s kiss.

“You are still going to deny that you want this?” Raziel crawled over Brig and wiped the blood from the trembling lips that waited to utter their protest.

“Let’s not fight in front of the kids.” Brig was far from lucid. His head was swimming and his entire body felt like a spring pushed too tightly. His defensive wit was at least helping him speak but he was terrified of the demon that kept his eyes fixed on him.

“Cid, Tali.” Raziel never turned his gaze from Brig as he spoke his order. “Go enjoy the bath.”

“Okie dokie.” Tali grabbed Cid’s hand and they flew off together.

“Raziel, I can’t do this.” Brig felt the warm fingers against the skin under his shirt and grabbed Raziel’s arm. There was no way he could ever stop Raziel if he was determined but he hoped there was still reason behind the lust in the demons eyes. “I’m asking you to stop.”

“I’m asking you to let me touch you.” Raziel smiled at him.

“And then what?” Brig shouted. “You said nothing I’m not willing to give. I don’t want this.”

“You aren’t as unwilling as you claim to be.” Raziel laid against Brig and ceased his determined assault as he considered an alternative. “What if I was not myself? I can be whatever…”

“Just stop, Raziel.” Brig hugged Raziel to him. He was relieved that Raziel had given up for the moment, but furious over the suggestion. “I didn’t like it when you changed the first time, it sure as fuck didn’t turn out so great for me. What the fuck do you want from me?”

“For you to be mine.” Raziel sat up on Brig’s legs and looked away.

“You already took care of that, cupcake.” Brig pulled away what was left of the bandage over Raziel’s crest on his arm. “You want me to stop hiding it, I will. You want to add your name and number in case I get lost?”

“I should get back to Nihil.” Raziel returned to his emotionless state to hide his pain. “Collect Cid and Tali, I will take you to Vex.”

“Don’t be stupid.” Brig grabbed Raziel’s hand and checked his phone. “You need a guide, remember?”

“You know that isn’t true.” Raziel pushed the hair back from Brig’s face. “I selfishly wanted to spend the time with you. Now I think it may be best to spend the time apart.”

“Right. Your solution to everything. Run the fuck away.” Brig tightened his fingers on Raziel’s hand. “You hid away your feelings because you couldn’t deal with your friends, you hid away your love and forced your bride and husband to hide theirs for you because you can’t handle the idea of someone looking at what’s yours, and you threatened to walk out on Vex because I didn’t jump into your arms. I am truly fucking sorry that I can’t give you what you want, but could you at least appreciate what I do give you and stop putting me through this shit?”

“I have every right to take what I want from you.” Raziel pulled his fingers from Brig’s hand as he stood. He walked off the edge of the bed and sat there as he closed his eyes. “I have not done so because I value more than what could be.”

“I know.” Brig slid over to the edge of the bed and sat beside him. “I don’t know how to deal with any of this and you know it. Just stop trying to run away and please don’t ever try to tie me up and leave me alone again.”

“I would not have left you.” Raziel put his arm around Brig. “If I had planned on being that cruel I would have been gone before you hit the floor, but your behavior was unacceptable, puppet.”

“Lesson learned.” Brig sighed and leaned into Raziel’s embrace. “You still need me to bugger off?”

“I need you to escort me through Nihil.” Raziel stroked the back of Brig’s neck. “It is frustrating to know your mind so well. Forgive me for pushing so hard.”

“Done.” Brig kissed Raziel softly. He knew his Master was seeing the things in his head he couldn’t admit to himself, but Brig was still sorting through it all. He did not want Raziel picking one random thought and making the decision for him. “And I’m sorry.”

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Nihil : Nihil’s Vampire’s Pt.2

“You should be ashamed of yourself.” Eliza was ranting at Vikarr as they entered. “I asked you to take care of idiots not fuck with my patrons. I heard all about your little under the table dealings with one of my waitresses. Aren’t you Circle morons supposed to be refined and dignified?”

“Get over yourself, lady.” Donovan laughed at her ridiculous rage. “Your club is a tribute to hedonism and debauchery. You have no place lecturing someone else on dignity.”

“I wasn’t talking to you, baldy.” Eliza shouted. “I was having a discussion with the horrid harlequin over here.”

“Miss Drake, we asked you here because we have every intention of dealing with your problem.” Mala smiled and offered her a seat in front of Vikarr’s desk. “We expect the arrival of aid. If you could let more minor complaints wait and calm yourself we can discuss them later.”

“Its E. Not Miss Drake.” Eliza threw herself into the chair and glared at Vikarr. “Hopefully this aid is more efficient than you lot.”

“You have positively lovely eyes.” Vikarr smiled at the vampire and shifted the color of his shirt to match the bright emerald hue of her eyes.

“Are you flirting with me?” Eliza laughed. “That’s rich. I’m not as naïve as your hand-sy blonde friend at Sordid. You can rock your own jollies. I’m not interested.”

“Ouch.” Mala had never seen someone so bluntly refuse the advances of a Watcher and Vikarr seemed completely enthralled by her defiant nature. “This is going to be an interesting meeting.”

“Watch your mouth, young fang.” Donovan patted her head as he passed on his way to join Mala beside Vikarr. “This isn’t your slut shop; show a little respect.”

“Young?” Eliza laughed and realized that Nihil’s Third was not a demon. “What the shit is a vampire doing on the Circle?”

“Saving your ass if you keep your hole shut.” Donovan smirked. “You keep up this shit, I’ll just put you down with the rest of the trash.”

“That’s enough, Donovan.” Vikarr willed open the door to express his discontent with another problem. He was completely furious with the replacement the Council had sent. “I was expecting Lilith.”

“Keeper.” Mala bowed his head and tried to think of anything but Donovan as Raziel stepped inside. It was an impossible task and he hoped he could depend on the Keeper’s silence. “Welcome to Nihil.”

“So, why would they send you?” Vikarr scowled at the Keeper.

“Lilith was otherwise occupied.” Raziel explained as Brig froze beside him. Vikarr kept his thoughts guarded and Mala tried but failed to hide his secrets. Donovan and the vampire seated in front of Vikarr’s desk were open books as was Brig who had sensed a familiar vampire and was bothered to run into her so soon during their visit. Raziel made his introductions in an attempt to snap Brig out of his anxiety. “This is my colleague, Brig. Vex’s Third.”

“Brig?” Eliza turned to see if it was her Brig and jumped from the chair when she saw the boyish face. “Holy shit! London!”

“Hi, E.” Brig forced himself to smile and Eliza ran at him. He was torn between relief and anger when Raziel stepped in front of him to halt her advance and put an end to her plan of a happy reunion. “It’s alright, Lord Raziel.”

“I decide what is alright.” Raziel answered blankly as he looked at the angry vampire in front of him. “Back away.”

“Shift it, creepy.” Eliza glared at Raziel. “We’re old friends.”

“Miss Drake… E.” Mala took Eliza gently by her arm. “Please don’t harass Lord Raziel. He is here to help.”

“Have a seat, Keeper.” Vikarr folded his hands on his desk and waited for Mala to lead Eliza back to her seat and the Keeper to step forward. Instead of taking his offer, Raziel instructed his Third to take the chair and the Keeper stood between the vampires in a very obvious act to keep them separated. As Brig sat with his small companions Vikarr smiled at the creatures. “I’ve seen a few of those delightful creatures roaming Hell. Your work Raziel?”

“They are.” Raziel gave his unmoved response. “We can discuss creation later, Jester. My purpose here is to solve your problem, not to socialize.”

Brig tried to distract himself with Cid and Tali, but he was upset by Raziel’s jealous reaction to Eliza and frustrated by the mocking tone of Nihil’s head. Eliza’s finger furiously tapping the arm of her chair did not make the situation any more comfortable.

“I see your place on the Council of Lords has done little to diminish your arrogance.” Vikarr smiled at Raziel. “I compliment your creations and you insult me? You are as pompous as ever.”

“Fuck the creepy bats.” Eliza shouted. Interrupting one argument to begin another when she saw the band on Brig’s finger. “Is that a fucking wedding ring you lying sack of shit? What happened to ‘I don’t date’, London?”

“I didn’t lie to you, E.” Brig answered sadly as Cid and Tali hugged him awkwardly to comfort him. He rubbed at Tali’s quartz white hair as he tried to explain. “You know things changed for all of us.”

“Quiet, Brig.” Raziel scolded him. Brig’s reply stirred memories in Nihil’s Third and Raziel watched him try to avoid looking in their direction. Brig tried to avoid the angry glare of his friend from so long ago. Eliza’s mind was filled with anger and questions over Brig’s excuse. Raziel wanted none of it addressed. “Vikarr, silence this vampire or I will leave its ashes on your floor. She is not to speak to Brig again.”

“You need to stay out of it. I’ll talk to whoever the fuck I want.” Eliza leaned to look around him at Brig. “So who the fuck was better than me, Mr. Wonderful?”

“Lord Raziel, don’t.” Brig grabbed Raziel’s sleeve to prevent what he was sure would be an end to Eliza. He may never have loved her, but she had been a friend and he didn’t want to see anything happen to her. Raziel turned his quiet rage on Brig instead and Brig winced as pain burned through his veins. He withdrew his hand and clenched his teeth. Glad to see someone else intervene in the wake of the distraction he provided.

“Mala, bring me the girl.” Vikarr was amused by what he was seeing. Raziel’s unruly pet was charmingly kind and the mouthy green-eyed woman was intriguingly bold in the presence of power.

“Bring?” Eliza spun around to scream at Vikarr and was met with the childlike smile of Nihil’s Second. “No one is bringing me anywhere. Back off, chuckles.”

“Sleepy time.” Mala smiled at Eliza a moment before he flicked her nose with his middle finger and caught her in his arms as she collapsed into a deep sleep. As he lifted her into his arms he bowed his head to Raziel. “That should help. Let’s play nice, Lord Raziel.”

“Thank you, Mala.” Raziel took the chair beside Brig and watched Mala deliver the girl into Vikarr’s arms. He could hear Brig’s concern, but did not require his skills to see the worry on Brig’s face. “She is fine, puppet.”

“I’ve only put her to sleep.” Mala assured Brig with a smile. “I would not hurt someone without good reason.”

“She’s very pretty.” Vikarr held Eliza on his lap with one arm and ran one of his slender fingers down the side of her face. He smiled up at Brig’s wide-eyed fear for his old friend. “Donovan, if you would. Our guest is impatient.”

“The young fang may be obnoxiously loud, but she did bring a valid complaint to the Circle.” Donovan pulled a set of folded pages from his jacket and began to explain things to Raziel. “There are forty-two registered sets of fangs in Nihil. Thanks to the trash our loud guest runs, there are also frequent tourist types and a few dozen dark dwellers who try and keep off the grid.”

“How do you deal with so many?” Brig was staggered by the numbers Donovan rattled off so casually. In Vex the only remaining vampires were himself, Shana and Van.

“By keeping track of them as best as I can.” Donovan explained. “Some of the registered vampires are careful, intelligent and useful. They keep out of each other’s way and don’t cause any trouble. They clean up a bit of trash and a few of them hardly feed at all thanks to dedicated human lovers that keep them sustained well enough.”

“And the others?” Brig was genuinely curious and as part of Vex’s Circle he hoped Raziel understood his eagerness to see how the other Circles kept things in order.

“This a list of the ones we know are not playing by the rules.” Donovan handed the pages to Raziel. “I generally deal with the tourists when they become a problem, but I’ve spent the last few days locating the haunts for the ones who have dug in and started to make a nuisance of themselves. I should have the rest of them located in a few days.”

Raziel looked over the pages Donovan had given him before he handed them over to Brig. Donovan had been amazingly thorough. His list gave names, descriptions, and addresses for home and frequented locations. Nihil’s Third was precise and efficient with his work.

“Why did you not just deal with this on your own?” Raziel asked. “You seem to have done most of the work.”

“I only made it easier for you to look things over.” Donovan gave his cautiously humble answer and explained the Circle’s position. He did not like speaking for Vikarr, but his playful colleague seemed to be more focused on the sleeping vampire than the Watcher Lucifer had sent. “It’s one thing to take out a few young fangs that get out of control. At this number it becomes a more sensitive issue. We were not about to begin a massacre without consulting the Council, we are yielding to your decision.”

“Then I will look over Nihil while you finish your list.” Raziel stood and nodded his intent to depart. “I will decide then.”

“Donovan can show you around if you desire.” Vikarr folded Eliza’s arms in front of her and pulled her to his chest as he pulled his chair close to his desk to continue his morning’s work. “Enjoy your stay in Nihil, Keeper.”

“I know it isn’t my place, cupcake.” Brig glared at Vikarr as he pulled himself out of his seat. “But Lord Raziel is your superior whether you like it or not, and you can keep your Third. I know Nihil well enough.”

“Charming pet, Raziel.” Vikarr smiled at Brig as he deliberately rubbed his fingers along Eliza’s bare shoulder.

“Stop touching her like that.” Brig shouted at Vikarr. “It would piss her off.”

“I like this one better than your golem, Galik.” Vikarr laughed. “He’s pretty, loyal, quick to defend his Master and defend the honor of young women.”

“Fuck you, cupcake.” Brig steadied Cid as he climbed onto his shoulder. “Leave Lord Raziel alone.”

“You’ve got balls, kid.” Donovan laughed. “You might want to walk away from this one, though. Vikarr might be all smiles, but he’s not going to…”

“I will be in and out of Nihil the next few days.” Raziel interrupted. He ignored Vikarr’s attempt to draw him into a fight and Donovan’s pointless words of caution. “Keep the harlot out of my way and away from my belongings.”

“That did not go well at all.” Mala was relieved by the Keeper’s departure but worried over the abrupt nature of it and the exchange that had caused it. “Was it wise to pick a fight with a member of Lucifer’s Council, Lord Vikarr?”

“I’m fairly certain most of the Council hates that troublesome Keeper as much as I do.” Vikarr ran his fingers over Eliza’s collarbone. “Just leave him to his work. How long will she sleep?”

“Not long.” Mala smiled. “I only wanted to keep her out of trouble. Just a little nap.”

“You both did well today.” Vikarr waved them off so he could have a little fun with the feisty vampire when she woke. “Donovan, make sure you get the rest of the list to Raziel quickly. I don’t want him here longer than necessary.”

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Nihil : Nihil’s Vampires Pt.1

Mala glanced at his watch and wondered where the one who bought it had wandered off. He was usually quicker about his errands.


 “A watch?” Mala giggled. Confused by the sudden gift. “This phone I have to carry has the time on it.”

 “It’s time I’m giving you, you ungrateful imp.” Donovan was aggravated his thoughtful gift had gone unappreciated and he snatched the box out of Mala’s fingers. “Just forget it.”

 Mala followed Donovan as he stormed out of the room and watched his angry lover slam the gift into the trash before he went out onto the balcony and leaned on the railing. Mala pulled the pretty silver watch from the discarded box and slid it onto his wrist. It not only fit his slender wrist perfectly, but its shiny purple face told Mala that Donovan had chosen it to match his demonic eyes. They had been together for a few years, but it usually went unspoken. Not only because of Donovan’s insistence that they keep it secret, but because they were both still unsure of what the other expected. Mala looked at the watch on his wrist and realized Donovan wanted to make things more concrete between them.

 Donovan sighed when he felt Mala wrap his arms around his waist. He rubbed the watch on Mala’s wrist and thought he would cry, something he rarely did.

 “I didn’t mean to upset you.” Mala laid his head against Donovan’s back. “Don’t be mad.”

 “I over reacted.” Donovan had spent weeks trying to decide on a thoughtful gift and was a little crushed at the poor reaction to it, but he was far more upset with his own reaction. “You make me a little crazy, but I’m not mad. I just wanted to give you something special. I know you deserve a proper lover; my time is all I have to give you. I didn’t want you to think what we have is… What are you doing?”

 “I love you, too.” Mala had taken his hand and slid a simple silver band onto Donovan’s pinky. It was the first time either of them had said it. Donovan would avoid the words for years longer, but his gift had made it clear. Mala smiled as he hugged the trembling vampire. “Now make me dinner.”


“Lilith should be here shortly to deal with these vampires.” Vikarr distracted Mala from whatever daydream had him smiling as he walked across his office. “Where is Donovan?”

 “I have no idea, Lord Vikarr.” Mala leaned on his desk and smiled up at him. “Have you called him? Did the girl ever show up?”

 “She should be on her way.” Vikarr had hoped to discuss things with her before the Council was involved, but Eliza Drake turned out to be a very stubborn creature and insisted that he deal with her busy schedule. All of their contact had been, brief, digital and impersonal, but she finally agreed to meet when he insisted the visit with the Council could not be rescheduled and was out of his hands. Vikarr tapped Mala’s desk. “Please make sure our Third is here for this.”

“I’ll do what I can.” Mala smiled and called Donovan’s phone as Vikarr left in a hurry to wait for their guests.

 “You’re so impatient.” Donovan answered the call and laughed. “I said I was coming. I’m in my office.”

 “Vikarr wanted to know where you were.” Mala smiled as he spun in his chair. “What are you up to?”

 “I just found something I had to take care of.” Donovan replied and Mala could hear the smile in his voice. “I’ll be right there, angel.”

 Donovan hung up and Mala continued spinning in his chair as he waited. He grinned at Donovan’s slip of the tongue. He wasn’t usually so careless with his terms of endearment when they weren’t at home. When Donovan arrived he stood and changed into his suit as he pushed back his hair so he was presentable for their meeting.

 “Always making me look bad.” Donovan complained about the sudden change of clothes. He liked Mala much better when he was a comfortable mess.

 “Want me to dress you up?” Mala offered as he hugged him.

 “No thanks.” Donovan returned the embrace quickly as he watched the door and pushed away before anyone happened to come through it. “We probably shouldn’t keep Vikarr waiting.”

 “What were you doing anyway?” Mala frowned as they headed through the door.

 “I’ll show you when we’re done with this.” Donovan smiled and nudged Mala with his elbow as the door to Vikarr’s office opened for them. “Don’t be grumpy.”

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Nihil : In Parasek (18+)

Azrael watched from the water proudly as Shiroi ran along the shore and threw tiny knives into the center of a target. The last few months she spent several hours each day in this odd sort of ‘training’ and Azrael was fascinated by her determination. He watched each day as she strove for excellence and rewarded her improvements with adoring applause.

“Take a break, Welak Isa.” Samael insisted and wrapped his arms around her. “We wanted a wife, not a warrior.”

“Can’t I be both?” Shiroi slid her arms around his neck and pulled herself against the wet, naked Master she wanted so badly to impress. “I don’t want to be useless anymore.”

“You have never been useless.” Samael carried her close to the water’s edge. “Only misused, but I brought you to Parasek to relax for a few days.”

“I’m just trying to make you both proud.” Shiroi wanted their approval in all things, but she also hoped to make herself impressive enough to distract them from some of their more violent plots of revenge. “I’m trying to be better for you.”

“Vade vana.” Azrael splashed the two of them. “De haka na balikisi hala sek.”

Samael had no intention of putting her in a situation that would require the skills she practiced and was getting frustrated with the time she spent on them. They were already happy with her as she was and they each considered it their place to protect her, a duty they were honored to fulfill. Azrael loved to see her move and enjoyed her pride in her accomplishments, but he would kill anyone that ever made the skills necessary. Shiroi was theirs and they would protect her.

Samael jumped into the water with Shiroi and pushed her wet hair back from her face as they surfaced. Shiroi looked at him lovingly and Samael smiled as he reflected on the way her gaze had changed. When they first brought her to Parasek she was angry and frightened. Now she clung to each of them with a love and devotion that Samael and Azrael could have only dreamed of when they took her away from her troubled past. He looked into her eyes and adored the soft blinking that exposed the contented swirl of the red seas of her soul.

“De kosh sekni salekun.” Samael slid his fingertips gently down her face and sighed. He hated that she still felt this need to prove herself. “De shent kabak bolkaenchubi ench sek. Deseka shent fervas sek, zame. You don’t need to work this hard, Welak Isa. We already love you.”

“Sekni heshuk saba vuna.” Azrael rested his hands on her arms and his chin on her shoulder. She had been so focused on her practice that she neglected to feed until her skin was cold. He rubbed at his own neck hoping she would choose his throat.

“Vuna, vuna…” Shiroi muttered to herself and tried to recall the word or if she had even learned it.

“Cold.” Samael kissed her nose and smiled. “Welak Isa, you should focus more on this than battle. You are far too sweet for combat.”

“Does it bother you that I’m trying?” Shiroi had made efforts to learn their odd tongue but had faltered a bit a she focused on other things. Azrael spoke so quickly and Samael didn’t want to interfere with Azrael’s lessons because he enjoyed it so much, leaving her to grow frustrated as she tried to work so much out on her own. “I want to be more than Lucifer’s disappointment and your spoiled bride.”

“Sek kaat sabusi.” Samael laughed. “Let Azrael take care of your thirst and enjoy Parasek with us for a few days. If you feel a need to impress your Father I will teach you something more practical. If you enjoy tossing around these blades of yours as a hobby, I won’t ask you to give it up. I just ask you to understand how pointless it is. You will never need to fight.”

“Dasha.” Azrael pulled Shiroi to him and caressed her neck as she bit into his. He looked at Samael and smiled. “Ha saba paraki, kosha.”

“So are you, kosha.” Samael swam closer and kissed Azrael as Shiroi took his blood.

Shiroi fed on more than her Master’s blood. After a life of loneliness, neglect, failed love and disappointment she found new confidence in their adoration. Their love for her made her believe she could finally live up to the greatness her father and Kage insisted she should be capable of. More importantly she was starting to realize that the only ones she wanted to impress did not expect anything but her love and loyalty.

“Dan sek supas kasuk dahu se saba, Welak Isa?” Azrael kissed the blood from her lips and smiled excitedly.

“What day?” Shiroi wiped his black and white lips and hoped she had understood the question as Samael squeezed the two of them. “I haven’t been paying much attention to the calendar since I left Osore.”

“It has been a year since you left Osore.” Samael kissed her cheek. “One year since we brought you to Parasek. Since I first kissed this cheek and we made you our own.”

“You brought me here to celebrate our anniversary?” Shiroi was close to tears. Demons rarely paid much attention to dates and time, they lived too long to bother themselves with it. She was nearly overwhelmed that her Master’s had remembered the day. As Azrael kissed her other cheek her tears fell down her face into the water. “I wasn’t very nice to either of you.”

“Dan deseka makusa sek helsek?” Azrael touched the coiled gold and silver collars on her throat. “Supani’ala?”

“Very happy.” Shiroi nodded as she closed her eyes. “I just hope I’m enough to keep you both happy.”

“That’s an odd concern.” Samael kissed her shoulder. “Do we neglect you in some way that makes you feel unloved?”

“Not at all.” Shiroi shook her head and tried to put her worries aside. “Don’t let me ruin the day with doubts that don’t make any sense.”

“Sek bara benwasi se.” Azrael pulled Shiroi and Samael back through the water toward the flat cool rocks on the shore. “Helbe ba de, Welak Isa.”

“De kosh sek, Kaleka Azrael.” Shiroi smiled as he asked and squeezed him tightly as his tail brushed against her legs in the water. “The two of you are amazing, you make me feel like a matter. I love you both and I want to do everything I can to make sure I’m always worth the attention you give me.”

“Det volbaken welak fetnakalu.” Samael chuckled as he took her hands in his and pulled her from the water. “Is it our plans for vengeance that have you bothered? It is not meant to upset you.”

“Can we talk about it later?” Shiroi sat across Samael’s lap as he laid back against the rocks. “I just want to enjoy today. I made our first hours upsetting enough, don’t let me mess this up too.”

“We have treasured every moment, Shiroi.” Samael laced his fingers through hers as Azrael sat behind her on his legs and held her around her waist. “Your first days were difficult, but it has made each smile more rewarding.”

“Ench besek dek.” Azrael pulled at her wet shirt and licked up her neck. He felt Shiroi’s heart race as he hardened against her and he gave Samael a longing glance over Shiroi’s shoulder as she slid out of the wet fabric.

“De faka voneka na koga besek.” Samael winked at Azrael and started to tease Shiroi as she pawed at him. “Since you made us wait, you’ll have to convince me you want us.”

“That’s just mean.” Shiroi smiled and pulled his hands to her waist. “You already know I want you both.”

“Zelsun se.” Azrael lifted her off of Samael and sat her aside to inspire her with jealousy. Azrael licked up Samael chest as he crawled over him and glanced over at Shiroi hungrily as he teased Samael with light strokes of his fingertips. “Vade vana, Shiroi. Kabak de zades sek. De bret sale sek kasuga na velak Samael. Kasuga na maku ken galiki.”

“Too fast.” Shiroi sighed.

“He wants to give you lessons in more than Zakesel.” Samael laughed wickedly.

“Vana.” Azrael grabbed her hand and pulled her closer, he led her fingers with his own. “Kurivik ken.”

Azrael enjoyed the lessons as much Samael and they came to an abrupt end when Samael lost his will to fight desire. The flush in her face as Azrael dismantled her naivety drove them into a lustful frenzy and they took her together until she was too exhausted to even moan. As she fell asleep between them Samael shifted all of them to the bed so she could rest and he looked over the work they would soon return to. Very little of the Council’s messages were passed to them, but Samael was using the opportunity each one presented to put Lucifer at ease as they bided their time.

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