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Nihil : The Things We Love : Her Melody Pt.2

“I really don’t like that you are fucking with him.” Maefyl burned his spent cigarette into nothing in his fingers. “At least you are waiting before you completely ruin things for them.”

“I wont let it ruin them.” Raziel answered coldly.

“What makes you think it would?” Van interrupted and pointed her lollipop at Maefyl to scold him. “You don’t understand. They both love him. Brig is just a stubborn prude.”

“With great hearing.” Brig shouted back at them.

“Can we just change the subject?” Gabriel sighed. “If we are going to spend this time together; can we all make an effort to remain friendly?”

“You were friendly enough today.” Maefyl looked at him crossly. “I don’t expect to hear anything from Mala for a few hours. I’m going to go home a while. You coming, Sany?”

“Sure.” Sanguine wriggled away from Frikk and fluttered over to Maefyl’s shoulder as he stood. “What are we doing?”

“Not being here.” Maefyl gave Gabriel an irritated glance and left.

“Good luck with your troubles, Raziel.” Gabriel stood somberly and let Gory find a perch on his shoulder. “I don’t envy your heart. Mine often aches after giving it to only one.”

“Lord Gabriel, Azrael is testing the both of you.” Raziel explained. “Maefyl does not want my advice in this, but I have some for you. Keep him close. Samael does not like to lose.”

“Does anyone?” Gabriel left Nihil to make his apologies to Maefyl.

“Can we take off for a few hours, too?” Brig stood beside Raziel with his arm around Shana. “There is no point in sitting around here.”

“You have a prettier piano.” Shana smiled as Raziel looked up a them. “And I’ve been practicing that pretty duet.”

“Neither of you listen very well.” Raziel stood and left a stack of large bills on the table. “Galik, take Van home.”

Raziel took Brig and Shana to their home in Vex.

“I meant…” Shana started to whimper.

“I know what you meant.” Raziel sat on the bench in front of her piano. He laid his fingers on the keys and started to play. “I am giving you both a chance to change your mind.”

“Can I get a drink?” Brig stretched his fingers over Raziel’s neck. Shana sat beside Raziel when he nodded and watched Brig tear into Raziel’s skin.

“Will you promise me something?” Shana laid her hand on Raziel’s. “I want to be yours, but I don’t want more than Brig has with you. Ever.”

“And just you.” Brig added as he wiped Raziel’s neck and crowded him between himself and Shana on the bench. “We like Van and Galik, we aren’t in love with them.”

“You realize your bargain is flawed.” Raziel turned his hand to close his fingers around Shana’s hand before he slid his other arm around Brig and pulled him close against his side. “I could force Brig to my bed and give myself the right to you.”

“I don’t think you would.” Shana lowered her eyes. “You said that you love him; I don’t believe you would hurt him.”

“You have so little understanding of how cruel I can be.” Raziel felt Brig’s tears on his neck as he hid his fear from his bride. Raziel could have all he wanted, but as he rubbed Brig’s back to comfort him he tried to convince Shana to reconsider. “You have a flattering faith in me; but if you give me this claim over you, I will use it.”

“You are trying bloody hard to talk me out of this.” Shana felt stupid suddenly and pulled her hand away. Maybe he only ever wanted her to use against Brig. “If you don’t want me just say so. I’ll get over it.”

“Women are so much trouble.” Raziel pulled Shana back by her hair and kissed her. He held Brig tightly as Shana fell to his passion. Raziel felt Shana lace her fingers into Brig’s across his back and he took the two of them home. As he laid them both onto the bed he heard Brig’s panic and stroked his hair. “I only brought you here to make you both comfortable, you know what I am going to do is painful.”

“Both?” Shana sat up and rubbed her arm anxiously. “He already has one.”

“And you felt his pain when I gave it to him.” Raziel smiled at her before he grabbed Brig by his ear. Brig tried to fight him off, but the pain quickly knocked the will to fight and the breath out of the vampire. “As you will feel this.”

“Why?” Shana cried and grabbed Raziel’s arm. “I offered me, not more of him.”

“I didn’t agree to your terms.” Raziel let Brig claw at him weakly until there was nothing left to fight over. Raziel stroked Brig’s face gently and let him start to recover from the pain and took Shana’s wrist in his fingers to take her offer. Shana wept as the pain burned through her and Raziel felt like he just became the monster so many claimed he was. “I warned you that I was cruel.”

“Damn it, Raziel!” Brig clutched the rings on his ear and hugged Shana through her pain.. “What the fuck did you just do?”

“Don’t ask me stupid questions.” Raziel crawled close to them. He pressed his lips to Shana’s as they trembled, then turned and kissed Brig. “I won’t make the same claim on Shana as it would destroy your own. Both of you get some rest.”

“I’m going to tear these fucking things out.” Brig shouted after Raziel when he started to leave the room.

“You can try.” Raziel grinned at him. “It will not work, the attempt will hurt the both of you, and I will punish you for the insult. But do as you wish. I’ll return shortly.”

“Fucker.” Brig kissed away Shana’s tears and wished he had left her alone when she asked him to. He had destroyed her life. “Are you alright?”

“That bloody fucking hurt.” Shana laughed through her tears and rubbed Brig’s ear. “And now I’ll have to get my ears pierced. Those are pretty.”

“That’s all you have to say?” Brig shook his head and they both leaned back into the bed in a relieved embrace and tear drenched laughter. “I love you, ShaSha. I don’t understand you, but I love you.”


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Nihil : The Things We Love : Her Melody Pt.1

“Enjoying your work?” Raziel asked as Maefyl pushed another table up to theirs.

 “Do you need to ask?” Maefyl smiled and slid a chair beside Gabriel to sit with him. Shana was across the room stroking the keys of an old piano, while Van and Galik stroked each other across the table. Raziel sat watching them quietly as Brig pretended to sleep with his head on the table. “Cheer up, Brig. I’ll have you back in Vex in no time.”

 “Fuck off, cupcake.” Brig muttered at the table.

 “Rough evening?” Gabriel smiled. Shana’s song seemed to reflect the mood at the table. The notes carried a weight of sadness even thought she played a peaceful melody.

 “He’s just pissy because his old squeeze got married.” Van giggled. “She was a bitch anyway.”

 “You can be a real heartless cunt sometimes, Van.” Brig pushed his hair out of his face as he sat back in his chair. He was worried for his old friend, but it was far from the jealousy Van suggested. Brig’s worries were over people closer to him. He grabbed his cigarettes from the table and excused himself from the gathering. “I’m going to go sit with ShaSha.”

 “He would be happier if he would stop being stubborn.” Galik mumbled as he watched Brig cross the small room and sit beside Shana on the piano bench. He was tired of watching the two of them deny Raziel, but kept it to himself. He liked the both of them and hoped Raziel would forgive his angry thoughts and that Maefyl would ignore them.

 Maefyl leaned across the table and as he pieced all the events of the evening together. It was one of the more interesting parts of the gift he shared with Raziel; seeing the same event filtered through the emotions of different minds. The clarity of each memory was true and accurate, there was no way to hide truth from either of them, but the feelings that surrounded each thought gave insight into the hearts of the witnesses. The only perspective he could not see was Raziel’s, and it was the one he was most curious about.

 “Tell me you didn’t refuse that girl an answer because of Brig.” Maefyl looked up at Raziel and hoped he knew him well enough at this point to trust that he was not the complete jerk everyone else believed him to be. “I would hate to think you are shallow enough to deny her a bit of mercy because she has a crush on him.”

 “It was not my place.” Raziel finished a glass Galik had slid to him before he continued. “While I don’t have much sympathy for her, I did not make the decision to cause her any misery. My intention was to avoid problems with Vikarr, not to cause her more pain.”

 “Conversations with these two are always so very enlightening.” Gory pulled a bowl of pretzels across the table as she gave her sarcastic take on the way Maefyl and Raziel left the others out of the conversation.

 “I think it’s neat.” Sanguine jumped into the bowl. “It’s like a puzzle.”

 “Except there are pieces missing.” Gory laughed and joined her sister in the bowl.

 “They stole my snacks.” Frakk peered over the table from Galik’s lap.

 “Share.” Gabriel pushed the bowl back toward Galik and Sanguine and Gory giggled as they fell over and got tangles in pretzels. “Vikarr took a bride?”

 “The girl that asked for the Circle’s help.” Maefyl explained. “But it looked as if he didn’t exactly propose.”

 “Lucifer and Kage told her what she wanted to know.” Raziel nodded. “It is not something I am going to concern myself with. The girl belongs to Vikarr. Mala has offered his help?”

 “You aren’t supposed to go poking around in my head, Raziel.” Maefyl scolded. Raziel usually made efforts to avoid it, but could still read Maefyl easily. “But yes.”

 “It was your small companions thoughts I took.” Raziel corrected Maefyl’s assumption. The fairies were each troubled and thinking over some of the their worries. Most fairies were such peaceful, innocent creatures whose thoughts were rarely troubled. Like Demise; Sanguine and Gory shared a secret, one that made their minds as complex as any Watcher. “Maefyl, you should be more careful with Azrael.”

 “It wasn’t a problem.” Maefyl shrugged off Azrael’s visit. It wasn’t having to carry the Silver Dragon that had him angry, but the conversation Azrael had with Gabriel. “It also falls under the ‘none of your fucking business’ classification. Leave it alone.”

 “Sorry.” Sanguine pouted. She was as sorry about letting Raziel see Maefyl’s day as she was worried over other secrets he might have learned.

 “Not your fault, Sany.” Maefyl smiled at her as Frikk and Frakk stalked the bowl behind her.

 “What a funny looking pretzel!” Frikk snatched Sanguine out of the bowl and licked her. “And it tastes funny.”

 “That tickles!” Sanguine squirmed and kicked at the fargoyle.

 “Squirmy food snatchers.” Frakk grabbed Gory by her foot and dangled her upside down in front of him. “You’ll have to be punished.”

 “Nope.” Gory swung forward and kissed his nose.

 Brig and Shana sat at the piano silently as she played. She smiled at him as she filled the bar with music, but Brig knew she thinking about things that made them both miserable. Without a word passing between them they shared an understanding that things were going to change and it scared the both of them.

 “You two can go play.” Brig smiled up at Cid and Tali as they swayed on the back of the piano. “Sounds like you are missing out on some fun.”

 “I’ll come, too.” Demise kissed Brig’s cheek and fluttered up to motivate the fargoyles. She knew Brig wanted at least the illusion of privacy so he could talk to Shana. “Come on you two.”

 “I hate seeing you upset.” Brig put an arm around Shana and pressed out a few notes on the keys in front of him. “I said I would keep you happy, doll face. I am doing a shit job at it.”

 “No, you aren’t.” Shana leaned against him. “You are being paranoid. I love you, jerk. I am happy, just a bit conflicted.”

 “I know.” Brig sighed. He was just as conflicted. He never imagined having a problem like this. Brig had told himself he would only ever need Shana, but the two of them were sharing a troublesome longing for someone else. It was heartbreaking and it sickened him. He hated that he was giving into it at all and had gone about as far as he would ever allow, but Shana was patiently denying herself because of him. She probably always would. “I can’t give him what he wants, but you can.”

 “Brig, I’m not going to do something that will just hurt you.” Shana sighed. “If you can’t, I can’t. We go to Raziel together or not at all.”

 “Except he already has his claws in me.” Brig could barely keep himself composed. He was trying to give her what she wanted. “Not exactly a fair situation.”

 “Life isn’t fair.” Shana smiled. “But you make it worth it.”

 “I wish I believed that.” Brig rubbed his wrist against his knee as it started to burn and looked back over his shoulder at Raziel. “Also wish I had anything resembling privacy.”

 “Is it really that bad?” Shana stopped playing and hugged Brig.

 “It’s just irritating.” Brig wrapped his arms around her. “Unless he gets pissed. Which is why I want you to be sure before you say anything to him. I never figured out the whole collar thing, but Raziel sure as fuck knows how to make life painful.”

 “Are you telling me to make him an offer?” Shana whispered. “Brig, I said…”

 “I’m telling you it’s okay if you do.” Brig tugged at her braids. “Trust me, I’m in no rush to see it. I just know this is going to happen eventually and I don’t want you to feel guilty about it.”

 “This discussion is over.” Raziel shifted behind them and ran his hands down their heads as they looked up at him. “Don’t encourage her to make offers you are not ready to accept. You should understand better than most the complications of making such an offer blindly.”

 “I don’t think she has the same reservations.” Brig shuddered at the thought. “Raziel, there is never going to be a point that I am ready to accept this. I am ready to be done with the anxiety over if and when it is going to happen. I can’t take it much longer.”

 “You will have to.” Raziel insisted. “We can discuss this in Vex when we return. If you don’t trust yourself to change the subject come back to the table and let Shana play.”

 “You are beyond frustrating.” Brig shook his head and took Raziel’s hand. He kissed Raziel’s fingertips and smiled up at him. “Just take that with you. I’ll be over in a bit.”

 Raziel brought the fingers to his lips and closed his eyes as he shifted back to the table and took his seat. There was an undeniable love in Brig’s gesture; a love he did not want to lose to Brig’s impatient rush to make Shana a part of things.

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Nihil : The Things We Love : The Simplest Pleasures (18+)

“It’s closing time you two.” Caleb collected a few empty glasses and smiled enviously at the happy couple. “I hate to kick you out when you are all cute and cuddly, but I’m just about starving.”

 “Cute?” Donovan laughed as he pulled Mala from his seat. “You’re going to have to stop flirting with me, Caleb. I’m married.”

 “So adorable.” Caleb hugged the two of them. “Now get, so I can close up.”

 Donovan kept his arm around Mala as they walked. He had never realized how something so simple would make so much difference. Being able to hold the one he loved without fear of being discovered and forced apart, being able to see Mala smile so proudly beside him; it was heartbreaking to know it had all been a joke to Vikarr. They had lost so many of these moments to pointless fear and it was Donovan who had insisted on it.

 “I’m sorry.” Donovan squeezed Mala’s shoulder until Mala reached up and slid his fingers into his. “I should have never tried to hide this.”

 “Don’t worry over it.” Mala insisted with a smile as wide as his face. “You were trying to protect me, as always.”

 “I guess that is just as stupid.” Donovan rested his head against Mala’s. The demon beside him; his angel, Was in no need of his protection. Mala was stronger, faster and had magic to rely on. Donovan may have been old as a vampire, stronger than most and by no means someone to turn your back on, but in the end he was nothing compared to demons.

 “But I like it.” Mala laughed. “So are we still going to celebrate?”

 “As long as you want.” Donovan nodded. “I have to go feed Dodo, though. He’ll be tearing things up if I don’t.”

 “You have spoiled the fuck out of me. I’m still starving.” Maefyl laughed as he hopped down the stairs after Gabriel and waved over to Donovan and Mala. “I thought you two would be home by now.”

 “You’re still working?” Donovan looked up at he building and knew it used to house a vampire that Maefyl had just evicted permanently. “You aren’t leaving me any messes to clean up, are you?”

 “Please.” Maefyl smirked. “I know I said I wasn’t anything special, but I have been doing this a while.”

 “You’ll need to give this a rest.” Gabriel told him. “Start again in a few days.”

 “If it a matter of people disappearing I can make sure it isn’t a problem.” Mala offered. He rubbed his hands together and called on his unique talents. He focused on the nearby residents who would notice the sudden disappearance and filled their heads with pleasant dreams that would distract them from truth and offered suggestive explanations. “It will take a little time to handle the entire city, but if you give me a heads up on your progress I can get to work.”

 “At what?” Maefyl looked at Mala confused.

 “Mala is a bit of a sandman.” Donovan laughed.

 “He forces powerful suggestions into people through their dreams.” Gabriel gave a more detailed explanation and straightened his lapels. “It is an effective way to deceive the memories of those susceptible. As they sleep their minds accept what he has offered as truth.”

 “You poke around in their dreams?” Maefyl asked.

 “Not exactly.” Mala shook his head. “I plant the thoughts I need them to believe and let it seed while they dream. I can’t decide what they dream, only induce the sleep and give a little push for sweet dreams.”

 “Or terrifying nightmares.” Gabriel added.

 “Lord Gabriel, you know that I am not that cruel.” Mala frowned.

 “But fully capable.” Gabriel had given Mala the gift. He knew its limits and its reaches. He also knew his skills had been used by Michael to push certain delusions on Iehovah’s behalf. A task he had never agreed with. “Be careful, Mala.”

 “I always am, Lord Gabriel.” Mala nodded. “I only push as much as I need to. I will limit my work to those most likely to notice. Donovan has done enough that I can focus where it is needed.”

 “Once you’ve finished getting rid of them…” Donovan kissed Mala’s cheek. “He can make it seem as if they had moved away over several weeks. Less questions, less paperwork.”

 “The two of you could have just handled this to begin with.” Maefyl sighed. “What was with the call for help?”

 “I was concerned with Lucifer’s reaction. The new Council’s reaction.” Donovan explained quietly. Even on a quiet street at such a late hour, there were things he didn’t want over heard by human ears. “There are just too many. I wasn’t going to take the blame for genocide. I figured if Lucifer gave the okay for the race it would be smart to check with him before I blindly started killing dozens.”

 “Good call.” Sanguine was glad to see Maefyl making another friend. Donovan was a little mouthy, but he was funny and seemed like a decent guy.

 “Raziel took the same precaution when he asked the Council’s backing.” Gory complimented Donovan’s discretion. “You were probably right to be humble with your choice.”

 “Once I’ve cleaned up the worst of it though, you are on your own.” Maefyl sighed. “Nihil is your city, keep it clean on your own. Yes Lucifer has a soft spot for vampires, but he is only partial to a few and I promise it won’t be the ones you need to take care of. Don’t let it get like this again.”

 “I won’t.” Donovan nodded. “I need to go feed my bird. Then we’ll take a walk and Mala can make sure this won’t take you long.”

 “Just take the night and let me know when you catch up.” Maefyl laughed and offered to leave them to their wedding night He wanted to make sure Raziel was staying out of trouble anyway, and he had expected to be in Nihil more than a few days. If Mala could make it faster he could spare the rest of the night gladly. “I’ll find Raziel and take a break until then.”

 “I am probably sticking my foot in my mouth here, but I don’t get those two.” Donovan sighed once they were alone again. “They are completely mismatched. If I had met them separately I would have never even figured either of them for…”

 “Gay?” Mala laughed and took them to Donovan’s apartment. “You still insist on the strangest classifications. Am I gay?”

 “I certainly hope so.” Donovan kissed Mala and went to the kitchen to get Dodo’s food.

 “Hello, stupid.” Dodo flapped after Donovan and landed on his shoulder.

 “Hey, Dodo bird.” Donovan rubbed at his feathers.

 “I told you before that sort of thing doesn’t really matter.” Mala laid on the couch and stretched. “After all the stories you told me about how awful people were before, I would think you of all people wouldn’t label others.”

 “I wasn’t judging anyone.” Donovan laughed. “I just meant to say they don’t really strike me as…”

 “You’re digging the hole deeper.” Mala smiled over at Donovan as he filled the parrot’s dish. “They love each other. That’s all there is to it.”

 “I agree.” Donovan led Dodo onto his perch before he headed to the couch and rolled over the back of it to land on top of Mala. “Did you want to go out again?”

 “Do you want to see my house?” Mala had no idea what would be an appropriate gift for their marriage, but he had never taken Donovan to heaven and thought he might enjoy it.

 “I’ve seen your place.” Donovan kissed up Mala’s neck. “It’s boring.”

 “I didn’t mean the one in Nihil.” Mala slipped his fingers under Donovan’s shirt and wriggled his fingertips up Donovan’s side sending him into fits of laughter.

 “Stop it, Mala!” Donovan laughed and tried to roll to the floor to get away. Mala just latched on and sat on top of him smiling over his triumphant torture.

 “Stop it, Mala!” Dodo danced along his perch cackling. “Stop it, Mala!”

 “So do you?” Mala tickled Donovan until he was almost crying.

 “Sure.” Donovan caught his breath when Mala stopped and teased his angel. “You going to dress up all fancy and get those pretty wings out?”

 “Would you like that?” Mala had not worn angelic garb for thousands of years, recently even the angels most bent on propriety and tradition had given them up. Still it was a part of his past he was more than willing to give Donovan a peek at. “I look silly in them.”

 “I love the wings.” Donovan sat up and wrapped his arm around Mala. “They are sexy.”

 “How sexy?” Mala teased as he unfastened his watch and sat it on the couch before he let his clothes dissolve into nothing and replaced them with the long white robes. Braided silver rope wrapped his waist several times and silver bangles clicked together at his wrist and ankles. He felt Donovan’s reaction and returned the smile that spread across Donovan’s face. “Still want wings?”

 “Yes.” Donovan pulled Mala to him. “I want all of you.”

 Mala spread his wings and kissed Donovan as he took them into the entrance hall of his estate. Large columns and intricate carvings surrounded them; the walls shimmered as they reached toward the ceiling that let in the gorgeous color of Heaven’s sky.

 Donovan saw none of it. He was focused on his angel, pulling aside the soft folds of robes he felt privileged to even see and letting Mala paw at him. He was old before the advent of religions that worshiped angels, but suddenly felt like he was responsible for corrupting the divine as he pushed into Mala. The soft moans of his angel caught in the wings that folded around them as Mala held his shoulders and leaned back to graciously accept all of him.

 “You’re magnificent.” Mala’s robes draped over their legs and his anklets clicked against the floor. He bit his lip as Donovan clutched his hips and fell back to the floor smiling.

 “How fragile are these?” Donovan touched Mala’s feathered appendages as he lifted Mala in front of him and got to his knees. “They might have to go for round two.”

 “Fragile?” Mala giggled. “You can pull on them all you want.”

 “You want more, beautiful?” Donovan kissed Mala and laughed when he had to duck under the wings as Mala spun around. Donovan ran his hands over the feathers until Mala stretched them out to let Donovan wrap his arms around his waist. Donovan touched Mala’s silvery bracelets. “Keep these. Lose the clothes.”

 “I love it when you get demanding.” Mala giggled and complied as he stretched his arm back to stroke Donovan’s scalp.

 “I love everything about you.” Donovan made Mala sigh as he took him again. Donovan had barely noticed the room they were in, he only now started to realize their panting was no longer punctuated with Dodo’s ranting. He still focused everything on Mala. He didn’t care where they were as long as they were together. “You’ll have to give me a tour later.”

 “Much later.” Mala smiled and stretched his wings. “I plan on wearing you out tonight, Mr. Watt.”

 “That was my plan.” Donovan pulled Mala closer and smiled. “Mr. Watt.”

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Nihil : The Things We Love : The Wyrms & The Jester Pt.2

“Nepu!” Azrael swatted at the kitten as she chewed on his tail. He glared at Vikarr. “Makusa har nepu.”

 “Doma just wants to play with you.” Vikarr giggled and rushed over to distract her. He sat on the floor and spun her away from the Watcher’s tail before he grabbed the end himself. “Do these get in the way when you fuck?”

 “You are shameless.” Samael laughed as he stood and walked over to wrap the end of his tail around Vikarr’s arm to demonstrate the useful nature of their scaled appendages. “No; they do not.”

 “How exciting!” Vikarr bit his lip as he lifted his arm and wrapped his fingers around the cool scales. “As much as I despise the Keeper, I would love a moment of his gift. Your bride must have such beautiful moments locked away.”

 “He is such a degenerate.” Shiroi covered her face with her hands as she blushed, but peeked through her fingers to see Azrael feeding the demons curiosity by wrapping his own tail around Vikarr’s neck. “And the two of you are no help at all.”

 “You are a fortunate woman.” Vikarr laughed as he picked up Doma and stood. “You’re Masters are playful. They will never leave you bored.”

 “I doubt the Jester’s bride will suffer boredom.” Samael returned the compliment as he sat on the edge of Vikarr’s desk. “You seem the adventurous type.”

 “I just like to enjoy myself.” Vikarr grinned and stepped close to Samael and slid his fingers around the gold tie Samael wore. “You are more fun than Kage ever mentioned.”

 “Careful Vikarr.” Samael smiled. “It is never a good idea to make Azrael jealous.”

 “I wouldn’t dream of coming between any of you.” Vikarr turned to the vicious glare of Samael’s lovers and offered Samael his hand as he let his fingers slip away from the tie. “I am; after all, now married myself.”

 “And if you weren’t?” Shiroi glared at Vikarr as Samael accepted the demons hand in friendship.

 “I am, so it makes little difference.” Vikarr gave her a wicked glance before he smiled at Azrael and offered his hand. “It’s my friendship I am offering. To all of you.”

 “Ke saba helasa.” Azrael grinned at Samael before he took Vikarr’s hand. “De kofret ken.”

 “Ek dan de.” Samael laughed leaned around Vikarr to kiss Shiroi’s cheek. “You have nothing to worry about, Welak Isa. Vikarr is only a tease.”

 “As fascinated as I am with your Masters, I also respect them.” Vikarr offered his hand one last time to Shiroi. “I do like to tease, but I would not try to steal their affections. You have my word. Even if I were unwed and inclined to offer myself it would be as a temporary distraction to all of you.”

 “You are a strange man.” Shiroi shook his hand quickly to get it over with.

 “You assume you could go on living without our touch once you had a taste of it.” Samael grabbed Vikarr’s long white ponytail and pulled him back to lean him in his arm. He had seen Vikarr’s seductive magic at work. It surrounded him even now. It was an active part of the Jester that seemed to act on its own. “You have amazing talents, Vikarr. I would put them to shame.”

 “Now which of us is the tease, Lord Samael?” Vikarr grinned up at the gorgeous white face and laid his fingers against the delicate black of Samael’s bottom lip. He could mimic the aesthetic, but it would be a waste of magic to maintain what they had been naturally blessed with. It seemed almost unfair that his natural state denied him what would so well compliment his other features. “What I wouldn’t give for this skin.”

 “You are a lustful creature, Vikarr.” Samael wrapped his tail around Vikarr’s leg to tease him. Samael and Azrael may not have been social, but they kept watch over the lesser Watchers. As one of the sixty that followed Zakesalek into existence, Vikarr was powerful and he was wicked. Lust and desire were his instruments. He had created the race of succubi that became willing tools for the Watchers in Hell. He had also bedded most of them. “I admire the abandon in which you succumb to your nature.”

 “You breathtakingly beautiful creatures would undoubtedly ruin me for all others.” Vikarr laughed softly as Samael helped him to his feet. “But I will suffer with the uncertainty and leave your bride to selfishly enjoy your pleasures. I have a bride of my own to consider now.”

 “He’ll fit right in with your other friends.” Shiroi smiled as Azrael groped her.

 “Nikolai?” Samael laughed. “They only flirt with each other in Golod and I doubt Azazel would be as tolerant of Vikarr’s flirting.”

 “I just can’t help myself.” Vikarr picked Doma up off the floor and willed open his door when he noticed the approach of his predictably angry bride. She stormed to his office and stopped abruptly at the sight of his guests. “Hello again, lovely.”

 “You have company.” Eliza had wanted to scream, but the presence of his guests broke her nerve to launch into an angry tirade. “I’ll wait out here.”

 “You can come in. We were just leaving.” Samael smiled at Vikarr as he sat behind his desk with his kitten. “You know how to reach me?”

 “Only through professional methods.” Vikarr pulled out his phone and handed it to Samael. “Add yourselves.”

 “Good. You’ll have new freaks to keep you company.” Eliza muttered as she sat in one of the chairs in front of Vikarr’s desk and tried not to stare at the strange new demons in Vikarr’s office.

 “They are not freaks.” Shiroi corrected Eliza angrily.

 “Welak Isa, don’t pick fights so carelessly.” Samael smiled as he handed the phone back to Vikarr. “I will be in Nihil for a while. If your evening takes an unfortunate turn we can talk more.”

 “I look forward to it.” Vikarr wiggled his fingers along the desk to tease Doma and watched Samael lift Shiroi from Azrael.

 “VolVol.” Azrael waved as he stood and clung to Samael’s arm as they vanished together.

 “You have my attention, my lovely.” Vikarr smiled at Eliza. “Thank you for being patient.”

 “I want a divorce.” Eliza scowled at him.

 “Denied.” Vikarr grinned as Doma chewed on his finger. “Anything else?”

 “This isn’t funny, Vivi.” Eliza clutched the arms of the chair tightly and leaned forward to shout at him. “I don’t want to be married to you.”

 “Why not?” Vikarr laughed and watched her eyes for the remarkable fire of her rage as he sealed the door to his office. “I am very charming. I’m certain I can change your mind.”

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Nihil : The Things We Love : The Wyrms & The Jester Pt.1

“I think we need to make a new friend, kosha.” Samael grinned at Azrael.

 “Vikarr?” Azrael had his arms wrapped around Shiroi and answered over her shoulder. They had been silently watching in Sordid, concealing their presence as they evaluated their options. They had both been amused by the angry vampire that Nihil’s head had claimed. “Baat?”

 “Raziel’s little tribe will not be going anywhere.” Samael nodded. “I’m interested in this friend of Kage’s.”

 “I feel terrible for that girl.” Shiroi looked at her feet and mumbled to herself. Shiroi had become a bride to Samael and Azrael without consent and understood that such beginnings could grow into love, but Eliza was made a bride with no understanding of it, the Watcher that claimed her made a game of it and it was cruel.

 “Why?” Samael lifted her chin. “She will be cared for and protected.”

 “Are you so sure of that?” Shiroi sighed. “Do you know him?”

 “We are going to go and introduce ourselves.” Samael shifted them to the hall of Nihil’s Circle building. “You can decide if she needs your pity once you’ve met him.”

 Samael walked up the stairs in front of Shiroi and Azrael. While he knew of Vikarr through Kage, they had never spoken. Vikarr was one of the sixty that followed the six and had earned the Wyrms hatred for having to accept a place among them. While Samael was making efforts to accept others now that he had his place above them, he was skeptical of the new friendships he was forging. Nikolai and his pets were delightful, but Vikarr was a risk. He had earned the title of Jester and his need to be entertained rivaled Lucifer’s.

 Samael could have pushed open the door to Vikarr’s office. With no malicious intent in his motivations, the seals that protected the office would easy to break, but he decided to knock, as it would better serve to initiate a new alliance.

 “Samael, isn’t it?” Vikarr greeted them at the door holding Doma. “And who is your lovely bride?”

 “Shiroi.” Samael introduced her proudly.

 “I was not expecting the Wyrms as guests in Nihil.” Vikarr smiled and waved them inside as he returned to his desk. “Azrael, I apologize for not greeting you properly earlier, your arrival came at an unfortunate time.”

 “Se saba pasarat.” Azrael shrugged off the apology and took a seat in front of Vikarr’s desk before he pulled Shiroi into his lap.

 “I’m afraid I don’t understand.” Vikarr smiled as he sat Doma on his desk and dangled a mouse above her. He moved onto another subject quickly, disinterested in conversation he couldn’t follow. “Is there a reason you have decided suddenly to walk among the unworthy? It was my understanding the two of you kept very select friends.”

 “I was hoping you would be counted among them.” Samael smiled and reached across the desk to stroke the soft fur of Vikarr’s small friend as she tore into her living toy. “You served Kage and Eidolon well and have not burdened yourself with an abundance of useless friends. We share discerning tastes.”

 “You share your bride.” Vikarr noticed Shiroi’s uniquely coiled collar reflected both of her Masters. “If you’ll forgive my interest, do you share each other as well?”

 “We can discuss our intimate lives another time.” Samael leaned back in his chair and let Azrael take his hand. “I’m certain yours is interesting.”

 “Disappointing.” Vikarr smiled at Doma as she hopped from the desk with her mutilated prey. “I so enjoy a nice bed time story. I suppose I should be honored, but your offer gives me pause Lord Samael. Your reputations are veiled in secrecy. Most young demons were not even aware of your existence until you were placed on this Council of Lords. The Watchers who do know of you boast few details and even those are centered on an understanding to avoid your path. My Lord Kage has spoken highly of you on occasion, but divulged little that would aid me in any decision to welcome you into my life.”

 “Your prudence and discretion is understandable.” Samael flicked his tail along the floor to tease the kitten and laughed as it chased after it. “I would try to entice you with the gifts of an alliance with us, but I would prefer to begin on equal footing. I was hoping for trust and friendship, not loyalty through obligation. As an act of good faith, I will give you my honesty. I plan to be in Nihil for a short while, to use it as a stage for a little play. One you may be interested in.”

 “And why is that?” Vikarr laughed.

 “Because I will be reminding the Keeper of his place.” Samael grinned. “I will not bring trouble for Nihil. I just ask that you keep your Circle out of my way.”

 “Mala and Donovan are very pleasantly distracted with one another.” Vikarr’s smile turned fiendishly cheerful as he thought of his own distractions. “I will have enough to entertain myself. I don’t see any reason we should be tripping over one another.”

 “I believe Lucifer may have spoiled some of your entertainment.” Samael teased Vikarr with the knowledge of what he had seen. “He and his beloved shared a few secrets with a young vampire this evening.”

 “My lovely Eliza?” Vikarr laughed. “Then I should be very entertained this evening. When you say beloved, do you mean my Lord Kage? Is it true he accepted Lucifer’s collar?”

 “Enthusiastically.” Samael nodded. “Your lovely bride was quite upset with the revelation. Are you not worried?”

 “She is so very beautiful when she is angry.” Vikarr grinned. “I had hoped it would take her longer to find her answer, but I’m not concerned.”

 “You want her to be upset?” Shiroi had tried to keep quiet as she sat across Azrael’s lap, but she was aggravated by his amusement over the girl’s misery.

 “Not indefinitely.” Vikarr laughed. “Once she comes to me willingly, I have every intention of catering to her every desire.”

 “What if she doesn’t want you?” Shiroi asked coldly.

 “That would be unfortunate.” Vikarr blinked his mismatched eyes as he smiled. “If she desires death over a life with me I will give it to her, but those are her only options.”

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Nihil : The Things We Love : Turning Points Pt.2

“Samael and Azrael are in Nihil.” Kage walked around his desk and clutched the back of his chair. “Should I talk to them?”

 “Let them play for now.” Lucifer sat on the desk sipping his tea. He had sensed them in Sordid as they watched Raziel. “I have a few minor things to deal with while you catch up here.”

 “Raziel didn’t seem to notice.” Kage noted as he took his seat. “If he was the focus of their visit it will lead to problems in your Council.”

 “Raziel is not my concern at the moment.” Lucifer leaned across the desk and pulled Kage close by his shirt to kiss him. “Stay out of trouble.”

 “Ek sek axahaka, det Vasun.” Kage grabbed the tablet on his desk to see to his work and Lucifer left him to attend to other business. Kage knew his friends were going to be making things difficult to amuse themselves, but if he had Lucifer’s order to stay out of it, he would accept the freedom from the responsibility gladly. There were just some quarrels he would rather stay out of.


“What am I doing?” Brig knocked his head back against the cold brick. “Why couldn’t I say anything? I just walked away.”

 “Because as much as you care; she is not one of the things you love.” Demise shook her head. She understood Brig better than he understood himself some days. She told him the truth he already knew. “It’s Shana and Raziel you want to protect. Not Eliza. Stop torturing yourself, Brig. You did well. Let Vikarr take care of what is his. You have your own family.”

 “Round up the kids.” Brig sighed and wiped his face dry. “I’m going to try and talk my way out of this mess.”

 “For now just talk your way out the door.” Demise giggled at him. “I’ll meet you out here with the four trouble makers.”

 Brig saw Eliza running out the back as he tried to make a quiet return to the table. He felt horrid for leaving Raziel to console everyone so he could run off. He crawled over to Shana and kissed her hair as he laced his fingers into Raziel’s hand on her shoulder.

 “This place sucks.” Brig tried to rely on his wit, but he found it difficult to force the smile. “I don’t mind staying in Nihil, but can we find somewhere less volatile?”

 “Yes.” Raziel tightened his fingers a moment before he let Brig lift Shana into his arms and carry her from Sordid. Demise and the fargoyles joined them outside and Raziel let Brig walk well enough ahead to console Shana in relative privacy. She needed the comfort. Although she had been attacked, Shana felt responsible for adding to Eliza’s pain. She blamed herself for denying Brig’s affection to someone who wanted it so badly. Eliza had fallen victim to an unwanted love and Shana desperately hoped she could find some peace in it. Raziel listened as Brig calmed his bride and made efforts to console his own.

 “I’m sorry if I started that mess, Razzy.” Van pouted as they walked. She wanted to grab Raziel’s hand but thought he might be angry about her lashing out again. “She just made me so mad.”

 “I am not upset with you.” Raziel hooked his arm through hers and pressed a lollipop to her lips until she smiled and opened her mouth to accept it. Raziel took Galik’s hand on the other side of him. “With either of you. I was not expecting such an extreme test of your loyalty and patience. It seems each time I set foot in Nihil things become complicated.”

 “That’s something we have in common.” Brig set Shana to her feet beside the door of what he remembered as a small quiet lounge. He wished they could just go back to Vex and be through with the excursion, but in the meantime this place should at least be more comfortable than Sordid. “I should apologize to all of you. Every time my past catches up to me it makes life difficult for all of you.”

 “Not your fault the bitch went crazy.” Van smiled as she headed through the door with Galik.

 “We still love you.” Frikk giggled as she pulled Frakk along and followed the others inside.

 “They have a piano, Shana!” Cid announced excitedly as he and Tali peeked inside.

 “Do you think they will let you play?” Tali asked hopefully.

 “I’m guessing you picked this place for me.” Shana smiled at Brig and kissed him gently. “We’ll give you two a minute.”

 “How much trouble am I in this time?” Brig waited by the door with Raziel as the others pushed two tables together. It was quieter and more run down than he remembered, but for now it was the best alternative. “I think I’ve put them all through enough tonight, can you wait until they aren’t around before you go off on me?”

 “You are not in any trouble at all, puppet.” Raziel pushed the hair out of Brig’s face. “I just want you to understand that I can only protect you if you do as I say.”

 “I want you to understand what a hypocrite you are.” Brig sighed. “I want to be able to talk, Raziel. If you care at all about our friendship you need to accept the fact I have a big mouth. I’m getting pissed that you want to change everything about me.”

 “You think I don’t care for you?” Raziel ran his finger over the edge of Brig’s ear. “Shall I prove it to you?”

 “Not like that.” Brig pulled away. “I don’t want a forced marriage any more than E. But yes, I want you to prove that you care. Let me be the person you supposedly love. I do damn near everything you ask, I let you drag me everywhere like your damn dog. Would it kill you to let me speak my mind a little? Or let me talk to an old friend without going bat shit?”

 “If you will still do as I say, I will be more patient with your need to express yourself.” Raziel knew he would regret the decision, but Brig needed the freedom to vent as he worked through his emotions when he was overwhelmed. It was who Brig was and as dangerous as it could be, Raziel loved Brig and didn’t want him stifled. “Speak as you wish. I hope it does not put you in danger, puppet.”

 “Thank you.” Brig put his arm around Raziel and headed for the table. “Is Maefyl supposed to meet up with us?”

 “He will call when he is through with the some of his slaughter.” Raziel sat between Brig and Galik at the head of the table and checked his phone for messages. Gabriel had sent word that Maefyl had cleared three dens and was searching out another. “Once he needs to deal with individuals he will need to be more discrete with his executions. I expect to hear from him then.”

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Nihil : The Things We Love : Turning Points Pt.1

“I am trying to run a respectable establishment.” Eliza scowled across the table. She had returned to Sordid to prevent her life from becoming more complicated only to find complications lurking at a corner table. After her day, the sight of more demons was an invitation to unleash her temper. “Why do you fuckers keep showing up?”

 “Back off, bitch.” Van flicked the stick of her lollipop across her teeth. “If you keep mouthing off to Razzy and I’m going to decorate your respectable establishment with your entrails.”

 “That’s disgusting, Van.” Shana laughed as Van winked at her.

 “Don’t encourage them, ShaSha.” Brig pulled Shana closer as he pleaded with her for a little tact and discretion. “We came to solve problems, not cause them.”

 “This is what you married?” Eliza grimaced as she looked at Shana cuddled up close to what should have been hers. Brig wouldn’t even look up and acknowledge her as he held his young bride. “This is what does it for you? Young and stupid?”

 “Let me rip out her tongue, Lord Raziel.” Galik gripped the edge of the table hopefully as Van caressed the edge of his long ear.

 “Get us another drink, puppet.” Raziel ran his fingers back through Galik’s hair and sent him off with Van to let them cool off. Raziel could smell Vikarr’s claim on the vampire and in her recent memories saw the reason for all of her rage. He was just as eager as Van and Galik to silence her insults, but it was not worth more trouble with Vikarr. “We will only be in Nihil long enough to solve a problem you requested be solved. Take any other troubles to Vikarr and stop harassing Brig and his bride.”

 “That sneaky shape-shifting shite can kiss my arse!” Eliza rubbed at her throat. “Look at what he did to me! He doesn’t even have the berries to explain it to me.”

 “E…” Brig finally looked up to see what had her bothered and almost cried. “I’m so sorry.”

 “Isn’t that?” Shana touched her own neck where the delicate bands of her collar wrapped its way around her slender neck. She remembered suffering through the pain to always belong to Brig. She could not imagine having to endure it without reason or explanation.

 “Not another word.” Raziel warned in his ever-even tone. “It is not your place.”

 “But that is not bloody fair.” Shana protested. “The guy can’t just…”

 “Stop it, doll face.” Brig pulled Shana’s face to his and kissed her before she managed to get them both into trouble.

 “What did he do to me?” The sight of Brig giving himself so freely to another woman enraged Eliza. He had denied her any affection. The jealousy was quickly met with an unexplainable pain that spread across her neck and burned down her back. Eliza pushed herself to speak through it. She looked at Raziel, desperate for answers “What are those marks on her neck? Why do I hurt? Please, tell me.”

 “Vikarr told you to figure this out on your own.” Raziel replied coldly as Galik and Van pushed past her with their drinks. Galik slid beside Raziel and pulled Van close.

 “How do you even know that?” Eliza glared at the demon that seemed amazingly well loved for someone with no trace of feeling. Her eyes started to gloss over in pain when she saw Brig whispering comfort to his wife.

 “Because Razzy is special.” Van giggled as Galik wrapped his tongue around her fingers and the cherry she had pulled from his drink to tease him.

 “He knows all your secrets.” Lucifer snatched one of the glasses from the table and finished its contents before he slid it to Raziel and sat on the edge of the table to smile at Eliza. “Even the ones you don’t know yourself. Raziel is a pest at times, but it is an amusing skill.”

 “And who the fuck are you?” Eliza shuddered at the arrival of this new demon. It was like her blood turned to ice as he smiled at her. His presence was nearly crippling, but she used her strange aches to focus and managed to put on a brave face.

 “Don’t interfere, Lucifer.” Raziel slid a half emptied glass into Galik’s hand. “The Council is handling Nihil at your request.”

“Shut up, Raziel.” Lucifer continued to smile at Eliza as the others watched nervously. “It wasn’t my request, it was hers. And I only dispatched the most available asset. This matter is also unrelated.”

 “Lucifer?” Eliza drew on her anger and scoffed at him. “I thought you would be taller.”

 “Hi.” Frikk smiled at Lucifer as she crawled onto his shoulder. “I wish you were shorter.”

 “There she goes again.” Frakk pouted on the table behind them.

 “Hello, Frikk.” Lucifer pulled her hand and kissed her small face as she tried to keep herself from falling. Her skin darkened and shimmered as he winked at her shock. “Don’t tell my Lilith. You’ll get me into trouble.”

 “Am I not supposed to be bothered?” Kage hissed from behind Eliza. He sneered when she turned to see him, he felt like this visit was a complete waste of time.

 “You can be bothered.” Lucifer beckoned him closer. “But you have no reason to be.”

 As Kage leaned close to the Dark Lord, Eliza watched them share a tender gaze and the soft kiss that followed with a morbid curiosity that forced her not to blink. Lucifer loved the longhaired demon and Eliza was struck by the beauty of a passion that struck the others just as silent. It distracted her from her rage, but it quickly returned when they parted and Lucifer glanced over at her.

 “If you ask him very nicely,” Lucifer grinned. “Kage may be willing to answer your questions.”

 “Will you all stop fucking with her.” Brig felt somewhat responsible for her torment. If he had just given her what she wanted centuries ago, Eliza may not be suffering this game. His interruption was met with a nasty glare from Kage and a burn in his arm that meant Raziel disapproved of more than his words. Brig clutched his arm knowing Raziel had been offended by his thoughts. “I’m sorry, Lord Raziel. She doesn’t deserve to be treated this way.”

 “Ever the gentlemen.” Lucifer laughed softly. “Even at risk to himself he will defend the honor of a damsel in distress. You should not be so hard on him Raziel.”

 “I’ll do as I please.” Raziel responded calmly.

 “What is he doing to him?” Eliza stepped toward Brig to comfort him but Lucifer’s tall lover blocked her path.

 “You should not touch things that do not belong to you, girl.” Kage grinned his vicious smile and Eliza backed away from him. “Brig, show the girl your shame.”

 “I don’t answer to you.” Brig smirked. “And there is no shame in it.”

 “Do as he asks.” Raziel wanted an end to Lucifer’s spectacle. It was easier to comply and get the game over with rather than argue with Lucifer over how ridiculous he found this need to show off.

 “Whatever you say.” Brig held out his arm and Kage grabbed it and pulled him to his feet. “Hey! Get off. I don’t belong to you either.”

 “Keep your tongue still or I will render you useless to your Master.” Kage clutched his arm tighter and pulled him to show the crest to Eliza. “Do you know what this is, girl?”

 “I hope not.” Eliza reached to the small of her back and pressed her fingers there.

 “I believe that is a ‘yes’.” Lucifer grinned. “Let him go, Kage.”

 “Vikarr has claimed you as his property.” Kage spoke to Eliza as he let Brig slide away and slam himself back into his seat. Kage laid his fingers against the collar on Eliza’s neck, surprised to see that Vikarr had made such an extreme claim. “And he values you greatly.”

 “I’m no one’s property.” Eliza shrank away from his touch angrily. “I don’t care what that freak values. He can’t just…”

 “He can and he has.” Lucifer smiled. “You have the honor of being his bride.”

 “His bride?” Eliza screamed. She couldn’t answer beyond that. The idea was ludicrous.

 “Are we through here, det Vasun?” Kage watched the girl lean against the table and curl her fingers into fists. “I did as you asked.”

 “Tell your dear husband that we said ‘hello’.” Lucifer patted Eliza’s head as she trembled. He took Kage’s fingers and kissed them. “Trust me, Viper. Vikarr will be amused.”

 “He was joking, right?” Eliza looked at Brig and hoped his chivalry would continue. Her voice shook as she begged for someone to tell her it was all a lie. “Tell me it isn’t true, London.”

 “Can I get some air, Lord Raziel?” Brig grabbed his cigarettes and stood but waited for Raziel to give him an answer. He hoped he could count on Raziel to understand how hard it was for him to walk away while an old friend cried. He was doing everything he could to stay loyal and honor his promises, but Brig was as close to tears as Eliza. “Please.”

 “Go.” Raziel nodded and laid his fingers against Shana’s hand on the table. Brig needed to sort things out without his love for others adding to his guilt. “You stay. He needs to be alone.”

 “I love you, ShaSha.” Brig leaned over and kissed her softly before he headed off to get himself together.

 “He will be fine.” Raziel had to keep Van and Galik in pain to keep them still and quiet. He watched them comforting each other and heard their understanding. Their acceptance of his painful control only made his guilt harder to bear. He eased his scolding and looked at their relief. “You will all be fine.”

 “This is not happening.” Eliza loathed every tear that fell onto the table and vowed to herself that she would make Vikarr pay for every one.

 “Is this guy really so bad?” Shana asked innocently. From what she knew of demons, they only claimed what they cared for. “He must feel something for you.”

 “What difference does that make you dumb cunt?” Eliza slapped Shana as hard as she could. “You took the one I wanted. Get out of my fucking club.”

 As Eliza stormed off Raziel pulled Shana into one arm and rested his fingers against her face to ease the pain. He opened his other arm to comfort Van and Galik. Shana wrapped her arms around him and cried. He closed his arms gently around all them and waited for Brig.

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