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Nihil : Vengeance & Sacrifice : Sweet Nightmares Pt.2 (18+)

“My head hurts.” Brig heard Raziel but was still trying to snap himself out of the haze and tried to move his arms that were bound above him. Something sliced into his skin, but it was the terror of being bound that frightened him more than the burning. He opened his eyes slowly and was met with the sight of Azrael’s vicious smile as he crouched in front of him and Shiroi gloating as she stood beside her silver-haired Master. “Fuck, this is a horrid sight to wake up to.”

“Just keep still.” Raziel persisted in his warnings. “The web in front of you will cut you to shreds.”

“Always spoiling my fun.” Samael smiled as he pulled Raziel’s hair. “I was hoping to see him bleed more than that. Now you will have to entertain me.”

“Leave him alone.” Brig turned to see Samael lying on the bed behind Raziel. He got angry over the scaled fingers in Raziel’s hair. As he made an angry attempt to break himself free, the threads cut into his arms and sliced his cheek. Raziel was similarly bound with his arms lashed to the bedpost above him. “Don’t touch him, you coward. Untie me so I can beat that smile off your face.”

“De faka voneka na koga ke zekusi’tach benzu de vak sek.” Samael whispered his threatening words at Raziel’s ear. “Welak Isa, I want you to watch Brig closely. I don’t want you to miss a second of his suffering.”

“Bol itek Galik sesa leshu’ach ze vodosel sek shent leshu.” Azrael taunted Brig.

“Don’t bother insulting me, you pigment deprived fuck.” Brig scowled at him. “I don’t understand your gibberish.”

“Then let me translate for you.” Shiroi laughed as Brig nervously watched Azrael cut the cords holding Raziel’s arms. “He said ‘not even Galik has heard the screams you will hear’.”

“Get your hands off of him.” Brig ached and he was unsure how much of the pain was his own. Azrael dragged Raziel away from the bedpost by his wrists and Raziel still did nothing to defend himself. “You have your slut to play with…”

“Do not insult her.” Samael grabbed Brig’s hair and forced his face against the threads until he screamed. He could see Shiroi flush over his defense and smiled as he let Brig lay his head back and heal. “It was your mouth that led Raziel here.”

“Let him go, Samael.” Raziel sat at Azrael’s feet. He tried to prepare himself for what he knew was coming and wanted the suffering to be his own.

“Make him crawl, Azrael.” Samael ignored Raziel’s pleas and leaned over to taunt Brig. “I hate to rush things, but I have so little time to make the two of you suffer. Lucifer is only giving me a week before I have to convince the Council they should let me take your life.”

“Vechek.” Azrael pulled Raziel by his hair and forced him to crawl to Samael. “De supas sek fersuna kasuga na vakyuban dedesek travik.”

“Raziel, what’s going on?” Brig was less panicked by Samael’s threats and more by the way Raziel caved so willingly. Once he could no longer see him he started to shake. Brig became more aware of his arms tied above him, of the threads in front of him that kept him further immobilized. Raziel didn’t answer, Samael went quiet as Azrael laughed and Shiroi’s face went a shade paler in shock at what she was seeing. “Raziel…”

“Kaz ken.” Azrael giggled as he threw Raziel’s jacket at Brig’s feet.

“Your Master is going to be busy for a while.” Shiroi grinned wickedly as she caught the shirt Azrael threw next and laughed as Samael pulled Raziel on to the bed. “Very busy.”

“That’s sick.” Brig struggled and was rewarded with tiny cuts all over body. He started to cry over the sounds behind him. “Let him go.”

“Shupan fethki isa mave zan.” Samael clawed into Raziel’s ribs and forced him down in front of him. “De shent kabak Brig salek.”

“Hak.” Raziel replied and gasped as Samael reminded him of the price he had paid so often for Galik. “He should not suffer because you hate me.”

“I think it’s too late for that.” Shiroi laughed. Brig looked entirely crushed and tears spilled over the blood on his face as he wept.

“Raziel, I’m so sorry.” Brig cried and wished he had a way to stop it. He felt pathetic and could do nothing but offer his regrets and apologies. He glared at Shiroi. “How can you let this happen? What kind of monster are you?”

“If Raziel could answer he would remind that he is already paying for the things you said to me.” Shiroi drew a kunai into her hand and drove it through Brig’s leg.

“Gansat, Welak Isa.” Azrael leaned back over the foot of the bed and gave her a proud smile as he twisted his fingers in Raziel’s hair. “Deseka sesa na maku dekehaki na Lucifer fakara.”

“He’ll live.” Shiroi pulled the blade from Brig’s leg and crawled over to kiss Azrael as he moaned.

“You’re as disgusting as they are.” Brig cried. He listened as Samael and Azrael taunted Raziel in words he couldn’t understand. For hours he endured the smells and sounds of torture that reminded him of his previous imprisonment and felt sick at the thought of what he could not see. When the bed behind him finally stopped moving he heard the thud of Raziel hitting the floor and Shiroi jumped past him excitedly to join her Master’s as they enjoyed each other.

“Go sit down, Raziel.” Samael laughed. “Don’t make me chase after you.”

Raziel dressed and returned to his seat at the foot of the bed without question or hesitation. He knew the week was going to be painful enough for Brig without giving Samael further reason to escalate his vengeful passions. Shiroi eagerly took his place between Samael and Azrael and he hoped it would last long enough to convince Brig to stay calm. Brig was miserable with guilt and struggling to keep himself still, his fear of being confined was starting to cloud his judgment. Raziel more pained by Brig’s thoughts than he was by the humiliation of once again playing toy to the Wyrms.

“If I had known you go through this…” Brig sobbed. He was unable to continue when he glanced over at Raziel. Even with his mask intact he could feel the sting of misery.

“I don’t blame you for this, puppet.” Raziel assured him. “Please calm yourself.”

“Why didn’t you fight them?” Brig whimpered.

“Ke saba nus belnushiki.” Azrael laughed and lashed his tail over the end of the bed to strike Raziel. “Kuri!”

“I can not best them.” Raziel lifted his hands to the bedpost as Azrael commanded and endured the pain of the magic that bound him tightly to the bedpost. “If my suffering spares you, I will not try to win a fight I am sure to lose.”

“You assume I’m going to spare him.” Samael laughed and wound a swirl of magic around Raziel’s neck to further restrain him. “This is not part of a bargain to spare another of your pets, Raziel. You are both my prisoners.”

“Samael, hanseka.” Raziel begged for a chance to make another bargain. “De kosh ken. De faka danveset’ach na maku sek det malika ba ek lishat ek sek koshagali.”

“I’m afraid my bed is a little crowded to keep you chained to it for long enough to satisfy my need to see you suffer.” Samael laughed at the smile on Shiroi’s face. She was as enthralled with his delicate way with her as his power over the others. Their bride writhed between them and he loved how she embraced their cruelty. “As much as I enjoy you Raziel, you are too much trouble to keep.”

“Then I will come when you call and spare you my presence when you don’t need it.” Raziel heard Brig’s mind racing as he realized more of the situation. “I beg you, Samael. If there is kindness in you, do not force this on him.”

“I’ll consider it.” Samael licked across Shiroi’s lips. “I have my tender bride to consider.”

“There are better ways to make Brig cry.” Shiroi whispered to him. “I know what will hurt him far worse and I don’t want his scent on you anyway.”

“Sale de.” Azrael laid her between them and redressed her. “De haka sek na dan se.”

“Tek, Kaleka Azrael.” Shiroi let them both kiss her before she crawled from the bed. She could tolerate seeing her Master’s dominating another Watcher so beautifully, but she couldn’t stand the thought of them bedding the whiny vampire who was already so close to breaking. She paced in front of them and Azrael and Samael sat between the captives on the foot of the bed. For them she could be cruel. Shiroi called on her magic and created a casket on the floor in front of her. It sparked an immediate and violently desperate reaction from Brig as he cut himself on the web of threads trying to escape a fate to him worse than death.


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Nihil : Vengeance & Sacrifice : Sweet Nightmares Pt.1

Brig slept uncomfortably and his mind decided to remind him of the frustrating morning that led him here. Raziel had made another vicious effort to claim what he wanted because Brig couldn’t keep his mouth shut. He and Shana had fallen asleep in tears holding each other and their wake up call found him sore and agitated over what had happened hours before.


“Wake up!” Galik crawled onto the bed and turned Brig’s head so he could see the dark rings in his ear. Galik grinned and flicked at them.

 “Get off.” Brig pushed himself away from Galik and Cid and Tali crawled into his lap. When they started to crawl up for a better look he straightened the hair over his ear and face. He watched Raziel walk around the bed and offer Shana his hand. Brig turned his head and reminded himself that this was his fault. “Are we heading back to Nihil?”

 “We are.” Raziel helped Shana from the bed and kissed her cheek before he rested one leg on the bed to reach for Brig. “I hope for the last time.”

 “I can get out of the fucking bed by myself.” Brig smacked away Raziel’s hand and slid off the other side. The gesture struck Galik badly and Brig didn’t even see the cold grey fist that hit the side of his face and knocked him against the wall. Brig clutched the throb as the crack in his cheekbone started to heal. “What was that for?”

Your lack of respect.” Galik growled at him. “Lord Raziel was being nice to you.”

 “Brig isn’t much of a morning person.” Van giggled and took Galik’s face in her hands. She rubbed her nose against his as she grinned. “Give him a little time.”

 “Are you two going to live with us now?” Frakk asked excitedly as he crawled up Shana’s leg.

 “It will be fun to have more friends around.” Frikk added hopefully from Raziel’s shoulder.

 “No.” Brig scowled. “We have our own place.”

 “For now.” Raziel grinned.

 “Meaning what?” Brig shouted at him and Galik glared at him. “Fuck off, Galik.”

 “Meaning if you ever refuse to stay here when I ask I will turn your home in Vex to dust.” Raziel shifted in front of Brig and backed him into the wall. He slid Brig’s hair behind his ear and slid his fingers over the rings that collared him. “You now belong to me completely. I’ll be patient if you are respectful, but do not cross me, Brig.”

 “Okay, I’ve got it.” Brig looked away. “Can we go now?”

 “Apologize first.” Galik insisted. “You upset Lord Raziel.”

 “Time to kiss and make up.” Van giggled.

 “Not in the mood.” Brig mumbled and tried to step past Raziel. “For any of it.”

 “Do I need to remind you again?” Raziel caught Brig by his wrist. “You know I do not like repeating myself.”

 “You know I don’t like having an audience.” Brig scowled back at him. “Don’t ask me to respect you if you can’t…”

 “All of you wait outside.” Raziel pulled Brig back to him as Galik rushed the others outside the door. As it closed he leaned against Brig and let his hold on him melt into a gentle embrace. “I don’t need your kiss right now, I know you are upset. Just tell me you will forgive me.”

 “Why did you have to take it this far?” Brig folded his arms loosely around Raziel and sighed. “You already know I’ll get over it, but could you stop over reacting every time I open my mouth? Telling me I can’t talk and punishing me every time I do are the same thing.”

 “This was not meant to punish you.” Raziel let his fingertips brush the dark rings as he touched Brig’s face. “Please don’t think that.”

 Just give the surprises a rest.” Brig smiled at him. “Cheer up and tell Galik to relax. He should be glad I’m always in trouble. It means he’ll always be the favorite.”

 “I plan to treat all of you equally.” Raziel could not deny he was partial to Galik. They had been together for so long and Galik had given him more love and loyalty than most are even capable of, but he didn’t love the others any less. “I care for all of you, puppet.”

 “I wasn’t complaining.” Brig laughed. He preferred Galik and Van stay the favorites. He was very content with them soaking up Raziel’s affections and sparing him any obligation to fill a more permanent role in Raziel’s life. Still, he was the one holding Raziel now and as much as he tried to tell himself otherwise, it was not obligation that made him put his arms around Raziel. And it wasn’t obligation that suddenly made him lean closer. “We should go.”

Will you kiss me before we go?” Raziel felt Brig’s arms tighten around him and smiled as Brig complied and passionately fulfilled the request. Tali interrupted the moment by creeping around the door and giggling, but it was probably for the best. Brig’s kiss would have driven him mad if he let it linger any longer. He offered one last smile before he restrained his emotions and his voice went cold. “Thank you, puppet.”

 “You don’t have to thank me.” Brig held him a moment longer and whispered to him. “I want you to promise me you respect Shana’s offer.”

 “I will take nothing from her that you do not give me.” Raziel kissed his cheek. “You have my word.”

“Will you stop hogging Razzy?” Van pushed the door open further and leaned inside. “You do have to share, you know?”

 “Shh.” Demise laughed. “They were having a moment.”

 “I asked you all to leave.” Raziel scolded the fairy that had been watching from the bedside table. “Brig wanted privacy.”

 “Being small and unnoticeable has its benefits.” Demise chuckled as she darted over to Brig’s shoulder and awkwardly hugged against his neck. “Besides he needs me to look after him.”

 “That I do.” Brig smiled and straightened Raziel’s jacket. “Why the fuck do you taste like candy?”

 “Van leaves her lollipops everywhere.” Raziel admitted to snatching them for himself.

 “Can I have one?” Shana laughed as Galik pulled a lollipop from his pocket and held it out for her. “I meant a…”

 “Kiss?” Raziel shifted behind her and leaned over her shoulder. “Within the walls of my estates you can take them as you like. Don’t start fights with one another and don’t offend Brig by claiming them too often. You are still his bride, not mine.”

 Shana laid a gentle peck against Raziel’s lips before she smiled and ran into Brig’s arms. She knew this was all going to be difficult for Brig and she wanted to make any part of it easier. Brig squeezed her tight and kissed her neck. They may both belong to Raziel, but they belonged to each other above anyone else.


“It looks like your pretty little doll is waking up.” Shiroi glared at them and hoped Brig would scar up his pretty face on the razor sharp threads Samael had laced in front of him.

“Do not move, puppet.” Raziel instructed calmly as Brig started to stir from the sleep Lucifer left them in.

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Nihil : Vengeance & Sacrifice : A Husband’s Love Pt.3

Maefyl had not only recovered quickly. Lucifer had forced a magic into him that was unfamiliar. It worked its way through him in warm heavy waves, weaving violently into him, becoming a part of him. He stopped in Eliza’s apartment and collected her phone before he rushed to the Circle building. He felt lighter and faster. Even the swift jumps from place to place came easier. By the time he knocked on Vikarr’s door Maefyl was already acclimating himself to the new strength it gave him. As the door inched open Maefyl witnessed the rare sight of a Watcher overcome with grief. Vikarr stood in the safety of his office and smiled to hide his misery.

“Donovan is finishing your work.” Vikarr could only assume Maefyl was seeking his colleagues. “Mala is with him.”

“I came to see you.” Maefyl shook his head. “Not because I want to and I have to make it quick.”

“I have nothing more of value that you can take.” Vikarr wounded himself with the words he spoke. He felt the tear that escaped slide down his face. Kage had assured him Eliza was safe, but each moment without the assurance that her condition had not changed made him anxious and even if she was safe he knew she hurt as he did.

“Don’t interrupt me.” Maefyl held up an envelope with ‘Vivi’ scribbled across the front. “I’ll tear this up.”

“Don’t.” Vikarr reached for a reply he never thought he would receive and Maefyl pulled it away and smirked at him. “I hope you are not being this cruel to my bride.”

“Step out of your office.” Maefyl teased Vikarr as he backed away with Eliza’s letter. “You want to see what she has to say and she wants to punch you. I told her I would take care of it.”

Vikarr had no doubt Eliza would make such request. Vikarr closed his eyes and stepped through the doorway. He expected a touch of pain and humiliation, but Vikarr had once again underestimated Maefyl. As Maefyl struck him, Vikarr felt his jaw crack and he fell back into his office. The half-breed was as dangerous as Kage had warned him.

“I have to go.” Maefyl flicked Eliza’s letter through the doorway into Vikarr’s lap as he sat up. Maefyl already knew what both letters said through Eliza’s thoughts. If he was not on the clock he would have stayed to see the reaction. “Don’t fuck with me again Vikarr. I barely have enough patience for Lucifer’s games. I’m not playing yours.”

“Is she hurting?” Vikarr asked as he picked up the envelope. He had a sense of dread as he looked at it. “She complained about the ache when she was only blocks away. Osore is across the globe…”

“She’s dealing with it.” Maefyl cut him off and left.

Doma crawled into Vikarr’s lap and licked his fingers. Vikarr picked her up and carried her to the desk for company. He just slid the message from Eliza in front of him unopened. As excited as he was that she had responded at all, he was apprehensive to open it.

“What should we do with this, Doma?” Vikarr held the envelope toward his kitten and laughed as she rubbed her face against the corner and started to chew on it. “That settles it then.”

Vikarr cracked the seal nervously and was glad for the distraction his returning colleagues provided. As the door opened he slid the letter aside and crossed his hands on the desk as Donovan and Mala wandered in with matching looks of pity.

“Have you heard anything, Lord Vikarr?” Mala held Donovan’s hand as they stopped in front of Vikarr’s desk. He was relieved by Vikarr’s slight nod in response. “Is she okay?”

“I believe so.” Vikarr laid his hand over the letter. “Have you finished with everything?”

“It’s taken care of.” Donovan sighed. Maefyl had done most of the clean up before he left, but Donovan thought it was better not to mention that after what happened. Donovan was not crazy about Eliza, but it was becoming very apparent that Vikarr was. “Is that from her?”

“Maefyl brought it.” Vikarr tapped his fingers. “You have both spent time with him…”

“He has a temper, but I doubt he would do anything to hurt her.” Mala smiled and sat across from Vikarr. He had never seen the Watcher so uncertain. Vikarr’s confidence was usually unmatched and bordered on arrogance. For Mala it was like looking in a mirror; there had been only one thing in his life that so completely shook him. Vikarr was falling in love and it was making him question everything. “What does Miss Drake say?”

“I haven’t looked.” Vikarr admitted. “I had hoped to be winning her over, not trying to rescue her. I don’t know that I am ready to see what she thinks of me now.”

“This will all blow over, Lord Vikarr.” Mala hoped that his assurances would be true. There were so many unknowns. So many involved that Mala had little to no experience with, but he relied on his knowledge of Gabriel to make a few assumptions about Maefyl’s character. He doubted Maefyl would keep the girl indefinitely. “When she returns, you will be able to start over properly.”

“If Maefyl has decided to share my part in this with her, Eliza will blame me for any harm that comes to Raziel’s pet. I wanted them apart, and now she will have more reason to sympathize with him.” Vikarr stroked Doma’s back and wondered how far he had set him back. “I will be worse off than before.”

“You’ll find a way to make it work, boss.” Donovan laid his hand behind Mala’s neck. He liked Maefyl and Brig, but Vikarr took priority as a potential friend. He wanted to see the quirky demon as happy as he was. “You can’t be doing all that terrible. She did send you a letter.”

“Even if she doesn’t have the nicest things to say; it won’t be much different than usual.” Mala smiled. He made the suggestion hoping it would give Vikarr some peace of mind. “You should read it.”

“Thank you. Both of you.” Vikarr realized Mala was right. If Eliza’s words were angry it would be like having her standing there screaming, he started to laugh at himself for finding comfort in the idea. “You have both been so busy, take some time to relax. I want to read this alone.”

“Good night, Vikarr.” Mala stood to honor Vikarr’s request. He wrapped his arms around Donovan and hoped his advice wasn’t going to upset Vikarr further.

“If what she says gets to you, give us a call.” Donovan offered their shoulders to cry on. “We’re probably safer company to keep at the moment. Your new friends have gotten you in enough trouble for now.”

“You may be right about that.” Vikarr laughed. Samael and Azrael had only just extended their friendship and he was already in more trouble than he had bargained for. He still found than fascinating and found no real fault in their actions. They played dangerous games and they played them well, Vikarr had no qualms with playing the pawn once in a while if it won him powerful allies. “I’ll see you both tomorrow.”

With Doma purring in his lap and a confidence renewed by his colleagues, Vikarr slid the folded page from the envelope. Just knowing she had touched it brought him a sense of calm, but as he read the words a smile trembled on his lips.


I’m fine, no thanks to you.

Maefyl is actually a really nice guy, so stop being paranoid.


Here’s the deal, Vivi.

I can’t stand you, but I’m not going to spend the rest of my life in pain to prove it and if this compromise keeps you from causing more trouble for decent people it will be worth tolerating the sight of you.


Go pack my stuff.

I would send you a key, but you have no trouble sneaking in.


When I get back to Nihil I’m going to stay at your place. Don’t read this as an invitation to get all close and cozy with me, because it’s not. I want my own room and you aren’t allowed to touch me.

This doesn’t change anything.





“You’re so very wrong, my lovely.” Vikarr grinned. His game wasn’t over after all. “This changes everything.”

Vikarr was excited over her compromise. Turmoil that he had worried over was giving him a greater chance than he could have hoped for. He quickly went to work relocating all of Eliza’s belongings to his home in Nihil. He had plenty of room to honor her request for a place of her own. His magic made the task a quick one, and without having to pry into her privacy by going through her things he left them all neatly stacked, folded and organized in a room of her own to await her arrival. He smiled over a room filled with her things and smiled as he pulled the door closed.

He retuned to his office elated, but anxious and hoped he would soon have news of her release. He planned to stay where he could easily be found in hopes he would know of her return the second Maefyl let her go. It would be a strange homecoming and he knew she would have plenty to shout at him for, but at least when his bride returned it would be to his home and he could begin to show her the devotion he promised.

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Nihil : Vengeance & Sacrifice : A Husband’s Love Pt.2

“What is this?” Eliza looked at the envelope with her nickname scrawled on the front. She turned it in her hand and saw a familiar symbol holding the message closed. “From Vikarr? I don’t want it.”

“Then throw it away.” Maefyl held his hand out for Sanguine and smiled at her as she laid against his fingers. “Sorry about all that, Sany. You know I wouldn’t let him take you.”

“He threatened Sanguine?” Gabriel grabbed Maefyl by his chin as he shivered. “What have you done?”

“It wasn’t a threat really.” Sanguine sighed. “And it’s because Raziel is the one in trouble.”

“This Council is maddening.” Gabriel kissed Maefyl before he let his hand fall from his face and turned to Eliza. “You should not throw it away. I understand you are frustrated, but Vikarr is your husband.”

“I hate him.” Eliza slipped her finger under the seal and opened the envelope. She slid out the black page and unfolded it.

 My lovely,

 I have no real expectation that you will even read this message. I imagine these words will be torn fragments before you even see them, but I feel obligated to send them to you anyway.

 You have my sincerest apologies for failing to protect you and for letting you become involved to begin with. I will do everything I can to see you freed, but I am somewhat outmatched and my attempts to demand your return were met with threats. I won’t risk your safety and I wish that I could see for myself that you are not being treated unfairly, I have to trust that Maefyl will be kind and return you to Nihil unharmed.

 Eliza, I know that you despise what I have done. Now that I have failed in my duty to protect you, you have even less reason to trust me, but I want you to know that I care for you. I hope you are well and that this separation is not causing you too much pain. If it becomes too much to bear; tell Maefyl that I will surrender myself to him and I will beg that he keep me imprisoned close enough to spare you the agony.

 In the meantime, I beg you not to do anything that will anger Maefyl. He is more than I ever realized and I have given him reason to hate me. I don’t want you to pay for what I’ve done.

                                                                              -Be Well,


“How long am I going to be here?” Eliza rested her head on her knees and she hugged her legs and clutched her fingers tightly around the letter.

“At least a week.” Maefyl saw the beginnings of the wall she built around herself crumbling. “Why?”

“Just wanted to know how long I had to wait to punch him in the face for being stupid.” Eliza laughed at herself. She hated Vikarr. The white ink on black paper was obnoxious as he was, but the words made her want to cry. “It’s not fair that I can’t scream at him for this.”

“I’ll go punch him for you.” Maefyl sat up and kissed Gabriel before he swung his feet to the floor. He had seen everything Gabriel had done to care for Eliza through her memory. “You gave away one of my midnight snacks.”

“Where are you going now?” Gabriel was thankful Maefyl had recovered quickly but was not ready to let him run off again. He put his arm around him and Maefyl leaned against him. “You can’t be planning to finish the work in Nihil.”

“No; I told Donovan he’s on his own. I’m going to take a shower.” Maefyl patted Eliza’s head. “Then I’m going to go punch Vikarr for her.”

“Has anyone invented painkillers for vampires yet?” Eliza looked up at Maefyl. The two of them looked so happy together and it only made her feel worse. “How far away is Nihil?”

“Pretty far.” Maefyl wiggled her head. “That isn’t just distance you’re feeling. Vikarr is upset.”

“Well, yippee.” Eliza sighed. “I get to hurt because he is in a bad mood? Do you have paper or something?”

“I’m going to get cleaned up.” Maefyl handed her one of Asura’s many sketchbooks and a pencil. “I’m only playing mailman once. Give him your number if you want to scream at him.”

“That would be great if you had brought the phone along.” Eliza kept Vikarr’s letter in her fist as she turned to the table and tapped the pencil on a blank page. She had no idea what she even wanted to say. “You know you’re a lousy kidnapper, right?”

“First time.” Maefyl shrugged and wandered down the hall.

“No, it isn’t.” Sanguine laughed as she fluttered after him. “What about Shana?”

“I did not kidnap Shana.” Maefyl laughed and shut the door behind them.

“I have no idea what I’m doing.” Eliza rested her chin on the empty page and looked at the fairy with Brig’s haircut. “I’m sorry, lady bug.”

“It wasn’t your fault.” Demise pouted. “I wish I could blame you for it. I could use someone to hate right now.”

“I have someone to hate and it isn’t making me feel any better.” Eliza sat up and stared at the page in front of her. When she scratched her message onto the page she crushed Vikarr’s letter in her hand and questioned the decision to answer it at all. When she read what she had written it almost felt like reading someone else’s words, but she knew if she started over she would just end up over explaining herself and make a mess of it. She pulled the letter from the book and folded it. “I need an envelope.”

Gabriel extended his fingers toward her and Eliza watched as a strange dark shimmer in his hand became what she had asked for. Gabriel had been quiet since Maefyl’s return and she started to feel like she was in the way.

“I don’t plan on running off. If you two need time alone I’ll just watch TV or something.” Eliza took the envelope as she made the offer. “I get the feeling you weren’t expecting company.”

“He is used to the unexpected.” Maefyl came in carrying his boots and sat beside Gabriel to pull them on while he watched Eliza stuff her letter into an envelope and pout at the lack of sticky stuff. He reached over and pressed her thumb to the back. Maefyl helped her seal the letter with an elaborately scripted E and smiled at her reaction when she lifted her thumb. “Are you sure you want me to give that to him?”

“I still want you to punch him, though.” Eliza smiled as she handed Maefyl the letter. “Will that get you in trouble?”

“No more than I am already in.” Maefyl kissed Gabriel and smiled. “I’ll be quick. Just going to check on Vex and deliver her letter. No more trouble today. I promise. ”

“Stay here, Maefyl.” Gabriel grabbed him behind his neck. “You should let me run these errands.”

“Give me ten minutes with Vikarr.” Maefyl winked at him. “You can handle wiping tears in Vex.”

“Ten minutes.” Gabriel pulled his watch from his pocket. “I’m holding you to it.”

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Nihil : Vengeance & Sacrifice : A Husband’s Love Pt.1

“Shit.” Eliza rushed around the table when Gabriel screamed and crushed the teacup in his hand. “Are you okay?”

“Something happened to Maefyl.” Gory kissed Gabriel’s trembling hand. “Something bad.”

“Why does he never listen?” Gabriel tried to stand and stumbled back to the floor shaking. The pain rushed through him like a wildfire. Eliza stroked his back as he leaned against the table for stability. He forced himself to smile at her gesture. “You have no need to console your captor.”

“For the love of rainbows.” Eliza sighed and checked his fingers for cuts. “You’re in pain. Don’t be shitty. You also heal faster than me.”

“Is he okay?” Gory asked nervously. Gabriel was still trying to recover and it scared her.

“He is angry.” Gabriel slammed his fist on the table shattering the rest of the tea set and startling both Gory and Eliza. “I am sorry, miss. I have to go and rescue your kidnapper.”

“You can’t be fucking serious.” Eliza had jumped back when he lashed out at his tea, but inched forward to rub his arm. “How are you supposed to help anyone when you can’t stop shaking?”

“It is only pain.” Gabriel pushed himself to his feet. “I should not be long. Gory will you look after our guest?”

“Be careful, Gabriel.” Gory pouted.

“I will…” Gabriel started to collapse and barely caught himself before he hit the floor. Maefyl was in pain, but his rage fell silent. Gabriel raised his hand to decline more assistance from Eliza and after a few moments stood on his own. “I need to go.”

“You need to stay where you are.” Kage hissed as he arrived carrying Maefyl and laid him on the couch. Gabriel pushed past him to push the hair from Maefyl’s face and kiss him. “I’ve started to heal him, you can manage the rest.”

“What has Lucy done to you?” Gabriel leaned against Maefyl’s chest as he pushed a warm magic through his fingers to ease the pain he still felt.

“The half-breed started another pointless argument with his Father.” Kage leaned over Gabriel and slid a section of hair from Maefyl’s face as he offered more of his own magic to speed his healing. “He will recover, Gabriel. Leave this alone or it will be worse.”

“Is that actual concern or a message from Lucy?” Gabriel scowled at him.

“It is both.” Kage admitted. “I tried to prevent this. You should remind him that he can not save everyone, and attacking Lucifer every time he tries is causing more pain.”

“Is this because he tried to help Brig?” Eliza tugged at Kage’s sleeve. “Or because he took me?”

“Keep your hand off of me.” Kage pushed her away and she fell back over the table. “If you had been with your Master you would not have been taken. My sympathy in your captivity is for Vikarr, not you.”

“Leave her alone.” Gabriel muttered. “Thank you for bringing him.”

“I assume you have not been harmed in anyway.” Kage hissed at Eliza as she rubbed at her legs.

“Not until you showed up.” Eliza glared at him. “Why do you care?”

“I don’t.” Kage grinned. “Vikarr does.”

“Fuck him.” Eliza turned away furiously. This Kage fellow was more infuriating than Vikarr.

“Kage, just go before you say anything else.” Gabriel insisted quietly. He knew they were going to argue further and get increasingly belligerent and he was in no mood. “Maefyl’s pain is passing, I’ll let you know when he wakes.”

“That guy needs a punch in the teeth.” Eliza crawled around the table and sat close to Gabriel while he stroked the fairy crying by Maefyl’s shoulder. “Is he really going to be okay?”

“Maefyl will be fine.” Gabriel sighed. Maefyl may have been knocked unconscious and he had been in excruciating pain, but this had not been intended to hurt him. The magic that lingered was powerful and violent, but it was not malicious. “He has endured far worse than this.”

“That kind of sucks for you.” Eliza sighed and laid her hand on his back. When Vikarr made his claim it had been miserable. She couldn’t have imagined worse pain. Since then there had been aches and itches, but seeing a demon nearly crippled by the pain he felt from his spouse scared her. Even now she had a dull persistent throb that made her uncomfortable, but it was an odd sensation she couldn’t place. She wondered if it was because she was further away than before, but it felt different. “Are you feeling better?”

“I’m not concerned with myself.” Gabriel moved onto the couch and pulled Maefyl into his lap as ran his thumbnail across his wrist and pressed the wound to Maefyl’s lips as he tilted his head. He only bled enough to put the taste on Maefyl’s tongue before he started to stir.

“Wake up faster so I can yell at you.” Sanguine smiled and wiped her eyes as she kicked Maefyl’s neck. She fluttered back a bit with Demise as Maefyl pulled himself up with Gabriel’s arm and bit into his neck.

“Welcome back.” Gabriel closed his eyes and smiled a he slid his fingers into Maefyl’s hair and held him close to encourage the thirsty greeting. “Are you ever going to stop fighting with him?”

“I highly doubt it.” Maefyl laughed and relaxed against Gabriel. “Sorry, I was trying to make a point.”

“Interesting way to do that.” Eliza mumbled. “Do you think the other guy got the point before or after you passed the fuck out?”

“Shut it.” Maefyl smirked. “Has she been behaving?”

“Better than you.” Gory stomped on the table as Demise settled beside her and cried. “What did you get yourself into this time?”

“The usual.” Maefyl reached into his pocket and pulled out the envelope from Vikarr and handed it to Eliza. “Demise, I am going to get them back. I’ll figure something out.”

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Nihil : Vengeance & Sacrifice : Anger Pt.2

“Lord Maefyl.” Vikarr nodded his understanding to Kage before he stepped closer to Maefyl and kneeled. “I can not undo what was done, if you will not give me your forgiveness and understanding, I ask that you are at the very least merciful to my bride. I won’t apologize for wanting to see the Keeper suffer, but I only wanted his pet away from Eliza. The boy carries a part of the heart I wanted to myself.”

“Get the fuck away from me.” Maefyl turned away and lit a cigarette. “All of you disgust me. You hate Raziel for being what he is, but most of you have done more horrible things to him than he would even consider.”

“You need to dig a little deeper.” Lucifer laughed. “Raziel is just as cruel as the rest of us.”

“If I may?” Lilith interrupted. “Maefyl, you have right to hold the girl, but will you give Vikarr the assurance that at least until you see your friends returned that you will not do her any harm.”

“Kage can even check on her.” Maefyl flicked his cigarette and nodded his agreement. He could hear Lilith’s mind. She was only offering words to appease Vikarr. She knew he had no intention of hurting Eliza to begin with, but Vikarr was waiting for the peace of mind.

“Will you give her this?” Vikarr held up a small envelope sealed with his crest and addressed simply with a single letter. He was afraid Maefyl would think the gesture was meant to instruct her and thought he could better his chances by explaining. “It is only my apology.”

“I’ll make sure she gets it.” Sanguine fluttered over and pulled it from his fingers.

“Thank you, Lady Sanguine.” Vikarr hung his head and vanished from the hall.

“Please give them back.” Demise pleaded hopelessly. “Lord Lucifer, you can…”

“You have no say here.” Lucifer cut her off and rushed at Maefyl. He hit him in the chest with a fist filled with a powerful magic that knocked him across the room and startled the fairies aside. He followed after him slowly as he grinned. “And you; my boy, are going to learn a little respect.”

“My Lord.” Lilith rushed to his side to spare Maefyl more pain. “Will you consider that he is only using the rules you set to his benefit? He has just accepted the power you gave him.”

“As much as I hate to agree with her; Lilith has a point.” Kage lifted Maefyl against the wall and was amazed he had stayed conscious. “If nothing else, he is starting to live up to your expectations.”

“Vechek, Kage.” Maefyl shrugged off Kage’s assistance to stand and found the strength to do it on his own. Chaos embraced his limbs as he took a blade in each hand and held them at his sides. He lifted his head and glared at Lucifer. “Vade.”

“Sek zabol zadeska.” Lucifer grinned and grasped menacing daggers in each hand. “Both of you stand aside.”

“Besek saba shesupi.” Kage hissed at Maefyl. “You can barely stand you imbecile.”

“Back off, Viper.” Maefyl swung one sword at Kage without taking his eyes off of Lucifer. The blade trembled just under Kage’s chin and Maefyl struggled to heal whatever Lucifer had done. The force of the blow had done major damage and he was still in pain, but it hadn’t just been an attack. There was a strange smelling magic buried in the chaos and it was burning its way through him. Maefyl smirked at Lucifer. “You were quick to hand them over. All of this because you’re bitter over Raziel liking the floor at my feet over yours?”

“You’ve always been clever, Maefyl.” Lucifer lunged forward and Maefyl met his attack with his blades. Maefyl struggled to keep pace and focus but his anger was keeping him on his feet. Lucifer smiled as he led Maefyl across the room in a violent conversation. “But you still have such narrow vision.”

“Just admit that you are enjoying the idea of seeing him suffer.” Maefyl swung too wide and Lucifer leapt over him and kicked him to the floor.

“I made no attempt to deny it.” Lucifer grinned as he gave Maefyl a moment to get to his feet. “Raziel aggravates me, but I also ensured he would be returned alive.”

“It’s no mercy to let him live with the scars they leave.” Maefyl screamed as he leapt forward swinging at Lucifer. “You don’t care about anything or anyone.”

“You know that isn’t true.” Lilith screamed at him. “Stop this, Maefyl.”

“Sorry, Mother.” Maefyl hated the thoughts running through her head. Her love for both of them was tearing her apart, but despite his guilt for the tears she fought he pressed on with his assault. “I’m not finished with him.”

“Tek, sek kaat.” Lucifer dodged Maefyl’s last attack and hit him with a more powerful magic that sent him crashing into the wall. “Sekni manta kres’ach sek na nepu.”

Maefyl barely heard the last of the words as he slipped unconscious to the floor. Even in a forced sleep, pain spread through him like thorns being dragged through his veins. His last conscious thought was an apology to the one who was undoubtedly suffering with him.

“Take him to Gabriel before I kill him.” Lucifer howled at Kage. “See to it that Gabriel knows who insisted on this fight. If he says a single word to me about this I will put my son back in the chains I should have left him in.”

“Tek, det Vasun.” Kage gave a quick nod and gathered Maefyl in his arms to return him to Osore. He waited for the weeping fairies to join him and gave Lilith a look that he hoped she understood as a cue to bring Lucifer’s rage to an end. As he shifted away, Kage began to heal the broken limbs and rushed to Gabriel before he reacted to Maefyl’s pain and made matters worse.

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Nihil : Vengeance & Sacrifice : Anger Pt.1

Maefyl stormed through the doors to find Lucifer sulking with Lilith on his lap and Kage standing beside them. The sullen expression did nothing to dissuade Maefyl’s intent to get into yet another fight with his arrogant father.

“You feel like explaining why the fuck you let those bastards take them?” Maefyl shouted as he approached. “Do you have any idea what those sick fucks will do to them?”

“Settle yourself, half-breed.” Kage glared at him. “They will bring Raziel and the boy to Council in a week.”

“That is unacceptable.” Maefyl paced in front of them and tried to calm himself. As he pushed back his hair he appealed to Lucifer’s compassion. “Don’t you think Brig has been through enough shit?”

“He’s an unfortunate casualty in this.” Lucifer set Lilith to her feet and stood. There was going to be no comfort he could give Maefyl; his decision had been made. “Raziel broke the rules.”

“Fuck your rules.” Maefyl scoffed at the reasoning. Lucifer loved to set these guidelines, but never followed them and everyone suffered over them. “Tell Samael to bring them back now.”

“I will not.” Lucifer grinned. “Samael will have his week to carve an apology out of Raziel and his pet.”

“For what?” Maefyl sneered at him. “You know damn well he pushed Brig intentionally.”

“Brig attacked Shiroi.” Lucifer laughed. “Where is your compassion for her?”

“He didn’t fucking touch her.” Maefyl stepped up to Lucifer and pushed him back into his throne. “She would have deserved it anyway. Your Wyrms have turned her into a monster.”

“Shiroi did her Masters’ bidding.” Lucifer corrected as he leaned forward and curled his fingers over the arms of his throne. “She should be commended for her efforts.”

“She baited an innocent kid into the hands of two of the cruelest creatures in existence and you want to give her a cookie?” Maefyl laughed and leaned over Lucifer. “Your daughter is an evil bitch.”

“My son is no better.” Lucifer smacked Maefyl across the face and smiled up at him. “Are you finished whining?”

“Vikarr is waiting outside.” Kage interrupted.

“The Jester can wait.” Lucifer glared at Maefyl. “Should I take a guess as to why he is here?”

“Tell Samael to release them, Lucy.” Maefyl wrapped his fingers around Lucifer’s wrists. “Baat.”

“Isa dahesa.” Lucifer grinned. “This is not negotiable.”

“Baat!” Maefyl screamed in Lucifer’s face.

“Isa dahesa.” Lucifer kicked Maefyl in the stomach and he fell back to the floor. “And don’t go near them.”

“Do you know what they have done to Raziel before?” Maefyl punched the floor before he stood. “I can’t let it happen, Lucy.”

“I don’t.” Lucifer laughed. “And I don’t care. Kage, bring Vikarr inside.”

“Don’t you ignore me.” Maefyl screamed at Lucifer as Kage left. “I did not save Brig to watch him suffer again.”

“Let me explain this to you very clearly.” Lucifer grabbed Maefyl and slammed him into the throne. He pushed him back into it with his foot as he glared at him. “Raziel will pay for breaking the rules. You should be thankful I am not giving Samael his shadow.”

“You wouldn’t dare.” Maefyl laid his fingers over the fairies on his shoulder.

“Try me.” Lucifer lifted his foot only to bring it back swiftly to stomp against Maefyl’s chest. “If you come here again before the Council meets you hand Sanguine over to Samael.”

“De gasek kesek saba gansat, det Vasun.” Kage whispered to Lucifer as he shifted back to him. Lucifer stepped aside and let Kage lift Maefyl from the throne and steady him on his feet as he recovered. As Vikarr made his angry approach and Lucifer reclaimed his seat Kage pulled Maefyl aside. “One day you are going to push him too far.”

“Where is my bride, half-breed?” Vikarr shouted angrily as he approached the throne.

“Remember where you are Vikarr!” Kage hissed.

“Yes, Lord Kage.” Vikarr fell to one knee and bowed his head. “Your forgiveness, Lord Lucifer.”

“You took his bride?” Kage asked Maefyl quietly. “Why?”

“He broke the rules.” Maefyl pulled away from Kage as he smirked at Lucifer. “He conspired against a member of Council, it resulted in captivity. You want to play, Lucy? Let’s play.”

“Clever.” Lucifer grinned.

“Return her to me.” Vikarr sneered up at Maefyl. “She is uninvolved.”

“I’ll return her when Raziel and his husband are released.” Maefyl glared at him. “And in the same condition.”

“You can not punish her for their actions.” Vikarr stood and stepped closer. “Return my property, half-breed.”

“Call me that again and I’ll return your property in pieces.” Maefyl screamed at him. “You picked the wrong friends, Vikarr. You turned on Raziel when he was offering his aid.”

“His pet threatens my brides innocence.” Vikarr shouted. “I asked him to leave and he refused.”

“Innocence?” Maefyl laughed. “You mean loyalty. He was no threat. If you have so much doubt over the strength of your claim, you should have put your bird in a cage.”

“I am not a part of this quarrel.” Vikarr insisted. “Neither is my bride. You have no right to take her from me.”

“I have every right.” Maefyl screamed. “Revoke your complaint.”

“It won’t make a difference now.” Kage explained quietly. “Brig attempted to strike Shiroi, Samael will not yield. He has his justification now, regardless of Vikarr’s decision.”

“And I have mine.” Maefyl sneered and leaned over Lucifer. “You made a mistake sitting me on this Council. I am well within my right as a ruler of Tsuriai. Vikarr ran his mouth and it resulted in my servant being taken. The girl is mine until I have Raziel and Brig returned to me. If they are damaged, I keep Eliza as compensation.”

“You can’t!” Vikarr screamed. “Lord Lucifer, you can’t possibly allow this half-breed to take what belongs to a Watcher.”

“The half-breed is seated on the ruling Council of Lords.” Kage shifted in front of Vikarr to prevent further threats as he explained to his loyal friend that there was hope of seeing the girl returned. “Maefyl is not cruel, Vikarr. Back down and he will not harm the girl.”

“Can you promise me that, Kage?” Vikarr hung his head. “I want her returned to me.”

“I can promise you that if you continue this nonsense you will ruin your chance to reclaim her.” Kage rested his hand on Vikarr’s shoulder. “If you will return to Nihil, I will personally check on the girl and visit you soon with news.”

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