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TCOL : Distractions : To Love Forever Pt.1

“This one.” Aurora dropped another tube of paint in the basket Taranis carried and smiled at him. “Are you staying for dinner?”

“If Nat doesn’t mind.” Taranis shrugged. He had hoped to take a nice outing alone with Aurora, but with Kryss off working neither he or Aurora wanted to leave Nat alone.

“Not as long as you help cook.” Nat hugged him from behind and dropped a few brushes in the basket. “And clean up.”

They finished up with Nat’s art supplies and headed out the door chatting about dinner plans when Nat turned around to respond to a tap on her shoulder and swallowed nervously when she saw Maefyl smiling at her.

“You wanted to talk?” Maefyl tapped her on the nose. “What are you nervous about?”

“I wasn’t really expecting you this quick.” Nat sighed. “We were just headed home. Can we talk there?”

“We can talk wherever you want.” Maefyl shifted them all to the hall outside Kryss’ apartment.

“Show off.” Taranis growled at him and pushed open the door for Aurora and Nat.

“He’s not showing off.” Sanguine pointed out coldly. “He’s busy.”

“I appreciate the time.” Nat hurried to drop her bags in her art room and rushed back. “Is there anything kids shouldn’t hear?”

“Mom!” Aurora wagged her tail embarrassed and tripped over a cushion on her way to the kitchen. “I’m not a kid.”

“But you are adorably clumsy.” Taranis picked her up around her waist. “We’ll be in the kitchen.”

“They both know why I’m here.” Maefyl tried to make himself comfortable and hoped Gabriel would show up quickly. Nat watched Taranis carrying Aurora off worried about what they would overhear. Maefyl thought he might as well get that worry off of her mind. “They’ve grown up with Kaneko and Karla around all the time, this isn’t a big shock to anyone. Including you.”

“Would you just be nice?” Aurora poked her head out of the kitchen to scold him. “You’re supposed to help.”

“Sorry if that sounded a little snarky, Nat.” Maefyl sighed. “Rough day. What I meant is that they aren’t bothered by any of this, and that this isn’t the first time you’ve thought about it either. I’m only here to talk because you asked me to be.”

“If I go through with this… I mean if you do the biting or whatever; what does that make us?” Nat asked. She had no idea where to begin with her questions but it seemed as good a place as any. Her biggest reason for even considering such an extreme change was to keep her family together and she was afraid of what kind of obligation the favor would carry. “Is it like a family?”

“Sort of.” Maefyl smiled at her. “I take responsibility for the ones that carry my blood. I have fathered very few. I look out for them, but I only really consider Asura my daughter and I prefer to be a friend to the others rather than a parent or Master. I’m not going to mess up your family, but if you need me around I will be.”

“At least the first question wasn’t ‘will it hurt?’” Sanguine giggled and slipped her legs into the collar of Maefyl’s shirt to make herself comfortable as he lounged on the cushions. “Next?”

“I’m not so worried about pain.” Nat smirked. “I fully expect it to hurt. I’m trying to be practical about it. I’m more worried about how it’s going to affect Kryss and Aurora.”

“They’ll worry less.” Maefyl sighed. “I shouldn’t be telling you what is going on in other people’s heads, but for the sake of helping you understand I’ll clear this up for you. Your daughter wants you to stick around, she adores you and if a set a sharper teeth means she gets to keep her mother in the pack she’ll be thrilled. As for Kryss, losing you will destroy him. You nibbling on his neck is not going to hurt him, it’s going to make him happy. Your decision, but you might want to think about whether or not it will make you happy.”

“That’s why I wanted to talk.” Nat nodded. “I’m not making this decision before I understand it. I need to know what changes. I don’t mean to sound naïve, but I kind of dreaded my forties; Kryss talks about hundreds of years like I think about weeks.”

“It helps not to think about it at all.” Maefyl laughed. She was a sweet girl and he liked that she was trying to apply logic to things she could barely grasp. “We don’t bother keeping track of time because it’s a distraction we don’t need. Well, most of us. Gabriel is a pretty big pain in the ass about schedules.”

“Marking events on a calendar just stops mattering.” Sanguine explained. “Humans have a tendency to dwell on dates because it helps place them in a timeline. Their lives are short and they celebrate the milestones as a subtle way of leaving their mark.”

“Calendar is a bit of a mess to begin with.” Maefyl laughed. “You have any idea how many times it has changed? Time isn’t going to be something you worry about. You keep track of enough of it show up when you’re supposed to.”

“Or not.” Sanguine giggled.

“If it is any comfort, you are not exactly alone in wrapping your head around the idea of forever.” Maefyl poked Nat in the knee as she hung her head. “Kryss might be old, but not all of your family is. Taranis and Levina are still young, Aurora is young. You’ve made friends with Karla and she’s still figuring out some of this. Your pack and the friends you’ve made will be with you.”

“Do you think she’ll agree?” Aurora whispered to Taranis as she peeked out of the kitchen. Her eyes were wet with tears.

“I hope so.” Taranis hugged her. “Do you want me to call Uncle Kryss?”

“Not yet.” Aurora shook her head. She was afraid any interruption would stop her mother form asking her questions and make her refuse. She went back to the counter to keep listening while she prepared a fun lunch and caught Taranis sneaking a raw strip of bacon. “Stop it. I need those.”


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TCOL : Distractions : Puppets Pt.2 (18+)

“Lord Raziel, can I ask you something?” Shana stood nervously in front of him looking at the edge of the bed.

“Raziel.” He corrected her softly and took one of her braids in his fingers. “You can ask what you wish, but the questions you have regarding my time with Brig will go unanswered. He and I both prefer our time together to be private. He has already told you as much as I will share.”

“He was kind of vague.” Shana slid her hands under Raziel’s shirt. “I don’t even know what I’m allowed to do. All he really said was there was ‘some touching.’ How much?”

“I will stop before it becomes a problem.” Raziel pulled off his shirt and dropped it to the floor before he crawled onto the bed. “Come here, puppet.”

“Can you close your eyes?” Shana flushed. “I’m not pretty like Van.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Raziel chuckled and shifted her to him, leaving her clothes behind to fall on the floor. “You are both beautiful.”

Shana was a bit shocked by the sudden place in his arms and her vulnerable state, but his warm skin against hers was comforting. His kiss was gentle as were the hands that slowly caressed her. She wanted more of him and smiled as he responded to the thought by sliding his hand between her legs. Raziel remained tender, but his hold on her became more controlling.

“That feels bloody amazing.” Shana looked up at his smile and shivered. For someone who hid away his emotion, when he showed them he was so expressive it was overwhelming.

“Enjoy it.” Raziel kissed her and let her bite into his tongue as she trembled. Shana pulled herself against him and he pushed his fingers deeper into her as his thumb sped her into an intense scream of passion that ended their kiss and spilled his blood down her chin as she sat up panting. Raziel flicked his fingers and she laid back twitching and smiling. “More?”

“What about you?” Shana turned on her side and rubbed at him suggestively. “Don’t I get to touch too?”

“Not if he’s keeping promises.” Brig closed the door behind him. “You probably should have shut that.”

“You were watching?” Shana was sure he would be angry. “Brig, I’m sorry.”

“It’s not like I didn’t know what you were doing.” Brig sat at the edge of the bed. Shana crawled over and hugged his back. He was jealous, but of both of them. He took Shana’s hand and kissed it. “I love you, ShaSha.”

“Get naked with me.” Shana licked his neck.

“Now?” Brig laughed and leaned back until she fell under him and he looked up at Raziel who had just crossed his legs and sat there quietly. “You are both going to make me crazy. What am I supposed to do here?”

“Undress.” Raziel slid his fingers along Brig’s lips to tease him with the taste of his own bride. “She wants you.”

Brig sighed and sat up to unlace his boots. He knew Raziel wanted him, too and he had no idea what he was doing. He felt like he should be sickened by the idea of having Raziel in the room, but he didn’t want either of them out of his sight.

“Your Shana is impatient.” Raziel smiled as Shana inched back into his lap.

“Scoot up, doll face.” Brig nudged Shana further up Raziel and pushed the Watcher back by his shoulder as he moved between their legs. They both looked at him surprised, but it was Raziel’s smile as he wrapped his arm around Shana that almost broke Brig’s will. He was petrified that Raziel would say something about their time together. He pushed his thumb against Raziel’s lips as he pushed into Shana, letting her dig her fingernails into his back. “I can’t be doing this…”

“You are both so beautiful.” Raziel caressed them as they fell into a dark kiss and writhed in pleasure against him. He laughed softly as Shana reached back and pulled his hair squealing. He kissed his crest on her arm and ran his fingers through Brig’s hair. When the finally laid contented in his arms, Raziel smiled and stroked their arms. “I love you both, but I should go see Galik and Van.”

“Smoke?” Shana sighed and wriggled out from between Brig and Raziel.

“On the floor somewhere.” Brig wrapped his arms around Raziel. “Don’t run off yet.”

“Don’t be selfish, puppet.” Raziel smiled. Brig was quickly becoming as possessive and jealous as Galik.

“I don’t want you to leave.” Brig mumbled against Raziel. He closed his eyes and let his thoughts say the rest as Raziel pulled him close and slid his fingers into his hair. Brig had no idea how to move forward. He could not even look at him. Brig’s fingers were shaking as he held Raziel and let himself admit out loud what Raziel already knew. “I… I want you.”

“I think I’m going to go have this in the bath.” Shana left the rest of Brig’s cigarettes beside the bed and leaned over to kiss the side of his face. He was flush and tears started spilling down his face. Shana begged Raziel not to hurt him as she stroked Brig’s back. “I love you.”

“I don’t know how to do this.” Brig slid his thumb in the waist of Raziel’s pants. “I’ve never even considered being with a guy.”

“I am yours. You don’t have to think of me as a guy. I am not human, it does not matter to me.” Raziel kissed him knowing it would ease most of his anxiety. Brig tried to jump away as Raziel shed what remained of his clothes, but Raziel pulled him back to lay close in front of him. “Relax, puppet. You can do as much or as little to me as you choose. I was only going to help… inspire you.”

“Inspi…” Brig’s words escaped him as Raziel wrapped his fingers around both of them and stroked them gently together. “I shouldn’t like that.”

“You are my Master in this.” Raziel tightened his fingers slightly and smiled. “Tell me to stop.”

“I don’t want to.” Brig kissed Raziel’s face and stroked his ear. “Tell me how to take you.”

“I’ll make it easy for you.” Raziel grinned wickedly as he situated Brig and wrapped his legs behind him. He pulled himself onto his nervous lover and sighed happily as Brig wrapped his arms around him and kissed up one of Raziel’s arms.

“Lean back.” Brig smiled. It was nothing like he feared. The logistics were a little different, but not unpleasant. Raziel seemed to enjoy having Brig take lead and was quick to offer subtle encouragement when Brig had moments of doubt. Raziel clawed at him harder than Shana, but he was just as soft, just as accepting, just as wet. He pulled one of Raziel’s legs behind him as he watched the happiness that sent tears into Raziel’s hair turn to ecstasy. He had convinced himself that this was going to be a nightmarish event, that he would be shedding his own tears on Raziel’s back and leaving ashamed for humiliating someone that loved him. Someone he loved. Instead there was tenderness and passion. He saw bliss in the silver and lavender swirls of Raziel’s eyes. He touched Raziel’s face and ran his fingers down his neck as Raziel gasped and arched further from the sheets. Brig quickly wrapped his arms around Raziel to hold him up as he spread his wings. They climaxed together and Brig held him close in disbelief over what he had gone through with. “I love you.”

Now Brig was left with different emotional minefields to traverse. A new guilt for having and enjoying a man, jealousy over the ones he loved and wanted to keep to himself, how to keep the reversed roles of their intimacy from ever embarrassing Raziel, and how to keep their strange family in Vex together now that he had just complicated the fuck out of it. He kissed Raziel before he grabbed his cigarettes and sat up to deal with the first of his worries.

“Please tell me that wasn’t a complete disappointment, doll face.” Brig lit two cigarettes and put one to Raziel’s lips.

“I don’t smoke.” Raziel took it and sat up beside Brig to hand it back. “And don’t call me doll face around the others.”

“You do now, cupcake.” Brig pushed it between two of Raziel’s fingers and chuckled as Raziel tried his first cigarette. “Are you going to answer me?”

“I don’t like this.” Raziel tossed the cigarette away and pulled Brig’s arm around himself before he hugged tightly around his waist. “You’re welcome to the habit, I won’t be taking it up.”

“I would not have expected cuddling.” Brig rubbed Raziel’s back and swatted away some of the smoke from his cigarette. “Raziel, this is a lot to deal with for me. I could use a little more feedback than you aren’t a fan of smoking.”

“I enjoy being close like this.” Raziel pulled Brig back to the sheets and laid close beside him. “You were not at all disappointing, puppet. I enjoyed you. I want you to start coming home with me.”

“Don’t do this now.” Brig turned to face him. The thought of losing his independence entirely made him nervous enough, but it was giving up the home he had looked after for so long that made him angry. It was all that remained of a family he could barely remember now and he didn’t want to lose that. “Raziel, this is going to piss me off and you know it.”

“I’ll give it a few days.” Raziel sighed. Brig didn’t want the memory of this ruined any more than he did. Raziel understood Brig wanting to cling to the one part of his past worth cherishing and would help him preserve it anyway he could, but he was just as determined to have what belonged to him. “I won’t let you live away from me forever.”

“I know.” Brig kissed him quickly and rolled to the edge of the bed. He was about to ask for a towel and suggest a bath when he noticed Shana’s clothes still on the floor. He laid his head on his palm laughing. “Did she walk through this place naked?”

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TCOL : Distractions : Puppets Pt.1 (18+)

“Can you not do that?” Brig laughed as Van kicked his chair back and forth. “Why are you all in my office?”

“Because you haven’t told us how the date went.” Frikk sat in front of his computer flapping her wings.

“And I’m not going to.” Brig opened his desk drawer and pulled out a bag of chips. “If you leave me alone about it I’ll make Cid and Tali share.”

“Deal.” Frikk giggled and flicked her tail as she jumped to her feet.

“That might work for them.” Galik leaned on the desk and watched Brig open the chips and Tali snatched them and flew off with the other fargoyles.

“You of all people are asking me to spill it?” Brig laughed. “Sorry. Not happening.”


“You don’t have to do any of this.” Raziel had enjoyed all of it. To spare Brig any awkward moments in Vex, they had used quiet parts of Heaven for their ‘date’. Much of the long walk they had taken had been spent silent. Brig was just as anxious over the setting as he was with how comfortable he was holding Raziel’s hand. Galik and Van had agreed to stay in Vex with Shana so Raziel could use the privacy of his estate but he doubted he would need it. Brig had a very clear idea of what a courtship should be, and after already being forced to violate the ideals once, Raziel was giving him as much patience as he could.

“You said I could take you out.” Brig shook the hair out of his face. “As it is, you made me change my plans. I was going to take you to dinner or something.”

 “You don’t eat.” Raziel tilted his head.

“You do.” Brig sat beside Raziel on the couch and started to put his arm around him. He ended up running his finger’s into Raziel’s hair instead. “If we are staying here, can you smile or something so I at least know if you’re enjoying this?”

 “I am.” Raziel smiled and ran his fingers over the rings on Brig’s ear and sat over Brig’s lap.

 “Why these?” Brig tussled Raziel’s hair before he laid his fingers on Raziel’s own earrings. “Why not the collars like your buddies use?”

 “Galik liked mine.” Raziel closed his eyes a moment. “It was more personal and subtle. Do you not like them?”

 “They are fine.” Brig let Raziel’s long thin ear slide between his fingers and stroked it. “I was just curious. I’m not the mind reader remember. I have to figure you out the hard way.”

 “I should not tell you these things.” Raziel sighed and pulled Brig’s fingers back to the black rings. “These remind me that despite my flaws and the loathing they have for me, that I am part of something. There are seven, one for Lucifer and each of the Six. The first Watchers.”

 “That’s enough, doll face.” Brig pulled Raziel closer and kissed his face. “Don’t upset yourself.”

 “I trust you to keep my secrets, Brig.” Raziel smiled as Brig kissed him. He was glad for that alone and thought his heart might stop when Brig wrapped an arm behind him and turned his back to the couch. As Brig laid on him Raziel grabbed the waist of Brig’s jeans.

 “Raziel, this is freaking me out.” Brig grabbed Raziel by his wrist. “Clothes stay on, we stay on the couch.”

 “Just give me this much.” Raziel whispered as he easily resisted Brig’s attempts to stop him and opened Brig’s pants, sliding his fingers around an undeniable interest in the offer he was making. “I’ll leave them on if you let me do this.”

 “You aren’t giving me much of choice here.” Brig couldn’t understand why Raziel wanted this so badly, but he just couldn’t fight it. He just trusted Raziel to leave it at this for now and gave in. He hoped Shana could forgive that he enjoyed the taste of Raziel’s kiss and the feel of his fingers.


“He probably just chickened out again.” Van laughed and kicked the chair again.

“Chickened out of what?” Brig reached over and slapped her leg. “What exactly do you think is supposed to happen?”

“I’m probably better anyway.” Galik crawled across Brig’s desk to look over the edge at Van before he turned and leaned close to Brig’s face. “I know what he likes.”

“This is not a competition.” Brig shook the hair out of his face and smiled. “You are more than welcome to be the favorite. As long as you’ve been with him, you have earned that right.”

“And in last place we have Shana!” Shana mimicked the excited tone of a race announcer as she stretched out and closed the book she was reading. “Our lovable fifth wheel. Just a little too normal for an official fourth place.”

“How are you normal?” Demise swung from one of Shana’s braids and giggled. “I’ve seen the things you read.”

“There is no first and last.” Van reached for the lollipop Galik teased her with as he laid across Brig’s desk. “Razzy said he was afraid he would ruin the collar Brig gave you if he gave you one of his own.”

“ShaSha, if you feel like he’s avoiding you it’s probably my fault.” Brig slid his tablet out from under Galik and smacked him on the back with it before he tried to continue his work.

“Just as much mine.” Shana laughed. Raziel had given her the right to come to him whenever she wanted, but because of Brig being so jealous of her wouldn’t make any effort to take anything from her on his own. They were all locked into the promise that intimacies between them would only progress as Brig was ready. Shana had thought at first that it would be centuries of waiting, but when Brig returned from his date and told her what had happened, what she now had a right to claim from Raziel, she was completely petrified. As much as she had wanted to be a part of his life, he was intimidating and hard to approach. She had barely managed to get herself to kiss him. “He makes me nervous.”

“Welcome back, Lord Raziel.” Brig shook his head as Raziel walked through the door. “Would you get Galik off of my desk?”

“Hi Razzy!” Van jumped to her feet and ran over to him with Galik.

“Did you receive all my messages?” Raziel asked as he accepted and returned the affectionate embraces he was greeted with.

“Taking care of it now.” Brig nodded. Raziel had left Brig to collect any information about the spread of the magic laced narcotic in Vex and the surrounding areas. “I had Asura send me a few updates as well, so far it doesn’t seem all that prevalent here. E said Vikarr would lend a few of those succu-things to help, but only if you okayed it.”

“Accept his help.” Raziel held Galik and Van beside him. “They are useful for the work and I am otherwise occupied. Can you finish the rest of that at home, puppet?”

“I guess.” Brig took the computer with him as he stood and Cid and Tali flapped over and clutched his shoulders as he headed over to Shana. He helped her to her feet and kissed her. “You need anything from our place, doll face?”

“Nope.” Shana squeezed Brig tightly and Raziel took them all to his estate in Heaven.

“Can you work in the garden?” Tali asked excitedly. “I like that big orange tree with the black fruits.”

“Sure.” Brig smiled. Cid and Tali loved the visits here as much as Shana did. He was starting to enjoy parts of it, but at the moment the garden sounded nice because he wanted to keep his distance from the couch behind him and the thoughts it stirred up.

Van and Galik had already run off with Frikk and Frakk to play and Brig had expected Raziel to follow after them. Instead he stepped behind Shana and smiled as he rested his hands on her shoulders.

“You are not last of anything.” Raziel assured her as he leaned and gently kissed the edge of her ear. “If you want a set that matches ours I will give them to you, it will only be symbolic, but if the exchanging vows is enough you will be my bride as well.”

“If it’s okay with Brig.” Shana was still holding him and saw him struggling with it as he watched Raziel’s familiarity.

“It is.” Raziel answered for him as he took the edge of Shana’s ear between two of his fingers and pierced it through with rings that matched his own. Raziel held Shana between them as he pushed Brig’s hair aside and pulled him close to kiss him. “Go finish your work quickly, puppet. Then join us upstairs. You’ll have to finish what I’m about to begin.”

“That was not very subtle.” Cid shook his head after Raziel disappeared with Shana.

“You alright, Brig?” Demise rubbed his neck as he headed for the door.

“I have no idea what I am right now, doll face.” Brig sighed. The second they disappeared together he had a horrible realization that he was having trouble accepting as even coming from his own mind. He didn’t want to share either of them.

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TCOL : Necessity : IsaAnku Pt.2

“Are you actually willing to help?” Gabriel stopped at the door. “If all you are going to do is harass me, it would be more helpful if you just went home. There is enough to worry over without more of your games and your lover’s tantrums.”

 “I said I was here to work.” Samael laid his hand beside Gabriel’s head on the door and leaned close. “You are the one making this personal.”

 “You have two seconds to make it un-personal.” Maefyl slid a blade between the two of them until it rested against Samael’s neck. “One.”

 “Voldrak, Maefyl.” Samael smiled as he stepped away with his hands raised.

 “Vak sek.” Maefyl reclaimed the magic of his sword and rolled his eyes at Gabriel before he pushed the door open behind him. “I’m not even going to ask.”

 “Did you get the last of your answers for the day?” Gabriel followed him inside and ignored the tailed guest that followed them inside.

 “No.” Maefyl sighed. He had found a supplier and made a huge mess of him, but the thoughts just pointed him in another direction. He wanted to follow further, but his promise to come home and a friendly request made him give up his work for the day. “Sort of. I got a message from Eidolon. So I came to check in with you before I have to run off and deal with that.”

 “Anything I can help with?” Samael grinned.

 “Drop dead.” Maefyl turned and scowled at him.

 “Makubi fethki sekni tovarez, fetnakalu.” Samael laughed. “I came to help.”

“Is this about Kryss’ bride?” Gabriel turned Maefyl to face him.

 “Yea.” Maefyl ran his fingers back through his hair. “They made the offer. She just wants to talk.”

 “You are going now?” Gabriel pulled Maefyl to him. “I’ve barely seen you in days. I just have to meet quickly with Dove and Michael, just put it off.”

 “I want to get this over with.” Maefyl smiled at him. “Go have your meetings. Let me have a heart to heart with Nat and I promise I’ll take a day off.”

 “If Michael is concerned over Lucifer’s presence in Heaven, it was nothing.” Samael interrupted. “He came to see me.”

 “That’s surprisingly helpful.” Gabriel looked at him crossly. Michael’s concerns had been precisely over Lucifer and Kage suddenly showing up in Heaven. Their visits were infrequent and usually meant trouble; it had a lot of Heaven’s guardian’s worried.

 “Are you both going to refuse my help?” Samael grinned. “Maybe I should have gone and offered my assistance in Golod instead. Asura at least gives me respect.”

 “You stay the fuck away from my kid.” Maefyl felt ill at the thought of Asura suffering what Raziel and Brig had endured. Even knowing Asura was well looked after, he hated that Nikolai let the Wyrms into their lives.

 “Samael, if you offer help with nasty threats you can’t expect them to believe you have any sincere intent to assist with anything at all.” Gory did not want Gabriel drawn into another fight with the Wyrms. Even if Samael’s truce was superficial and a likely farce, it was better to accept it for now and wait for him to expose it himself. “You have not been willing to help before now, the entire Council has doubts. Not just Maefyl and Gabriel.”

 “I brought a gift.” Samael crossed his arms and turned away pouting.

 “Which is probably poisoned.” Sanguine giggled.

 “It is not.” Samael started to pace. He had several problems to deal with. Lucifer’s aggravation needed to be settled before he could continue with any plans for revenge. Shiroi was losing her father’s favor and Kage’s patience. Samael and Azrael loved her, adored their time with her and how she was bending to suit their every need, but her usefulness as a shield was soon going to be at an end. Tactically he needed to repair some damage to move forward, he also made promises to Shiroi to maintain friendships in Tsuriai and there were a few of his own he was starting to enjoy. While he adjusted his schedule there was an opportunity to get close to what they had lost. “Gabriel, you know I would never… I will just do something on my own. Lucifer pestered me into joining your efforts and it is obvious I will not have much in the way of willing company.”

 “If you can do more than run your mouth meet me in Itami in two days.” Maefyl lit a cigarette. “I’m meeting with Nikumu, then you can help clean up some of this mess.”

 “Anyone else joining us?” Samael smiled and walked toward them.

 “Kowaksi elt ze shiga?” Maefyl laughed. “Just me and Sany. She could do this shit on her own.”

 “De shent shepi sana, fetnakalu.” Samael bowed to him and snatched the apple out of Gabriel’s hand to take a bite of it. He handed it back. “I am not in the habit of using poison.”

 “I know.” Gabriel accepted the gesture and Maefyl’s fingernails digging into his hip. Samael left and Gabriel hung his head. “Why would you make that offer? You know he wants to use any excuse he can to lure you into a fight.”

 “If he’s busy harassing me, he won’t be here hitting on you.” Maefyl pulled Gabriel close. “I have to go answer stupid questions. How long are you going to be with Dove?”

 “Not long.” Gabriel sighed as Maefyl drew a small blade across the apple removing what Samael had bitten. “I’ll join you after.”

 “Make it quick.” Maefyl winked at him. “You’re part of show and tell.”

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TCOL : Necessity : IsaAnku Pt.1

“Truce?” Samael draped one arm over Gabriel’s shoulder and with the other held an apple in front of him. He felt Gory’s tiny claws in his neck and smiled. “And hello to you, Gory.”

 “How long should I expect this truce to last?” Gabriel sighed. He had only just returned to Osore and hoped Maefyl would be returning quickly. “And at what cost?”

 “Must you be so cold to me?” Samael clutched Gabriel’s jacket tightly as he hugged him in one arm. “Take my gift, Gabriel.”


“Salek, Gabriel!” Azrael ran at him dragging another of his creations along. He grabbed the front of Gabriel’s robes and smiled excitedly as he presented another of his nymphs. “Nazafu nymph!”

 “Very pretty, Azrael.” Gabriel ran his hand over Azrael’s silver hair. “Like everything you create.”

 “You can make a thousand different nymphs and they’ll never replace a single one of us.” Gory stuck her tongue out at Azrael.

 “Fe Fe.” Azrael tried to shoo her off of Gabriel’s shoulder but Gabriel took his hand and shook his head. “Kono, IsaAnku.”

 “It’s alright.” Gabriel gave his warm smile and Gory went back to humming to herself in his hair. “Your nymphs are beautiful.”

 “De sumaka’ach dekehaki ba sek.” Azrael had created every nymph for Gabriel. Gabriel loved fairies; nymphs were Azrael’s attempt to create nature’s wonder with Watcher magic to impress him. He tapped his latest nymph on the arm to demand a favor. “Fala!”

 “For me?” Gabriel laughed softly and watched the nymph spring a stem and petals from her fingertip for Azrael to break away. When he did she giggled as if it tickled and the wound glazed over with a shiny sap.

 “Tek.” Azrael smiled as he nodded and slid the flower into the ropes at Gabriel’s waist. “Makisi.”

 “You don’t need to give me gifts.” Gabriel sighed. “Azrael, I’ve told you I value your friendship.”

 “And we value yours.” Samael put his arm around Gabriel and wrapped the end of his tail around Gabriel’s ankle. “Ke haka’ach sek na shepi proud.”

 “I am.” Gabriel lifted Azrael’s chin as he sulked. “Honestly.”

 “Hak.” Azrael jerked away and attacked his own creation; tearing it apart with his scaly claws and screaming as tears ran down his face. “Se saba zabol selvunik gansat!”

 “Azrael, nepu!” Gabriel grabbed him around the waist and pulled him off the creature he had already destroyed. “Kasu?”

 “Fe Fe.” Azrael cried and held out his arms for Samael. “Kosha!”

 “She was one of many.” Samael sighed as he took Azrael from Gabriel. “At least the race will survive.”

 “Until his next tantrum.” Gory pointed out coldly.

 “De haka’ach ise selsul.” Azrael whimpered. “Ha seta nus konak.”

 “She was not.” Gabriel insisted. As Samael held Azrael and tried to comfort him Gabriel laid a hand on each of their faces. “Please, both of you. Stop this. I care for both of you.”

 “Selsul de.” Azrael looked at him hopefully. “De kosh sek. Deseka kosh sek.”

 “No, Azrael.” Gabriel hung his head. “I’m sorry. I can not. I won’t give you a lie.”

 “De shent sesa sek, IsaAnku.” Samael glared at him. “Wen de sesa na nesha sek na kosh ken; na kosh de, de shent.”

 Samael carried Azrael off to calm him and left Gabriel in stunned silence. The odd crush had been playful and at times irritating, but what Gabriel had hoped time would help fade instead took deep roots and grew violently into something he had no idea how to tame.


“Please, Samael.” Gabriel grasped the apple. “Just tell me what it is you want so that I can get back to work.”

 “Work is why I am here.” Samael ran his finger’s over Gabriel’s and kissed his cheek before he let go of him. “Lucifer insists I help the Council deal with this mess.”

 “He sent you to me?” Gabriel wiped his face on his hand as he headed for the Circle building.

 “He let me choose where to go.” Samael grinned and caught up quickly to walk beside him. “So what needs to be done?”

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TCOL : Necessity : Venom Pt.2

“Company.” The female of the trio chuckled. “And they are cute.”

“Stow it.” Her burly companion hushed her as he kicked over one of the broken traps. He looked up at the demons. “This is a problem for me. No shiny bugs, no cash.”

“Bugs?” Kagemusha voiced her outrage and fluttered out of Kage’s hair. The color of her skin deepened and she narrowed her gaze as the forest answered the call of her anger. “You will pay for what you’ve done.”

“Eew.” The girl made a twisted face of disgust. “A big black one. What’s wrong with it?”

“Not all of these lovely creatures are as defenseless as their tiny sisters.” Lucifer grinned and watched Malice fly over to join Kagemusha. The shadows cast by the trees darkened and lengthened until they pooled around the humans’ feet. “I was going to kill you myself. It seems I won’t have to.”

“With your permission, Lord Kage.” Kagemusha held back her magic and waited for her Master’s command.

“Avenge your fallen.” Kage grinned. “Children of Shadows.”

Kagemusha and Malice drew on the strength of nature and used their dark magic to manipulate the shadows. Darkness reached from the forest floor and lashed tightly around the legs of the humans who had trespassed. They screamed as the coils of dark vines pulled at their flesh and slowly crushed their bones. As Kagemusha broke their bodies, Malice warped the swirling magic to force the decay. They both laughed wickedly at the guttural howls of the humans rotting to death as the woods claimed the bodies.

“Well done, ladies.” Lucifer grinned as he watched the last of their work. It was a fair vengeance as far as he was concerned, but it was unlike their race to be that cruel. Mischief was in their nature, but it tended to be playful not cruel. Kagemusha had become especially wicked in service to Kage. It was a beautiful devotion; it was just surprising to see the nearly unbreakable nature of a fairy’s love for all things altered in such an extreme way. Lucifer stroked each of their sides as they returned to Kage’s shoulder. “Where next, Kage?”

“I had planned on seeing Samael and Azrael.” Kage ran his fingers behind his neck and took a moment to comfort Kagemusha as she laid against his skin. He taunted Lucifer with the Wyrms lack of effort when the rest of the Council was working together. “Unless of course you are content with letting them do nothing.”

“We’ll go play with your friends.” Lucifer grabbed Kage by his shirt and shifted them to the doors of the Wyrms estate in Heaven. “It had better be worth coming here.”

“I was going to have them meet me in Hell.” Kage hissed. “I despise this place.”

“As do I.” Lucifer smirked. “Which is exactly why they are here. They are hiding from me.”

“Fe Fe.” Azrael swung his hand forward at his wrist distastefully as he swung the door open. “Deseka danbol haka na salek sek.”

“What is it you want, Vasun Lucifer?” Samael pulled the door open further and put his arm around Azrael’s shoulders. “After your insults, I can think of no reason for you to darken my doorstep.”

“You have the place in my court that you wanted.” Lucifer grinned. “If you can’t handle constructive criticism, perhaps the two of you should resume your life of seclusion and leave the power I gave you to someone more willing and able to use it effectively.”

“The most effective course of action would be to wipe the surface of Tsuriai clean of the human filth you insist on protecting.” Samael sneered. “Your insult aside, we are in mourning for the lost and contemplating our best option within the confines of your ridiculous rules.”

“You have been neglecting correspondence with the Council.” Kage noted. “It makes you seem disinterested.”

“We have looked over all of the information.” Samael ran his fingers back through his hair and smiled. “I’ve neglected nothing, Kage. I also don’t care how I seem to the others. My hand in this would not be a kind one. I doubt the Council would approve of my methods.”

“Azrael, don’t look at me like that.” Kage took Azrael’s hands and squeezed them. “I came because I’m concerned about the two of you. We should be doing this work together.”

“Fervas’tach shiga?” Azrael frowned.

“Protecting creation. The humans are only a part of it and they need as much protection from themselves.” Kage shook his head. “I was referring to the Council in general. Zakesalek saba wavala.”

“An odd sentiment coming from you.” Samael laughed.

“Speaking of family, where is Shiroi?” Lucifer grinned. “Or are we now going to fight over this again?”

“Welak Isa saba vana.” Azrael grinned and leaned against the doorframe. Shiroi was just inside leaning defiantly against the wall refusing to speak to either of their uninvited guests. “Ha dana bol haka na seldak na sek.”

“Welak Isa is not very happy with how you handled things after we released Raziel.” Samael clarified. “You were glad to let me punish the Keeper for you, but once I made him crawl you were very glad to let me take the fall as well.”

“Sek naze na salek ken nalakyu.” Azrael squeezed Kage’s fingers excitedly. “Ke saba volbaken dak ken kuri en kyuna.”

“You took the fall for doing unnecessary things.” Lucifer shrugged. “Involving Shiroi and Brig made it difficult to offer you any defense.”

“There is also the matter of her mother.” Samael continued as he pulled Azrael’s hands away from Kage. “I don’t suppose either of you would care to explain why she has gone missing? Why she is no longer the Third in Tsumi?”

“Can we discuss this later, Shiroi?” Kage sighed and addressed her directly. “I will bring her to see you.”

“Is Daddy going to let you out long enough for that?” Shiroi laughed and walked around her husbands to stand beside Samael. “What have you done to my Mother?”

“I am keeping her from harm.” Kage hissed. “Watch your tone.”

“Watch yours.” Samael moved to strike Kage across his face and Lucifer grabbed him by his wrist. “So, you do care enough to defend him.”

“Don’t test me, Samael.” Lucifer dragged Samael out of the doorway and tossed him to the ground.

“Nepu!” Azrael pounced after them.

“Don’t make me hurt you, Azrael.” Kage forced Azrael to the ground and deflected several kunai that Shiroi tossed at him. He hissed at her as he pulled Azrael into his arm. “Pathetic girl.”

“Now, dear Samael.” Lucifer stepped on one of the Gold Dragon’s arms and kneeled on the other as he crouched and took his jaw in his hand and grinned down at him wickedly. “You are going to invite us inside and we are going to have a nice chat about the effort you are going to start making.”

“Voldrakena, Vasun Lucifer.” Samael smiled. “Join me for some wine?”

“I’d love to.” Lucifer shifted away from him and slapped Shiroi across her face. “You are proving to be as much of a nuisance as the woman I pulled you out of.”

“I’m alright, kosha.” Samael smiled and pushed the silver hair away from Azrael’s frightened face as Kage pulled him to his feet. He gave a nod of appreciation to Kage for keeping Azrael from harm. As Shiroi wandered over holding her face and Lucifer disappeared through the door Samael took Kage by his arm and spoke softly. “I was also mistaken. All this time I assumed he was blind to your worth.”

“It would not matter to me if he was.” Kage whispered. “He is my Lord and Master, my love for him is not swayed by his opinion of me. As dear as the two of you are to me, if Azrael refused to back down I would have defended Lucifer.”

“De supas.” Samael smiled and kissed Shiroi’s face. “Does it hurt?”

“Not as much as what he said.” Shiroi pouted. “I want to see her Uncle. I don’t believe either of you.”

“Can we finish with this disaster of a visit before you make any more demands?” Kage started toward the door. “Your Masters can bring you to my estate to see Nexus tomorrow.”

“Sek kaatas voneka na benta de.” Azrael growled at Kage.

“It wouldn’t have killed you.” Kage laughed and turned to smile at him before he retracted the fangs that he had readied to deliver his venom. “At least I don’t think it would have.”

“Bol helasa, Kage.” Azrael pounced on his back and smiled.

“You both forgive him so easily.” Shiroi pouted as she clung to Samael’s arm and followed after Kage and Azrael as they teased each other.

“Kage has been our friend for a very long time, Welak Isa.” Samael explained. “You’re Father might have the honor of Kage’s love and devotion and a smile that I imagine is simply brilliant. Azrael and I have had just as great a fortune in Kage’s company, because we’ve been honored enough to join the Viper at play.”

“I don’t play.” Kage hissed.

“Any more.” Samael corrected him and smiled. Azrael managed to bring some of it out of him, but Kage stiffened quickly when he entered the sitting room and approached Lucifer. Samael muttered to himself as Kage insisted Azrael let go of him and went to sit quietly with his Master. “And there is the reason why.”

“Harka.” Azrael sat a grape against Samael’s lips as he sat beside him. He giggled as Samael pulled him close and sucked his fingers after accepting the sweet offering. “Velak.”

“Vasun.” Kage handed Lucifer a glass of wine and tried to ignore the display of lust across from them.

“Kabil.” Lucifer watched the three of them closely as he insisted on more effort. Azrael pouted, but yielded to Samael’s reluctant agreement. Shiroi gave him angry glances as she respected her Masters requests to stay out of the discussion. Between her scowling she fawned over the two of them adoringly. His once sweet, innocent daughter had been corrupted by the very love he hoped would save her. She was ruined, but at least she was happy.

“I should get back to Tsumi.” Kage stood. “Eidolon has yet to place a Third.”

“I may linger here a while longer.” Lucifer grinned up at Kage and grabbed the ends of his hair. Kage had been discretely distant during their stay, and showed disgust at the affection of their hosts. Lucifer decided that at least in their goodbye he was going to have a little fun with him. He started to wrap Kage’s hair around his arm to pull him closer. “You weren’t going to leave without a kiss were you?”

“Hala sul!” Azrael rushed over and pushed Kage into Lucifer’s embrace before he leaned close to watch.

“De shent shokeka sek, Azrael.” Kage hissed at him before he pressed his lips softly against the corner of Lucifer’s mouth. “I’m not about to make a spectacle of my affection.”

“Kasu dan sek stava helkisa de?” Lucifer grinned and wound more of Kage’s hair around his arm.

“I’m not resisting.” Kage returned the wicked grin. “Just adhering to a sense of decency.”

“Charming.” Lucifer pulled him by the back of his neck. Azrael leaned excitedly on the couch and waved his tail behind him. “A shame I’ll have to violate that decency. I don’t want to disappoint Azrael.”

“Tch.” Kage glanced aside. “Dan se dosesek.”

“Why would you want to hide away a love that beautiful, Kage?” Samael smiled as he watched Lucifer embarrass the Viper with tenderness. As opposed as Kage had been he fell completely into a blind euphoria in Lucifer’s arms as they kissed. Samael had no doubt that Lucifer could take the tender moment into lurid eroticism without a single further complaint from Kage.

“I see nothing beautiful about that.” Shiroi turned away angrily.

“Dekeha trezami Paranat.” Azrael smiled as he watched them. He had watched Kage pine after Lucifer for so long. Seeing them finally in each other’s arms was a beautiful thing. He was happy for both of them. As angry as he was at Lucifer, this moment of seeing Kage so at peace was worth forgiving the insults. “Dekeha kaat helsek.”

“Sek bret vonek.” Lucifer winked as he let Kage slide away from him. “Tell Eidolon to hurry up with his decision. His focus is needed elsewhere.”

“Tek, det Vasun.” Kage bowed his head as he stood and vanished.

“He is so adorably stubborn.” Samael laughed as Azrael skipped back to him. “Does he put up that much of a fight at home?”

“No and you wouldn’t find it quite so adorable if it was your tongue his fangs pierced when he was agitated.” Lucifer grinned. “His venom is quite potent and he does not enjoy it when I corner him like that.”

“Yet you do it anyway.” Shiroi snapped at him and Azrael jumped on her playfully and kissed her to stop her from getting into trouble.

“Amusing isn’t it?” Lucifer finished the last of his glass and glared at Samael. “The little things we do to those we love.”

“Since you let Kage fill your veins with poison to entertain Azrael.” Samael stroked Azrael’s ear as he smiled. “Where do you want me to start with this Council nonsense?”

“Just pick someone and work with them.” Lucifer crushed the glass in his hand. “Can you manage that?”

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TCOL : Necessity : Venom Pt.1

“What are you moping around for?” Lucifer placed a few journals on a shelf before he leaned over Kage’s shoulder.

 “There is work to be done and my Master insists I wait to be excused while he beds his witch.” Kage hissed and tossed his computer aside. “I can not fill every obligation you ask of me if you insist on these games.”

 “I asked you to wait because I was going to join you.” Lucifer wrapped Kage’s hair around his hand and pulled him back by it. “Care to say anything else heartless?”

 “Hak, det Vasun.” Kage closed his eyes as Lucifer stroked his throat. “Kono.”

 “De kosuvo sek.” Lucifer kissed him. “How are they all getting along?”

 “Well enough.” Kage stood as Lucifer let go of his hair. “With the exception of Samael and Azrael who have done nothing. Did you have to insult them so directly?”

 “Do you have to defend them so persistently?” Lucifer grinned. “Why are you out here to begin with? I asked you to stay.”

 “Then tell your beloved wife to keep her hands where they belong.” Kage hissed. “The next time she sees fit to twist her fingers in my hair or run them up my back, I will stay and bury my fangs in her.”

 “Crowded bed.” Lucifer tapped Kage’s face and laughed. “Things happen.”

 “Your bed is large enough for a harem and we are unmistakably different in every way that should matter.” Kage shouted. “She is well aware of who she is fondling and… you think this is amusing.”

 “Yes, I do.” Lucifer picked a cup of tea up from the desk and sipped it. “Are you finished screaming about it? You were complaining about ‘work to be done’.”

 “Work that you could finish in seconds.” Kage whistled for Kagemusha and Malice. They rushed to his shoulder before Lucifer took them in the humid overgrowth of another secluded woodland that had been targeted for hunting. “You see them working together now. Just end this.”

 “Not all of them.” Lucifer dropped to the ground and broke open several traps. “And there is purpose beyond the friendships they are building.”

 “Respect, understanding, humility?” Kage sighed. “I’m not trying to question your motivations, but you assume that they come away from your games with lessons learned. Even if they take away some deep personal moral, will it be the one you had on your lesson plan?”

 “When you conspired against Osore what did you learn?” Lucifer backed Kage against a tree as he glared up at him. “Once you finally secured your lost toy and had your title revoked and your friendship with Eidolon further tarnished?”

 “Pain.” Kage looked away. Even in his joy there was a bitterness. An empty part of his soul that bled and ached for something else he had lost.

 “When nightmares plagued Osore and I had to tear a half soul out of darkness to spare all of you misery?” Lucifer continued. “When I came and offered a hand to you to stand with me again?”

 “Respect, trust.” Kage stared off in the distance. Even then, still pain. So close to what he wanted and forced to watch someone else enjoying it again. He would not put himself there again. Kage had learned his lessons. Lucifer had made his point. “Enough. You have your reasons and I trust you.”

 “I have my reasons for allowing Lilith’s hands to wander as well.” Lucifer pushed up on his toes and kissed Kage before he went back to his work with a smile. “Stop being a pest about it.”

 “Shiga.” Kage walked past Lucifer toward the sound of an approaching vehicle.

 “Let’s greet them.” Lucifer tugged Kage’s sleeve. “Mind your manners, Viper.”

 After releasing the captive pixies, Lucifer leaned against a tree and waited. Kage paced in front of him furious about the time wasted when they could have easily intercepted and destroyed the humans before they even reached the forest. As much as he adored Lucifer, there were times when his need to be entertained was irritatingly at odds with his own demands for efficiency. When the humans finally arrived Kage stood beside Lucifer scowling at the three of them.

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