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TCOL : Hearts : Kava

“Don’t get sloppy, Farren.” Kava ran her fingers up his back and rubbed them back down again. “Even with your mind protected, if that disgusting half-breed knows our names they will be searching. I’m not finished preparing.”

 “I’m not concerned about a spoiled vampire.” Farren laughed. “If his white tailed friend hadn’t pulled him aside, he would be ash.”

“Yet he lives.” Kava grabbed Farren by his hair and pulled him back to scold him. “Don’t underestimate the Dark One or his followers. They dethroned our God.”

“I won’t let them ruin your plans.” Farren sighed. “Don’t worry yourself. I’ll take care of the distractions, you have much more important things to focus on.”

“Tell me you love me, Farren.” Kava let her fingers slip from his blonde and red hair and waited for him to turn himself over beneath her.

“How can you doubt that?” Farren held Kava gently by her waist. Inside her should have been all the proof she would ever need. The seed of his child, a sacrifice to her plans, its soul violently twisted to make room for another. Two souls that would forever battle for existence. A child that would never know a normal life. His love had condemned his unborn child to misery and madness.

“Say it.” Kava pleaded.

“I love you.” Farren reached up and smiled as he ran his fingers through the vibrant gold and blue of her hair as it fell over her shoulder. Her eyes softened as he spoke and the harsh gold swirls softened into the edge leaving brilliant waves of green and blue. “Don’t upset yourself. You have too much to do.”

“And you have to make sure all eyes are elsewhere.” Kava smiled at him.

“Not a problem.” Farren grinned. “I can attract all sorts of attention.”


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TCOL : Hearts : Broken Pt.3

“That’s enough, Gabriel.” Kage lifted Gabriel by his waist and tried to hold his arms in front of him, but Gabriel just pushed him away effortlessly and crossed the room quietly.

“Are you both okay?” Sanguine snuggled against Maefyl’s neck.

“We will be.” Maefyl sighed and joined Gabriel by a bookcase where he leaned with his eyes closed. Maefyl leaned against his back and squeezed his shoulders. “This doesn’t really change anything.”

“Finish whatever discussion you need to have with you Father, Maefyl.” Gabriel turned and smiled at him warmly. “You still have other obligations to tend to before Sanguine has asked us to gather.”

“Is everything alright?” Gory whispered to Gabriel.

“I just don’t have any desire to be here any longer.” Gabriel nodded.

“Don’t be ungrateful, Gabby.” Lucifer laughed. “I’ve given you a gift.”

“Such a gracious Lord.” Gabriel bowed his head mockingly. “In the future you can keep your gifts and your distance. Unless you have need of my service to Osore or Tsuriai, I have nothing to say to you.”

“Bite your tongue, Gabriel.” Kage hissed at him.

“Gabby?” Lucifer walked past Kage to approach Gabriel. “This is a cruel joke.”

“I am not one for jokes, Lord Lucifer.” Gabriel crossed his arms in front of him. “And I am through with yours. Maefyl, are you through here?”

“I can be.” Maefyl stepped between them nervously. “You want to tell me what this is about?”

“Clarity.” Gabriel offered Maefyl his hand. “And as I value your trust, love and friendship, I will explain all of it later.”

“Gabby, wait.” Lucifer reached for them as Gabriel shifted them away. He screamed and the entire realm shook with his outrage.

When Lilith moved to comfort him Kage shifted in front of her quickly and grimaced as a defensive burst of magic lashed around Lucifer and lashed across his back. Lilith looked up at Kage in shock over his action.

“Just give him a moment.” Kage continued to endure the assault of Lucifer’s blind rage to keep Lilith protected from it. “He does not deal with rejection from Gabriel very well.”


“My Lord, please calm yourself.” Kage bled as he forced his way through Lucifer’s anger. Countless angels littered the floor, casualties of the news Lucifer received that Gabriel would be remaining in Heaven.

 “Gabby refused to come with me.” Lucifer grabbed Kage by his hair as he shattered his barrier. He threw the Viper to the floor and stepped on his chest. “What do you want?”

 “Eidolon is keeping everyone ignorant of this.” Kage reported. “I came to clean this up. Your Gabriel would not want to know of this.”

 “How am I supposed to do this without him, Kage?” Lucifer sighed.

 “Are you ever truly without him, my Lord?” Kage sat up as Lucifer turned away. “He helped create a new realm for you, he wants you away from these imbeciles.”

 “Clean up this mess.” Lucifer grinned. “At least I will have you and Eidolon for company.”


 “Thank you.” Lucifer rested his hand against Kage’s back and healed the damage as he stepped beside him. He stroked Lilith hair as he leaned against Kage. “And I’m sorry.”

“Should I bring him back?” Kage offered.

“No.” Lucifer pulled both of them into his arms. He was glad they both returned the embrace and made no mention of jealousy. He needed their comfort. Gabriel’s cold expression had cut through him and the last thing he needed was the doubt of the ones he loved. “I’ll see him soon enough. I have several Circles to meet with.”

“I have several more forests I intended to clear, but I can join you if you prefer.” Kage was not certain there was any way to find a balance between Lucifer and the Council in this situation.

“Take Lilith with you.” Lucifer kissed each of them. “At least if the two of you can get along I can enjoy some of my life.”

“We’ll make you proud.” Lilith smiled and took Kage’s hand. “Meet us somewhere for dinner?”

“Yes, my love.” Lucifer chuckled at Kage’s pained expression as he tried to smile and hide his disgust at Lilith hand in his. “I’m sure the two of you will decide on something spectacular. Run along.”

As they left Lucifer let his smile fade and he slumped into a chair miserable with the thought of Gabriel treating him so frigidly. They had fought throughout the ages, they had disagreed and nearly obliterated each other, but never had they just turned away. Every separation had been in friendship and for mutual benefit, every argument was resolved, even their most violent disagreements never left him feeling so crushed and abandoned. They had always been together. Gabriel was his constant. His light. His most trusted friend. Without Gabriel’s friendship there would be a part of him missing and Lucifer was deathly afraid of what part of his heart Gabriel had broken.


“What an unbearable twit.” Lucifer sneered as he stormed off. “Why I ever allowed this farce…”

 Gabriel just walked beside him smiling as Lucifer pushed his way through choirs of angels in training.

 “What a complete waste.” Lucifer continued to ramble. “Why call so many nameless to hang about and sing ridiculous songs and swing sticks about all day. They should be called when there is need for them. This is just a grandiose testament to that man’s need to be gawked at.”

 “Some of us still remember what it means to create beautiful things.” Gabriel put his arm around Lucifer as they walked. “Enjoy the good in the world.”

 “You have a way of seeing good in anything.” Lucifer laughed. “Sadly, I think you might be the only good in the world.”

 “I think you might be giving me too much credit.” Gabriel laughed. “But if I am the only good in the world, you should consider yourself very lucky to have me as a friend.”

 “My very best.” Lucifer nodded. “Your friendship means everything to me, Gabby.”

 “Then just ignore these idiots.” Gabriel hugged Lucifer tightly. “We can have fun without them.”

 “Sorry.” A passing angel knocked into Lucifer and made a mindless apology as they continued on their way.

 “Without killing them as well.” Gabriel laughed as he caught the magic welling in Lucifer’s hands. “Honestly, Lucy. We need to work on your temper.”

 “Let’s work on it somewhere less crowded.” Lucifer scowled past Gabriel at the useless angel that had interrupted them.


“Your temper is just as bad, Gabby.” Lucifer wiped his eyes as he changed and shifted from his estate to begin handling his work for the day.

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TCOL : Hearts : Broken Pt.2


“This is what you’ve been giving me?” Maefyl knew without further explanation that without having been touched with this magic, neither he nor Gabriel could be standing in this place. Lucifer had been preparing them for the trip. “Why?”

“Samael managed to touch this as he pulled from chaos.” Gabriel sighed. “But when I found it…”

“It accepted you.” Lucifer grinned wickedly. “So it seeks you out.”

“This was Samael’s threat?” Maefyl laughed. Maefyl could feel the light seeping into him. “Tapping into some new magic?”

“Not new.” Lucifer’s laughter crashed through the light and sent waves of it crashing against their souls. “Ancient. The source of it. Encapsulated within the chaos to protect everything in existence from the enormity of its power. Hidden away in shadows and protected by the one who gave it life.”

“You?” Maefyl laughed.

“The first will.” Lucifer nodded. “It spilled the power of creation into the chaos and created the essence of the Watcher’ souls. The spark that began everything. This power, the light, is a part of myself and is your birthright.”

“Great.” Maefyl sighed. “Can I decline?”

“Samael craves power.” Lucifer explained coldly. “Now that he knows this power exists he will seek it out and eventually he will learn to draw on it. Before that happens, I want measures in place to keep the balance tipped in a more favorable direction. So the two of you will be getting a head start.”

“Why us?” Gabriel shook his head. “With all the disagreements we’ve had, all the time spent at each other’s throats. Why not give this power to your most loyal?”

“Kage and Eidolon?” Lucifer grinned. “I said balance, Gabby. If I gave this power only to those most loyal to me there would be no one capable of putting me to rest. In a rage I could destroy all of existence. You however have always been my center, my conscience when I was lost. Maefyl is by all rights my heir and more than entitled to take my throne when I fall, unfortunately he is also an undisciplined whelp and needs your guidance more than I do.”

“Fuck off.” Maefyl scoffed. “I don’t want this shit.”

“You may not always have the option to turn it down.” Lucifer laughed. In fact Lucifer had ensured that this magic would be a part of both of them always by bringing them here this way. He had not just brought their ethereal forms but their physical bodies as well to soak every part of them in the purest of magic. “I have no intention of giving up on eternity just yet, but my burden at times leaves me vulnerable and if I ever fall I don’t want to take the worlds down with me.”

“You’re an arrogant piece of shit.” Maefyl screamed at him. “Take us back.”

“I’m going to.” Lucifer took them each by the arm. “I’ve filled you both with enough of my light to guarantee its growth in you. You are still far from being able to control it with the precision you do chaos, but what touched you here will forever mingle with the chaos you call. Whether you want it or not the two of you are now the heirs of creation and will have to protect it as I have.”

As they returned and flames of black and white calmed and fell away from them, Gabriel pounced on Lucifer and strangled him against the floor.

“Easy, Lilith.” Maefyl held Lilith as she tried to rush to Lucifer’s aid. “He’s just really pissed off. Let them work it out.”

“Ready to take my place already, Gabby?” Lucifer choked out a laugh. “You were always so angry about my secrets. Is this the thanks I get for sharing them?”

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TCOL : Hearts : Broken Pt.1

“If the damage were lasting you would have heard by now.” Lilith offered cold comfort as she sat trapped between Lucifer’s legs on the couch and looked at the sad state of the Viper. “Azrael would be howling at the gates if Samael were in any danger.”

“You have no understanding of the situation.” Kage muttered against Lucifer’s chest and took what comfort her could in the arms around him as he sat on the floor clinging to his Master for guidance. Had it been anyone else to harm Samael, reason would not have been an issue. Love and respect stayed Azrael’s hand. The Wyrms felt responsible for letting their bride wound Kage and took punishment she deserved to atone for it. Kage was left with the guilt of attacking a dear friend and the pain of the reality he had to admit to Lucifer, the attack had been meant for Shiroi. “How can I even begin to repair this damage?”

“Samael and Azrael can hardly blame you for a rage their bride inspired.” Lucifer stroked Kage’s back. “As far as Shiroi goes, there was no harm done. Let the matter rest.”

“This looks cozy.” Maefyl invited himself into the den with Gabriel. “Are we interrupting?”

“You would not have made it inside if you were.” Lucifer grinned. “I’ve told you before you are welcome to come here whenever you like.”

“I’ll get your tea.” Kage started to stand and Lucifer pulled him close.

“Just sit with me, Kagami.” Lucifer kissed his face as he set a table across the room for Gabriel with his magic. “I want you to calm down.”

“What happened?” Maefyl sat with Gabriel as he poured his tea.

“I attacked Samael.” Kage hissed at Maefyl. “I jeopardized my Lord’s Council and endangered the life of one of my oldest friends.”

“Oh, that.” Maefyl sighed. “Samael is fine. I patched him up. And I don’t think either of them is holding a grudge.”

“You helped Samael?” Kage turned to face him in disbelief. “Why?”

“Azrael helped me out, I repaid the favor.” Maefyl smiled at him. “Don’t worry, Kage. Your friends are fine.”

“Thank you, half breed.” Kage bowed his head. “I apologize I was not more help with the angels you encountered. You could have called on me.”

“The fight wasn’t a problem.” Maefyl shrugged. “I just want to find them, clean up Tsuriai and put a stop to this shit. It would be great if you would lend a hand, Lucy.”

“I told all of you to clean up your own mess.” Lucifer glared at him. “If you expect help, you may want to reconsider your tone. You have been doing well, but it isn’t your test alone and I am not about to rescue the lot of you from your own incompetence.”

“Not all of this was just a lack of initiative.” Maefyl shouted at him. “We don’t have the strength you do. We may have fucked up, but even if each one of us had been completely diligent you left us blind to what you let slip, and we just don’t have your capabilities.”

“Knowing that, efforts should have been made to compensate.” Lucifer kissed Kage, sat up and kissed Lilith and shifted across the room to lean over Maefyl. “If you don’t have proper torches, you stock up on extra candles.”

“No need to get all poetic.” Maefyl snapped at him. “If you aren’t going to be of any help just say so.”

“I have some help to give.” Lucifer grinned. “Gabby, I am going to have to ask you to be patient and trust me.”

“What help?” Maefyl scoffed at him.

“You both have made a point of disturbing my peaceful meditations.” Lucifer’s grin grew more playful and devious. He sat in the center of the room and looked at them. “I think it is time to take you a little deeper. Maefyl, you should be ready enough with what I’ve given you.”

“And Gabriel?” Maefyl smirked.

“Gabby has had his hand in the cookie jar.” Lucifer glared at him. “He just doesn’t know what he has been stealing.”

“Lucy, it wasn’t my intention to be devious.” Gabriel joined him on the floor and took his hands. “I was looking for answers out of concern.”

“And found more questions.” Lucifer laughed. “Sanguine and Gory will have to sit aside, neither of them are prepared for this. Come here, Maefyl.”

“Prepared for what?” Maefyl sighed.

“Just do as you are told.” Kage hissed at him. “I’ll look after your companions.”

“I didn’t come for more of your games, Lucy.” Maefyl sat with Gabriel and Lucifer. He let Sanguine join Gory as they waited aside with Kage and his loyal fairies. Lilith raised a barrier between them and Maefyl started to wonder what ‘gift’ required these precautions. “This is a bit over theatrical, we’ve been into the chaos before.”

“Not like this.” Lucifer laughed as he wrapped the three of them in chaos, pulling them deep into the darkness with a force that knocked the others away. Lilith managed to keep them from harm, but they had to back out of the room quickly as the flames consuming the trio grew wild and violent and started to squeeze the breath from them.

Within the swirling waves Lucifer opened a path and dragged Gabriel and Maefyl violently through the oceans of chaos to where it was the deepest and forced them onward into a power neither of them could understand.

“What is this?” Gabriel’s thoughts spilled out of him and sent dark ripples of his fear across a sea of light that surrounded them. He let the warmth of the pulsing energy around them start to fill him as he breathed and he recognized the smell.

“This, my dearest Gabriel, is power.” Lucifer’s thoughts flowed through them, surrounded them as he manipulated the very air around them. “Greater strength than most can even fathom.”

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TCOL : Hearts : To Live

“Does it suit you both?” Vikarr waited with his arms crossed in front of him and Eliza and Caleb looked over a redesigned Sordid. With the upstairs opened into slightly less private VIP areas and a few surrounding building procured to expand and add a kitchen and lounge area, the all hours Sordid was now going to be more inviting for a wider range of clientele. He had maintained some of the sensual, ambient aesthetic to pay homage to Eliza’s years maintaining Sordid as it once was, but it was brought into a more elegant and tasteful style.

“This is gorgeous, Vivi.” Eliza grabbed his arm and hugged it. Dozens of his succubi were lined up and ready to work. In adorable matching outfits as Caleb had suggested. “I love it.”

“So amazing.” Caleb agreed. The pretty little demons in little black skirts and tight white blouses, each with a tie that matched their hair or eyes. Some in dainty black heels and others in boots that rose half way up their thighs. Even without the wings and tails most of them had, Vikarr’s little army of girls would no doubt become one of the reasons the new and improved Sordid would be a success. Caleb turned to Eliza. “Are you bringing back any of your old staff?”

“I haven’t decided yet.” Eliza shrugged. “I’m sure they’ll wander in and ask. I might consider a few.”

“When can we open?” Caleb thought it would have taken months to get this far, but seeing it so close made him impatient. “I hate to rush it. This is just exciting.”

“Immediately.” Vikarr wrapped his arm around Eliza. With a nod he had the lessers he called start their work, music played and lights began to set a mood. “There are a few lessers about to keep things safe and running smoothly.”

“If we open you will have to give your Circle a few hours off.” Caleb laughed. “I told Mala and Donovan they had to be our first customers.”

“I’ll have them here as soon as possible then.” Vikarr laughed.

“Dance with me.” Eliza pulled Vikarr down the stairs onto an empty dance floor and Caleb leaned over the railing with Vale to watch them.

“They are kind of cute together.” Caleb watched Vikarr fawning over Eliza as if she were a goddess and smiled. Vikarr was the one that oozed with the perfection all demons seemed to, he had the air of grace and an aura of magnificence. Eliza was attractive for a girl, but Caleb didn’t understand how she had managed to win over the Head of Nihil. He thought it was probably better not to think about it. It was not any of his business, and he had no reason to complain. Caleb stretched out and grinned at Vale. “What is your story, honey?”

“Like all succubi, I serve Lord Vikarr.” Vale answered. “I offered myself to Lady Eliza as a personal servant as well.”

“I meant personally.” Caleb giggled. “You seem to always be with them. Don’t you have anyone special?”

“Nope.” Vale smiled. “Not really in the nature of a succubus. Do you?”

“I don’t seem to have much luck with romance.” Caleb chuckled. “Maybe it’s not in my nature either.”



“This is going pretty well.” Eliza returned to the table with drinks for Vikarr and Vale. “All of your sisters seem pretty popular, Vale.”

“Just don’t let it steal all of your time away from me.” Vikarr pulled Eliza close to him and kissed her. In only a few hours with the doors open word of mouth had filled Sordid and Eliza was thrilled to have her business and independence restored. Vikarr regretted restoring it so quickly. He had been enjoying all the time she was spending with him and feared he would rarely see her now that she once again had her club to run.

“I won’t, Vivi.” Eliza hugged him.

“And this is a part of your important work.” Myrt scoffed as they arrived in the crowded establishment.

“This is part of having friends.” Donovan corrected and spotted Vikarr above the crowd on the balcony with the others. Sordid was as crowded as before, but much less offensive. He squeezed Mala’s hand and hoped the night didn’t do any damage to the cause. “The work is important, but we do have a life beyond it.”

“A life I want you to share, Myrt.” Mala started to pull him through the crowd.

“I can walk just fine.” Myrt shrugged away and followed them up the steps.

“Took you long enough.” Eliza teased. “Did you get lost?”

“We had to finish some of our work.” Mala laughed as he watched Vikarr pull Eliza closer. They had become so comfortable together. He leaned down and gave Caleb a quick embrace. “I’m sorry we’re late.”

“I’m just glad you came.” Caleb smiled around his friends at Myrt. “You too, pretty. Did you enjoy the rest of your treats?”

“I only had one more.” Myrt had held the box most of the evening however. He only let go of it when Donovan insisted it would all spoil if he didn’t put it in the refrigerator. “I wanted to keep them.”

“They aren’t the best gift for keeping.” Caleb smiled at him. He had the urge to just latch his arms around the demon and never let go. “You are just too cute. Come sit with me.”

“Are you going to attack me again?” Myrt asked as he watched Donovan help Mala into his seat and cozy up beside him. As much as he wanted to be offended by it, he was glad to see Mala treated with so much care and respect. The little collar around Mala’s neck bothered him, but it was Mala who wanted it. No amount of kicking and screaming was going to change the way Mala was or the decisions he made. He left behind Heaven’s rules and traditions to find happiness and it looked like he had found it. Myrt shook his head slightly as he looked over the table of ‘friends’. It was certainly unconventional, but there was no denying that Mala was happy. Myrt approached Caleb nervously. “Please, don’t jump on me.”

“I won’t.” Caleb smiled. “Unless you want me to.”

“Looks like somebody has a crush on imitation Mala.” Eliza giggled as she whispered to Vikarr.

“Are you going to be staying in Nihil?” Caleb inched as close as he dared to Myrt when he sat beside him. “I could show you around.”

“Doubtful.” Myrt sighed as he looked at his brother. After hours of discussion he was trying to accept that Mala and Donovan were happy, but it was at odds with everything they had been told. It didn’t help to see Donovan bite into Mala and take his blood, or that Mala seemed to enjoy it. “I don’t understand this place.”

“That’s disappointing.” Caleb frowned.

“Why?” Myrt didn’t like the sudden change in Caleb’s expression. He laid his hand on the vampire’s head. “Stop making that face.”

“I was hoping you were going to stick around.” Caleb forced himself to smile and once again scolded himself for being optimistic beyond his station. He stood and caught Myrt’s hand as it fell from his head, giving it a slight squeeze before he stepped away. “I’m gonna go sneak behind the bar and make Mala’s drinks.”

“Oh goodie!” Mala grinned. “Get one for Vikarr, too!”

“Sure thing, honey.” Caleb tapped Myrt’s shoulder. “Want one?”

“I’ll help you.” Myrt stood and followed a blushing Caleb to the upstairs bar. Even knowing the man briefly he had gathered that Caleb was the talkative type and he felt responsible for the sudden quiet. Myrt watched Caleb set out several glasses and make attempts to avoid looking at him before he sat in front of him at the bar. “Did I do something to upset you?”

“Nope.” Caleb poured sugar into a shaker with rum and pineapple juice and started to dissolve the sugary mess. “I upset myself. I tend to get my hopes up over things that don’t make any sense. I should know better by now.”

“You don’t work for the Circle.” Myrt watched Caleb pour the thick sugary base into the glasses and reach for a brightly colored liquor. “How did you meet Mala?”

“He and Donovan just started hanging around in my place.” Caleb laughed. “It took them forever to get together. I love seeing them happy.”

“He bites him.” Myrt mumbled.

“I’m sure Mala doesn’t mind.” Caleb slid a glass to Myrt. “Try this.”

“Mala likes this?” Myrt pushed the glass away. “It’s awful.”

“He loves it.” Caleb laughed and grabbed a few more glasses and filled them with simpler concoctions. “Is this better?’

“Much.” Myrt nodded after cautiously sipping the second offering. While Caleb grabbed a tray and started to sit the glasses on it, Myrt shifted behind the bar and stepped close to him. “You are a vampire like Donovan. Bite me.”

“I… what?” Caleb backed away with a nervous smile. “No. I’m not going to just bite you.”

“I want to know what it feels like.” Myrt looked away. “I wasn’t suggesting anything inappropriate.”

“Well, I can’t do it now.” Caleb sighed and lifted the tray off of the bar. “When social hour is over maybe. I have to think about it. It’s not a very normal request.”

Caleb carried drinks back to the table with his mind on dozens of impossible scenarios. Each one ending with him reminding himself to come to his senses. All he was going to end up with was a daydream and a broken heart. As the hours passed logic slowly started to lose the fight and Caleb found himself stupidly entertaining the idea of indulging Myrt’s odd request. The demon was going to leave Nihil, there was no romantic future in the favor he had asked, but Caleb wanted an excuse to put his arms around Myrt one more time before he disappeared forever.

When Vikarr insisted he had to spend a few hours tending to his duties, Eliza agreed to join him. Donovan saw them off with Vale before he gave Mala a sweet kiss and promised to make quick work of his messages. Mala smiled as he watched Donovan run off to work before he finished the last of his drinks.

“I have to check on things at the reserve before I go to my office.” Mala stood and smiled at Myrt. “Will you join me?”

“I’ll meet you later.” Myrt shook his head. “I should see some of Nihil on my own.”

“I should be in my office in a few hours.” Mala stooped beside Myrt and embraced him tightly. He hoped the sudden interest in Nihil and the continued conversation with Caleb were a sign that Myrt was willing to see reason. “Don’t be too long. If your visit is going to be short, I want to spend as much of it with you as I can. I’ve missed you.”

“Get your work done.” Myrt tussled his brother’s hair. Once everyone had gone he reached behind Caleb’s chair for the tray he had used all evening to carry drinks.

“Leave it.” Caleb smiled. “The girls will clean up.”

“Have you thought about it?” Myrt tapped his fingers on the table.

“This is such a terrible idea.” Caleb laughed. “I’ll do it, but not here. Come on, pretty.”

Caleb decided to lead Myrt through the city quickly so he had little time to second-guess his decision. At his door he noticed his hands shaking and he tried to convince himself it was due to a thirst he had ignored in favor of celebrating.

“This is your home?” Myrt peered inside as Caleb pushed the door open. It was modest, but tidy.

“For the moment.” Caleb invited Myrt inside. He kneeled in the center of the couch facing the corner of it and patted the cushion in front of him. “I’m moving closer to Sordid. Are you sure you want me to do this?”

“I’m curious.” Myrt nodded and took the offered seat.

“Where do you want me to bite you?” Caleb exhaled anxiously and ran his fingers back through his hair. “I don’t know how I should… you know I have to touch you, right?”

“He bit Mala here.” Myrt took Caleb carefully by the back of his neck and pulled him across his lap until Caleb’s lips rested against his neck. After the vampire tensed a moment he seemed to almost melt against him and Myrt felt strangely comfortable in the embrace that followed. The sting as Caleb’s fangs cut into his skin was not painful as he thought it would be, but there was no sensation he could liken it to. He just knew there was something about it he enjoyed and he was disappointed when it ended so abruptly and he heard Caleb’s soft whimpering. Myrt let his fingers move into Caleb’s hair and tried to comfort him. “What did I do?”

“Not a thing.” Caleb wiped his face before he looked up at the demon. “I just had to remind myself I was doing you a favor.”

“Why would that make you cry?” Myrt pushed away further tears as they escaped Caleb’s eye. “Is there a problem with my blood?”

“No.” Caleb pushed himself back a bit. “The blood is amazing. I think I might be drunk, but it’s amazing. I was… I get the feeling you aren’t really interested and I like being in your arms more than I should. I had to stop before I couldn’t make myself let go.”

“I don’t understand.” Myrt shook his head. “Why do you say these things to me? You want me to stay in Nihil. You enjoy my embrace. What do you want?”

“A chance to be close to you.” Caleb admitted with a sigh and pulled himself off the couch. “I can see that bothers you and I don’t make a habit of being a pest. I won’t bother you about it anymore. If you end up visiting Nihil from time to time, I make a better friend than whatever I just failed at.”

“I didn’t say you were a pest.” Myrt stood and took Caleb’s face in his hands. “I just don’t know what you expect. Everything I have ever been taught tells me the way you are looking at me is wrong. I’ve suffered for my sinful thoughts before. This feeling is frightening.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about.” Caleb looked at him nervously and wrapped his trembling fingers around Myrt’s wrists. “I said I would back off. You plan on leaving anyway. I don’t expect anything. Do one thing for me, honey. I don’t know who has been teaching you, but they are about as smart as exploding bubble gum. Feelings aren’t wrong. No one has any business telling you what you are supposed to feel. Your heart is going to want what it wants. Trust me when I tell you it does not always make the best decisions, but we learn as we go. Eventually your heart finds the one it is meant to be with, but it won’t do that if you are following someone else’s idea of right and wrong. Live for yourself, Myrt. Do that and smile. I want to remember you happy.”

“I’m not sure I was happy to begin with.” Myrt rubbed Caleb’s cheeks gently with his thumbs. Caleb’s advice was much like Mala’s had been so long ago. Live your own life. Myrt looked at the sweet face of the vampire so ready to give up what he wanted if it meant making Myrt understand the value of such simple wisdom. “I don’t want you to be upset while I try to figure it out.”

Myrt caught Caleb in his arm as he put him to sleep and laid him out on the couch. He pulled a blanket over him and crouched beside him a moment trying to decide if it would be best to just make the evening disappear for Caleb. He decided it would be unfair and instead just wished him sweet dreams and gave a slight push for patience. Myrt left a short note on the floor saying he would stop by Sordid later and left Caleb to rest.

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TCOL : Uneasy : Angels Pt.2 (18+)

“Do you plan on calling everyone together?” Gabriel asked as he grabbed his phone and opened his messages. “Asura seems to have been told already. Nikolai must have been with Raziel.”

“Unless anyone has anything useful to say there is no point in sitting around the table getting frustrated.” Maefyl smirked. “I might go talk with Lucy in the morning.”

“Can I call Council?” Sanguine mumbled with a mouthful of cookie. “I think we can tackle part of the problem from another angle. We’re allowed to make law. So we can scare some of the demand out of Tsuriai.”

“Send the message, Sany.” Maefyl smiled at her. “I’ll back you up.”

“Just give me a few hours with him.” Gabriel insisted as he kissed Maefyl’s neck.

“That’s a little distracting.” Maefyl smiled and continued to play. “I’m trying to find a map.”

“Only a little?” Gabriel bit Maefyl’s ear and opened his pants. “I’ll have to try harder then.”

“Why did you even give me the controller?” Maefyl laughed and paused the game.

“I planned on asking you a few questions while you played.” Gabriel pushed the controller out of Maefyl’s hands and kissed him as he pulled him along the couch. “I decided to do this first.”

“Just decided?” Maefyl pulled off Gabriel’s shirt as he laughed. “How did you ever wait so long? You have no patience.”

“I don’t have to be patient anymore.” Gabriel returned the favor and pulled Maefyl out of his shirts before he ran his fingers over the collar on Maefyl’s neck. “You belong to me.”

“Ask your questions, Gabriel.” Maefyl pulled Gabriel down to him. “You are going to play with me later.”

“I think he wants to play with you now.” Gory broke off a piece of cookie and nibbled at it as she sat with Sanguine watching the two of them.

“You said you helped Samael.” Gabriel sighed. “You gave him your blood?”

“He was in pain Gabriel, he looked like shit.” Maefyl justified his decision. “Azrael had just spared me a few miserable attacks. I didn’t want him holding it over my head. If spilling a few drops meant calling it even, it was worth it.”

“I don’t want them touching you.” Gabriel caressed Maefyl’s side. “I’m afraid this truce of theirs won’t last.”

“We’ll deal with it then.” Maefyl stretched out under Gabriel. “Any other questions to kill the mood?”

“Was she there with them?” Gabriel had to lay against Maefyl to prevent him from wiggling away angrily.

“For fuck sake, Gabriel.” Maefyl scowled at him. “I don’t give a shit about Shiroi.”

“Then answer me without getting defensive.” Gabriel held Maefyl’s face. “If you don’t care, why does the mention of her still make you this angry?”

“It is not the mention of her that is pissing me off.” Maefyl pushed Gabriel off of him and sat up. He rested his head in his hands and started screaming. “It’s the fact you won’t let it go. For the last fucking time Gabriel. I do NOT want her back. Will you just be happy?”

“Kono.” Gabriel kneeled in front of Maefyl and rubbed his arms. “Kosuvo de. De haka’ach sek ba bet lishat.”

“And you aren’t going to lose me.” Maefyl wiped Gabriel’s eyes. “Stop looking for problems where there aren’t any. We have plenty of actual problems without you dreaming up worries.”

“Guess that means the show is over.” Gory sighed.

“Like that will last.” Sanguine giggled as she poked out a message on her computer with her feet. “Those two never stay mad at each other.”

“You’re such an idiot.” Maefyl took Gabriel’s hands and kissed his fingers as he smiled. He wanted to move past the argument and repair the mood so he just moved the conversation along. “Did you take care of that favor for Mala?”

“I did and I wish Mala luck with it.” Gabriel slid up beside Maefyl on the couch. “Myrt has stubbornly clung to very old ideals.”

“Stubborn angels. There’s a shock.” Maefyl said sarcastically as he put his arm around Gabriel. As he poked through some of the latest information on his phone he sighed. Everyone on the Council had responded quickly and every response was as disappointing as Gabriel’s had been. No one seemed familiar with the name Kava and no one had the first idea where to look for Farren. “I had really hoped this was going to get easier.”

“I was looking forward to some time alone with you.” Gabriel kissed Maefyl and smiled. Gabriel knew he had ruined that time alone himself and decided it was going to be easier to get back to it with both of their distractions out of the way. He wished he could have given Maefyl clearer answers about the angels who seemed to be behind the violence and tragedy on Tsuriai, but it was near impossible to keep track of every living creature. It was daunting looking over as much as each of them did. “Make this visit quick.”

“Shit.” Maefyl looked at the message on his phone and pouted over his decision to leave timing in the hands of a girl.


Can you meet us around noon?” –Nat


“Maefyl is so popular.” Sanguine giggled.

“I should go into hiding.” Maefyl sighed. He sent his response agreeing to show up and dressed as he stood. “Are you coming?”

“Most definitely.” Gabriel dressed and prepared for a few days of visits that would make him wait for the time alone he wanted. At least being able to spend it with Maefyl was comforting. It was preferable to the long hours they had been spending apart recently dealing with separate problems, it would be nice to deal with a few together.

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TCOL : Uneasy : Angels Pt.1

“I did not expect you to be gone so long.” Gabriel embraced Maefyl tightly. “You’ve been agitated all day. What went wrong?”

“Everything.” Maefyl slipped his arms around Gabriel. He could feel the odd magic starting to twist around his limbs and closed his eyes as he spoke. “What order would you like it in? Start to finish? Or should I just start with what has me the most pissed?”

“Let’s start again.” Gabriel kissed him. “Welcome home.”

“That helps.” Maefyl smiled and tugged Gabriel with him to the couch. He started to unlace his boots as he tried to calm down enough to explain his day without screaming. “Samael didn’t show up, so I had to deal with the grammatically challenged all day.”

“He seemed so determined to work with you.” Gabriel ran his fingers through Maefyl’s hair while he waited for him to get comfortable. “Why would he send Azrael?”

“Because he could barely move.” Maefyl sat back in Gabriel’s arm and sighed. “He and Kage got into it and Kage bit him. By the end of the day, I owed Azrael enough to help him, so I did. It’s no big deal.”

“You were in their home?” Gabriel pulled Maefyl’s face to his. “Are you out of your mind?”

“Can you let it go?” Maefyl rubbed Gabriel’s wrist. “I’m fine. They behaved.”

“I’ve asked you to be careful.” Gabriel pulled him closer. “Please don’t go there again.”

“I told him not to.” Sanguine interrupted. “He should have let Samael go on suffering. One stupid lizard grabbing him all day was bad enough.”

“Grabbing?” Gabriel tightened his fingers on Maefyl’s jaw. “I’m going to forbid you to leave my side.”

“Promise?” Maefyl smiled. “He didn’t grab me, he pulled me out of the way so I didn’t get burned. We were attacked.”

“By who?” Gabriel ran his fingers back into Maefyl’s hair. “I thought you were just dealing with the humans that took the pixies.”

“The humans have had help getting organized.” Maefyl sighed. “A cocky angel called Farren was waiting for us, though he just took off and left a bunch of nameless soldiers to do his dirty work.”

“Angels?” Gabriel’s eyes widened. “Farren? Very short blonde hair, with strange long bits of red? Yellow eyes edged in red?”

“You know him.” Maefyl pushed against Gabriel’s chest. “Where can I find him?”

“Slow down.” Gabriel kissed Maefyl until he relaxed. “I know of him. Farren was one of Michael’s creations, but he was unruly and went off on his own. He did not stay within groups I monitored. I doubt even Michael knows exactly where he is. I’ll look into it.”

“What about Kava?” Maefyl pulled at Gabriel’s collar. “He is answering to whoever that is.”

“I’m not familiar with the name.” Gabriel tilted his head aside as Maefyl bit into his neck. “If you want to go ask Michael we will.”

“We just got home.” Sanguine pouted. “He already sent word to Raziel. Can’t we just stay here a while?”

“Lady Sanguine tired of saving the world already?” Gory giggled from the table and tapped the plate beside her. “I saved you cookies.”

“Don’t worry, Sany.” Maefyl licked up Gabriel’s neck. “I’m not going anywhere right now. You want to tell me about these soldiers?”

“How many were there?” Gabriel rubbed his forehead. “And did Azrael tell you which choir they were?”

“Maybe twenty.” Maefyl laughed at Gabriel’s frustration. “Powers and Principalities. Choirs? They don’t really do a lot of singing.”

“They did in Heaven.” Gabriel sighed. “There are nine choirs in the ranks of Heavens warriors. Angels, Archs, Principalities, Powers, Virtues, Dominions, Thrones, Cherabim, and Seraphim. The Seraphim all serve within Heaven’s castle. You will never face a Seraph. They all answer to me. The Cherabim all now serve within the realm of souls and also answer to me.”

“So the worst I get to play with are Thrones?” Maefyl sat his feet up on the table. “How much worse are they?”

“It’s nothing you can’t handle.” Gabriel grabbed the game controller for Maefyl and sat it in his lap. “The problem isn’t their individual strength. It’s the number of them. Much like lessers they can be called in great numbers. Though if you start facing Dominions and Thrones, the ‘Kava’ you are looking for is not just an angel. Only a Watcher would be strong enough to call them.”

“Good to know.” Maefyl started his game. “I should probably let Asura know what is going on so she can do her thing.”

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