TCOL : Death & New Life : The Needed Chemicals Pt.5

“Your thoughts, Kazeishi?” Lucifer smirked once Raziel had left the hall. “He’s a beautifully talented creator, but miserable company.”

“He was alive? I couldn’t tell.” Kazeishi laughed. She had expected another vibrant demon; as full of life and emotion as the others she had met, but Raziel had a face that was more like stone than her own skin. “His friends were interesting at least.”

“I imagine that means you are not eager to join the Keepers family.” Lucifer laughed. “Not that I can fault you for the decision. The man is wretched.”

“Raziel is downright delightful compared to some people.” Maefyl offered his insight with a sharp tone and a grin. “You want to call your paste white trio so we can get this started?”

“You were early.” Kage hissed. “Stop being a pest.”

Maefyl just flipped him off and Vale giggled behind Vikarr and Eliza. Kage was furious and was through tolerating the disrespect of lesser creatures, before anyone could even react he was already wiping the blood from his blade and returning to Lucifer and the others at the throne.

“Was that necessary?” Gabriel sighed and prepared to intervene.

“Vale!” Eliza saw the bisected and withering remains of her friend and screamed. She burst into tears as Vikarr pulled her into his arms.

“How dare you, Viper.” Vikarr scowled at him.

“A lesson for all these useless toys of yours to keep their place.” Kage turned and gave them a vicious smile before he glanced aside at the horror on Bishops face. “They will not speak out of turn or disrespect their Masters.”

“You murdered an innocent child for an innocent reaction.” Vikarr snapped at him. Eliza still wailed in his arms and he was glad she was otherwise holding her tongue. “She meant no harm. I have done you no harm. How dare you destroy one of my creations so thoughtlessly?”

“If you mean to challenge me, Jester…” Kage lifted his blade and held it toward Vikarr. “I’ll be glad to widen that grin of yours.”

“Mala.” Donovan whispered and nudged his weeping angel into action as he stepped carefully in front of Kage’s long katana. He inhaled deeply and hoped he was not about to make matters worse. Mala had shifted to Vikarr and put a sleep over Eliza and started to quietly plead with his friend to let Vale’s death be the last for the day.

“Brave fool.” Kage withdrew his blade and laughed. The loyalty in Nihil was impressive and useful. He could not afford damaging an asset in Tsuriai over his irritation with Vikarr. He returned to Lucifer’s side and rested his fingertips on the arm of the throne. “I’ll compensate you for the loss, Vikarr.”

“You can hardly hope to compensate for a life, Viper.” Vikarr chuckled as he held his sleeping Eliza in his arms and his relieved friends stood at his sides. “But I hold you responsible for the tears on my lovely Eliza’s cheeks. It will be interesting to see you try and make up for that.”

“You okay, boss?” Donovan touched Vikarr’s back hoping to give him a sense of confidence and support but noticed his own hand shaking.

“I am furious.” Vikarr laughed and headed for the Council hall. “Let’s get this over with.”

“Lilith, my love.” Lucifer grinned. “Take the others inside. Maefyl, stay.”

“Come along.” Lilith hopped up and gestured for Myrt and Caleb. “You as well, Kiki.”

Kiki waved excitedly at the other fairies in the company of the demons that followed Lilith into the large chamber and tried to get one last peek as the doors closed behind them.

“Should I be concerned?” Gabriel stopped inside the door.

“Not at all.” Lilith assured him. “At least not about them. Our concerns will be discussed around this table and you need to address your dream weavers.”


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