TCOL : Breaking The Ghost

Sinister laughter rang through the gathered angels as they sang to ready themselves for battle and to hide the presence of the one who called them. Sachiel danced among them spreading her delicate magic, a manipulation so complete that each of her soldiers fully believed her cause was their own. Though the collapse of the estate had been inconvenient, it was hardly a setback and it had given her a better way to hide herself. She would no longer need the old stone walls of a forgotten ruin in Eden once her daughter had the Throne. They would be in the comfortable and pampered in the lavish estates of Heaven where they belonged.

“Your fight is hopeless, Fallen One.” Sachiel sent her voice in echoed waves through her army, still carefully hiding her presence as she taunted her enemies. “The likes of you can not stand against Heaven’s worthy. The divine will once again reign.”

No reply but laughter from the surrounding cliffs and plateaus. Sachiel scowled as she strained to more accurately place the source of the levity, but the wind carried the insulting sound strangely letting it linger to tease her.

“You cower as always in the darkness that bore you.” Sachiel provoked her opponent further in hopes of gaining an advantage. “You fear the truth I speak. You fear the end of your pathetic attempt to replace Iehovah.”

Again only a laugh carried across the otherworldly sky. Only now it was joined by the laughter of others making Sachiel all the more bitter.

“You demons dare mock Heaven?” Sachiel howled and her angelic army resounded with songs of battle. “You can be sure the filth in your pit will be cleansed once the Throne is restored.”

“The Throne restored?” Lucifer replied finally with the sound of laughter still fresh in his throat. “By these pitiful choirs of yours? You have no idea who you are playing with, Sachiel.”

“Neither do you!” Sachiel screamed in outrage as her army drew weapons and their songs grew deeper. “I will see Iehovah’s heir in his rightful place, and from his side I will watch you burn.”


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