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TCOL : Epilogue : Pt.1

Kage stood beside Eidolon as he looked over residency forms and made no attempt to hide his agitation. As his daughter played in the corner with her toy, the unfortunate wretch it dragged with it wore a look of hope that Kage wanted to tear from his face. While he was glad Eidolon had decided to include him in the decision, it was farce. Lucifer had already told him not to interfere.

 “I’m not certain I understand your choice.” Eidolon leaned back in his chair and sighed as he looked across his desk sadly. The situation in Eden was still a fresh wound and seeing part of walk through the door to his office had been making it bleed. “Of all the Circles in Tsuriai…”

 “Well, I couldn’t very well raise the dear girl in Heaven.” Geoffrey smiled warmly and squeezed Evadia’s hand gently. “We agreed together that we should settle somewhere looked after by those we could count on.”

 “Why not Osore?” Eidolon questioned the decision on Kage’s behalf, it was most obviously an attempt to keep the girl closer to Farren and it seemed Kage was prohibited from making any noise about the request. “I would think your friendship with Gabriel would make it a better choice.”

 “My affiliation with Lord Gabriel is exactly why Osore would be a poor choice.” Geoffrey smiled and confidently gave them his rehearsed logic. “If there were to be any problems, with either myself or Evadia, Lord Gabriel will be lenient and protective. I’m sure you will agree that this is a delicate matter, but one that requires there be no bias if a problem should arise.”

 “It is your charge to prevent problems.” Kage leaned onto the desk with both hands and looked at the angel crossly. “If you doubt your ability to keep this child in line you should not have accepted the task. It is not a matter of where you reside.”

 “Can we please just stay here?” Evadia clutched the edge of the desk and looked between Eidolon and Kage hopefully. “I’ll be good. I promise.”

 “Tch” Kage slapped the girl across her face. “You come in here with the Angel’s lies and dare make such promises?”

 “Kage!” Eidolon stood but made no move against him as Kage turned away fuming.

 “She’s just a kid.” Bishop quickly injected as he jumped to his feet. “Why is it so damn hard for everyone to win your approval?”

 “You are crossing a dangerous line, boy.” Kage shot him a sideways glance before he smiled at his daughter. “Silence your pet, Neka.”

 “Be good for Neka, Bishop.” Neka tugged on Bishop’s thin leash and looked up at him with a wide smile. She would never defy her Father, but she liked that Bishop had stood up for the kid and when he smiled back at her and plopped to the floor she knew he understood her approval. She hugged him tight and whispered in his ear. “Neka doesn’t want you to be in trouble, too.”

 “Have you nothing to say?” Eternity sat at the edge of Eidolon’s desk and directed her query at Farren. “It was your child he struck.”

 “And what would he do if I were to speak out against him?” Farren had clenched his fists so tight his blood ran through his fingers and drenched the knees of his pants. “I have no say in any of this.”

 “Is everything going to be this difficult?” Gigi asked quietly form Geoffrey’s shoulder. “Perhaps we should have stayed in Heaven.”

 “I think I may have been the one to make this difficult.” Geoffrey sighed. “I should have been more candid.”

 “Your intention was very clear.” Kage hissed.

 “And I should have never tried to make it anything else.” Geoffrey lowered his head shamefully. “Though I was not dishonest. I do find Tsumi a safer option should there be any incident beyond my capabilities, however it was no small part of the decision that living here would give Evadia at least some chance to see her Father on occasion.”

 “I’m sorry.” Evadia bowed deeply toward the desk. “It was because I asked if it would be okay. Don’t be angry with him.”

 “Kage, ze seneda saba sekni.” Eidolon looked at his friend with a sense of compassion he wasn’t entirely sure he deserved at the moment, but they had each crossed too many bridges together to start burning them again. “De bara bresa farvak sek. Bol ba besek.”

 “Wen Isala ze seneda kaatas tresedet.” Kage laughed. “Ze kalu en har fanke shentus shepi vokeku. Wabel dekeha fakara dana bol wazuni de.”

 “I get the feeling we are being ignored.” Gigi huffed playfully. “I guess they don’t like us.”

 “I apologize.” Eidolon stood and gathered magic into his hand that settled into neatly folded pages that he offered across the desk. “Your sudden arrival did not give us much time to discuss things. These matters are usually handled privately. Welcome to Tsumi.”

 “My thanks to you.” Geoffrey accepted the paperwork with a smile as wide as his face and bowed his head as he squeezed Evadia’s hand happily. It was as much a triumph for her as it was a first step in a new adventure for him. “To you both. And to your third of course.”

 “Who will be along shortly to scold you.” Eternity giggled at Eidolon’s ear. “This little distraction has made you late.”

 “I’m afraid we will have to accept your thanks quickly, Geoffrey.” Eidolon smiled. “Kage and I have other matters to see to.”

 “I’m certain I already declined that invitation.” Kage hissed. “I’ll not be made a spectacle of.”

 “Kaneko will be disappointed.” Eidolon sighed playfully with a barely hidden smile as he nudged Eternity. “She enjoys it when you visit, and this is a big night for our growing family.”

 “Neka wants to see Kaneko.” Neka’s ears twitched as she snapped to attention at the sound of her sister’s name. “Why can’t Neka go, Daddy?”

 “Damn you, Falcon.” Kage sneered.

 “I think we should see ourselves out.” Geoffrey smiled down at Evadia and she nodded. As they turned to leave she gave a subtle wave to Farren and his smile in return was enough to make the gamble worth it for both of them. Even Gigi fluttering against his neck seemed overwhelmingly happy with the situation and they all left smiling as they listened to the sounds of playful arguing over the visit to some night club in Tsumi.


One lesson I still have yet to learn properly is to never be too content with my victories.

I may have won a small battle in freeing the Djinn and in fact I look forward to what will unfold as they embrace their new lives,

But I have tilted my hand

And someone will be clever enough to notice.

This day I my have started down a path with no return and I fear what it means for Tsuriai.


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