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TCOL : Epilogue : Debut

“Thank you for this.” Kryss sat with Natasha on his lap as he beamed with pride and waited. His tail wagging beside him on the stool as he expressed his gratitude to Eidolon and looked over the newly erected performance stage in Feeding Darkness. “This is all so amazing.”

“Think nothing of it.” Eidolon smiled warmly as Karla hugged herself tightly against his chest. Kage was beside him still fuming that he had been coaxed into coming and Neka was bouncing excitedly in a chair in front of him as she chattered at the leashed vampire at her feet. “Kaneko is thrilled and I believe we have earned the time to celebrate.”

“I still don’t get why Taranis gets to play and I don’t.” Levina pouted. “I thought we were friends.”

“None of that.” Ansel tugged at Levina’s ear. “You both tried to do it.”

“It’s stupid.” Levina pouted and leaned on the table with her ears turned back. “And it’s not fair.”

“Some things never change.” Kryss giggled. The rivalry of siblings made him all the more grateful they had only Aurora. “The two of you bicker endlessly.”

“Cheer up.” Luka hugged Levina tightly. “You can help with clothes.”

As the club music softened and lights focused on the stage, the exuberant crowd howled excitedly for the promised new distraction of the evening. Kaneko bounced onto the stage and the cheering grew louder until she calmed them with a quieting gesturing and a grin.

“Nyaa.” Kaneko tapped one foot and beckoned Taranis to an impressive array of keyboards and synthesizers. As the crowd began to roar again she quickly shushed them. “Kaneko said to be quiet. Kaneko will tell you when to get excited.”

As the crowd began laughing one courageously loud spectator called out above the others, “Poochy is plenty exciting! Can I take him home?”

“Taranis is not Poochy.” Kaneko shook her head as she corrected the mistake. “AND we need him here for our special debut.”

Taranis sighed and laid his fingers on the console in front of him. He pushed two sliders forward beginning an ambient intro that he joined on the keyboard. He had been practicing since he beat out his sister for the part. A part he worked very hard to win.

“Okay folks.” Kaneko purred with excitement as Aurora started her guitar intro offstage. “Welcome to the stage, in her Tsuriai Debut! Aury Fox!”

Hours of nervous tension melted the instant she started to play and as she walked onto the stage Aurora felt like a fish in water. This was what she was meant to do. All the feelings she could hear her whole life that she spilled onto the page until now had the true outlet they needed and she had her calling. The ambient tones shifted into a darker more surreal melody and Aurora’s debut truly began.



“Just like a dream I never want to wake from,

you’re a thousand fairytales come true.

Now If I can just survive all the damage these kisses do…

A corruption of my soul;

A wicked violation of my heart

‘they’ say ‘take care’ that ‘love is poison’

but I was infected from the very start.

In all my sweetest nightmares

You’re the knight who rescued me;

I can’t help but love that wicked grin

Once you get your chains on me.

A corruption of my soul;

A complete surrender of my heart.

I’ll gladly drink this poison,

I was infected from the start…”



There was a short silence as the song ended. Just enough to cast the slightest doubt and then it was blown away by an explosion of whistling applause and catcalls. Aurora was overjoyed and she smiled over at her parents before she went into another song with the knowledge that she was no longer just Aurora, the awkwardly different member of the pack. She was Aury Fox : Singer.

“She is amazing.” Natasha squealed with delight. “My little Rock Star!”

“Not bad.” Maefyl teased to announce his abrupt arrival. He hadn’t wanted to miss the occasion anyway, but there had been something weighing on his mind. He poked Kage gently on his shoulder. “Family night?”

“If you came to mock…” Kage began but as he turned he could see the lack of amusement present on Maefyl’s face. He had only wanted to be sure he wouldn’t be interrupting elsewhere. “He is at home. Tread lightly, Half-breed. None of us are in the mood for more trouble.”

“Tell him that.” Maefyl shrugged and vanished.

“Dobenu?” Eidolon asked quietly.

“Lucifer’s business.” Kage answered coldly. “I am keeping myself firmly out of this until he says otherwise.”

“I think he prefers we all adopt that course of action.” Lilith added as she pulled up a chair and joined them. She settled in quickly and showed her support for Aurora.

“You’re unwavering loyalty is at times appalling.” Kage hissed. “You know he is keeping something from you.”

“Not his love.” Lilith smirked over her shoulder at Kage. “That is all that matters to me.”

“Unbearable…” Kage muttered.

“You both are.” Eidolon laughed. “Can you just try and enjoy the evening, Kage? Please?”


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