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News… Of Sorts.

Hello Dear Readers!

Work has begun on another volume, another adventure in Tsuriai with faces both familiar and strange. It was a rough year for me personally and unfortunately writing took a back seat for a while, but things have settled down and a years worth of yearning to get back to my notebooks is ready to be unleashed.

In the meantime I have yet to decide on what to deliver to the blog. So I pose a question…

Should i slowly give you the unraveling works in all its messy roughness as the story continues?


Would anyone like to see the story where it began finally make its super awesomely free blog debut?

I’ve posed the same question to the Facebook page and am eager to see where the interest lies.Also as always the Facebook page is dying for fans and artwork! Stop on by.

As for me, I’ll be getting back to work.



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