VIII: Waking : Cheated

I took a moment to consider these folk tales humans tell their children; not the fables of mythical creatures, the classic tales of heroes and damsels in distress turned suddenly to knights and princesses. I’ve tried to find them charming, I truly have. Instead I find them abhorrently shallow and selfish.  

They teach children to hope for unrealistic dreams. To strive for reward. 

But it is a sad truth that not every young maid deserves title, in fact there are some born with the right that do not. Some damsels in fact may be better off before they are rescued and true heroes are rare. In truth often nameless and forgotten because they do not seek reward and praise. 

Yes, Folk tales are wickedly misleading. The morals they teach vague, the characters weak. But worse than anything they deny us any possible deeper meaning by delivering the grandest cheat of all…


Happily Ever After.


As if any adventure could end on such trivial milestones. Happily ever after denies us the whole story. The rise and fall of the ascended prince, the tears and laughter after the ‘I do’. I for one don’t want to miss a single word.


So. What happens next?



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