Waking : Fables :Frozen Flame (FF) An Experiment In Regret Pt.1

Presia sat holding her dear Master and pouring her every thought into his well being. She had every bit of faith that he would return to her. Her dear Lord Frost. She could no longer imagine life without him, but she could remember what it was before.

“Just lovely, my Lord.” Eidolon wiped the blood from his cheek. “After the effort to rid us the insanity of the fairer gender I fail to see why you would create one with such strength.”

 “I find her amusing.” Lucifer smiled over the demoness that clawed at his ankle as he pressed harder into her throat. “Besides her strength has a flaw.”

 “Aside from the mistake of using it against us?” Eidolon rested the edge of his sword against her face and had to admire the courage in the smile she offered in return.

 “The strength is meant to be given.” Lucifer stooped and tapped away the Falcon’s blade. “But I left her the choice.”

 “Seems ill advised.” Eidolon claimed the chaos of his sword and shrugged. “It also seems to have failed you.”

 “It was only an experiment.” Lucifer laughed. “I never wanted her for myself.”

 “Then you should have never touched me.” The demoness snapped at him. “I will belong to only one.”

 “Yes, yes.” Lucifer grabbed her wrist as she moved to claw at him and pushed her hair from her face. “And who was it that gave you such impeccable morals?”

 “Take your hands off of me.” The demoness screamed and engulfed her own limbs in flames to make herself clear. “My thoughts like my body are my own until I decide otherwise. I owe you no gratitude.”

 “That’s no small manipulation of chaos, my Lord.” Eidolon watched Lucifer grin as he endured the flames as if it were no more than a warm breeze. “What have you created?”

 “A very beautiful woman.” Lucifer sent a rushing torrent of water over her and laughed. His love of meddling made him indulge in a number of risks with this experiment. So many elements, so many souls folded perfectly together to create one magnificent creature. “A dangerous one until she finds her place.”

 “It will most certainly not be with you.” The demoness growled through clenched teeth before her body seized a moment and she was taken in by a vision.

A large fire crackled in the dusty sands of some abandoned desert. whispering of its loneliness to the silent night air. Sparks danced upwards as if reaching for the stars above and hoping for any one of them to reach back and touch the lonely flames.

 Then there was a roaring, the thundering sound of rushing water and the flames danced to life in the form of a great horned beast that spread its claws and waited for the oncoming torrent.

 As the storming waves raced toward the growing flames they slowed and circled the fire, taunting the beast as the surface of the waves frothed and crested with a great beast moving beneath the surface. As the great dragon burst from the waves it howled and turned its ethereal sea into walls of ice that encircled the flames and trapped the beast within.

 She reached up as the dragon changed form on the icy cliff, the form of a man obscured in the flickering shadows of flame and the cold wind that sent icy flakes into the beast’s eyes.


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