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Distracting Nox : TCOL Intro

“Wake up, Dear.” Lucifer chuckled. “You still have work to do.”

“Always.” I yawned. “What now? Aliens? Should I call Spielberg for movie rights?”

“Very amusing.” Lucifer grinned and sat one of my cats on my shoulder. “Look I’ve gotten you your own fairy to keep you company.”

“He’s too fuzzy.” Sanguine laughed.

“Oh, great.” I sighed. “Fangs is here too.”

“Just admit you love me.” Maefyl poked my neck. “And give me a taste.”

I wasn’t even through swatting his hand away when he was ignoring me completely to smile over me stupidly at the arrival of another guest.

“You’re in trouble now, Maefyl.” Sanguine giggled and fluttered to my keyboard to once again fill my screen with her fanciful dance across the keys.

“Hi, Gabriel.” I stood to greet one of the more pleasant guests and prepared myself for the ridicule.

“So that’s how it is…” Maefyl wrapped an arm around my shoulders and grinned down at me. “Too bad you aren’t his type.”

“Bugger off, Fangs.” I shrugged away. “I’m guessing I have to document more of your exploits.”

“Not my damage this time.” Maefyl laughed and pulled out a cigarette.

“Outside!” I reminded him.

“Now, that you are less distracted.” Lucifer pushed me back to my chair as Gabriel led Maefyl outside quietly. “Let me tell you all about the things to come and the new friends you are going to introduce to the world…”

“MORE?!!!!” *bangs my head on the desk*

“You are so delightful.” Lucifer laughed. “Start typing, Nox.”


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Distracting Nox : Restoring Order Intro

“This again?” I swatted Sanguine away from my keyboard and tried to check my email as visitors filled my kitchen. “I just finished one.”

“Then it is time to start a new one.” Lucifer laughed and laid those skinny fingers of his on the back of my neck. “Love the new haircut.”

“Thanks.” I sighed. “Another adventure to document so soon? Can’t any of you stay out of trouble?”

“Nope.” Sanguine giggled and pushed buttons on my printer until it started spewing paper onto the floor. “Why are you pink?”

“Hot shower and a lufa.” I smirked. “Which I will be revisiting once I can get all of you out of here.”

“I tried a lufa once.” Sanguine teased. “Scrubbed my nipples right off.”

“You never had nipples.” I sighed and banged my head on the keyboard. Something was rummaging through my kitchen.

“The bat suit had nipples once.” Gory added pointlessly.

“Tragic isn’t it.” I nodded as I stood to save my snacks from whatever giggling menace Lucifer had brought with him this time. I turned the corner and gasped at the sight of them. “What in the name of…”

“Don’t finish that thought.” Lucifer draped an arm over my shoulders.

“And keep your distance.” Maefyl added.

“That’s a comfort coming from you.” I smirked. I tended to keep my distance from anything that might put me on the menu.

“I thought you should meet.” Lucifer continued. “They’ll be joining your tales.”

“They have tails.” I tried to make light of the white skinned demons that smiled viciously at me. “And my Doritos. Do you bring anyone that doesn’t try to eat all my food?”

“I brought Maefyl.” Lucifer laughed.

“I don’t eat much.” Maefyl shrugged and lit a cigarette.

“Outside with that, fangs.” I pointed toward the door and he walked out laughing with Sanguine and Gory. I almost regretted sending him away as Lucifer’s fingers tightened on my shoulder and the long tailed demons stepped closer. Each of them wearing a smile that made me as nervous as the arm around me.

“Ha saba ze isa?” The silver haired of the pair laughed.

“Say what now?” I blinked and thought maybe I had zoned out a bit.

“Voldrak.” The gold haired demon spoke and I realized I had been paying plenty of attention.

“Oh that’s just peachy.” I sighed. “You can type this story yourself, Lucy.”

“Don’t call me that.” Lucifer pinched my side. “I’ll teach you. Say hello.”

“Hi.” I sighed and the silver haired demon grinned wider and leaned close to my face. “What?”

“Voldrak.” He glared at me and I assumed he meant to correct me.

“Fine. Whatever.” I held out my hand to make nice nice. “Voldrak.”

“Ha shent dan.” The other laughed and slapped my hand away. “VolVol, Vasun Lucifer.”

The two of them vanished and I rolled my eyes and tried to shrug off the odd encounter, but Lucifer followed me to my desk and laid his fingers on mine as I sat at the keyboard.

“What did that guy say?” I asked finally.

“That you’ll do.” Lucifer chuckled.

“You can all bugger off.” I grabbed my notebook and opened to a blank page. “This one is going to take a while.”

“Not too long.” Lucifer ruffled my hair and laughed. “I don’t’ like to be kept waiting.”

“Yea , yea.” Another story to be told. New secrets to learn…. “Hey wait a minute. What do you mean ‘I’ll do’? That is monumentally insulting.”

“Don’t take it personally.” Maefyl returned smiling. “They hate people.”

“Can’t say I’m a fan of whatever the hell they are.” I sighed. “What about you?”

“Guess we’ll find out.” Maefyl laughed and leaned over my shoulder. “Unless you’re asking if I hate people; in which case the answer is, I think some of them are okay. You aren’t too bad.”

“Bet she tastes good.” Sanguine giggled.

“We could find that out, too.” Maefyl pulled the collar of my shirt and a fell off my chair trying to jump away. “ I was kidding, idiot. Who is going to write this if I make a slurpee out of you?”

“Won’t be Maefyl.” Gory giggled.

“He hates paperwork.” Sanguine laughed.

“OUT!” I shouted. It was time to get back to work.



Tsuriai II : The Children of Chaos

Tsuriai : The Circle of Golod

Tsuriai III : Upsetting the Balance

Tsuriai IV : The Circle of Vex

Tsuriai V : Restoring Order

Welcome back to Tsuriai…

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Special : is one year old

“There were ten on the bed and the little one said roll over, roll over.” Sanguine sang as she pushed the others.

“Hey!” Demise fell on the floor.

“There were nine on the bed and the little one said roll over, roll over.” Sanguine continued her joyous melody and her triumphant nudging.

“Spoiled fairy.” Kagemusha complained as she fluttered off.

“There were eight on the bed and the little one said roll over, roll over.” Sanguine giggled.

“Who taught her this game?” Malice pouted as she landed on Demise.

“There were seven on the bed and the little one said roll over, roll over.” Sanguine shoved harder.

“Are we sure she is the ‘little one’?” Hikari laughed.

“There were six on the bed and the little one said roll over, roll over.” Sanguine continued her song blissfully ignoring their complaints.

“I’m the youngest.” Blondie flitted her wings behind her. “This isn’t very fair.”

“There were five on the bed and the little one said roll over, roll over.” Sanguine laughed.

“Very odd girl.” Eternity shook her head as she fluttered off.

“There were four on the bed and the little one said roll over, roll over.” Sanguine pushed at Gory.

“If you think I’m getting out of bed you are crazy.” Gory pushed back. “Go to sleep.”

“All of you go to sleep.” Gabriel insisted. “Honestly, Maefyl. Why did you teach her that ridiculous song?”

“I wasn’t planning on fairy sleepovers.” Maefyl sighed and pulled a pillow over his head. “That’s enough, Sany.”

“Okay.” Sanguine giggled. “No more rolling. Everyone can come back.”

“Good.” Gabriel watched the fairies gathering again at the foot of the bed. As they whispered and giggled he returned his attention to his journal.

“And here we go again.” Maefyl laughed as the fairies started to bounce at his feet.

“Eight little fairies jumping on the bed.” Sanguine began and the others joined her giggling as she pushed Blondie onto the floor. “One fell off and bumped her head. Maefyl called the doctor and the doctor said…”

“No more fairies jumping on the bed.” Maefyl finished the song as he flipped the end of the blanket and sent them all fluttering off. “Go raid the kitchen or something, Sany.”

“Okay!” Sanguine exclaimed excitedly. “But if I hear any funny business in here I’m coming back to watch!”

“Eew.” Hikari laughed and rushed out of the room.

“Wait I have a better idea!” Malice landed on Maefyl’s knee. “Tell us stories!”

“Tell us your stories!” Blondie added excitedly.

“Don’t we have an author for that?” Gabriel laughed.

“Right.” Maefyl sighed. “That’s why we ended up with a room full of fairies. Our story tellers one year internet thing…”

“Go, go interweb!” Sanguine giggled.

“Go bother her then.” Gabriel suggested.

“Terrible idea.” Gory shook her head. “Nox is busy working on telling another of our adventures.”

“Here.” Maefyl slid a book across the sheets to the huddle of excitable fairies. “Have a blast.”

“Hey, this is exciting!” Sanguine laughed as she opened the book. “Maefyl! Did you know you’re a vampire?”

“I hate all of you right now.” Maefyl went back to hiding under his pillow and mumbled. “How many of these books are there now?”

“I believe the eighth is in progress.” Gabriel answered with a smile. “And still so much left untold…”

“Yippee.” Maefyl muttered.

Sanguine started to read aloud…

“Shouldn’t stare so hard youngster.” A man spoke from behind him. “Women can break your heart even from a distance.”

He was laughing at his philosophy and stepped forward to introduce himself. He extended his hand to the youth and spoke his name through his labored breath, “Michael, Michael Richman.”

“Maefyl” The youth put on a gentle smile and took his hand.

“Don’t say much do ya?” Michael rambled on. “Instead of staring you should go on and talk to her.”

Maefyl had already gone back to his focus… 

“I’ll be playing video games.” Maefyl rolled out of bed and left the room.

“Me too.” Gabriel followed after him as the fairies giggled.




Tsuriai I

Tsuriai II : The Children of Chaos

Tsuriai : The Circle of Golod

Tsuriai III : Upsetting the Balance

Tsuriai IV : The Circle of Vex

Tsuriai V : Restoring Order

Tsuriai VI : The Circle of Nihil

And these lives will continue.

 COMING SOON : Tsuriai VII : The Council of Lords


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Special Teaser : I Only Want To Be With You

“This one isn’t labeled.” Gory held up the shiny disk to scold Maefyl for his lack of organizational skills. They had spent a cozy morning in Osore listening to dozens of selections from an archaic collection on electronic devices that should be long buried if his magic had not kept them thriving. They all enjoyed days like these, time they made to set aside problems and appreciate each other even if just for a few hours. Gory was curious about the mystery disc. “What’s on it?”

“No idea. Just put it in.” Maefyl was barely listening to the music anyway. He had agreed to keep the volume down since Gabriel decided to stay in and play. Ever since he convinced Gabriel to start playing video games they had a friendly rivalry that demanded his focus at the moment. He doubted the music would make a difference. He nudged Gabriel’s arm “If I didn’t know better I would say you have been playing without me.”

“He’s too busy doing your job.” Gory teased as she kicked the play button.

“Oh no!” Sanguine feigned panic over the first notes. “Turn it off before he starts singing!”

It was too late. Maefyl had tossed the controllers onto the couch and moved the coffee table aside. Gabriel laughed as Maefyl pulled him to his feet smiling.

“I don’t know what it is that makes me love you so.” Maefyl led Gabriel in a silly dance across the carpet as he sang. “I only know I never want to let you go…”


Miles away in Golod Maefyl’s love of old music lived in his daughter who was sharing it with those she loved more than anything. Bezer giggled as Asura playfully shook her hips and tapped them each on the nose as he sang.

“Cause you started something. Oh, can’t you see?” Asura had always been a fan of the silly old love songs Maefyl tortured her with as a child. She never wanted to admit it, but they were charming and made her smile. Now she listened to them all the time to remind her of home and she loved to tease the cubs as she performed and it was fun to make Nikolai blush as she sang for him. She did this often enough that they were starting to love the cheesy old songs just as much. “That ever since we met you’ve had a hold on me.”

“It happens to be true.” Azazel sang as he pulled her onto the couch with them. She and the cubs crowded Nikolai and looked up at him and made him flush in unison. “We only want to be with you.”


“It doesn’t matter where you go or what you do.” Lilith sang sweetly from Lucifer’s lap as they marveled over the remarkable coincidence they stumbled upon. As much as Lucifer enjoyed seeing the trouble his friends got up to, he enjoyed these tender moments just as much. “I want to spend each moment of the day with you.”

“You aren’t going to admit this is a beautiful moment?” Lucifer tussled the Viper’s hair as he sat quietly at his feet.

“It is ridiculous.” Kage hissed. “And you promised them privacy.”

“Spoil sport. I’m enjoying this.” Lucifer grinned and joined Lilith in song as Kage rolled his eyes. “Oh, look what has happened with just one kiss.”


“I never knew that I could be in love like this.” Van danced around the room singing along loudly with her headphones on. She knew from their smiles that Raziel and Galik didn’t mind the interruption to their conversation and she was enjoying the silly old music she had snatched from her friends. She spun past them and kissed them each on the cheek as she continued singing. “It’s crazy, but it’s true. I only want to be with you.”

“Is she calling us crazy again?” Galik grinned as he watched her flirty dance around the office.

“We are not the ones singing to music no one remembers.” Raziel answered in his usual even tone as he watched his bride. Her exuberant joy in such simple moments was one of the things that made her so fascinating.


“Classics provided by Maefyl this morning.” Eternity giggled at the music pouring through the speakers as Kaneko shouted her orders to the lessers and prepared to open Feeding Darkness for the day.

“An old favorite if I recall correctly.” Eidolon watched Kaneko tapping her feet as she stood on the bar and looked things over and Karla took a seat at the bar humming to the familiar song.

“Lord Eidolon?” Eternity noticed his sudden silence and the chill to his skin, but quickly realized why when she saw where Karla had decided to sit.

His moment of reflection had nearly stopped his heart, but the flirty nature of the song that played turned the memory of the night they met into a playful moment and he joined Karla at the bar. He hoped she could recall as he did one of the happiest moments of his life.

“You stopped and smiled at me.” Eidolon sang quietly as he sat and handed Karla a pack of cigarettes. “And asked if I cared to dance.”

“I fell into your open arms.” Karla sang her reply as she pushed off of her stool and let him catch her. The distant memory of a previous life was suddenly hers and she loved that he had given it back to her. “And I didn’t stand a chance.”


“Now, listen honey.” Maefyl sang as he pulled Gabriel close by his lapels. “I just want to be beside you every where.”

“As long as we’re together, honey.” Gabriel winked as he sang his reply and made Maefyl smile. “I don’t care.”

“Oh brother.” Sanguine rolled her eyes and poked at Gory. “Now you started something.”

“Oh can’t you see.” Gory tried to sing through her laughter.

“That ever since we met you’ve had a hold on me.” Maefyl pulled Gabriel into his arms as he continued his serenade. Everything about these playful moments felt perfect and he couldn’t be happier about Gory finding the mystery disc. He had no way of knowing that his eccentric taste was spreading a strange love across Tsuriai.


“No matter what you do.” Kaneko purred as she pounced along the bar and hugged Eidolon and Karla. “Kaneko wants to be with you.”


Shana had been poking at the keys of her piano to recreate some of the music they listened to in Golod. She had finally gotten a few of them right and was humming along to one when Brig wandered in.

“You stopped and smiled at me and asked if I cared to dance.” Brig sang along softly as he sat a few bags on the couch and fumbled for his cigarettes. “I fell into your open arms and I didn’t stand a chance.”

“You sing?” Shana giggled. “And you know the words? I couldn’t remember them.”

“It’s and old song, but I’m older.” Brig sat beside her. “It’s a cute song. Keep playing I’ll see how much I remember.”

“You have a pretty voice.” Demise sat on the edge of the piano and waited for the performance.

“Don’t pick on me, doll face.” Brig let Shana catch up to where she had left off and realized her he remembered more than he thought he did. “I just want to be beside you every where. As long as we’re together, honey, I don’t care. Cause you started something. Oh, can’t you see? That ever since we met you’ve had a hold on me. No matter what you do, I only want to be with you.”


“I said no matter, no matter what you do.” Maefyl grinned at Gabriel. “I only want to be with you.”

“Now turn it off before we get that buttercup song.” Sanguine demanded and rushed for the stop button.

“Rematch?” Gabriel handed Maefyl his game controller and kissed him.

“Tired of me singing already?” Maefyl laughed as Sanguine and Gory made safer musical selections.

“Never.” Gabriel teased. “I just thought you might want to redeem yourself after that last round.”

“I was distracted.” Maefyl winked at him. “Didn’t count.


“Oh, Look what has happened with just one kiss…” Mala

“I never knew that I could be in love like this…” Vikarr

“It’s crazy, but it’s true…” E

“I only want to be with you…” Donovan

Special Note : Songwriters (Ivor Raymonde / Mike Hawker) as performed by Dusty Springfield.

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Happy Samhain

Party in one hour. -L”

Maefyl slid away his phone and resumed his video game. He was content with ignoring the invitation and spending the day right where he was. He assumed that Gabriel would be in his office all day poking at the screen of his tablet and would not want to join in on the festivities.

“Why are you not getting ready?” Sanguine giggled and poked at Maefyl’s neck with a cocktail sword before she fluttered in front of him.

“For what?” Maefyl laughed when he saw she had other plans. The usually naked pink skin was covered in her tiny costume, complete with frilled shirt, long grey frock and fancy buckled shoes. Covering one of her tiny red eyes was a tiny eye patch and she swished a cocktail sword at him as she excitedly showed off her outfit. “Settle down, Captain. I wasn’t going to go.”

“Gabriel is going.” Sanguine poked Maefyl in the nose with her pink plastic sword. “Dress up!”

“Then go with him.” Maefyl sighed. “I’m not in the mood.”

“Yes, you are.” Gory laughed as she landed on his head. “Gabriel wants you to meet him there.”

“He already left?” Maefyl threw the controller on the floor and rubbed at his face. He pulled his hair back into a ponytail as he stood and headed for the bathroom. “Nice of him to say goodbye.”

“Like my costume?” Gory posed on the faucet. Dressed in black from head to toe.

“Ninja?” Maefyl smirked. “You two realize how ridiculous this is, right?”

“It’s fun.” Sanguine poked at Gory and they battled across the counter while Maefyl fixed his eyeliner. “What are you going to be?”

“Vampire.” Maefyl winked at her.

“That is cheating.” Sanguine laughed. “You are going to make Lucifer mad.”

“He is always fucking mad.” Maefyl kicked the counter in front of him and grabbed the phone that jittered in his pocket to find a message from Asura.

Are you coming?

“This is so pointless.” Maefyl sent the reluctant ‘yes’ and laid his hand on the counter. “Let’s go.”

Once Sanguine and Gory found a perch on his shoulder he took them to the doors of Lucifer’s estate and braced himself for an evening of misery. Halloween hadn’t really been celebrated in Tsuriai for centuries, but when the doors opened you wouldn’t know it. The hall was filled with all of Lucifer’s favorites decked out in impressive costumes.

“Dad!” Asura ran over to him and hugged him tightly. Her hair was in pigtails and she carried a little stuffed dog in a basket. “Why didn’t you dress up?”

“Couldn’t be bothered.” Maefyl laughed as the rest of Golod wandered over. Bezer was the cowardly lion, Azazel the scarecrow, Blondie sat on Nikolai’s shoulder painted silver as the tin man. Even Nikolai had decided to play along and had chosen as modestly as possible as the frightening average wizard of oz. “Where is Gabriel?”

“He wandered off with Lucifer.” Bezer laughed.

“You suck.” Azazel teased as he hugged Asura. “You get to go sit in the corner with the other spoil sport.”

“So someone else has sense?” Maefyl lit a cigarette and laughed at the fargoyles that flew past in torn clothes chasing after Shana the nurse, begging playfully for her brains.

“Just Kage.” Azazel laughed and pulled Asura off to dance. Bezer similarly yanked Nikolai by his sleeve until he waved back at Maefyl and gave up.

“Careful, you are going to get stepped on.” Brig picked a plastic ball off the floor and clicked open it’s lid to let Demise out for a bit. She popped out laughing in her fuzzy brown suit. “I still think you should have dressed up like us.”

“Shana didn’t either and I’m a cute hamster.” Demise pouted. “Hi Maefyl.”

“Hey.” Maefyl couldn’t help but laugh at the fairy in a hamster ball. it didn’t help that she was being carried around by a zombie. He patted Brig’s head and walked past him. “I’ll be in the loser’s corner.”

“I thought you would enjoy this nonsense, half-breed.” Kage kicked out a chair for Maefyl, surprised he would have company for the evening. Nexus had darkened her hair and dressed as Cleopatra and was socializing with the seamstresses who had decided on matching rag doll costumes.

“Just not in the mood.” Maefyl sat and sent Sanguine and Gory off to play. “I can’t believe they got Raziel to play along.”

Raziel sat in a long lab coat, his hair frazzled and held back by goggles. he watched with no trace of emotion as Van and Galik danced a few feet away. Victor Frankenstein, quietly observing his monster and its bride.

“You two are trying to spoil my party.” Lucifer kicked over the table in front of Maefyl and Kage. He flipped out the tails of his green jacket and tipped the oversized top hat into his lap as he sat across Kage’s lap. “You have two seconds or I choose for you.”

“I…” Kage protested and Lucifer grabbed his throat and made the decision as he promised. Kage hissed at the embarrassing assault. “Damn it.”

“Too late.” Lucifer stood and wrapped his arm around Lilith; the mad hatter’s Alice for the evening. He had forced Kage to join their troupe as the White Rabbit, complete with fluffy bunny ears. As Maefyl laughed Lucifer glared at him. “Unless you would like to be the March Hare, I suggest you do something impressive.”

“Right.” Maefyl flicked his cigarette past them as he stood. He shortened his hair and shook the auburn from it as he gave up his comfortable attire for the more fitted clothes and dark bandages Lucifer preferred. He gave up his boots for the black canvas sneakers and forced his eyes entirely black. He smirked at Lucifer and hoped he found it as offensive as Maefyl meant it to be. “Too bad I’m not shorter.”

“I have a better smile.” Lucifer grinned and Lilith laughed beside him. He joined in her laughter as Gabriel winked from behind Maefyl. Lucifer decided to let Gabriel have his fun alone and turned ot look over the gathering. “Now where is my caterpillar?”

“Eidolon is over there, my Lord.” Lilith pointed and winked back at Maefyl before she continued. “I believe he is feeding the Chesire and the Queen of Hearts.”

“Unbelievable.” Maefyl shook his head. Even Eternity had joined in as the Door Mouse. “He can convince people to do anything.”

“You look disturbingly like him, half-breed.” Kage hissed as he followed after Lucifer.

“Hey.” Maefyl smiled when he felt Gabriel’s hands on his shoulders. “You left without me.”

“To surprise you.” Gabriel laid his hand over Maefyl’s eyes. “You aren’t allowed to be angry.”

“I’m not.” Maefyl sighed and pulled Gabriel’s hand away so he could turn and face him. He smiled and took Gabriel’s face in his hands. “This is going to be a little weird.”

Maefyl wrapped his arm around Gabriel; shaking his head at his borrowed trench coat and the long skirt Gabriel wore. He pushed his fingers back through the hair that would match his own and giggled at the sight of Gabriel’s perfect eyes framed in eyeliner before he pulled him close and bit into Gabriel’s neck.

Gabriel left the bloody mess on the collar as it only added to the authenticity of his mimicry, but he wiped the mess from Maefyl’s lips as he watched the others preparing their phones for pictures. As the music changed and applause erupted behind him Maefyl tensed in his arms.

“Damn it.” Maefyl sighed. “Who do I blame for this?”

“Me.” Gabriel smiled and kissed him before he spun Maefyl in his arms to face his friends and whispered at his ear. “Happy Halloween, Maefyl. And Happy Birthday.”

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Distracting Nox

“Sanguine, please stop jumping on the keyboard.” A very frustrated author watched a string of nonsense appear on the screen. “You are worse than my cats. Gory get off my cat!”

The afternoon was not going well. I finally got ten minutes to myself and company arrived to distract me. Sanguine was filling page after page with her dance across the keys and giggling wildly at my misfortune of having to delete the mess. Gory was riding around on Baka like she was a horse. Baka is scared of her own shadow, this poor cat does not need the agitation of fairies.

“Maefyl, she’s being mean again.” Sanguine stuck her tongue out at me… again.

“I am not.” I protested. “How am I supposed to get any work done? Will you make her stop?”

“No can do, you told me to stay over here.” Maefyl flashed his smile, showing off the reason I insist he stays on the other side of the room.

“You threatened to bite me.” I pointed out and swatted the fairy off my keyboard. “Again. Are you reading my notes?”

“Be nice to Sany.” Maefyl grinned as he flipped through my notebook. “And yes.”

“Don’t you have somewhere to be, Maefyl?” Lucifer arrived and scolded my visitor for his down time. The hand on my shoulder was hardly a comfort over the fangs across the room. “I have things to discuss with our dear author, Nox.”

“Ugh.” I dropped my head the the desk and hit it against the keyboard. What more damage could be done to the document filled with nonsense. In frustration I managed to miss Maefyl’s approach and nearly jumped out of my skin as he crouched beside my desk chair and laid his hand out for Sanguine to climb onto his fingers. “Oi. personal space.”

“So paranoid.” Maefyl laughed and once Gory had joined him he nodded to Lucifer and left with a wink.

Once he had gone I looked up to Lucifer’s wicked grin looking down at me. Grins are far more sinister upside down. Though his always seems sinister. he was joined suddenly by two others. I’ve grown used to the characters dropping by to interrupt the story telling, but these two were new. Each with long pointed ears. Love the ears. One immediately wandered off and the other stood emotionless beside Lucifer.

“And who is this?” I’m slightly disturbed by this new visitor. Black is a common for the still state of demonic eyes, but I have never seen black look this dead. Still blank pools of darkness set in an unmoving face. He managed to be as intimidating as Lucifer while looking completely disinterested.

“This is Raziel.” Lucifer squeezed my shoulder as he made his introduction. “One of the subjects of the next story you are going to write for me.”

“Since when do you decide what i’m going to write?” I protested bravely. I say bravely, but I don’t think it’s brave to shiver.

“Since when don’t I?” Lucifer squeezed harder and I just hung my head nodding slowly. Even without looking I knew his grin was of the triumphant sort.

When I looked up it was because I heard the rummaging in the kitchen. I inched nervously past the dark haired Raziel, who watched me with those emotionless eyes. I peeked around the corner to see the other guest Lucifer had brought without asking raiding my snacks.

“And the one eating my snacks?” The silvery white haired demon looked up at me smiling. His eyes matched his hair and his skin was a flawless grey. Bare chested and barefoot and eating my last danish.

“My Galik.” Raziel answered. He wasn’t any less creepy when he spoke. His voice soft and in such a consistent tone that it seemed almost inhuman, if you’ll pardon the pun.

“Mind your fingers.” Lucifer warned as I stepped to save at least some of my food. I stopped at his warning. “He’ll devour those as well. Such a disgusting creature.”

“I think he’s pretty.” I defended the strange creature. No idea why. Maybe because i find it odd that Lucifer scowled at such a gorgeous thing. Maybe it was just to get under his skin. “I just don’t want him eating everything in the kitchen.”

“Come, Galik.” Raziel beckoned his Galik in a voice no different than before. Galik walked past with my chips and all I could do was sigh.

“So what am i writing?” I gave up the fight. Hoping whatever story was forming would send them out and leave me to my keyboard. Lucifer stepped inches away from me. Shortest of the Watchers and i still have to look up to him. How is this fair?

“I’m sure you will figure it out dear author.” Lucifer grinned and tugged at my newly short hair. “You’ve cut it.”

“Thanks for noticing?” It’s hard to pull off snarky when in the presence of Tsuriai’s Dark Lord. “So you’ve given me two, what about a third? Or a city? Or even better, a break?”

“I like it.” Lucifer continued to tug on what was left on the hair I cut off after 20 years.

“Me too.” I sighed. “That’s why I did it.”

“The Circle of Vex.” Lucifer answered finally at least giving some sort of jumping off point. .”I’ll leave you to have a chat with Raziel. Get started Nox. I don’t like to be kept waiting.”

“And gone.” I wandered past these new characters trying to work through the feeling of dread.

“Can I play with it, Lord Raziel?” Galik eyed me in a way that made me prefer the company of Maefyl.

“Patience, Galik.” Raziel told him. “Let’s give the author a chance. If we’re displeased, there’s always the short life of a plaything.”

“Writing, writing.” I deleted the mess I have made with my head and Sanguine made with her feet and settled in for another story, new characters, a new city, a new Circle, Another trip into Tsuriai…


Tsuriai II : The Children of Chaos

Tsuriai : The Circle of Golod

Tsuriai III: Upsetting the Balance

Tsuriai IV: The Circle of Vex

Welcome back to Tsuriai…

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An Interview with Lucy

It’s cold. This winter has been wet and miserable and i just dumped hot cocoa marshmallows in my coffee. Not really sure why. My cursing at my bizarre morning brought a guest…

“You called?” -Lucy

“And you made me spill my coffee.” I’m not sure how to interpret the look i’m getting. I assume it’s not a good one. Still, company is company. “Got a minute?”

“That depends on the proposal.” -Lucy

“Well, you are already here.” (yes, i am actually a little nuts and having a conversation with a figment of my imagination) I make my proposal as i clean coffee off of my counter. “How about an interview?”

“And in exchange for my time?” -Lucy

“Easy there.” I’m not generally superstitious but I think exchanging favors with this guy is a bad idea. “This would be mutually beneficial.”

“Clever.” -Lucy

“Think of it as marketing.” Smiles like his should be illegal. (at this point i don’t know whether i’m having fun or actually losing my mind.)  “A perfect opportunity to show the world what a good guy you are.”

“Ask your questions.” -Lucy

“Right.” Wishing I had more coffee in my system. I’m not near functional enough at this hour. “So may I call you Lucy?”

“No.” -Lucy 

“Well this is starting well.” I get no love from the dark lord it seems. “Lucifer then?”

“Try again.” -Lucy

“Really?” Ugh. No love at all. “Not really feeling that whole master and servant thing. Are those my KitKats? You are stealing my chocolate and want me to call you ‘Lord’?”

How anyone can be that intimidating eating candy and sitting on my kitchen counter is beyond me. At least my second pot of coffee is ready.

“Are we doing this?” -Lucy

“Yea.” (sigh) I have completely forgotten at this point why i thought this was a good idea. also what the hell i was gonna ask. I guess any question beats awkward silence. “So. You’ve been painted as a bit of a monster, but you seem pretty normal to me.”

“That is not a question. You are not very good at this.” -Lucy

“True.” I don’t think I would make a very good reporter. I should probably leave the questions to other people. “Maybe we should just chat then. Mind being on call to answer questions from fans?”

“I always have time for a fan.” -Lucy

“Now you’re eating my crackers? What the hell?” Well at least he smiled… 

“Call it compensation.” -Lucy

“For what?” (this is falling apart quickly. but i’m amused. this is what lack of sleep does to me.)

“Your little interview. You did after all interrupt me.” -Lucy

“And what exactly did I interrupt, Mr. Lucifer?” Okay. Mister may have been the wrong way to go. I just got the people’s eyebrow from Lucifer…

“I was playing the violin.” -Lucy

“In Georgia?” Haha, fiddle. lol at the Devil!

“Amusing.” -Lucy

Strangely he does seem to be amused. I thought it was funny. Well i did. Not as funny now that he jumped off the counter to stare down at me like that.

“Sorry?” Nervous. Need to stop swearing at coffee. Or at least swearing to him. If random curses are going to bring guests I should be more selective with my name dropping.

“I will give you a pass. Just this once.” -Lucy

“Okay then.” And backing away slowly. “Then i’m just gonna leave this conversation open for fans to pick your brain. I’m going to do my laundry, and you can stop eating my food.”

“Agreed. Ask away dear readers…” -Lucy 

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