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NEWS! : Tsuriai V : Restoring Order

Kindle Version Available Now : Click Here

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Vex : A Proposal In Tsumi (series spoilers)

“Good morning, Kage.” Karla waved as she waited for Eidolon to join her on the balcony.

“Good morning.” Kage climbed the stairs and let the chipper young vampire embrace him for a moment before he pushed her back by her shoulders. “Where are you off to?”

“Asura is coming to hang out.” Karla grinned up at her cranky friend. “We’re going shopping.”

“What is it about females that makes them find something so mundane such an entertaining way to spend their time?” Kage looked at her puzzled.

“It’s not just girls, you big meanie. Maefyl likes shopping too.” Karla stuck her tongue out at him.

“I don’t understand why you make it such a social event.” Kage explained his confusion. “It would be far quicker to let Eidolon create whatever it is you need.”

“The social part is kind of the point.” Karla smiled. “I should make you go with me once. You need to get out more.”

“Forgive me for taking so long.” Eidolon stepped from his office and made his apologies to Karla. “I had to finish a few things. Is it just Asura joining you?”

“No idea. I was waiting for you.” Karla grinned and started tapping at her phone to get an answer for him. “You should make Kage come with us.”

“He is welcome to join us, but I wont pester him about it.” Eidolon kissed her cheek and turned to Kage. “Any more problems in Vex?”

“It will fix itself.” Kage was still moved by the humbled Lucifer and his desire to fix his mistakes. Even if it meant befriending Galik, Kage was willing to do whatever was necessary to erase Lucifer’s guilt. “I would join you Karla, but I have been neglecting Nexus.”

“Bring her too.” Karla smiled as she teased him. “She’s a girl, she’ll like shopping.”

“I will ask her.” Kage turned and headed for Nexus’s office. “Don’t wait and don’t count on it. Enjoy your day.”

“Asura and Bezer.” Karla put her phone away and took Eidolon’s hand. “They are going to meet us down the street because Bezer wants sushi.”

“Of course.” Eidolon squeezed her hand and the started to make their trek to Bezer’s favorite café. He sent word for Kaneko to meet them and was looking forward to a day relaxing with his brides.

Asura and Bezer arrived and the girlish chatter began. Kaneko joined them shortly after and found a place on Eidolon’s lap as she joined in. Each of them excited by the day ahead of them but patiently letting Bezer order half the menu to indulge her cravings.

Eternity and Blondie shared the colorful rolls of rice and fish that Bezer shared with them. Quietly giggling over their girlish chatter.

“Which are your brides, Lord Eidolon?” Hiwai was passing the café when he noticed the Watcher and Eidolon nodded his approval to approach with his companion.

“Kaneko and Karla.” Eidolon made his introductions laying his hand on Karla’s head and his other arm around Kaneko’s waist. Hiwai was and odd creature and he only tolerated him for Kage’s sake. Eidolon knew the vampire had taken residence in Tsumi; he had approved the request when Kage brought it to him. A request for one who had served the Circle and served Kage and rarely asked for anything in return. As long as he remained responsible for the vampire Eidolon had no problem with the city hosting another of her kind. She had not been a problem, and spent most of her time with Hiwai. “This is Hiwai and his companion is Freya.”

“A pleasure.” Hiwai nodded his greetings as he lifted his hand, his fingers folded through Freya’s as she smiled. “They are both lovely.”

“Hey!” Bezer protested as she hugged Asura. “We’re lovely too!”

“As always, Bezer.” Hiwai gave her a grin as he cocked his head inquisitively. Freya stayed silent beside him as she held his hand tightly. “Where is your brother?”

“Home with Nikolai.” Bezer grinned as she finished off her sushi. “This is our wife, Asura.”

“Kaneko wants to go shopping now!” Kaneko kicked her feet as she dangled her legs over Eidolon’s. “Kaneko wants new shoes!”

“We wont keep you.” Hiwai bowed his head to Eidolon. After polite words of parting Hiwai went off again with Freya to enjoy a rare day in the city. Running into Eidolon was a small fortune; he hoped Freya had noticed the friendship between them. The love between Eidolon and his brides, the vampire and the halfbreed. Even that of Bezer and her young vampire bride. All of them getting along so well, so content with one another and their differences. Freya had admitted her feelings for him, agreed to the strange mortal idea of dating. They had even become lovers, but she still insisted that she was below him, that it would be inappropriate to be more because of what she was.

“They all seem happy.” Freya smiled at him. He had veered them toward that greeting so she would notice that very fact. “So very clever.”

“I only wanted to show you that it is not unheard of.” Hiwai cackled softly. “You could be mine if you wanted to be.”

“I just don’t want you to settle for less than you deserve, Hiwai.” Freya told him. “I wont leave you. I love you…”

“I was not going to bother you about it.” Hiwai interrupted. “You don’t need to explain, or become agitated. The offer stands, but waits until you are comfortable in the knowledge that I want you as you are. I do not now, nor have I ever considered my time with you as ‘settling’.”

“I know.” Freya hugged him as they walked. Why was she fighting what she wanted anyway? Finally a chance to be happy and she was still ready to run away. She had found home, it was time to start living there. She stopped in front of him, playfully walking backwards in front of him as she took his hands. “You still amaze me Hiwai, but if you want me to marry you, you’ll have to do better than a standing offer.“

“I will give you whatever you ask.” Hiwai fell to his knees as he held her hands tightly and she looked at him in shock at his quick reaction. He saw no need to prolong a courtship when they both wanted each other. “I am not familiar with your customs, but I want you at my side always.”

“OML!” A group of young girls stopped in their tracks to witness a tender moment with a demon and a pretty young woman. “Is he proposing?”

“He’s so weird looking.” Another whispered. “And she’s so pretty, she can do better.”

“What’s so weird about him?” Asura shouted at the girls as she walked by with Bezer to cheer on the demon that was hopefully awaiting an answer. Bezer giggled as she clung to Asura and swung her tail wildly.

“Don’t interfere, Asura.” Eidolon cautioned as he glared at the gossiping onlookers. Kaneko and Karla stood to either side of him. The look of love on Hiwai’s face was so sincere. Such a pure emotion from such a vicious killer. His companion would be a fool to refuse him. He stopped well enough away to let their moment remain theirs and watched with a smile. He hoped the vampire would help settle Hiwai’s more disturbing behavior.

Asura and Bezer stood closer but she had done as Eidolon asked and stayed out of it. Freya’s lip shook as she smiled.

“Tell me what I should do, Freya.” Hiwai pleaded for some guidance as he gently caressed her fingers with his thin claws.

“I love you.” Freya joined him on the ground, scraping her knees against the sidewalk as she kissed him. “I’m not worried about tradition, that was prefect. I would be honored to be with you always.”

“I love you.” Hiwai took her into his arms and squeezed her to him tightly. Smiling before he took her to his estate to make her always his own.

“That was so cute!” Asura grinned before she tugged Bezer along the sidewalk. “Where were we heading?”

“Two more blocks.” Karla smiled as they walked. “There’s a neat place for shoes.”

“Kaneko wants lots of new shoes.” She giggled. “You can help me pick, Master Eidolon.”

“More that you will never wear.” Eidolon laughed as she looked to him smiling. “I think the two of you just enjoy collecting them.”

“You need to have options, Master Eidolon.” Karla nodded playfully as she swung her hand in his. “Shoes can make or break an outfit.”

“I will keep that in mind.” Eidolon laughed and they went about their shopping.

“So who is Hiwai?” Asura walked arm in arm with Bezer, smiling each time Bezer’s tail swung far enough to brush her leg. “He was pretty sweet.”

“Hiwai is not sweet.” Eidolon laughed. “He is one of Kage’s servants. A vicious one. If any of you find yourself in his presence alone, you call for me.”

“I can’t believe he found someone he would marry.” Bezer pulled Asura with her into the store and grabbed cute chunky sandals for Asura to try on. “These are cute.”

“You realize who Hiwai is taking as a bride.” Eternity whispered to Eidolon as they watched the girl’s modeling shoe’s for one another. “You’ve known since he petitioned for her residence in Tsumi.”

“Yes, but I saw no point in troubling Nikolai over someone he already assumes is dead.” Eidolon explained his silence. “I had hoped Hiwai would grow bored of her and the problem would correct itself. I was not expecting his infatuation to lead to this.”

“And Nikolai?” Eternity asked his intentions.

“He is happy.” Eidolon told her. “Why would I complicate that?”

“Nikolai trusts you.” Eternity grinned. “You’ll tell him because you can’t betray that trust.”

“You know me too well.” Eidolon smiled. Now that it seemed Freya was going to survive Hiwai’s infatuation he had little choice but to tell Nikolai another part of his past had emerged. “Yes, I’m going to tell him.”

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News! Vex in Print

For those who want a hard copy or just can’t wait on the blog pace.

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Book IV : the Circle of Vex is half way through editing and will be up for purchase shortly for those who don’t want to wait for it’s blog run.

And better news!

Book I  is getting a second edition

it is being re-edited and will be re-released officially as Tsuriai : Book I

(which will hopefully fix the amazon listing issue with Golod as it is an unnumbered “prequel”.)

-with long overdue fixes (Fired the Editor)

-and interludes from Lucy.

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Distracting Nox

“Sanguine, please stop jumping on the keyboard.” A very frustrated author watched a string of nonsense appear on the screen. “You are worse than my cats. Gory get off my cat!”

The afternoon was not going well. I finally got ten minutes to myself and company arrived to distract me. Sanguine was filling page after page with her dance across the keys and giggling wildly at my misfortune of having to delete the mess. Gory was riding around on Baka like she was a horse. Baka is scared of her own shadow, this poor cat does not need the agitation of fairies.

“Maefyl, she’s being mean again.” Sanguine stuck her tongue out at me… again.

“I am not.” I protested. “How am I supposed to get any work done? Will you make her stop?”

“No can do, you told me to stay over here.” Maefyl flashed his smile, showing off the reason I insist he stays on the other side of the room.

“You threatened to bite me.” I pointed out and swatted the fairy off my keyboard. “Again. Are you reading my notes?”

“Be nice to Sany.” Maefyl grinned as he flipped through my notebook. “And yes.”

“Don’t you have somewhere to be, Maefyl?” Lucifer arrived and scolded my visitor for his down time. The hand on my shoulder was hardly a comfort over the fangs across the room. “I have things to discuss with our dear author, Nox.”

“Ugh.” I dropped my head the the desk and hit it against the keyboard. What more damage could be done to the document filled with nonsense. In frustration I managed to miss Maefyl’s approach and nearly jumped out of my skin as he crouched beside my desk chair and laid his hand out for Sanguine to climb onto his fingers. “Oi. personal space.”

“So paranoid.” Maefyl laughed and once Gory had joined him he nodded to Lucifer and left with a wink.

Once he had gone I looked up to Lucifer’s wicked grin looking down at me. Grins are far more sinister upside down. Though his always seems sinister. he was joined suddenly by two others. I’ve grown used to the characters dropping by to interrupt the story telling, but these two were new. Each with long pointed ears. Love the ears. One immediately wandered off and the other stood emotionless beside Lucifer.

“And who is this?” I’m slightly disturbed by this new visitor. Black is a common for the still state of demonic eyes, but I have never seen black look this dead. Still blank pools of darkness set in an unmoving face. He managed to be as intimidating as Lucifer while looking completely disinterested.

“This is Raziel.” Lucifer squeezed my shoulder as he made his introduction. “One of the subjects of the next story you are going to write for me.”

“Since when do you decide what i’m going to write?” I protested bravely. I say bravely, but I don’t think it’s brave to shiver.

“Since when don’t I?” Lucifer squeezed harder and I just hung my head nodding slowly. Even without looking I knew his grin was of the triumphant sort.

When I looked up it was because I heard the rummaging in the kitchen. I inched nervously past the dark haired Raziel, who watched me with those emotionless eyes. I peeked around the corner to see the other guest Lucifer had brought without asking raiding my snacks.

“And the one eating my snacks?” The silvery white haired demon looked up at me smiling. His eyes matched his hair and his skin was a flawless grey. Bare chested and barefoot and eating my last danish.

“My Galik.” Raziel answered. He wasn’t any less creepy when he spoke. His voice soft and in such a consistent tone that it seemed almost inhuman, if you’ll pardon the pun.

“Mind your fingers.” Lucifer warned as I stepped to save at least some of my food. I stopped at his warning. “He’ll devour those as well. Such a disgusting creature.”

“I think he’s pretty.” I defended the strange creature. No idea why. Maybe because i find it odd that Lucifer scowled at such a gorgeous thing. Maybe it was just to get under his skin. “I just don’t want him eating everything in the kitchen.”

“Come, Galik.” Raziel beckoned his Galik in a voice no different than before. Galik walked past with my chips and all I could do was sigh.

“So what am i writing?” I gave up the fight. Hoping whatever story was forming would send them out and leave me to my keyboard. Lucifer stepped inches away from me. Shortest of the Watchers and i still have to look up to him. How is this fair?

“I’m sure you will figure it out dear author.” Lucifer grinned and tugged at my newly short hair. “You’ve cut it.”

“Thanks for noticing?” It’s hard to pull off snarky when in the presence of Tsuriai’s Dark Lord. “So you’ve given me two, what about a third? Or a city? Or even better, a break?”

“I like it.” Lucifer continued to tug on what was left on the hair I cut off after 20 years.

“Me too.” I sighed. “That’s why I did it.”

“The Circle of Vex.” Lucifer answered finally at least giving some sort of jumping off point. .”I’ll leave you to have a chat with Raziel. Get started Nox. I don’t like to be kept waiting.”

“And gone.” I wandered past these new characters trying to work through the feeling of dread.

“Can I play with it, Lord Raziel?” Galik eyed me in a way that made me prefer the company of Maefyl.

“Patience, Galik.” Raziel told him. “Let’s give the author a chance. If we’re displeased, there’s always the short life of a plaything.”

“Writing, writing.” I deleted the mess I have made with my head and Sanguine made with her feet and settled in for another story, new characters, a new city, a new Circle, Another trip into Tsuriai…


Tsuriai II : The Children of Chaos

Tsuriai : The Circle of Golod

Tsuriai III: Upsetting the Balance

Tsuriai IV: The Circle of Vex

Welcome back to Tsuriai…

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The Circle of Golod story line is nearly at an end…

for those wanting an un-edited experience or just wanting a copy in print…

amazon has got you covered.



and for those wanting to see more of Nikolai…

and of course Maefyl, Lucy and the others that make Tsuriai so… interesting.

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голод : NEWS!



Available Now!

For those who just need Nikolai in Print! Or who want an earlier look at what’s coming in Golod.

The young vampire Nikolai lived simply. He was modest and soft spoken. His only real friend, Svetlana. A human girl who shared his home.
Then Earth became Tsuriai, Moscow became Golod, and Nikolai met Lucifer.
He came to serve on Golod’s Circle.
Everything changed…

“Long before nightmares plagued Tsuriai, even before the problems arose between Osore and Tsumi, and just after Tsuriai became all that it should have been to begin with; I set up the Circles that would ensure utopia would thrive.
Among them the twisted Circle of Golod.
One of my favorites.”
-From the Desk of Lucifer.

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