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NEWS! : Tsuriai V : Restoring Order

Kindle Version Available Now : Click Here

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голод : NEWS!



Available Now!

For those who just need Nikolai in Print! Or who want an earlier look at what’s coming in Golod.

The young vampire Nikolai lived simply. He was modest and soft spoken. His only real friend, Svetlana. A human girl who shared his home.
Then Earth became Tsuriai, Moscow became Golod, and Nikolai met Lucifer.
He came to serve on Golod’s Circle.
Everything changed…

“Long before nightmares plagued Tsuriai, even before the problems arose between Osore and Tsumi, and just after Tsuriai became all that it should have been to begin with; I set up the Circles that would ensure utopia would thrive.
Among them the twisted Circle of Golod.
One of my favorites.”
-From the Desk of Lucifer.

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News : Edits

There has been a lot of editing to posts going up recently. Parts of scenes are being held back for content because some of it seems a bit to risqué for the blog. Some are being cut for the spoilers they contain to the novels.

Fear not, every letter is being saved elsewhere and will eventually be available in print. Including the entirety of the голод (Golod) story line while they take a few centuries to catch up to everyone else.


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Book 2 now in print!

Available Here! 

book 2 is now in print! available at the link above, and on amazon in a week or so!Image

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Book 2 News

In the proofing process. Wont be long now.

So, next blog short…

new character intro spoiler from book 2? or some flash back fairy goodness?

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With any luck i’ll have book 2 in print within a month!Image

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Book 2 : Draft Complete!

Starting the editing process.

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