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RO : Epilogue : In His Arms & A Promise of Vengeance (18+)


note – author whoops.

Both of these sections were me ants to be posted BEFORE ‘Resetting The Board’



“Took you long enough.” Lucifer quietly scolded Kage when he arrived. “You left Golod hours ago.”

“I was walking, my Lord.” Kage may have the title of husband but he was still uncertain about his place in Lucifer’s life. “I was trying to decide what it is I am supposed to do.”

“And?” Lucifer sat aside his journal and waited. “Did you figure it out?”

“I am still at a loss.” Kage admitted. “I came to say goodnight.”

“You plan on denying me on our wedding night?” Lucifer chuckled softly. “That is shameful, Kage.”

“I deny you nothing.” Kage gestured to Lilith sleeping beside their Lord. “I know that her claim is stronger, I wont disturb her sleep to have you. She has every right to her place at your side and in your bed. I will come when you call as always.”

“I love you both, Kage.” Lucifer spoke in a stern whisper. “You both have a place at my side and you will both share my bed. And my home.”

“I have my own estate and another marriage to honor.” Kage tried to keep his voice low and his tone respectful but he once again felt like a part of a twisted game to amuse Lucifer. “You want me to live with you?”

“Forgive my selfish desire to have what is mine at my side.” Lucifer glared at Kage. “You belong to me, Kage. Your estate will make a fine cage for your pet and I will allow you to go and play with it, but this is now your home. You will be at my side when I ask and you will be with me in this bed whether I want to fuck you or hold you. If the tug on Nexus’ leash becomes to distracting for you I will ask for her head. Do we have an understanding?”

“Yes, my Lord.” Kage bowed his head.

“Zakesel. Hanseka, det kevas.” Lucifer grinned. “I’ve always loved the sound of it on your tongue.”

“Tek, det Vasun.” Kage stood still as death awaiting some command to move him. He realized suddenly how cruel he had been to Nexus, to Shiroi, to Maefyl… to everyone he had ever cared for. He nearly let tears fall for the pain he gave in place of compassion. He was now standing where they had all stood. Terrified of the Master he loved.

“Just come to bed, Kage.” Lilith muttered.

“You were supposed to be sleeping, my love.” Lucifer kissed her head.

“And miss your bliss as you take what’s yours?” Lilith smiled. “I can sleep once you’ve had your fill of both of us.”

“Vade, Kage.” Lucifer beckoned and Kage obeyed. He slid Kage to the center of the bed and smiled as the Viper shivered.

Kage trembled as he let Lucifer undress him, The Dark Lord taking his wedding night quite seriously as he slowly disrobed his conquest and caressed him, kissing gently down each arm where he had left the mark of his collar, before he ran his tongue up Kage’s neck and laid him to the sheets to kiss him.

Lilith watched every second enthralled and envious, but strangely more aroused than jealous. She stroked Lucifer’s back as he took Kage. Watched Kage’s fears melt into bliss with Lucifer’s touch. Lilith smiled at her Master’s intense happiness over finally having both of his loves beside him.



“Are you still upset with me?” Shiroi laid back against silky sheets exhausted by the passion that now continued beside her. After hours of socializing in Golod, Samael had brought her to their heavenly estate and the Wyrms took her in a triumphant frenzy that left her nearly immobile in her bliss.

 “Hak, Welak Isa.” Azrael smiled at her as he clawed into Samael’s back in ecstasy. “Mave kosha, de haka mave.”

 “Sek zame dan. De kosh sek, Azrael.” Samael pulled Azrael against him as Azrael cried out in another explosion of pleasure. Samael kissed Azrael’s shoulders as he panted then turned to Shiroi. “Tell me, Welak Isa. Could Gabriel make you scream as we do?”

 “Gabriel?” Shiroi was panicked by his knowledge of her time with Gabriel. “How did you…? It was nothing… My Father…”

 “Your father made many poor decisions on your behalf.” Samael held Azrael beneath him as he made Shiroi confess her past. “I was told it was at your request. IsaAnku is often a source of aggravation for me, but he is not in the habit of lying to me.”

 “I hadn’t ever…” Shiroi stammered through her admission. Frightened and embarrassed by it. “It was before Maefyl could… It was just sex, Samael. Please don’t be angry at me.”

 “I’m not angry, Welak Isa.” Samael stroked Azrael’s hair as he pouted over the news. “We once shared a desire for IsaAnku, but were denied his affection.”

 “Gabriel didn’t give me any affection.” Shiroi grabbed the sheets beside her and twisted her fingers into fists. “He hated every second. He’s only ever loved Maefyl, I was just a chore he had to take care of for the right to what he wanted.”

 “Then I will make him pay for the affections he has denied all of us.” Samael smiled with a wickedness that aroused Azrael further and filled Shiroi with fear as he resumed his passions with Azrael more aggressively. He filled Azrael’s ear with his intention and felt the excitement building in his lover. “IsaAnku has taken both of Lucifer’s children. We will do the same.”

 “What?!” Shiroi gasped in horror at his suggestion and began to weep over his intentions.

 “De shent vak IsaAnku’s volbaken fetnakalu.” Samael laughed. “Ke shent krekun ba de. Ke shent makukyuna na de. En de shent dasha ken zeze ek ke zekusi ba IsaAnku.”

 “Kaleka, please…” Shiroi pleaded with him. She was glad she couldn’t understand every word, but she heard enough to know his was a cruel revenge. “You can’t…”

 “I’ll do as I please.” Samael grinned at her as Azrael arched beneath him and Samael laughed as Azrael still begged him for more. “And you will obey us.”

 “Tek.” Shiroi hoped his anger would pass. That time would end his craving for vengeance and that the happiness she found in their arms was not going to mean misery for everyone else. She moved close beside them, running her fingers through their hair and along their white skin until they pulled her between them and took her again to the height of a sensual bliss that made her care for nothing but the two of them.


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RO : Epilogue : Resetting The Board : ~Fin~

The board is set for a new game.

Each piece as unpredictable as the next.

For the first time in my long years I feel like a god at play, but even I am a pawn in this and even gods will fall. 

I’ve witnessed and experienced misery and happiness, have watched the rise and fall of so many spectacular gambits as my treasures fought and accepted my every play. 

Now the love I have seen bloom in so many others, the great elation that can only be found in the touch of true love is mine as well. With my King and my Queen in my arms I have found true happiness, true acceptance. Now I can focus on my little prince and see to it he is well prepared for the times ahead. 

My Council of Lords is going to grip Tsuriai and all the realms and I sincerely hope the embrace is a tender one, but I fear the power I’ve bestowed may be a weapon in their hands.  

The Viper’s suggestion may be the move that saves the realms. Keeping the selfish in check with reason, the cruel with compassion. Still I feel an icy tide rising that may swallow everything whole and I need my heir ready to rise above the waves.

Kage, you devious serpent, stop reading my journal and go to sleep.


“Kono, Vasun Lucifer.” Kage had read every word and as Lucifer set his quill inside the book and closed it, Kage raised up on his arm to see Lucifer smiling his wicked grin.

 “I see I won’t be doing much of my writing in bed any more.” Lucifer tossed his journal to the table and stroked the side of Kage’s face. “I offered these thoughts to Maefyl, not you.”

 “It wasn’t my intent…” Kage had simply opened his eyes at the sound of the quill on the page and became enraptured by the elegant script and the grace of Lucifer’s hands.

 “Hush.” Lucifer smiled. “I’m just used to her sleeping through it. What caught your interest? You look troubled.”

 “I will protect you and those you love with my life, Lucifer.” Kage lowered his gaze to keep himself composed and confident enough to speak without tears. “You will never fall.”

 “You are one of those I love. Don’t rush to put your life at risk.” Lucifer sighed. “You did well today, Asura was an excellent decision and it was your clever suggestion that allowed for it. You may well have saved the future of Tsuriai.”

 “But you still worry.” Kage whispered.

 “I always worry. I do it well.” Lucifer lifted Kage’s face and pulled him close. “The Wyrms have grudges against most of us and you know their tendencies. They aren’t through playing games. I’m just uncertain who they will strike at first.”

 “If you are so certain.” Kage shook his head. “Just eliminate them now.”

 “So cold.” Lucifer pressed a finger to Kage’s lips. “So ready to kill those you call friend on my behalf. I won’t be the first to strike. Zakesalek are dear to me. You know how I love to play with my friends.”

 “You used to enjoy that I was ready to kill for you, det Vasun.” Kage smiled.

 “I still do.” Lucifer pulled Kage to him. “Now if you are not going to sleep, find more pleasant things to do with that lovely tongue of yours.”

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RO : Epilogue : Big Happy Faces

“You should stick to noodles.” Kryss healed Nat’s fingers and kissed each one.

 “I wanted to make you something nice for a change.” Nat sighed. She had barely started cutting the vegetables when she sliced her fingers instead. “And Aurora should eat healthy food. She can’t just live on noodles and pizza.”

 “Natasha…” Kryss hugged her as she started to cry. “You know she doesn’t need to eat at all. You’re the one that needs to eat better.”

 “What’s the point?” Nat sobbed against him.

 “Why’s mommy crying?” Aurora tripped on her way into the kitchen and smiled up at he father from the floor.

 “Mommy is fine.” Kryss kissed Nat and picked up Aurora while Nat settled herself. Kryss smiled at his daughter as he sat her on the counter. “She mistook her fingers for carrots. We’re going to have to help with dinner.”

 “Okay!” Aurora snatched up one of the uncut carrots and started to munch on it. “What are we making?”

 “Something good I hope.” Taranis jumped up onto one of the stools on the other side of the counter and leaned across to poke Aurora until she turned to greet him. “Can I help with anything?”

 “Do you ever go home?” Kryss laughed.

 “More fun over here.” Taranis grabbed the recipe off the counter and tossed it back where he found it. “Ugh. That’s too much work. Lord Falcon coming?”

 “Nope.” Kryss tossed the kitchen knife and caught it before he went to work on the vegetables, winning a grin and applause from Aurora.

 “Show off.” Taranis rolled his eyes.

 “Daddy is awesome.” Aurora stuck her tongue out at Taranis before she grabbed a hand full of rice and started to crunch a mouthful of it. “This isn’t yummy.”

 “I haven’t cooked it yet.” Nat hugged Aurora and helped her to the floor. “Get the big silver pot for me.”

 “Noodle pot?” Aurora went to the cabinet wagging her fluffy tail.

 “Yep.” Nat nodded before she snuck a quick hug and whispered to Kryss. “Sorry.”

 “We’ll figure it out.” Kryss turned to the clatter of pots on the floor.

 “Whoops.” Aurora hit herself on the head with the noodle pot and made a goofy face. “Found it.”

 “Is clumsy catching or just inherited?” Taranis giggled.

 “I’m not clumsy.” Aurora announced proudly. “I’m creatively graceful.”

 “Just like mommy.” Kryss helped clean up the mess while Nat started the water for the rice.

 “How is this chicken?” Aurora poked at the pinkish slabs. “It doesn’t have feathers and it doesn’t look tasty.”

 “It’s chicken insides!” Taranis shifted behind her and tickled her.

“Eew.” Aurora giggled and turned around to bite his ear.

 As they made dinner together Kryss watched Nat force her smile. She had been so at peace with her nature until Aurora was born, now Kryss found her crying in the shower every morning. The idea of losing each other had been difficult enough, now that they were a family Nat struggled with her humanity every day.

 Nat leaned against Kryss as she ate. They laughed as Aurora insisted she feed Taranis every bite of his meal because she didn’t like the fact he wouldn’t hold his fork properly. The two of them had become inseparable so quickly and Taranis spoiled her every chance he could get. He gave her anything and everything she asked for and spent every minute he could spare with her. Nat could see Taranis wanted Aurora to grow up and with each passing day the way Aurora looked at him changed. Nat took comfort in knowing Aurora would always be loved and protected.

 “We should do this more.” Kryss licked his fork and tapped Nat on the nose with it. “It’s good.”

 “Better than jalapenos?” Nat snuggled closer and pushed their bowls aside.

 “Anything is better than those.” Kryss sneered. “Those were so disgusting.”

 “Probably better than crappy ex-boyfriend, too.” Taranis teased thoughtlessly.

 “Taranis!” Kryss shouted at him and hugged Nat tight. “Do you want to leave?”

 “I’m fine, Kryss.” Nat nuzzled against his neck. “I’m not bothered by it.”

 “What’s a boyfriend?” Aurora grinned at Taranis.

 “I’ll tell you when you’re all grown up.” Taranis tussled her har. “I’m in enough trouble.”


 Later that night Kryss let Nat fall asleep in his arms and he started to cry. He just did not want a life without her in it and he had to find some way to stop her daily tears.

 “Why are you sad, Daddy?” Aurora stumbled up onto the bed smearing paint everywhere as she clutched a colorful page in her hand. “You and mommy cry a lot.”

 “And you got into Mommy’s paint again.” Kryss smiled and wiped the paint off of her face.

 “I made you a present.” Aurora bounced closer to show off her work. “Its me and you and Mommy. See.”

 “I love it.” Kryss grabbed the edge of the page.

 “No, see!” Aurora pointed out her artistic genius. “Big happy faces.”

 “It’s beautiful, Aurora.” Nat stretched and yawned. “We’re going to hang that first thing in the morning. Right in the living room so everybody can see.”

 “Sorry I woke you up.” Aurora pouted. “I wish you could stay up with me.”

 “Me too, sweetie.” Nat smiled and hoped the big happy face hid the tears that made it hard for her to see.

 “Come here.” Kryss sat Aurora’s painting on the table beside the bed and pulled her up between them. “Take a nap with Mommy and you can help her clean up the mess you made in the morning.”

 “Yay!” Aurora snuggled up between them and Nat folded her arms around her amazing little girl before she quietly cried herself back to sleep. Kryss made the decision as he watched them sleep that he would go to Eidolon and beg for any solution to put an end to these tears.

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RO : Epilogue : While It Lasts

“That was unexpected.” Maefyl tossed his phone aside and resumed his game. Sanguine was thrilled with her new toy and playing games of her own with Gory on the table. “You enjoying yourself, Lady Sany?”

 “Don’t worry.” Gory tickled Sanguine as she nodded. “I wont let it go to her head.”

 “What was this about?” Gabriel read the message from Brig before he sat close beside Maefyl and laid a hand on his thigh. “Something to do with your spat with Raziel?”

 “Raziel staked a claim on him.” Maefyl shrugged. “Brig seems okay with it.”

 “Then there is little point in interfering.” Gabriel tapped his fingers against Maefyl’s leg. “Raziel spent so long hated, his time in Vex is making up for his loneliness.”

 “Grab the other controller.” Maefyl proposed a challenge. “I’ll do a day of paperwork for every round you win.”

 “I’ll need more incentive than that.” Gabriel teased him. “I’m very used to doing your work.”

 “I’ll wear a suit.” Maefyl grinned as he clicked his teeth on the stick of his lollipop.

 “If you do that, you won’t have time for paperwork.” Gabriel took the controller from Maefyl’s hand and tossed it to the floor before he climbed over him. “I have a better idea. We have not gone out together in a long time. We should enjoy a day together before I end up busy with both of our new jobs.”

 “Are you asking me on a date?” Maefyl slid his arms around Gabriel and smiled as he rested his head against his angel’s chest. “I love you, Gabriel. You can skip dinner and dancing.”

 “I’ll let you start with dinner.” Gabriel loosened his shirt collar and let Maefyl claim his blood as he held him. “But I was thinking I would just take you shopping. Your idea of dancing is a bit chaotic for me.”

 “Then you pick the place.” Maefyl licked the blood from his lips and cleaned up Gabriel’s clothes as he buttoned the shirt and straightened his lapels. “I’ll raid your closet, I think I might remember how to waltz.”

 Gabriel waited on the couch for Maefyl, deep in thought over all they had endured to reach this point. He knew their troubles were far from over. On the surface Lucifer’s Council of Lords seemed like a perfect solution, but beneath the calm waters currents were shifting angrily and driving a still ocean into a raging storm. It was only a matter of time before their peaceful lives were thrown into turmoil again. There were too many unanswered questions and unsettled grudges for things to remain docile for long.

 “Okay handsome.” Maefyl pulled Gabriel to his feet. “Time to impress your date and earn the goodnight kiss.”

 “I’ve already fed you.” Gabriel pulled Maefyl close and smiled at the face accented so well with the make up Maefyl had gone to touch up. “I’ll be expecting more than a kiss.”

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RO : Epilogue : Beginnings

As some made the first steps to coexist as the Lords of Tsuriai, others were taking the first steps with more personal battles. Some confirming their love while others were regretting confessions they had made. A few of them were excited, nearly elated with their new seats of power while others struggled with the idea of bearing the weight of it.

 Raziel retuned to his estate expecting angry expressions but instead found all he loved gathered around a joyous event that he had very nearly missed all of. Frikk and Frakk were welcoming the first natural brood of fargoyles into the world.

 “Congratulations.” Raziel smiled at the proud parents as they cuddled together in the center of the bed. Eleven of their thirteen children clambered and fluttered about the room. “I am sorry I missed this.”

 “I’m glad you’re back.” Galik held Raziel in a tight embrace that conveyed his excitement for the room full of creatures as much as his relief for his Master’s safe return. His nervous grip on Raziel reflected in his thoughts that he had been frightened over Raziel’s departure and uncertain absence. Raziel returned the warm embrace and pulled Van into it. Holding them both as if they had been parted for months instead of hours.

 “Aren’t they amazing, Razzy?” Van squeezed him excitedly as he kissed Galik. She was amazed by the room filled with miniatures of Frikk and Frakk in a multitude of colors and so glad to be back in his arms. When Galik gave Raziel a moment to breathe, Raziel gave her a kiss just as passionate.

 “Ask him.” Shana whispered to Brig. “If it’s bothering you, just say something.”

 “Later.” Brig was kneeling at the edge of the bed, holding two of the eggs that hadn’t moved and Frikk had written off as unfortunate losses. He leaned across the bed to pet Frikk as he cradled the unborn. Shana rubbed the back of his neck sympathetically until Raziel replaced her fingers with his own. Brig looked up at him sadly. “These two won’t hatch.”

“They are still alive.” Raziel said quietly after running his fingers over the surface of each. He could sense that Brig was more upset over the potential loss then their own mother who was thrilled to see so many of their first birth survive. Raziel lifted each of them from Brig and held them tight to his chest before sliding down against the edge of the bed beside Brig. “I owe you an apology, puppet.”

 “Do they just need to be warmed up?” Brig was no where near ready to talk about what had happened between them and was more concerned over the eggs at present to concern himself with fault, blame and apologies. He bit his hand and rubbed the surface of each of the cold surface of each of the stones with what warmth his blood had left to offer. “It figures the two I thought were pretty had problems.”

 “You have every right to be angry with me.” Raziel was determined to make his apology. Once he made his efforts to help Frikk’s children he would have to take Brig to see Maefyl and he wanted to clear the air before then. “My actions have upset Maefyl as well, he wishes to speak with you.”

“He has my number.” Brig looked at Raziel crossly. He seemed determined to have the conversation Brig was trying to avoid. “Are you going to stay in Vex?”

 “I was given the option to resign.” Raziel told him as Brig continued to stroke the eggs hopefully. “I declined.”

 “Then I’m not angry.” Brig sighed and sat back against the side of the bed. “My hands are too cold to do any good.”

 “Hold them.” Raziel tucked the stone like eggs into Brig’s arms and pulled his face to his neck. “This will warm your hands.”

 Brig was too thirsty to refuse the offer and bit gratefully into the warm skin to let the offered blood warm his own. His addiction to Raziel’s blood had not been weakened in the slightest by the frustration over the crest burned into his arm. Brig only forced himself away from Raziel’s throat when he felt the stone shells in his arms start to crack. He smiled as a tiny clawed hand of black cracked through it’s obsidian prison to free itself and the crystal like egg shook violently as it’s occupant tried to escape. He was still smiling as Raziel wiped the blood from his lips and tried to ignore the seductive gesture.

 “Hey little guy.” Brig broke away a part of the hard shell and the black stone covered fargoyle crawled up the front of him stretching its wings and smiling. The second egg shattered into glimmering pieces of crystal as the demon inside it forced open her wings and stretched out in Brig’s lap.

 “So much better.” The crystal covered fargoyle blinked up at Brig and grinned. “You’re nice and warm. Give me a pretty name.”

 “I’m not the daddy.” Brig laughed and rubbed her stomach.

 “That’s an awful name.” The darker of the pair pulled at Brig’s shirt to issue his complaint. “Try again.”

 “Name them.” Raziel slid his arm behind Brig and reached over to the crest on his left arm to rub it with his thumb. “For the pain I caused you, I want you to keep these two with you.”

 “Only if they want to.” Brig tickled the quartz-like girl of the pair. “And if Demise is okay with it. She’s already got a claim on my shoulder.”

 “I don’t mind company.” Demise fluttered to Brig’s knee and smiled at the pretty new fargoyles. “Go for it.”

 “I’ll have to keep more snacks in the house.” Shana kneeled beside them excited not only over the prospect of having the fargoyles stay with them, but because she noticed Brig hadn’t pulled away from Raziel’s subtle attempt to hold him. She smiled, glad to see Brig had forgiven Raziel for the earlier attack.

 “Especially if they have appetites like their folks.” Van laid across the bed and poked Brig as she leaned over to get a better look at the runts. “So what are you going to call them?”

 “Cid and Tali.” Brig hugged them both to his chest and took their giggling and swinging tails for approval. “And I’m Brig. That’s Shana and Demise. Our place is not this nice.”

 As the newly named members of their odd family flapped their way over to Shana, she finished introductions. Brig watched a moment until he felt Raziel’s fingers shaking as they settled on his hip. Demise looked at Raziel and sighed before she fluttered off to play with the others.

 “I’m not into guys, Raziel.” Brig whispered and leaned against him. “I’m sorry but I can’t give you what you want. I know you could just take what you want, but…”

 “I will not.” Raziel tightened his arm around Brig and laid his other hand against his Brig’s chest. “Just let me have this moment. Will you still come to me for blood?”

 “You’re the boss, cupcake.” Brig lifted his wrist and looked at the crest a bit ashamed he had been such an idiot over it. “Especially now.”

 “I will need to take you to Maefyl.” Raziel closed his eyes a moment. “I want to get his lecture over with.”

 “Skip it. I don’t want to hear it either and they don’t want you to leave again.” Brig pulled out his phone and tapped out a quick message to Maefyl, avoiding the actual reason for it and instead focusing on the more mundane just to let him know he was alright. He told him they should get together soon and that they were celebrating the arrival of Frikk and Frakk’s children. He hoped it was enough to make Maefyl let it go for now. Raziel had seen the message and his reaction to the small favor was to pull Brig closer and slip his fingers into the collar of Brig’s shirt. Brig swallowed nervously and slid his phone away. “I’ll call him later and he can just scream at me, it was my fault anyway.”

 “I assume you all heard of the changes Lucifer made.” Raziel moved his fingers softly against Brig’s collarbone as he nodded nervously. From Brig’s thoughts Raziel knew Lucifer’s ghosts had called out over the realms to announce the new order of things and while they waited for Raziel to return they had crowded around Galik’s computer to look over some of the changes. Raziel heard other thoughts, Brig fighting with himself over conflicting ideas that bounced though his mind as he started to tremble. He was afraid to try and refuse Raziel’s touch. Scared of worse pain that Van warned him of, or worse that he would hurt Shana. Raziel was more amused by a simple thought that Brig tried to hide from as he repeated to himself over and over in his mind. ‘Don’t enjoy it.’

 “I do not want to hurt you.” Raziel slid his had beside Brig’s neck and pulled him to face him. “I said I would not force anything on you. I’ll be content with occasional embraces and your bite as your thirst needs quenching. Please do not think so ill of me.”

 Brig couldn’t make himself answer. He trusted Raziel, but he had always been a touch frightened of him. He hoped whatever Raziel saw in his head he understood that he didn’t hate him. Brig was so used to the blank expression that he found it hard to look into eyes that were filled with longing, captivating and expressive eyes that he knew could see into every part of him as he tried to gather his thoughts. He left them unspoken as he closed his eyes. ‘I can’t want this. Please, Lord Raziel, just don’t take more than my kiss.’

 “I’ll take nothing that you do not give me willingly.” Raziel let his lips brush against Brig’s as he whispered his promise. “As much as I want you, I love you too much to force my desire. I have done you enough harm.”

 Brig let himself fall forward into Raziel’s lips and twisted his fingers in Raziel’s shirt when the Watcher who now owned him accepted the gesture more passionately than Brig expected. Raziel held Brig and slipped his fingers into his short hair as he filled the vampires mouth with the heat of his own. Brig tried to hate himself for returning the caress of Raziel’s tongue but ended up as lost in their kiss as he had ever been in Raziel’s blood. Brig pulled himself closer without thinking and the Watcher made no attempt to hide his arousal over the passion Brig was allowing him.

 “Does he taste like cigarettes?” Galik put an abrupt end to their kiss with his question and Brig opened his eyes panicked as Galik grabbed his face and kissed his nose. Galik grinned as his tail lashed happily behind him. Raziel’s face was contented and Galik knew he had enjoyed the kiss. “He is all red now, Lord Raziel.”

 “Why did I do that?” Brig chided himself quietly and hid his face in his hands. Cid crawled onto his head and pried up a few of Brig’s fingers to look at him. Brig laughed. “Can I help you?”

 “What do cigarettes taste like?” Cid grinned at him.

 “Like a good idea.” Brig grabbed his cigarettes and lit one after Cid tumbled into his lap and Tali joined him there to watch the coils of smoke. “Don’t get any ideas, you are both too young for this.”

 “Well?” Demise asked from Shana’s shoulder and they all waited for some sort of answer. Some remark over what they had all seen.

 “Fuck.” Brig hung his head. “I’m sorry, Shana.”

 “Don’t be silly.” Shana smiled and cuddled up beside him. “It was fun to watch.”

 “You’re sick.” Brig put his arm around her and laughed as he pulled her close. “You know that, doll face?”

 “Say something, Razzy.” Van rubbed his shoulders as she laid behind him on the bed. “We aren’t all mind readers. Did you like it?”

 “You’re all sick.” Brig sighed and laid his head back against the bed. “Can I have just a shred of my dignity please? At least wait until I’m gone to kiss and tell, Raziel.”

 “I don’t tell secrets, puppet.” Raziel smiled as he ran a finger slowly over Brig’s lips. “I keep them.”

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RO : The Council Pt.6

Azrael had sent Fukushu home to Itami knowing she wanted to spend as little time out of her own form as possible, he sat her computer with his and held Shiroi in his lap while she calmed enough to start apologizing for her mistake and Eidolon translated Azrael’s forgiveness.

 Raziel sat quietly watching Sanguine soak in the admiration of her sisters. Each of them impressed and supportive. They were loving and expressed no jealousy, even in their thoughts. He was amused by Sanguine’s outward show of triumphant vanity, because inside her thoughts were gracious, humble and nervous.

 Bezer and Azazel fawned over the spouses, thrilled with the power bestowed on their bride and Master. They purred as they held each of them close and promised sensual rewards for the titles they had won themselves. Nikolai was aggravated with the burden of power and fearful for coming changes, but Asura was more accepting of the opportunity and excited by the challenge. She was just as excited by the chance to know Kage better as she had always been impressed by him and he had grown so close to Maefyl.

 “You going to be nice to me now?” Asura teased.

 “I’ve never been unkind to you.” Kage sighed.

 “But now we have to be buddies.” Asura insisted on the friendly options as she counted them out on her fingers. “You have to help with my lessons, take me, Karla and Bezer shopping, hang out in Golod…”

 “I will help with your lessons as I agreed to.” Kage stated the limits to his patience. “I will be available when you need me to be, but I am not a suitable playmate for you and you have plenty of friends to occupy your time.”

 “He’ll be too busy getting…” Azazel’s lurid remark was ended by Nikolai’s hand across his face. Nikolai had struck him hard enough that his skin stung. “You hit me?!”

 “I’m sorry, my pet.” Nikolai hung his head as he slumped into his chair. His frustration had made him lose his temper; he had never struck Azazel in anger before now. “Forgive me, but you need to keep these remarks to yourself. I want you with me during my time here, but your teasing puts us both at risk.”

 “I’ll behave for you, Master Nikolai.” Azazel crawled onto Nikolai’s lap and pressed into him as he whispered and bit his ear. “But don’t be sorry. I like it when you hit me.”

 “Keep that behavior in Golod.” Kage hissed. “I may have to tolerate your presence on this Council, but I won’t see this place and Lucifer’s efforts sullied because you can’t control your pets.”

 “I happen to be one of those pets.” Asura scowled at Kage. “So knock it off.”

 “This idea of Lucifer’s seems to be working well.” Samael returned to the sounds of shouting and smiled as he took his seat.

 “That blood on your fingers had better not be Maefyl’s.” Sanguine knew it was and glared down the table as she stomped on her computer.

 “What if it is?” Samael licked the blood from his fingertips before sliding his fingers back through his hair.

 “I asked you not to hurt him.” Shiroi pouted.

 “And I asked you not to speak to him.” Samael lifted her chin with his cool fingers as he leaned over the arm of his chair. “I am willing to forgive your defiance, but I only have so much tolerance for this sort of thing. You are not to give commands, you are to follow them.”

 “Okay, Kaleka Samael.” Shiroi was relived he was so patient to begin with, but she could see the anger behind his smile. The smell of Maefyl’s blood still fresh on his fingers and his hidden rage made him frightening, but he pulled her face to his and kissed her gently. Shiroi let her fear of him disappear in the kiss and was disappointed by its abrupt end.

 “You are awfully quiet, Keeper.” Samael taunted the most silent of the Six. “Aren’t you going to bring your toys to keep you company?”

 “They are better off without your company.” Raziel answered coldly with his unmoved expression. “And I have nothing to say to you beyond a warning not to attack my Master again.”

 “Save it, Raziel.” Maefyl leaned on the back of his chair as he returned and grinned at Samael. “I did just fine on my own.”

 “Care to try again.” Samael grinned back at him.

 “Were none of you listening to Lucy?” Gabriel muttered quietly as he sat.

 “If he were bothered by this he would be here.” Kage answered Gabriel’s concerns. “He left us to get this bickering over with.”

 “Do not be over-confident.” Raziel shifted beside Maefyl to offer his guidance. “Samael was not fighting, he was toying with you. You have not bested him. You have only made him more eager.”

 “I’m not worried.” Maefyl rested his head against his arms and thanked Raziel quietly. “Thank you for asking for Sany.”

 “It was for everyone’s benefit.” Raziel declined the gratitude. His mind was on other matters. “It was one of the better decisions I made today. I doubt you will approve of the other.”

 “Why?” Maefyl looked at him crossly. “What did you do?”

 Raziel laid his fingertips against Maefyl’s hand and showed him the last few moments of what he had done, not wanting to share the fact with the others at all.

 “Damn it, Raziel!” Maefyl pulled his hand away shouting. His reaction had attracted the attention of the others and he waited for their conversations to resume before his continued with a softer tone. “What the fuck were you thinking?”

 “I intended to leave Vex and it did not go well.” Raziel admitted his mistake. “I let anger over Brig’s reaction make my decision.”

 “Why were you going to leave?” Maefyl reached for his cigarettes. “I thought you liked it there.”

 “Certain affections were discovered that complicated things.” Raziel explained. “I was trying to keep their lives simpler.”

 “Great job with that.” Maefyl could hardly imagine what led to so much anger on Raziel’s part. “Don’t hurt him. Bring Brig to see me later, I’ll talk to him.”

 “As you wish.” Raziel nodded. “Unless you or Lady Sanguine have further need of me, I wish to retire to my estate.”

 “Just go.” Maefyl waved him off and Raziel vanished. He had only seen the crest and some of Brig’s rage, but knew the next time he saw Brig he would have the entire scene played out from Brig’s perspective. “Are you finished showing off, Sany? I want to go.”

 “Sure.” Sanguine giggled and tapped her computer. “Will you carry my stuff?”

 “I’m leaving as well.” Eidolon stood and tightened the ribbon in his hair. “Kage, I’ll return to Tsumi in the morning.”

 “I still wanted to talk.” Asura leaned across the table and pouted at Kage. “Will you come to Golod for a while?”

 “I guess drinks will have to wait.” Samael smiled at Kage.

 “You can have your drinks in Golod if you wish.” Nikolai offered a compromise. “I prefer your company to his, and if Asura wishes to speak with him, you and Azrael will be a welcome distraction.”

 “I’ll take that as a compliment.” Samael laughed and with his agreement the last of Lucifer’s Council left the meeting hall for a more social environment to improve their camaraderie.

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RO : The Council Pt.5

“You can’t even look a me?” Shiroi had grown tired of the silence. Maefyl had chatted quietly with Lilith at first, but eventually just closed his eyes as Lilith brushed his hair. All of the fairies glared at Shiroi like she was some kind of monster when she spoke.

“I see you still listen well.” Sanguine stared daggers at Shiroi. “You don’t get to bother Maefyl anymore.”

“Did you know?” Shiroi ignored Sanguine’s insult and sobbed as he just lit a cigarette and turned his head. “Answer me! Did you know?”

“No one knew.” Lilith answered on his behalf. “You have both been asked by your Masters not to speak to each other.”

“You made your decision.” Sanguine added. “Live with it. I’m not going to let you hurt him anymore.”

“You’re going to get me in trouble, Sany.” Maefyl nudged her with his finger. “Just leave her alone. You don’t have to try and drive her off, she is happy where she is.”

“Maefyl…” Shiroi cried in her hands. “I’m so sorry.”

“Damn it.” Maefyl moved to try and comfort her and Lilith pulled him back by his hair. “Then you go hug her or something. I hate it when she cries.”

Lilith did as he asked and embraced Shiroi.

Maefyl pulled back his hair and just tried to avoid looking in their direction. He could have been kinder with his words, but there had been enough of her thoughts running through his head to cloud his judgment and make him angry. He was surprised he was staying as calm at all and attributed it to the efforts he had to make to keep his head clear. He still cared about Shiroi, he always would, but any romantic feeling died when her ring slid across his desk under Lucifer’s fingers. It was not a feeling that should have ever existed; maybe that’s why it had been so easy to let go.

Shiroi was still clinging fondly to happier moments and mourning the loss of them. She was madly in love with her new Masters, but she couldn’t just ignore the time she had spent with Maefyl. While he was focusing on all the troubles to see the logic on parting ways, Shiroi thought of tenderness and warm embraces. She hoped for some small chance to reconnect as friends, a second chance as the family they were meant to be.

The conflicting thoughts made Maefyl’s head ache and was almost thankful for the distraction of newly arriving guests. Almost. Lucifer’s ghosts had delivered Asura, the entire Circle of Golod and Fukushu in humanoid form to the throne room and Maefyl was curious as to why.

“Well that was different.” Asura flopped down on Maefyl to hug him as soon as the oddly formal doubles of Lucifer disappeared. “What’s going on?”

“Wish I could tell you.” Maefyl waved to the others. “I’m just here fairy sitting. He didn’t say anything to you?”

“Just that our presence was requested.” Nikolai held Azazel beside him as he purred over the accent revealed in his anxiety. “His doubles answer less questions than he does.”

“Fukushu?” Maefyl hoped the ghosts had been more candid with Itami’s guardian.

“I was given the same message.” Fukushu answered regretfully. “I hope this will not take long, Nikumu was not entirely happy that I was asked to leave alone.”

“It should not take long at all Fukushu.” Lucifer emerged from the council hall and assured her she would be able to return to her natural form quickly. “Some of you will be joining us. In the interest of time, I give you my word there is no danger or threat, don’t pester me with questions. Just go inside quietly. Azazel, if you would be so kind as to look after my tiny guests, Bezer do something to stop my daughters whimpering. Fukushu, Lilith, Maefyl, Sanguine, Asura and Nikolai. Inside please.”

Lucifer closed the doors behind them and settled back in his seat, smiling as they nervously waited for answers.

“Spill it, King Arthur.” Maefyl mocked Lucifer for his place at the head of the long table with six places along either side. Zakesalek filled the six seats to his right leaving six empty to his left. Maefyl finished his cigarette and flicked it toward Lucifer letting it fall to dust before it reached him. “We getting knighted?”

“Each of you has been chosen by one of the Six to sit on this Council with them.” Lucifer watched their quiet reactions as he explained the rules, he reiterated what he told the others and clarified a few details of what would be expected. “If you accept their offers, you are to be part of a new ruling class that will see to every realm. Some of you understand the implications of that, others will need to rely on your shadows for guidance. Do you accept?”

“That’s not a fair question.” Asura pointed out boldly. “You threw out a whole lot of details, but skipped a few important ones. If we are going to be putting our lives in the hands of these shadows, you can’t ask us to accept before we know who chose who.”

“Clever girl.” Lucifer smiled. “Care to make a guess regarding where you should each be sitting?”

“I’m just going to sit.” Maefyl took his place across from Gabriel and winked at him. “That’s one piece of your puzzle solved.”

“That’s the easy one.” Asura sighed. The six Watchers at the table remained quiet, but with the exception of Raziel they each smiled in approval of her effort to be reasonable. She knew very little of some of them and looked them over trying to put together the pieces. “I can figure this out.”

“Do it swiftly.” Lucifer laughed at her sweet determined smile. “The clock is ticking.”

“I love a challenge.” Asura grinned.

“Me first!” Sanguine fluttered over and Asura offered her palm for her as she walked down the table. “Who picked me?”

“That one is pretty easy too.” Asura walked to the last chair and sat Sanguine on the table across from Raziel. “Right?”

Raziel nodded, impressed with her deductions so far and Lucifer slid a computer down the table.

“Do you accept, Sanguine?” Lucifer asked as the fairy stopped the tablet with her foot.

“That’s Lady Sanguine!” Sanguine laughed maniacally then sat on the screen giggling. “Yea, sure.”

“Uncle Eidolon.” Asura stopped at the empty chair in front of him. “You picked Lilith.”

“I did.” Eidolon gestured for Lilith to join him, knowing she could never refuse a place at her Master’s table. “You’re doing well, Asura.”

“I’m flattered, Eidolon.” Lilith sat across from him and accepted her place.

“I’ll see to your computer later, my love.” Lucifer smiled down the table at her.

“Yikes.” Asura instantly realized where the others belonged and who had chosen her. She stopped in front of Azrael. “You wouldn’t pick a vampire or another demon. So Fukushu?”

“Tek.” Azrael nodded. “Supaskana fetnakalu.”

“No idea what you just said.” Asura smiled and stepped in front of Samael. “Which means you chose Nikolai.”

“And he chose quite the bride.” Samael smiled.

“Thank you.” Asura sighed and stepped in front of Kage. “Which leaves you. Why would you pick me?”

“I admire a mind as clever as mine.” Kage grinned. “Sit.”

“You can say no.” Maefyl sighed. “If you don’t trust him, walk out.”

“Do you trust him?” Asura watched Fukushu take her place across from Azrael they nodded silently to each other. She looked at Nikolai as he stood behind his intended seat looking troubled. “I know you don’t, Master Nikolai.”

“I assume my place as your Master is not welcome in this decision, my pet.” Nikolai stroked her arm with his finger as he looked at Samael. “And I have my own decision to make.”

“I would hope it isn’t too difficult.” Samael rocked back on his chair. “This trust goes both ways. I am not just asking you to put your life in my hands, I’m trusting you with my own.”

“Quite the risk considering Nikolai’s inability to keep his mouth shut.” Kage sneered. “You should be honored, Halfling.”

“He’s doing a better job of keeping his trap shut than you at the moment.” Maefyl looked up at Asura. “I don’t want to push your decision in either direction, I generally tried to keep you away from things like this. Kage makes valid points though and you are more than capable. And yes, I trust him.”

“Dad?” Asura ran over to Gabriel and kneeled beside his chair. “Can I even do this? I’m not like anyone here.”

“Which is part of the reason Kage asked for you.” Gabriel smiled at her and kissed her head. He was not happy about burdening her with a place on this Council but she did bring an outlook to the table that would be of benefit, and the immunity her place would give her from Zakesalek was no small comfort. “You will do as well at this as you do at every other task you undertake.”

“Okay.” Asura stood and turned to Kage. “But you have to give me hug and start helping with my practice.”

“Agreed.” Kage stood and let her initiate an embrace he was sure made Nikolai’s skin crawl. He held her only a moment before he patted her back and pushed her back by her arms.

“Did you always have these?” Asura grabbed his arms as he pulled away. She had never seen him out of his very formal suit. The black dress shirt he wore now had its sleeve folded and left his forearms exposed. Coiled around them looked like the tails of snakes.

“No.” Kage gently pushed her hands from his arms. “I will explain them later if you would please take your seat.”

“Just waiting on you, Nikolai.” Lucifer was glad to see Asura take a place among them. He had already been favoring her and grooming her for greatness.

“I already regret this.” Nikolai took his place and Samael smiled at him.

“De haka Welak Isa.” Azrael pouted at Samael. “Deseka dosa?”

“Palak, Azrael.” Samael wanted to ensure they could keep her at their side in the future. “Lucifer, you’ve seated your Council. I request the right to keep our bride present.”

“Granted, but the right extends to all of you. Unless the matters to be discussed require discretion you may bring your trusted companions. But don’t abuse the privilege.” Lucifer had already tolerated most of them in Circle business, but felt the need to keep this Council more dignified and disciplined. “They are to be kept silent. They don’t speak unless spoken to. They do not have a voice on this Council and if they become a problem for the others, the right will be revoked. If they become a problem for me, their lives will be revoked.”

“Understood.” Samael grinned at Maefyl. “I also have a question for you. You have developed the Keeper’s talents?”

“Yea.” Maefyl was troubled by the interest. He had hoped his skills would not become the topic of conversation, but there was little point in lying when he knew they could sense the power in him. “Why?”

“Will you grant me some of your time?” Samael’s smile widened as he spoke. “Alone. I have a few things I would like to discuss with you.

“I won’t promise you answers.” Maefyl agreed reluctantly. Their agreement to sit on Lucifer’s Council of Lords should spare him any major problems with the Wyrms, but he did not trust Samael to honor that agreement. “But we can talk.”

“Later.” Lucifer put a temporary end to further questions to end his part in the days gathering. “This room will always be open to each of you. When it’s needed we will all gather, but I see no point in scheduling such meetings as most of you have other responsibilities and the work involved with the power you’ve been given will find its way to you. My ghosts are spreading word of your positions, the twelve of you are now Lords of Tsuriai. Enjoy the hate mail. This kind of power is not always well received, but those of you that have served on the Circles have dealt with it before. I suggest you spend time with each other, in particular with your shadows. I however have had my fill of most of you for the day. Eidolon, if you do not have need of Lilith at the moment…”

“We have worked together before.” Eidolon gave his nod of consent and Lucifer left the room with Lilith before he could say anything further.

“I’m going to go get Gory.” Sanguine fluttered off. “This is going to be so awesome. I get to rule the world!”

“She’s going to be impossible now.” Maefyl laughed.

“Would you bring the others, Sanguine?” Samael made his charming request and turned in his chair to dote on Azrael. Sanguine was quick to return with Azazel and the other fairies and Bezer followed them inside, pulling Shiroi by the hand. Samael beckoned her to join them. “Vade, Shiroi.”

“Is everything okay now?” Shiroi let Azrael pull her into his lap. “No more threats?”

“Sek sesa shepi zekusi’tach.” Azrael glared across the table at Maefyl as he rubbed at Shiroi’s cheeks. “Kasu?”

“It wasn’t his fault.” Shiroi buried her face in Azrael’s silver hair as she whimpered against his shoulder. “He wouldn’t talk to me.”

“Meaning you talked to him as I asked you not to.” Samael stroked her hair as he stood. “I would like that moment alone now, Maefyl.”

“Kaleka Samael, please don’t hurt him.” Shiroi cried and he gently tugged her head back by her hair and leaned to kiss her.

“Devana, Welak Isa.” Azrael stroked her throat until Samael left her quieted by his kiss.

“Vade’tach?” Maefyl waited by the door for Samael. When Samael walked past him he followed and let the doors close behind them.

“Kasuga saba sekni Zakesel?” Samael asked as he narrowed his gaze. The smile he had kept through their meeting turned sinister and cruel.

“Piss poor.” Maefyl admitted his understanding of Zakesel was limited. “I should be able to catch most of it though. What do you want?”

“Sek sesa har gaseka?” Samael glared at him impatiently. “De sesa kresuni.”

“Her thoughts are hers, Samael.” Maefyl sighed. This was what Raziel had dealt with throughout his entire existence. Everyone wanting to dive into the sea of knowledge inside him. Samael wanted his brides thoughts and Maefyl imagined he would be the first of many to ask for the favor. “Ask her if you have questions.”

“Andalaki de, fetnakalu!” Samael grabbed Maefyl by his throat. “Dana Welak Isa stava haka sek?”

That’s what has your tail in a twist?” Maefyl laughed. Feared, vilified, revered and made near legendary by their kin; but the Wyrms were insecure and fearful of losing what they had captured. “You think she still wants me? Ha kosh sek, Samael. Ha saba helsek. The only thing Shiroi wants from me is an apology and a chance to be what we should have been. The apology she can have, but right now I can’t deal with the rest.”

“En sek?” Samael lifted Maefyl by the neck and slammed him back against the wall.

“She’s all yours.” Maefyl scowled at him. “Good luck.”

“Isa mave kresuni.” Samael dropped Maefyl to his feet. “Were you her only lover?”

“No.” Maefyl scowled at the ground. “You can ask her about it yourself, I’m not having that discussion with you. Just give her a break about wanting to talk to me. It’s just the way she is. She loves to talk.”

“You still care for her.” Samael dropped his gaze and considered the place in her heart that would always beat for Maefyl. “In time I may let…”

“Yes, I care.” Maefyl cut him off. “But I’m not ready to play brother, I just can’t deal with it yet. I don’t think she can either. You probably did us both a favor.”

“So quick to write her off.” Samael took Maefyl’s wrists and pushed them to the wall above him. Samael soaked in Maefyl’s panic at the sudden attack; he held his wrists together above him and slowly ran his hand down his neck and chest. “Had we not found Welak Isa alone, it would have been you in our bed.”

“The two of you were that desperate for a taste of Gabriel?” Maefyl only let the cold fingers make it past his ribs before he drew on strength he was uncertain he even possessed and turned the tables on Samael. He pushed the white skinned Watcher against the wall and held him there with his arm across his throat. “You assume you could take me.”

“Sek haka na bali, fetnakalu?” Samael’s wicked grin became wild and malicious as his wings spread against the wall and his fingers lengthened into claws that he buried into Maefyl’s sides, slipping sharp talons between his ribs. “De shent vak sek en kabak IsaAnku sula sek shusha.”

“Our leftovers not enough for you?” Maefyl drew his blades and spread his wings to force himself away and into flight.

“OUR?!” Samael shouted and lunged after him blindly.

“Getting a little taste of Gabriel after all.” Maefyl dodged away and kicked Samael across the face when he came at him. “Good isn’t he?”

“Maefyl, stop this.” Gabriel had grown concerned with their absence and stepped out to see them fighting. He quickly shifted behind Maefyl and brought him to the floor. “We’re not to fight amongst ourselves and this is just pointless.”

“Saba se supani, IsaAnku?” Samael landed in front of them as Maefyl reclaimed his blades. “Sek sesa shepi hala det Welak Isa?”

“Tek, Samael. En de kowensi se.” Gabriel answered sadly as he held Maefyl beside him. “Se seta akavevak, bol kosh. It was at her request and Lucifer’s order. I did not enjoy it.”

“Dana ha?” Samael glared at him.

“Tek, Samael.” Gabriel explained. “It was my task to make certain she did. Don’t hold it against her or me. She belongs entirely to you and Azrael. There is no point in fighting over what you have already won. Accept your victory and enjoy your bride.”

“Kono, Maefyl.” Samael offered his hand and smiled as he retracted his wings. He let a single thought slip to the surface for the second keeper as Maefyl accepted his apology. ‘This is not over, fetnakalu.’

Samael went back inside and Maefyl healed the remaining wounds in his side.

“Who started that?” Gabriel pulled Maefyl to him.

“Not that it should matter, but he did.” Maefyl answered defensively. “You’re supposed to trust me. I told you I would behave, but I wasn’t about to let the creepy fuck touch me.”

“We should go back inside.” Gabriel smiled at him.

“We can go in a minute.” Maefyl folded his arms around Gabriel and kissed him.

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