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голод : Unbreakable ~Fin~

A few centuries later Golod was one of the most peaceful cities in Tsuriai. It’s people thriving and it’s Circle more accepted then most. Bezer and Azazel took active roles in educating the youngest of Golod’s citizens about demons and gifts Lucifer gave when he established Tsuriai. Nikolai was a far more silent leader, but had still managed to win over the hearts of Golod’s residents and had finally grown used to everyone knowing his name.

Bezer and Azazel had been out most of the morning, one of many visits to local schools where Azazel had the most adoring of his fans. Nikolai entered the great hall with his thirst sated on one of the few criminals Golod could offer and noticed a pile of small packages at the foot of one of the grand staircases. When he bent to grab them he smiled, one for each of them, wrapped in plain paper and offering only a hand written ‘M’ in the corner to indicate who they had come from.

“How long has it been this time?” Nikolai said as he gathered them up adding them to the packages he already carried. The friendship between them had grown, but Nikolai was still amazed at how long they would go without speaking, without any word from each other at all and then suddenly spend hours talking as if they were together every day.

“About twenty years?” Blondie smiled. “You think we should visit?”

“Not today.” Nikolai climbed the stairs and started to laugh softly, remembering his dread the first time he made the short journey to his office. “Today is special.”

“Special how?” Blondie asked as she tugged at the strings of this tiny box Maefyl had left for her.

“Four hundred years special.” Azazel explained as he returned and walked along the balcony rail. He hopped off and helped Nikolai with the other boxes and followed him into his office. “What’s all this?”

“Presents?” Bezer asked as she noticed her name scrawled on one of them. She grabbed it and started to grin. She always liked it when Maefyl sent gifts from Osore, because they were always filled with snacks. She sat on the floor and tore open the package.

“Four hundred years?” Blondie asked as she managed to free her own gift from its prison of string and paper. An enormous chocolate covered strawberry sat inside the box and the lid was covered with scribbling from Sanguine vouching for the deliciousness of the snack and the fact that there were more hiding in Bezer’s presents. “Yay!”

“Since the day I was fortunate enough to meet Bezer and Azazel.” Nikolai explained and watched the fairy attack her gift.

“Are we going to celebrate?” Bezer ate a hand full of thin cookie sticks coated with something that tasted a bit like tea while she looked through the strange packages of her other gifts. “He sends the weirdest things.”

“Yes.” Nikolai slid another box in front of her, one from himself. “Once you are through with sticky fingers.”

“Open yours.” Bezer tugged Azazel’s tail. “Yours are always funny.”

“Not really.” Azazel tore the paper and rolled his eyes at Maefyl’s ongoing attempt to get under his skin. Another stack of comics prominently featuring effeminate male characters with a fondness for their own gender. He sat them beside Nikolai on the desk. “He is such a jerk sometimes.”

“You know you don’t have to keep them.” Nikolai slid his arm around Azazel as the demon hugged him. He looked down at the cover on top of the pile and couldn’t help but laugh at the image of the cat like appearance of one of the characters. “He has gotten more creative.”

“I’ll read them.” Azazel admitted quietly. He had read them, every one of the hundreds that now lined several shelves of the bedroom at his estate. There were even a few he had insisted Nikolai read. He actually enjoyed the gifts for the most part; it was the fact he felt like Maefyl was mocking him that ruined it. “Are we going out?”

“Yes, my pet.” Nikolai handed a large box to Azazel as he leaned to kiss him. He watched as they opened their gifts and they each looked up at him with wide smiles.

“I love it!” Bezer was in her new outfit in seconds and spinning to show it off. Simple, strapless and elegant black, layered beneath to her knees with reds, oranges and white to compliment her hair and tail of which the dress had been perfectly designed to accommodate, Simple black heels tied with orange ribbon at her ankle completed the ensemble. She hugged Nikolai excitedly. “So pretty!”

“I had Raven help.” Nikolai admitted and watched Azazel try to hide the flush to his cheeks as he straightened the cuffs of his sleeves. The white lined black jacket of his suit, complimenting the deep orange shirt, collarless of course so it would not interfere with the one he always wore. When he looked up with wide gold eyes glazing over Nikolai beckoned him closer. “What is it?”

“You still think it was fortunate?” Azazel smiled as he cocked his head. “I mean, meeting us?”

“Of course.” Nikolai smiled as he grabbed them both tightly and they giggled as he lifted and spun them before setting them on their feet. “As impossible as you both are, I don’t ever want to spend a day without you.”

“You will never have to.” Bezer smiled and grabbed another box of treats from her care package from Maefyl.

“Hey!” Azazel complained as Nikolai changed into a simple traditional suit. “Why no fancy stuff for you?”

“Because I’m showing the two of you off.” Nikolai tied back his hair in a pair of ribbons, white and orange to compliment them. “Unless of course you would like me to find something from back then.”

“No, no. This is good.” Azazel laughed as he recalled the depressing gothic attire, but the memory brought less amusing thoughts with it. Thoughts that seemed to spread through the room as he hung his head and thought of Svetlana. “You sure you want to go out?”

“Yes.” Nikolai let Bezer take his arm and put his other arm around Azazel. The look that passed between them said everything it needed to, and when Azazel finally smiled again Nikolai teased him. “Now cheer up or I cancel playtime.”

“Yikes.” Bezer giggled as her brother blushed. She pulled them both toward the door eager to spend the rest of the day celebrating. “Shopping, dinner and dancing first! Coming, Blondie?”

“Can I?” The fairy asked Nikolai. She assumed the nature of their celebration would exclude her from joining in. “I don’t want to ruin your plans.”

“You are part of the life I have with them.” Nikolai looked to his shoulder. “I would be upset if you didn’t join us.”



“His love for them is truly astounding.” Raven watched beside her Lord and Master smiling. “As is his appreciation for them. He sends his thanks for all you have done.”

“I did very little.” Lucifer grinned as he held Lilith beside him.

“Nikolai earned their love on his own.” Lilith nodded her agreement. “And has more than earned this happiness.”

“I only wanted to convey his thanks.” Raven bowed and left as she spoke her last thoughts on it.  “He treasures every moment with them.”

“He was one of my better decisions.” Lucifer laughed. “He inspires a bit of faith in the race.”

“Which race would that be?” Lilith asked as she smiled at Lucifer expecting no answer on the subject.

“He is a bit of a chimera, isn’t he?” Lucifer’s grin as he returned home with his Lilith was confirmation that he was inclined to leave his motives a mystery. “Now then, my love. What shall I get up to today?”



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голод : Letting Go

“Master Nikolai!” Bezer ran at Nikolai tackling him against the wall as she hugged him. “Are you okay?”

“Not entirely.” Nikolai admitted. He was still far from okay with any of it. He embraced her still clutching Azazel’s hand as he whispered to them. “But we will be.”

“Is it still okay for me to stay?” Blondie asked as Nikolai came into the room and she landed on his shoulder.

“Yes.” Nikolai would have much to make up for after his selfish behavior. Spouses that would need consoling, a new companion to care for, so many apologies to make, and thanks that needed giving. “I am sorry for not welcoming you home properly. Maefyl, Gabriel. The two of you always seem to be rescuing me.”

“You always seem to need it.” Gabriel smiled.

“Just don’t get used to it.” Maefyl teased.

“He usually isn’t so charitable.” Gabriel taunted. “His need to avoid our colleague gave him a good excuse to focus his attentions elsewhere.”

“Either way you have my thanks.” Nikolai laughed softly as Bezer crawled up his side and wrapped around him. “I wish I weren’t such a burden to you.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Maefyl laughed and stood beside Gabriel. “Just try and stay out of trouble for a while. I have things to do.”

“I’ll do my best.” Nikolai nodded.

“I’ll keep him out of trouble.” Azazel turned to Gabriel. “Lord Gabriel, I owe you one.”

Maefyl and Gabriel left them knowing they had begun to let go and could now lean on one another through their grief. The Circle of Golod had suffered, nearly broken under the weight of loss, but the bonds they shared would strengthen them, re-forge the Circle and perfect it.

“I miss her.” Bezer whispered as her lip quivered. “Nothing is going to be the same.”

“No, my pet.” Nikolai feared what the loss was going to mean for them. The delicate balance of their family had been drastically altered and even once they were able to move through their sadness and recall the time with Svetlana fondly, there would still be difficulty ahead of them. “We still have each other, that will never change.”

“So where do we go from here?” Azazel bit his lip.

“We will figure it out together.” Nikolai squeezed Azazel’s hand before he let it go to wipe the blood from his lip. “No more tears and no more questions for now. I will do whatever it takes to keep the two of you happy beside me.”

“I want sushi.” Bezer sniffled and tried to smile. Nikolai was right, Svetlana would not want to see them unhappy and Nikolai was doing his best to help them deal with the loss. “And fries.”

“And you?” Nikolai laughed as he hugged Bezer tightly and tugged at Azazel’s hair.

“Kiss.” Azazel blushed and averted his glance as he felt his eyes start to glaze over again. Nikolai let Bezer crawl onto his back as he bent to hook his arm under Azazel’s knees; he picked him up and kissed him.

“You want to go out or stay in, my pet?” Nikolai asked as the twins purred against him. Svetlana would have laughed at the sight of him carrying Azazel like this, and Nikolai would forever miss the sound of that laughter.

“Out.” Bezer rubbed at her nose and made herself comfortable. “You need to eat too. I don’t think they have delivery for that.”

“Come on, Blondie.” Nikolai called for the fairy that excitedly joined them for the outing.

“What are fries?” Blondie asked as she settled on Bezer’s shoulder.

Azazel giggled and made himself comfortable in Nikolai’s arms as he carried them both out the door of the apartment. It still hurt to think about, it was going to sting seeing a fourth seat empty at their table, the white band of their set would be a constant reminder of what they had lost. But Nikolai and his cubs would endure it, loving each other, building their friendships, moving forward in her memory and becoming the stuff of rumors in every realm.

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голод : Overcoming Grief

“Do you think he’s still mad?” Bezer pouted.

“He isn’t mad at you.” Maefyl tried to explain. “He is hurting. It might take a while, but he is going to come out of this.”

“Don’t worry.” Sanguine added. “He’ll get his head on straight and everything will be fine.”

“I wonder if he is hungry?” Bezer sniffled as she stared at the imposing wall he built around himself. “He’s been so quiet.”

“He’ll be okay, Bezer.” Azazel grinned and she pounced across the table to hug him. “I’m sorry I spazzed and left you alone.”

“I didn’t know what to do.” Bezer whimpered as she rubbed her face against him. “He wont come out.”

“He is going to come out.” Azazel hugged her tightly. “If I have to drag him out, kicking and screaming.”

“I don’t want him to send us away.” Bezer cried.

“He won’t.” Maefyl assured her.

“Trust me, Bezer.” Azazel smiled at his sister before he walked past her toward the door. It wasn’t the magic that stopped him from entering before, but anger and fear, angry at himself for what he failed to protect, angry at Nikolai for pushing him away and fear that he was losing the only things left he cared about. Now he shifted past the ice and stood in the splintered remains of the room. Shards of broken mirrors cracked under his feet as he moved through the dark. Blood stained the remains of sheets and curtains that littered the floor and was smeared into the plaster where it cracked. The lamps lie shattered in piles against the walls where they had been smashed.

Azazel approached the corner where Nikolai had collapsed and kneeled in front of him. The vampire had done himself as much damage as the room, he was covered in blood from wounds that had already healed, his clothes dusted with debris. Azazel imagined the pity Gabriel must have felt when he found him.

“It should have been me.” Nikolai said weakly as he leaned back against the wall to look at Azazel. “She didn’t deserve this.”

“No she didn’t.” Azazel brushed the hair from Nikolai’s face. “It wasn’t you who hurt her. You can’t do this to yourself.”

“You and Bezer should go home.” Nikolai turned away from Azazel with tears welling in his eyes. “Before I destroy your lives as well.”

“I’m not going anywhere.” Azazel leaned against the wall beside Nikolai. “You didn’t destroy Svetlana. You made her happy, and you make us happy.”

“She is gone.” Nikolai sobbed. “I made her wait so long, she had no time to…”

“Nikolai stop.” Azazel whispered. “I’m not going to sit here and listen to you torture yourself. Svetlana loved you, she would not want this. Yes she is gone and it drives me crazy, but I am still here. Bezer is still here.”

“I know that.” Nikolai turned to look at Azazel. “You deserve better.”

“What we deserve is for you to snap the fuck out of this.” Azazel rested his hand on the side of Nikolai’s neck and leaned into his forehead with his own. “So that we can deal with it together.”

“You left didn’t you?” Nikolai managed to smile as he wrapped his arms around Azazel. “Who do I need to thank this time?”

“Gabriel and Maefyl are out there with Bezer, and yes I did. You told me to, but I needed to work through it anyway.” Azazel kissed him before he looked around the room. “You’re a slacker, I took out my whole house.”

Nikolai laughed softly at Azazel as he teased him. The ice over the door and windows receded and Azazel returned the room to a more serene state as helped Nikolai to his feet. They laced their fingers together and Azazel slowly led him to the door, Nikolai’s hands were cold and his grip weak but whatever part of him was demonic had kept him sustained. Azazel decided not to push him into feeding, but paused long enough to fix up Nikolai’s clothes and straighten the mess he had made of his hair before he opened the door.

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голод : Deeper Understanding

Gabriel looked at the chaos of the estate and shook his head as he listened to the sound of Azazel tearing through another room. Nearly every thing had been shredded. Furnishings had been up ended and torn apart, deep gashes punctuated by the wholes left by angry fists adorned the walls in place of the décor that lay in pieces on the floor.

Gabriel moved through room after room of destruction until he found Azazel. The demon was near feral. Somewhere between forms as he tore through the room, his eyes burning with chaos as he spotted Gabriel and tossed a table aside and lunged at the Watcher.

“Is it helping?” Gabriel sighed as he caught Azazel and pulled him gently to him. Azazel thrashed against the calm restraint as Gabriel held him. Gabriel went to work repairing the damage Azazel had done, both to the estate and himself. “If you are through with this childishness, you should return to your Master.”

“What the fuck for?” Azazel screamed at him. “He doesn’t want me there.”

“Do you believe that?” Gabriel smiled as he shifted Azazel into one arm and pulled splinters from the demons wounds. Azazel squirmed violently as he tried to refuse the comfort.  “I thought of you as far more clever than that.”

“He said to leave him.” Azazel snapped and tried to bite Gabriel’s hand as he ran it over the fresh cuts on his face. “I did.”

“Are you satisfied with that?” Gabriel continued to close the wounds and spoke in soothing tones as Azazel fought the effort. “You plan on giving him up? Leaving him to suffer alone?”

“Fuck you.” Azazel growled. “You think I am not suffering? I lost her too.”

“I understand that.” Gabriel turned Azazel to face him and sighed when he felt the claws digging into his ribs. “I know that you are angry, but he needs you.”

“Bezer is there.” Azazel looked away and retracted his claws when he realized Gabriel had suffered the wounds willingly. “Sorry.”

“No need.” Gabriel’s wounds healed and he released his grip, letting Azazel to his feet before he tried to reason any further. “Grief is not easy for you. You’ve never known loss, and your kind is not accustomed to it. I realize your pain makes you angry, your sister weeps, and Nikolai seeks solitude. Every one of us has to come to terms with the powerful force of our emotions on our own.”

“What am I supposed to do?” Azazel snarled. “He shut me out. I not only have to deal with losing her, but him treating me like I’m nothing.”

“He doesn’t think you are nothing.” Gabriel explained.

“Is Bezer okay?” Azazel threw himself into the floor as he tried to calm himself.

“Maefyl is with her.” Gabriel nodded. “They are both waiting for you.”

“Great.” Azazel rubbed at his face and looked up at Gabriel. His eyes once again golden but filled with tears as he spoke. “I’m sorry, but I can’t take him turning me away again. He wanted me gone, I left. I wont go through it again.”

“So don’t let him turn you away.” Gabriel was glad to see the rage leaving Azazel, but the pain left in its wake was not any more pleasant to watch. “You have every bit as much claim to him as he does to you and whether or not he realizes it, he needs you desperately.”

“Is loving someone supposed to hurt this much?” Azazel cried suddenly.

“It would seem to be an unavoidable part of it.” Gabriel sat in front of him and battled his own pain as he kept his comforting smile for Azazel. “It is the suffering that makes the bliss more rewarding.”

“So who keeps you suffering?” Azazel managed to laugh when he noticed Gabriel’s words were reflective of his own pain.

“Just embrace what you have, Azazel.” Gabriel smiled as he patted the demons knee. “You fought for a place at his side, now fight to stay there.”

“Thanks.” Azazel stood and offered his hands to Gabriel pulling the Watcher to his feet. “I’m not very good at this.”

“No one is.” Gabriel told him.

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голод : Where Do We Go From Here?

“This is home, Blondie.” Bezer explained quietly as the arrived at the apartment. The fairy fluttered about to familiarize herself with her surroundings as Bezer clung to Nikolai’s arm.

“If you’ll excuse me.” Nikolai pulled his arm away and headed for the bedroom. His confident gait replaced by a slow defeated pace as he crossed the room quietly.

“Nikolai…” Azazel had been silent as he struggled with the loss but as he watched Nikolai he feared that the suffering was just beginning.

“Not now.” Nikolai paused by the door but having no words to explain his grief he continued through it and closed it behind him. Maefyl had spared her from oblivion, but it could not bring her back to him. Svetlana was lost forever and the emptiness she left behind closed around his heart until he felt like it would crush him.

“He will need time.” Blondie stepped on to Azazel’s shoulder as he stared furiously at the door.

“He must hate us now.” Bezer crouched beside her brother with tears in her eyes. “What’s going to happen to us?”

“I don’t know.” Azazel admitted as scenarios played out in his mind that made him go cold. He grabbed the fairy from his shoulder and handed her to Bezer. “Just wait here.”

Azazel crept through the door quietly and saw Nikolai sitting on the edge of the bed with his head in his hands. Azazel went to him and tried to embrace him, but Nikolai stood and pushed him aside.

“Leave me.” Nikolai told him coldly.

“This isn’t any easier for me.” Azazel clenched his teeth. “Or Bezer. You can’t just shut us out.”

“I want to be alone.” Nikolai glared at Azazel and took hold of his shirt, pushing him toward the door. “Stay out.”

Nikolai pushed Azazel from the room and slammed the door. Covering it in a wall of thick jagged ice. Azazel stared at it with his heart racing. Rage and grief swept through him in a torrent so overwhelming he felt he would lose his senses. He fell to his knees and then he was gone, leaving Bezer and her tiny companion to stare at the cold wall between them and Nikolai.

Days passed. Bezer just watched the icy door in tears as she waited for Nikolai. Occasionally there would be screaming and she would curl on the couch quietly weeping, wanting so badly to go to him but afraid he would send her away. There was pacing behind the wall of ice that separated them and the crash of furniture against the walls, the sounds of mirrors shattering.

Then silence. A week went by without a sound.

Azazel had not returned and Bezer was afraid to leave. She was left alone with a fairy that just watched her suffer silently, unsure of what to do. When there was a knock at the door she panicked, their luck with visitors had left them in mourning, and left them divided. She moved to the door but instead of reaching to open it, leaned against it and started to cry.

“Just go away.” Bezer yowled through her tears.

“Come here, pussy cat.” Maefyl had moved himself inside and offered his open arms as he saw her pain. Bezer fell forward against him and wept. “Where is everyone?”

“The vampire has locked himself away.” Blondie answered for Bezer who could barely speak as she choked on her tears.

“Calm down.” Maefyl rocked her in his arms as he carried her to the couch and sat trying to soothe her. When Blondie sat on the table in front of them Maefyl continued. “And Azazel?”

“He left after that went up.” Blondie pointed to the door. Thicker now with blades of ice then when it first appeared. “He hasn’t returned.”

“I was hoping he would have been passed this already.” Maefyl sighed. “I shouldn’t have waited so long. Have you called for your brother?”

“He wont come.” Bezer sniffled as she nodded. “He is really angry.”

“You should go and get him then.” Maefyl smiled.

“I’m not leaving.” Bezer insisted. “We already lost Svetlana, I don’t want to lose Nikolai too.”

“You aren’t going to lose him.” Maefyl reluctantly called on assistance and Lucifer sat beside him. “Are you going to help clean up this mess?”

“This mess is not my doing.” Lucifer grinned. “I believe I’ve more than done my part.”

“You are unbelievable.” Maefyl glared at him. “Your mess or not, with everything you have put them through, you owe them.”

“I do not owe them anything.” Lucifer answered coldly. “They have my protection, but I made no offer to be their counselor. I understand the loss is difficult, but if they…”

“Just shut up.” Maefyl snapped at him. “I don’t need a lecture on loss from you. I made the mistake of assuming you cared about them, just go.”

“Are you ever going to learn your place, child?” Lucifer pulled Bezer from Maefyl’s comforting embrace and tossed her aside before he pinned Maefyl back by his throat. “It is because I care that I am leaving this alone.”

“Enough, Lucifer.” Gabriel pulled Lucifer gently back by the shoulder. “You pushed for this alliance, don’t attack him for seeing it through.”

“Neither of them have ever had to cope with anything like this.” Maefyl looked over at Bezer as she shook. “You alright?”

“I’m okay.” Bezer nodded and crawled back over to Maefyl. She dried her tears and confirmed Maefyl’s concerns. “Lord Lucifer, Me and Azazel have never lost anyone, it hurts so bad and I don’t know what to do to make it stop.”

“Your Master has another problem.” Gabriel told her as he pulled Lucifer to his side. “He has suffered loss after loss, his pain has caught up to him.”

“And he will need to deal with it.” Lucifer grinned at Maefyl as he spoke. “You think me cruel for watching them suffer, but I know this will strengthen them if they manage to overcome it.”

“And if they don’t?” Maefyl raised his concerns. “Where is the harm in helping them through it.”

“There is none.” Lucifer grinned as he left them leaving his words behind. “But I will not be the one to do it.”

“Before you question his logic…“ Gabriel began his defense.

“I know he’s right, Gabriel.” Maefyl sighed. “But he is still cruel. Go get Azazel for me.”

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голод : Maefyl’s Mercy

“If she is no longer in pain…” Nikolai asked as he ran his thumb over the bands on her finger.

“Explaining your pain will only make it cut you deeper.” Lucifer explained as he laid his hand on Nikolai’s shoulder.

“Forgive me my Lord.” Nikolai trembled as he spoke, “But you have no idea how deeply wounded I am.”

“Because you are at least in part a demon,” Gabriel explained as he arrived and stood beside Maefyl. He explained the painful truth to Nikolai. “You seem to be free from one of the cruelest aspects of vampirism. When a human is turned their soul is forever bound to the prison of their body. There is no salvation for them. No freedom in heaven or hell. No rebirth. Only oblivion.”

“You can free yourself from the pain by destroying her body.” Lucifer told him. “But in doing so, you destroy her soul.”

“Then I have damned her in trying to save her.” Nikolai kissed each of the cubs at his side and pushed them away before he called flames to the tips of his fingers and laid his head across Svetlana. “And I condemn myself with her.”

“Wait.” Maefyl rushed to him and grabbed him by the wrist.

“I understand the torment of it Nikolai.” Lucifer explained as the twins wept at his feet. “But should they suffer your loss as well?”

“Forgive me, my pets.” Nikolai beckoned for them as Maefyl released his hand and held them tightly when they rushed to him. “I just don’t know how to live with myself knowing I have completely destroyed what I swore to love and protect.”

“At least free yourself from the pain.” Gabriel suggested reluctantly. “In time you may learn to forgive yourself.”

“Damn it.” Maefyl exclaimed as he closely looked at Svetlana lying in front of him. He kneeled there tormenting himself with guilt that no one else would ever know to place on him and decided to make the attempt. “If her soul could be released, would you forego suicide?”

“Maefyl.” Gabriel looked at him nervously. “Why would you offer him a false hope?”

“I wouldn’t.” Maefyl sighed as he called on a power within himself he never thought he would see fit to use. He laid his hand against Svetlana’s skin and everyone watched in silence as he extended his mind through her like ghostly fingers. As those ethereal fingers found the ties that bound her cursed soul he burned through them, releasing her from the torment of darkness and allowing her soul to find it’s way. He let his hand rest on the body that was left in peace as those who understood what he had done looked on in astonishment.

“How did you manage that?” Lucifer grinned at the shock on Gabriel’s face. It seemed not even Maefyl’s closest companion was aware of such a possibility.

“It doesn’t hurt any more.” Bezer sniffled.

“What have you done?” Nikolai asked as the pain left him.

“Set her free.” Maefyl stood slowly and turned to Gabriel who was near tears as he smiled at him. “Don’t look at me like that.”

“Maefyl look!” Sanguine squealed excitedly at the twinkle that grew on Svetlana where his hand had rested. The air around them suddenly filled with the dust of thousands of fairies that gathered to witness the birth.

“What is going on?” Nikolai spoke softly as he inched closer to Svetlana, pulling the cubs beside him.

“This is the first time you’ve done this?” Lucifer smiled. “It seems I could not have chosen a better resting place.”

“Eternity?” The fairy had fluttered to Nikolai and sat on his fingers to watch a new sister emerge. The twinkle had grown and streams of light were weaving themselves into form.

“Fairies are born from the power of exceptional beginnings, Nikolai.” Eternity explained and she watched. “Maefyl has just given birth to one.”

“The first soul released from his curse.” Sanguine told him as she rested on Maefyl’s knee when he sat beside the body across from Nikolai. “I wonder what she will be like.”

“She’ll be perfect as you all are.” Eidolon had witnessed the birth of so many of them and the spectacle was still astounding to him. The crowd that twittered around them creating dancing mists of energy and light as their laughter and joy filled the air.

“Careful Maefyl.” Gory cautioned as Gabriel crouched beside him.

Maefyl slipped his fingers carefully beneath the newborn as the light collected tightly into the delicate limbs and the wings unfolded. She was as unique and beautiful as each of her sisters. Her tiny yawn as she stretched and opened her eyes obliterated any regret he had for his action. Who could ever regret being the spark that created something as beautiful as a fairy?

Waves of joy filled the air around them and even grass and trees seemed to call out their greetings as she dangled her legs playfully over Maefyl’s fingers. She smiled up at Maefyl thankfully, with a full understanding that he was responsible for the act that created her. When she turned the bright green eyes set into the tiny stark white features of her face to Nikolai and the twins her smile grew loving and wide.

Nikolai’s tears began again as he looked at the small miracle that sat in Maefyl’s hand. Her translucent wings shimmered with pink that matched the short locks of her hair and the white skin of her tiny limbs led in perfect gradient to hands and feet of a flawless black. As she blinked her tiny green eyes at him he noticed the thinnest band of black that circled her perfect throat and the tiniest set of fangs gleaming in her perfect smile.

“No more tears.” The fairy fluttered from Maefyl’s hand and hung in the air in front of Nikolai. It was as if Svetlana had given a piece of herself to help create this new life, her soul whispering its final thoughts to the magic that gave the fairy form. “She was happy, she would want you to be as well.”

“Let her sit.” Eternity pulled Nikolai’s hand beneath her new sister and he laid it out for the fairy to sit in his palm.

“This thing can never replace her.” Azazel shouted and buried his face against Nikolai.

“I would never try to.” The fairy said sadly as Gory and Sanguine fluttered behind her and Eternity joined her on Nikolai’s hand.

“Svetlana loved fairies.” Bezer whimpered. “Don’t be mean, Azazel.”

“I’m not sure I know how to deal with this.” Nikolai admitted. “Maefyl, what you’ve done for her, for me. I can’t even begin to…”

“There’s nothing to say about it.” Maefyl let Gabriel help him to his feet as he smiled. “You don’t have any more guilt to suffer.”

“Honor her memory by moving on.” Lucifer added as he set the bed of flowers beneath Svetlana burning.

“Wait.” Bezer cried as she leaned through the flames and kissed Svetlana one last time. Lucifer held the flames until Nikolai and Azazel did the same and let them weep their last tears as he quickly let the flames consume the body. The ash left behind was swept up in the current the fairies had created and sent to rest in the fields of Itami.

“Nikolai.” Eternity spoke sweetly as she broke his mournful silence. “If you allow it she wants to stay with you.”

“If they agree.” Nikolai looked to the twins who nodded their approval with dampened faces and once again offered his hand to her. “Then she is more than welcome. What shall we call you?”

“I would like you to give me a name.” The fairy smiled from his palm.

“Sve-“ Bezer began but Nikolai shook his head and Azazel hissed at her.

“I’ll give her name to no one, Bezer.” Nikolai explained.

“Blondie, then.” Bezer sniffled. “I know she isn’t going to replace her, but she is kind of a part of her.”

“Suit you?” Nikolai asked the tiny miracle in his hand and she smiled and nodded excitedly. “Blondie it is then.”

Once their goodbyes were said. Gabriel joined Maefyl and they went to further placate the dragons Lucifer had put at ease before their arrival. Eidolon returned to Tsumi with Eternity and a new respect for Maefyl and Nikolai. Of their race the two of them had risen above amazing torment and came out of it improved. Lucifer returned to his estate satisfied with the alliances that strengthened among his favorites.

Nikolai returned home with Azazel and Bezer to grieve their loss with the fairy they accepted into their family.

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голод : A Band of White Pt.3

“Then we will only step in when necessary.” Eidolon carried the lot of them to Skorn’s estate and forced the door open for them. She was just inside, waiting and ready to gloat.

“You’ve brought friends to watch you crawl back to me?” Skorn teased Azazel as he entered before the others.

“You could have killed her quickly.” Azazel growled as he made his slow approach. “Why did you make her suffer?”

“For stealing you away.” Skorn shouted at him. “The more she suffered, the more your pathetic excuse for a Master suffers.”

“And now you will suffer.” Nikolai commanded the magic within him with more precision than he would have thought possible and directed a torrent of frozen spikes toward her, as Skorn made attempts to dodge Azazel crushed her against the wall with his foot and the thick blades of ice sliced the dark armor of her arm and she wailed.

Bezer pounced forward grabbed hold of Skorn’s repulsive tail and snapped the stinger from it, tossing aside the demoness’ best defense. Skorn howled in agony as her tail oozed thick blood and venom to the floor, she tried to cast protective magic as Nikolai approached her. Azazel drug his claws across her face until blood poured from the deep gashes and Nikolai willed himself daggers that he plunged deeply into her abdomen and pried against the scaly skin at her sides.

As Skorn screamed from the ongoing assault the others looked on at the justified cruelty and made no move to end it. When enough damage had been done and the twins started to break down Skorn’s soul, only then would they step in and see to it that Nikolai had his fair part in the victory.

When Skorn tried to beg for mercy, Azazel crushed her jaw in his fist. There was nothing she had to say that he wanted to hear, and for taking Svetlana she deserved no mercy.

“She was so much more than you ever could be.” Nikolai cut into her chest with one of the daggers, hardening and sharpening the steel with flames as he cut through bone before he plunged his fingers deep into her chest and closed them around the pulse of her heart before he tore it from her.

Bezer and Azazel systematically destroyed the rest of her as Nikolai crushed the heart in his hand and closed his eyes. He felt his legs weaken and Maefyl caught him as he fell.

“It will never be enough.” Nikolai whispered. “No suffering would be enough for what she has taken.”

“Get it over with, Gabriel.” Maefyl begged for an end to it. “Painlessly if you can.”

The twins artfully destroyed Skorn and took most of her into themselves before Gabriel and Eidolon halted them to claim the remains. The soul had largely been consumed and the parts that remained where easily manipulated and before they forced the remnants of Skorn’s power into Nikolai they erased any chance of a piece of her anguish would haunt him. He moaned as he struggled to take in the power they forced into him, even the small part of her they insisted he take in was far more potent than that of Dorian.

“Maefyl.” Azazel whimpered beside him. “We’re supposed to take him to Itami. Will you come?”

“Gabriel and I will see there is no trace of her left in hell.” Eidolon assured Nikolai. “No one will dare speak her name and she will be forgotten. This estate will be dust in the wind.”

Nikolai nodded weakly as Maefyl took him to Itami to meet with Lucifer. Maefyl helped him to his feet as they approached the Dark Lord as he stood over Svetlana. He had laid her in a bed of flowers and removed every visible blemish left by her attacker. Nikolai kneeled beside her and wept as he took her hand. Bezer and Azazel fell to either side of him and cried.

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