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Technology Declined

The soft repeating tone from the desk stirred Eidolon from his silent contemplation. He opened his eyes slowly letting them adjust to the harsh glow of the monitor in front of him, and sighed as he laid his fingers on the keys to hush the chime. The demon saw little sense in these machines and found it frustrating that so many of his companions seemed amused at the supposed convenience of them.

New message from Gabriel flashed irritatingly on the screen until he maneuvered the cursor over the alert and opened the painfully familiar chat window. “As if the phone wasn’t enough of a nuisance,” He thought as he read the message displayed before him.

“Are we still having lunch?” It read.

He grudgingly typed his response, hating each and every click as he watched the words appearing on the screen.

“Yes, but you already knew that. I suppose all is quiet in Osore if you have the time to pester me in such a fashion.” He tapped his fingers restlessly on his desk.


“Honestly Gabriel, Is there any reason for this?” Eidolon replied to the nonsensical image and looked over the the clock that hung against the far wall. He would be sitting across the table from his friend in twenty minutes time, the impersonal exchange they were engaged in seemed pointless to him.

“I would apologize for interrupting, but as you were likely sitting alone in the dark with darker thoughts as your companion, i imagine this was a much needed rescue from your busy schedule.” The message blinked into existance on the screen.

“I will see you soon,” He stood as he hit the key sending his final message. Gabriel was right of course, his thoughts were dark. His frustration with the other members of his circle had grown as of late and he often found himself daydreaming of rather barbaric means of ridding himself of their presence. He shook off the thoughts and made his way to the smooth black door of his office when he felt the phone in his pocket jittering wildly to announce another message from Gabriel. He rested his head against the door as he fished the phone from his pocket and smiled at his friends persistence.

“Don’t be late!” Gabriels’ message appeared on the screen with a picture of himself smiling far too widely at the camera. Eidolon slid the phone back in his pocket, pulled his dark hair back in a ribbon as he walked out the door and dissolved into a swirl of dark mist to make his way to Osore.


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December 19, 2012 · 10:02 pm