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TCOL : Epilogue : As It Ends, So It Begins ~Fin~

Kage walked away from a frustrating evening only to have it spill over into a frustrating night, he loathed the idea of parting however briefly from Neka on such cruel terms but he simply needed time to himself.

“The discussion is over, Neka.” Kage stood firmly beside the locked door behind which her pet would spend the next few hours and pointed across the hall. “Your room. Now.”

“Daddy…” Neka whimpered. “It’s not fair. Neka will be lonely.”

“Thanks, kid.” Malice pouted as she fluttered nearby. “We’ll be fine, Lord Kage.”

“See to it she stays occupied.” Kage patted Neka on her head softly. “I am not going to apologize for teaching you obedience, Neka. You would not respect me if I did.”

“Neka will behave.” Neka hugged his legs abruptly and went to her room sniffling. Malice followed after her and Kage walked down the hall as the door closed.

“Settled?” Lucifer asked without looking up from his feverish scribbling into one of his journals.

“I don’t enjoy the fact she is already starting to fight my decisions.” Kage claimed a seat near Lucifer but stayed distanced enough to leave his writing undisturbed. “How did you handle Kaneko?”

“Kaneko was never a problem.” Lilith interrupted casually as she handed Kage a glass of wine. “She is a child, Kage. Neka will start to see the good in your decisions eventually.”

“Is that so?” Kage grinned cruelly. “When should we expect this miraculous understanding from your child? At least mine have respect for their parents.”

“That’s enough, Kage.” Lucifer continued writing.

“You must have had an eventful evening.” Kage sipped his wine. Lucifer had not even raised his voice to stop the quarreling. He had not once looked up at either of them since he arrived. “Should we be jealous?”

“You should still your tongue before I tear it out.” Lucifer looked up at him coldly. “I’ve never given either of you cause to doubt me. Don’t insult me again, Kagami.”

“Tek, Vasun.” Kage bowed his head in understanding. “I didn’t mean to say that you would…”

“My evening was spent with Maefyl.” Lucifer closed his journal and it vanished, finding its place on one of hundreds of shelves around the room. As he folded his hands he smiled at Kage. “Considering the efforts I made to keep you both, and the continued efforts I make to sate you both, I do not want to hear even the passing thought of jealousy. Is that clear?”

“Kryss has quite the talented daughter.” Lilith quickly changed the subject.

“I doubt Kage battled so long with Neka to rehash the evenings events, my Love.” Lucifer shifted playfully into Kage’s lap and started to gather up the long, dark hair of the blushing Viper in one hand as he pulled himself close. “Did you want my attention?”

“If you can spare it…” Kage’s fingers shook on his glass until Lilith was kind enough to take it as she walked by on her way out. “I did not realize you were still writing, I would not have interrupted.”

“Shut up, Kagami.” Lucifer grabbed Kage’s hair tight in his hand before he kissed him. While his mind had been elsewhere, he promised himself and his loves that he would make time for them. It was a promise he meant to keep. It helped that it was one he enjoyed keeping. Worry melted away when he was with them and while Kage wrapped his arms around him, Lucifer could almost forget the living words pulsing with the riddles of all existence on the walls around them.


It may have been a touch too early,

But his soul is a restless one.

Maefyl was always meant to have this secret.

I trust him with it.

It is not his knowledge of their existence that has me worried, but he still has so much to understand.

I only hope that he can fully accept it before any of the others realize what I have done.

There should be time.

So many distractions now.

Even for myself it seems.

But I am looking forward with enthusiasm.

Embracing the unexpected is rejuvenating.

Disaster can be therapeutic.


“He seems content.” Lilith smiled as she came to bed and saw Kage slumbering beside Lucifer. “Is it okay to join you?”

“Of course.” Lucifer welcomed her warmly into his arm and kissed her as she settled against him. “In fact he would probably sleep right through it I tossed you on his back and had you right now.”

“He would be mortified.” Lilith giggled.

“He is not that asleep.” Kage hissed and turned over hoping to ignore their cooing.

“Oh, Kage.” Lilith tugged a bit of his hair. “Stop being difficult. Let him enjoy us.”

“He can enjoy us all he wishes.” Kage turned enough to glare at her. “Separately.”

“Leave him.” Lucifer took her wrist and kissed it until she dropped her hold on Kage’s hair. As Kage relaxed back to bed, Lucifer pulled Lilith beneath him. “You are going to have to stop teasing him, my love.”

“But I so enjoy it, my Lord.” Lilith smiled up at Lucifer adoringly. “I think you do as well.”

“Let me do the teasing.” Lucifer grinned. He had a thousand wicked thoughts run through his mind, but he decided Kage still needed time to adjust and instead focused on pleasing Lilith. As she moaned he kissed her and did Kage the favor of putting him to sleep.



I imagine this excitement I feel is somewhat akin to what a child feels embarking on the unknown.

I feel renewed and inspired.

Ready to take on the unwritten chapter.

I have yet to be defeated by an ending.

I do not plan on bowing out just yet.



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TCOL : Necessity : Bitterness In Lost Cause Pt.2

Inside Maefyl dodged flirtatious youths and sifted through dozens of minds to find the one he was looking for. Tucked away in a secluded corner and surrounded by the stupidly envious, a scrawny young man talked up his latest product in a practiced hush. In his mind Maefyl could see he was little more than a middleman, he only took the supply and delivered most of the money when the next batch came in. He was useless for information, but Maefyl could be sure he had some purpose before his death. There wasn’t an innocent person in the building, but he believed in second chances and he was going to use the waste of air in the corner to make a point.

 Maefyl called a few lessers into existence and had the intimidating creatures stand guard over doors now sealed with dark flames of green. Their appearance sent most running into the center of the club as Maefyl hopped up onto the bar and unleashed a wave of chaos from his hand that knocked out the sound system and left the club with only the sounds of fear to dance to. As he brought up the lights he heard each mind focusing on him and the intrusion he was causing and he smiled as he lit his cigarette.

 “Do I have everyone’s attention?” Maefyl blew a coil of smoke as he exhaled that swirled around him like a snake before it dissolved. He smirked as some of the crowd actually nodded at him wide-eyed and awestruck. He drew one of his blades from the chaos and drove it into the bar beside him. “If all of you that currently have HiPi in your pockets would kindly sit it here you might leave here alive.”

 “And who are you to make demands.” The scrawny dealer in the corner sneered. “You aren’t on the Circle here.”

 “No, I’m not.” Maefyl grinned as some of the crowed snuck forward and left tiny bags of iridescent powder by his blade as he addressed the snarky youth. “I assume by now most of you are aware of the Council of Lords.”

 “I’m supposed to believe some lipstick wearing fuck is one of Lucifer’s most trusted demons?” The dealer laughed nervously and watched more of his clients leaving his wares at the demon’s feet. “Lost Cause has no law against what I do.”

 “When the poison you peddled was squeezed out of plants.” Maefyl glared at him as he crouched and lifted one of the bags from the bar. He threw it at the dealer. “They’ll be writing new laws when they figure this one out.”

 “Please let me out, Mister.” A women inched up to the bar and hung her head as she laid her fingers at his feet. “I don’t do this stuff, I just drink is all. I have kids.”

 “I know you don’t.” Maefyl patted her head. “But is it any better that you’re out drinking with these idiots instead of home with your children? Just back off a bit. I’m not feeling particularly friendly right now, but you aren’t dying here.”

 “Why does the Council care?” The dealer snapped as Maefyl stood again and flicked ash from his cigarette. “Is few hours of happiness a crime now?”

 “Every single one of you that has used this shit is a murderer.” Maefyl let the magic that cover the blackness of his eyes slip away and he shouted at them. His outrage and newly haunting appearance removed any trace of confidence from the humans in the room. They all cowered now. “This mess you’ve been so carelessly snorting is laced with a stolen magic. Stolen from fragile creatures that have been trapped and killed so you can have your few hours of happiness. Fuck your Circle; by Tsuriai law I could take each of your lives for your part in their deaths.”

 As the crowd shook and wept the few remaining holdouts stepped forward and left their stashes on the bar. Maefyl withdrew the magic of his blade and dropped to the floor. He gathered the bags in his hand sadly. He truly hoped the dead they had found were unfortunate casualties of the capturing process and that somewhere there were pixies lying in wait to be rescued. He pocketed the bags to deliver the sad news to the Council and turned back to the crowd. Most of them still fearful for their lives, a few making promises to themselves to never again touch another substance they weren’t sure of. Maefyl knew this story would spread and if the fear prevented even a handful of new users it was worth the spectacle, but he was about to make sure the rumors that spread made a very clear point that the Council of Lords was not going to tolerate the spread and use of HiPi.

 “I didn’t know man.” The dealer started to plea as Maefyl approached. The demon did not even attempt to hide his intentions. “I just sell what they give me, I can tell you…”

 “I don’t need the tour guide.” Maefyl lifted the man by his shirt. He knew the man’s sources. His ignorance didn’t excuse his behavior it made it more repulsive. He couldn’t even identify the poison he poured into the streets. “You’re a waste of skin.”

 “I just give people what they want, faggot.” The man kicked at Maefyl’s legs and pulled at his sleeve. “Let go of me.”

 “How is it that term manages to survive?” Maefyl raised an eyebrow as he muttered to Sanguine. “How messy do you want this, Sany?”

 “I want the lessers to need a mop.” Sanguine fluttered out of his hair and spit at the dealer. “Maefyl is not a faggot.”

 “I kind of am.” Maefyl laughed as he spun chaos through his fingers and wound threads of it around the scrawny peddler in front of him. As he tightened them they tore through his flesh and bone and left him in pieces before the scream could finish escaping his lungs.

 “But you like girls.” Sanguine stomped her foot on his shoulder. The screams and cries around them masked their conversation as she insisted the term was inappropriate. “And it isn’t a very nice word.”

 “Yea.” Maefyl agreed to both points sadly. There were some insults he wished time would have erased by now, but it seems some hatred was harder to stomp out. The other point was one he did not want to address at all. Instead he looked down at the mess and smirked. He cleaned up his own clothes that had been splattered with the remains and sighed. “I doubt I’ll be getting out of the paperwork for this one.”

 “Just finish up so we can go home.” Sanguine insisted. “You ruined my snack before I was finished.”

 “All of you shut up.” Maefyl screamed as turned to the crowd and they hushed their fearful howling and stared at him. He lit another cigarette as he started toward the door and they parted to leave plenty of distance between them and the creature that came to give his warning. “I hope this is clear enough for all of you, but just in case you think you are getting off easy I am leaving all of your names with your Circle. I suggest you are a little more discerning about what you stick up your nose. I don’t have the slightest problem leaving more puddles in this city.”

 Maefyl recalled the lessers and unsealed the doors before he kicked one open and left the crowd to whimper their relief. It wasn’t like him to cause such a scene, but the minds he left behind were scarred by what they saw and he hoped it would serve to remind them to live better.

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