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TCOL : Epilogue : As It Ends, So It Begins ~Fin~

Kage walked away from a frustrating evening only to have it spill over into a frustrating night, he loathed the idea of parting however briefly from Neka on such cruel terms but he simply needed time to himself.

“The discussion is over, Neka.” Kage stood firmly beside the locked door behind which her pet would spend the next few hours and pointed across the hall. “Your room. Now.”

“Daddy…” Neka whimpered. “It’s not fair. Neka will be lonely.”

“Thanks, kid.” Malice pouted as she fluttered nearby. “We’ll be fine, Lord Kage.”

“See to it she stays occupied.” Kage patted Neka on her head softly. “I am not going to apologize for teaching you obedience, Neka. You would not respect me if I did.”

“Neka will behave.” Neka hugged his legs abruptly and went to her room sniffling. Malice followed after her and Kage walked down the hall as the door closed.

“Settled?” Lucifer asked without looking up from his feverish scribbling into one of his journals.

“I don’t enjoy the fact she is already starting to fight my decisions.” Kage claimed a seat near Lucifer but stayed distanced enough to leave his writing undisturbed. “How did you handle Kaneko?”

“Kaneko was never a problem.” Lilith interrupted casually as she handed Kage a glass of wine. “She is a child, Kage. Neka will start to see the good in your decisions eventually.”

“Is that so?” Kage grinned cruelly. “When should we expect this miraculous understanding from your child? At least mine have respect for their parents.”

“That’s enough, Kage.” Lucifer continued writing.

“You must have had an eventful evening.” Kage sipped his wine. Lucifer had not even raised his voice to stop the quarreling. He had not once looked up at either of them since he arrived. “Should we be jealous?”

“You should still your tongue before I tear it out.” Lucifer looked up at him coldly. “I’ve never given either of you cause to doubt me. Don’t insult me again, Kagami.”

“Tek, Vasun.” Kage bowed his head in understanding. “I didn’t mean to say that you would…”

“My evening was spent with Maefyl.” Lucifer closed his journal and it vanished, finding its place on one of hundreds of shelves around the room. As he folded his hands he smiled at Kage. “Considering the efforts I made to keep you both, and the continued efforts I make to sate you both, I do not want to hear even the passing thought of jealousy. Is that clear?”

“Kryss has quite the talented daughter.” Lilith quickly changed the subject.

“I doubt Kage battled so long with Neka to rehash the evenings events, my Love.” Lucifer shifted playfully into Kage’s lap and started to gather up the long, dark hair of the blushing Viper in one hand as he pulled himself close. “Did you want my attention?”

“If you can spare it…” Kage’s fingers shook on his glass until Lilith was kind enough to take it as she walked by on her way out. “I did not realize you were still writing, I would not have interrupted.”

“Shut up, Kagami.” Lucifer grabbed Kage’s hair tight in his hand before he kissed him. While his mind had been elsewhere, he promised himself and his loves that he would make time for them. It was a promise he meant to keep. It helped that it was one he enjoyed keeping. Worry melted away when he was with them and while Kage wrapped his arms around him, Lucifer could almost forget the living words pulsing with the riddles of all existence on the walls around them.


It may have been a touch too early,

But his soul is a restless one.

Maefyl was always meant to have this secret.

I trust him with it.

It is not his knowledge of their existence that has me worried, but he still has so much to understand.

I only hope that he can fully accept it before any of the others realize what I have done.

There should be time.

So many distractions now.

Even for myself it seems.

But I am looking forward with enthusiasm.

Embracing the unexpected is rejuvenating.

Disaster can be therapeutic.


“He seems content.” Lilith smiled as she came to bed and saw Kage slumbering beside Lucifer. “Is it okay to join you?”

“Of course.” Lucifer welcomed her warmly into his arm and kissed her as she settled against him. “In fact he would probably sleep right through it I tossed you on his back and had you right now.”

“He would be mortified.” Lilith giggled.

“He is not that asleep.” Kage hissed and turned over hoping to ignore their cooing.

“Oh, Kage.” Lilith tugged a bit of his hair. “Stop being difficult. Let him enjoy us.”

“He can enjoy us all he wishes.” Kage turned enough to glare at her. “Separately.”

“Leave him.” Lucifer took her wrist and kissed it until she dropped her hold on Kage’s hair. As Kage relaxed back to bed, Lucifer pulled Lilith beneath him. “You are going to have to stop teasing him, my love.”

“But I so enjoy it, my Lord.” Lilith smiled up at Lucifer adoringly. “I think you do as well.”

“Let me do the teasing.” Lucifer grinned. He had a thousand wicked thoughts run through his mind, but he decided Kage still needed time to adjust and instead focused on pleasing Lilith. As she moaned he kissed her and did Kage the favor of putting him to sleep.



I imagine this excitement I feel is somewhat akin to what a child feels embarking on the unknown.

I feel renewed and inspired.

Ready to take on the unwritten chapter.

I have yet to be defeated by an ending.

I do not plan on bowing out just yet.



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TCOL : BTG : All Over A Child

Asura slumped into her chair at the table feeling more exhausted than he could ever recall. The strain of seeing so many suffer had been overwhelming and she could still se the toll it had taken on the faces around the table. Her anxiety was only growing with the deafening silence, but she was given a sense of calm when she felt Nikolai’s soft fingers on hers and he rescued them all from the miserable quiet that filled the space between them.

“I’m not usually one to start proceedings…” Nikolai held Asura’s hand gently as he spoke. It was for her that he found the courage to live up to his role here. “I see little point however in prolonging this. What has been done, needed to done. There is no question the goal we were meant to achieve has been accomplished. The only matter left unresolved, that is, the only matter I imagine is pressing enough to keep us detained her is the girl.”

“And her father.” Vikarr nodded in agreement. He was not certain Lucifer’s decision to make this decision now was a wise one. Certain individuals at the table were still biting their tongues over the last decision made and Vikarr would have been far happier with a long recess before making another. “What’s to become of them?”

“Not one of you wants to discuss what Lucifer just unleashed?” Samael slammed his hand against the table as he stood. “Just destroy the traitorous angel and his whelp. We have other concerns.”

“Sit the fuck down, Sammy.” Maefyl butted a cigarette against the table as he exhaled. The last bit of smoke danced across the table into a scene of Maefyl slaying a dragon before it faded away in front of Samael. “We aren’t killing a kid and you seem to be the only one with an urgent need to hunt down Lucy’s new friends.”

“You will leave them alone, Samael.” Lucifer added calmly. “You all will. If they do no harm they have every right to their freedom.”

“And they…” Maefyl pointed to Farren and Evadia. “Have every right to live.”

“Quite a change of heart.” Kage hissed. “You were more eager than most to end his life.”

“So Farren gets a pass.” Lillith saw Maefyl’s smirk and interrupted what was sure to be a childish argument between the two of them to move on to bigger concerns of her own. “The girl however…”

“Is what?” Maefyl laughed but he was getting agitated with the situation already. “Dangerous? She’s a child.”

“Children grow.” Eidolon had wanted to avoid any part of theses discussions but forever found himself needing to be the voice of reason. “It is not so much the girl but the soul within her that is the problem. Iesu in name alone carries weight in Heaven. You have seen the damage…”

“Fuck you, Eidolon.” Maefyl scoffed. “The kid is just stuck with a crazy ghost. She can manage.”

“This isn’t about the girl, Maefyl.” Eidolon lowered his eyes and sighed when he realized there was no way to make it sound any better. “Don’t misunderstand me. If there was another way I would gladly hear it, I don’t wish harm on any child, but I will not stand by and watch another rebellion take hold on the hope that she holds a new god inside her.”

“No one outside this room even knows that, Uncle Eidolon.” Asura hoped to argue her father’s side. She had seen enough senseless death for one day. “Why does anyone ever have to know? Just keep her secret and let her live like a normal kid.”

“How long until you think she is discovered?” Eidolon countered quickly and felt terrible for sadness he saw in Asura and his own brides. “I am sorry, but Iesu has already displayed a tendency to surface in times of stress and turmoil.”

“She’ll be here though.” Asura groaned and pleaded her logic. “Since Farren is stuck with Bishop anyway. It’s not like she won’t have people watching her. What harm would there be?’

“Absolutely not!” Kage shouted. “I’ll not have that traitors child spoiled in this estate.”

“Arrogant bastard.” Maefyl sneered at Kage. “Why?”

“I don’t want her here either.” Lilith snapped coldly before Kage had a chance to answer. “End of discussion.”

“But you’ll make Farren stay?” Asura pouted as she looked aside toward Farren. It felt strange to pity the villain, but seeing him as a father about to lose his child she could no longer see the man they hunted. All she saw was vulnerability and pain as he smiled warmly at his daughter and gave her comfort and encouragement. “That’s not fair.”

“These people don’t do fair.” Bishop muttered to himself and went back to trying to ignore things he couldn’t help but hear.

“If Evadia is alive and well I can accept the pain of separation.” Farren answered humbly. He knew it was a risk to speak at all but there was no point in fighting their decisions, and he had been talking with Evadia to help her understand. “I entrusted my life to this Councils mercy for her benefit. I just ask that she is safe and cared for.”

“Why don’t one of you just adopt her?” Caleb giggled to himself forgetting that his playful whispers would be heard.

“Sorry.” Myrt quickly covered Caleb’s mouth and embraced him. “He’s talkative.”

“All suggestions are welcome.” Raziel made the decision to join the conversation and was amused that his cold response chilled Caleb even though he had meant to comfort him. “While I doubt anyone at this table is gracious enough to take the suggestion, it is not an altogether ill conceived idea. We have colleagues more than adequate for caring for a child until she can be left on her own.”

“You want to just drop some half-crazed demon kid in someone’s lap for a year or so?” Maefyl slid down into his chair and covered his face with his hands. It was absurd, but it was probably the best idea they were going to come up with. “Who the fuck do you suggest?”

“Opportunity knocks.” Raziel gestured to the doors as the tapping came from behind them.

Lucifer just laughed as he willed open the doors and a potential foster father stepped inside smiling sheepishly as he dropped several of the parchments he was carrying and GiGi started to help him collect them as her friend nervously blushed with the sudden feeling he was the center of attention.

“Fuck.” Maefyl sighed. “If he agrees, whatever.”

“Geoffrey.” Gabriel stood somberly and closed his eyes after receiving nods of approval or looks of complete disinterest from the Council. “How do you feel about children?”

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TCOL : Eden : Homecoming Pt.1

“Quite a spectacle to give you a new place to frolic.” Kage devoured the last of a pack of Thrones and reclaimed his form before he looked down at Lilith in disgust. “You should never have even set foot here.”

“I may not know the intricate details of your past with him, but we are both his.” Lilith grinned. “I am as much a part of him as this damned Garden. I have more right to it than you.”

“I should open your veins and leave you here to rot.” Kage spit at her feet.

“Is it even me you are angry with?” Lilith laughed. “Or are you feeling jilted that it is Gabriel fighting at his side instead of you?”

“Just do what we came for.” Kage grabbed her arm and flung her upward into another flock of angels before leaping into the air himself and drawing his sword. He was agitated with a great many things. Her pestering him was the least of his troubles. He wanted to be at Lucifer’s side for this victory and had been sent off with the witch instead. He was concerned for his daughters. Still mourning their mother. Kage wanted the peace and comfort he could find in Lucifer’s arms when this ordeal was through, but until then he had to suffer through keeping Lilith alive. She was still skilled as she had always been, but as they moved deeper into Eden they encountered more of Sachiel’s loyal and the excitement of nearing their goal was at times overwhelming. Kage snatched her away from a lance that nearly pierced her back before spinning her to his own to keep her protected. “And don’t get yourself killed, you useless witch.”

“Such touching concern.” Lilith giggled. “I would almost believe you care.”

“My Lord would be disappointed if I returned you as a corpse.” Kage hissed and hooked his arm through hers to spin her feet into approaching attackers and knock them off balance.

“And I am sure you would wear a convincing mask of mourning as you offered your comfort.” Lilith grinned as she felt the blood of angels spill down her back. They were obliterated by the time she turned to see Kage’s back walking away. As she shook her head and rose to follow him, Lilith started to wonder if she would ever find a way to coexist beside Kage without this bickering. “If my lack of experience and knowledge is a hindrance to you, Viper…. Tell me.”

“Have your beloved tell you these tales.” Kage laughed softly and continued on silently. His memories of Eden were not all pleasant, but they were his and he was not about to share a single sacred moment with Lilith. This sealed shadow of Eden was not the home he wanted to remember. Even the ruins they passed through were just dust left behind when they told themselves it was time to lock away mistakes and move forward. At least that is what they told themselves.

“Deep in thought?” Lililth caught up with Kage as his pace slowed.

“The song has ended.” Kage looked aside at her and almost laughed at her scowl. Her hatred of Presia was irrational and her inability to see past it long enough to work was childish. “Without it, these pests will become more of a nuisance.”

“Presia is a nuisance.” Lilith laughed. “And unneeded.”

“Enough of your misplaced jealousy.” Kage closed his eyes and listened for anything but the sound of Lilith complaining. “You should keep your focus on matters at hand.”

“My jealousy?” Lilith taunted. “Your jealousy has been far more damaging…”

“Listen…” Kage hushed her.

The sound of shouting ended her harassment. In the distance the voice of anger and distress as Sachiel barked her commands. Lilith and Kage smirked at one another as they heard a common enemy struggling to regain control…. “Find her.”

“It seems there is a piece gone astray on our Master’s board.” Kage hissed.

“I’m certain someone will snatch it up soon enough.” Lilith nodded and took Kage’s offered arm as he smiled at the roars of conversing dragons. “I suppose it’s time to meet our opponent?”

“Not quite.” Kage quickly shifted his form and grabbed Lilith around her waist with one of his claws to pull her away from an assault before he crushed several Thrones beneath his back claws. He knocked several others away with his tail before letting Lilith take a place on his back. “I want these vile creations out of my home.”

“As do I, Viper.” Lilith called her ribbons around herself in a rage and extended their reach to envelop the limbs of the great dragon beneath her as he moved forward through the throngs of angels. The two of them easily tearing through the creatures and pulling their broken souls into their own for strength as cleared Eden of it’s pests and went to join their husband.

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TCOL : Eden : A Silent Garden Pt.1

“My head feels funny.” Karla stumbled as they took their first steps into Eden and Eidolon steadied her as he took in the situation. She was not alone in her plight, they were all being touched by the haze of Sachiel’s magic. The weakest among them were struck nearly blind by it, clinging to their loves fearful that they had actually lost sight and taking comfort in the assurance that it was only a trick.

“If there was any doubt before now, it can be put to rest.” Eidolon sighed. Sachiel had often been called on to manipulate the minds of humans and more susceptible creatures for her god. She had a remarkable talent for creating suggestive thoughts and planting ideas then erasing any hint that she had been there. “None but the Ghost have this much sway.”

“Iehovah’s phantom is only a pest, Eidolon.” Lucifer chuckled. “You give her far too much credit and the small army we have brought boasts far greater talents.”

“I guess that’s where you come in, you pretty thing.” Nei kissed Presia’s fingers and smiled at her. It was clear why Lucifer had summoned the most talented of the Sirens. The skill of Presia’s song could manipulate the mind, but she could also counter the spells of others that did the same. She could protect the minds of her companions from the cloud of fear and confusion Sachiel was trying to hide behind.

“Eden lend me your strength.” Presia spoke to the garden and gathered the wealth of assistance it gave. It seemed even Eden itself was eager to have the trespassers expelled and was going to lend its aid to their cause. She fueled her gifts with the power of the nature around her and breathed deeply before beginning a song that melted away the dark clouds in the minds of the others. As she sang and their senses returned some of them turned their attention to her aria and her smile made her song even warmer.

“That’s pretty handy.” Azazel giggled.

“The Siren will render some of Sachiel’s magic useless.” Kage cautioned them against overconfidence. “Still it is best for most of you to keep your distance, this distraction was a small taste of her capabilities.”

“You can all have fun discussing bullshit.” Maefyl leapt into the air drawing his swords as he shouted his intentions. He was not going to wait a second longer to do what he came to do. “I’m ending this.”

“Not going to run after him?” Lucifer smirked at Gabriel.

“No.” Gabriel would know if Maefyl needed him and they had already discussed the need for discretion in Eden. “I’ll be staying very close to you during this battle, Lucy.”

“Should I be wounded or flattered?” Lucifer laughed.

“You should be grateful.” Gabriel smiled and drew a sword and scythe from the chaos as his attire shifted to the robes he had long ago abandoned. Crimson and white draped around him and his hair fell loose. “I could have stayed at home.”

“Volbaken.” Azrael bit his lip as he stared at Gabriel. “IsaAnku saba supani parakibi.”

“Daddy?” Asura walked up to Gabriel as he folded his wings to his back. She smiled like a child suddenly and leapt against him in an excited embrace. “You look amazing!”

“Flap, Flap!” Neka squealed and bit her tongue as she concentrated on trying to make wings of her own and instead became a winged kitten and flapped in front of Kage blinking. “Neka did it wrong.”

“You did beautifully.” Kage patted her head and glared past her at Bishop. “You have no hope of keeping up with me. Keep her close and stay with my daughter, Kaneko.”

“Kyaa! That’s not fair!” Kaneko hissed. “He is going to slow Kaneko down!”

“I was going to do that anyway.” Karla tugged Kaneko’s tail. “But I’ll make sure to keep everybody out of your way.”

“Nyaa.” Kaneko licked Karla’s nose and smiled up at Eidolon. “Are you going to run off, Master Eidolon?”

“I am.” Eidolon squeezed them both to him and kissed them each softly. As long as Presia’s song kept their minds protected, Kaneko was clear enough to look after them and they would likely be in the company of others while Zakesalek saw to the worst of Eden’s pests. “Don’t get into too much trouble. Eternity will stay with you.”

“Come along, Falcon.” Kage hissed. “We have angels to slaughter.”

Kage and Eidolon vanished into the quiet forests of Eden to begin clearing the Garden of nuisances. There was an eerie silence in the once life filled branches, even as they felled several of Sachiel’s guardians there was barely a sound beyond the haunting beauty of Presia’s song.

“What a waste.” Kage hissed. “All these ridiculous lessers scattered everywhere. A useless display of power.”

“One that we are using to our advantage.” Eidolon laughed. As they cleared the Garden of Choirs they absorbed each of them and strengthened themselves, each one giving them power they intended to unleash on Sachiel. “What she has used so carelessly will be used against her. Can I ask you something, Viper?”

“If it is about that damned boy…” Kage hissed.

“Sounds like it will be a long conversation.” Eidolon grinned. He crushed a Throne to the ground just as Lilith arrived beside him and gave him a strange nod he interpreted as a request for his departure. When Kage gave him a quick glance and sighed; Eidolon decided to go off on his own and leave the two of them to work. “It can wait.”

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TCOL : Eden : Those Who Will Stand At The Gates Pt.2

“Bret deseka vonek na Eden, baat?” Azrael tapped his foot impatiently.

 “Palak, Azrael.” Gabriel waved off the eagerness of the Wyrms to destroy and stepped toward Lucifer. “I have one last concern. I asked that you stay behind, Lucy. Hanseka. We helped you close the gates for a reason.”

 “I’m not going anywhere, Gabby.” Lucifer had decided to honor Gabriel’s request… in part. They all felt the trembling as Lucifer started the massive undertaking. Hell shook, but it was not a threatening tremor but a warm pulse of energy. “I won’t have to.”

 “I don’t like this, Vivi.” Eliza clung to Vikarr as if he could stop the shaking himself.

 “Myrt…” Caleb clutched his husbands sleeve and trembled as Myrt pulled him into his arm and drew a lance from the air, ready to protect him. He didn’t say a word but smiled when he saw his brother similarly standing as guardian to Donovan.

 “Is this really a time for games?” Eidolon held his brides in his protective embrace and noticed that Neka’s pet had nearly enveloped her in an embrace of his own. “We came ready to fight for you. Stop this.”

 “Show some faith, Falcon.” Kage grinned.

 Lucifer laughed as his magic completed and he gloated over his success. All of Golod watched him; Asura and Bezer giggling over what they were sure was going to be another argument. Raziel’s puppets stood silently at his side, so intent on making their Master proud that it didn’t even seem to occur to them to be afraid. Nei just fawned over Presia and yawned mockingly over Lucifer’s spell. Vikarr smiled at his worried bride and assured her there was nothing that would harm her. The lot of them were truly remarkable.

 “Done showing off?” Maefyl clapped slowly and laughed. “Now tell the class what you did.”

 “Remodeling.” Lucifer grinned.

 “You’ve brought Eden into Hell?” Raziel stroked Galik’s back. The most eager of his puppets to indulge in the coming fight was growing more impatient.

 “More specifically into my estate.” Lucifer grinned. He could feel the astonishment of the entire realm stroking his ego. Outside his estate they would marvel at the swell of power without ever knowing what had caused the realm to nearly double in size. They would simply see the superficial growth of Lucifer’s castle and know he had once again grown stronger. Once again done remarkable things. “Lilith does love her gardens. Who would like to help rid it of some vermin?”

“I just can’t go a day without saving the world.” Maefyl tightened his ponytail and jumped onto Gabriel’s back. “Stop looking so agitated. You knew he was going to do something obnoxious.”

 “This is not merely obnoxious.” Gabriel stepped up to Lucifer’s throne and rested his fingers against the arm. “Lucy, are the gates contained?”

 “Of course.” Lucy nodded. “I wouldn’t bring Eden only to let those nuisances run about making a mess of my home. Until we’ve destroyed them there is no way out of Eden.”

 “And then?” Gabriel asked quietly.

 “One thing at a time, Gabby.” Lucy stood in front of him and smiled. “Let’s get on with this.”

This is not an end… The gates will open.


Presia’s momentary augury brought an eerie quiet to the room and troubling questions they were trying to avoid finally ate away at Maefyl’s patience.

 “Why gates?” Maefyl kissed Gabriel’s face in an effort to calm him. “You said Eden was your home.”

 “And it was.” Gabriel rested his hands over Maefyl’s wrists. “It is also largely inaccessible.”

 “More accurately, locked away.” Raziel explained. “To protect the magic there from itself and our own abuses.”

 “What magic could you possibly not control, Razzy?” Van giggled.

 “Not all magic wants to obey the ones who call on it.” Vikarr smiled at her and Van stepped behind Raziel for comfort. Vikarr was saddened that she was still unwilling to accept him as family, but in no way wanted to push her. “You were fortunate that the magic in you embraced you as it did.”

 “Don’t harass the girl, Vikarr. Even you could not understand this magic.” Eidolon tried to explain further when he realized Karla was waiting so eagerly for an answer. “This magic was more than just beyond us as young Watchers.”

 “It took the six of us to seal the damn things away.” Samael laughed.

 “Vasun Lucifer seta ise benus kenun.” Azrael added as he covered his eyes feigning fear. “De seta kowaksi.”

 “It was an experiment.” Lucifer shrugged. “I think it went beautifully.”

 “This is not a laughing matter, Lucy.” Gabriel snapped at him. “The gates remain locked.”

 “The seals stay, Gabby.” Lucifer grinned. “At least for now. There are other concerns and I have no desire to make an enemy of you over this.”

 “We are going to talk about this later.” Maefyl whispered as he slid to his feet and lit a cigarette. “For now can we do what we came to do?”

 “For once we are in complete agreement, Half-breed.” Kage felt the familiar flutter of Kagemusha’s wings as she whispered her encouragement and praise. “My Lord Lucifer, we have trespassers to remove from Lilith’s newest garden…”

 “Come along then.” Lucifer was waiting suddenly by the door in the back of the hall. “What are you all waiting for?”

 “This should be interesting.” Azazel purred as he walked proudly beside Nikolai until Nei nearly knocked him over on his way toward Bishop. Azazel hissed and clawed toward the vampire but found himself holding a small bouquet of wildflowers and accepting the warm smile Presia offered in apology as she looked back at him. “Fucking weirdos.”

 “Let it go, my pet.” Nikolai snatched the flowers from Azazel’s hand and tossed them to the ground as they walked. “I want you focused. Keep each other safe.”

 “We will, Master Nikolai.” Bezer assured him as she took his hand.

 “At last this Council is living up to expectations.” Lucifer led them inside with a twisted sense of confidence in his dragons and their beloved treasures. In tragedy they were always at their best. “You’ve earned some time to play. Let the games begin.”

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TCOL : Eden

Lucifer smiled and stroked the side of his beloved Lilith’s face as she woke. Her enormous patience with him through recent troubles and the smile she gave him now told him that he had once again kept her heart against all odds. He kissed her softly and buried his face in her hair.

“Is everything well, my Lord?” Lilith kept him in a gentle embrace.

 “I was just enjoying watching you sleep, my love.” Lucifer kissed her neck and laughed. “You are breathtaking and blissfully distracting.”

 “You need distracting?” Lilith grinned as he sat up. “You could have woken me.”

 “No time, my love.” Lucifer took her hands and kissed them as he stood. “I’ve made a few last minute decisions and we have guests.”

 “This trouble in Eden…”

 “Hush, love.” Lucifer pulled her into his arms. “Eden is no trouble. The garden just needs a few pests exterminated.”

 “You are sure of victory then?” Lilith smiled at him warmly.

 “Sure?” Lucifer laughed. “I’ve practically already won. And so much more than Eden.”

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TCOL : Connections : Bishop

“Are you okay?” Neka crouched in front of Bishop and patted his head as he laid on the floor. He just squeezed his eyes closed and she whimpered. “Are you mad at Neka?”

“Not at you.” Bishop muttered.

“I suggest you adjust to this quickly.” Kage sneered down at the boy. “If all your continued existence is going to accomplish is upsetting my daughter, I will very much enjoy revoking the gift you’ve been given.”

“Some gift.” Bishop opened his eyes and focused on the floor in front of him. Detail he never would have considered or imagined in the stone was now somehow fascinating. He turned his gaze up at Neka and felt defeated by his own bitterness. Seeing the girl so concerned over him swept away everything else and he sat up and hugged her. “I’m sorry. Don’t cry. I’ll get used to this.”

“I’m uncertain whether to think of you as one of humanities best or worst.” Farren chuckled quietly as he sat against the wall watching the touching scene. “You cave so quickly to the whims of a child.”

“Coming from one who slaughtered on behalf of a woman.” Kage hissed. “You would do well to remember your life is in his hands. I am not all that happy to suffer the continued presence of either of you.”

“Tell me you aren’t taking her on this outing.” Bishop chose to ignore his urge to inform the demon that the feeling was very much mutual and focus on his concern for the relieved child that clung too him and pulled at his hair. “It’s no place for a little girl.”

“You suggest I instead leave her in the care of her bloodthirsty pet and the traitor bound to it?” Kage glared at him. “My daughter will be in no danger if she is with me and your opinion on the matter is unneeded and insulting.”

“Right.” Bishop sighed.

“Teach Neka more songs.” She bounced on Bishop’s lap and tugged the ends of his hair as she swung her tail. “Neka wants to play.”

“Give her some time to play, Kage.” Lucifer hooked his arm through Kage’s and pulled at him gently. “You can not watch her every second of her life or she will start to resent you.”

“I won’t have her first hours without me corrupted by these two…” Kage was silenced by Lucifer’s kiss.

“Let me put this another way, Kevas.” Lucifer grinned as he let Kage right himself. The tie slipping through his fingers as the words slid from his tongue. “Vade hala de, baat.”

“Tek, det Vasun.” Kage was reluctant to leave his child but had missed his time with Lucifer too much to protest. “Have Lilith look in on them.”

“Of course.” Lucifer grinned. “Neka, you should show your pet to some of Lilith’s gardens.”

“Okay!” Neka pulled Bishop’s leash as she stood and waited for him to drag himself to his feet. She watched Farren join him and offer to keep him steady on his feet and giggled as Bishop refused the offer. “Neka thinks you two are funny. Let’s go play.”

“How am I supposed to deal with this?” Bishop whispered to Farren as Neka bounced along in front of them, tugging at his leash as she led them through hallways where stone monsters taunted the both of them. “I hurt.”

“Their plan is for me to keep you fed.” Farren sighed and took Bishop by his elbow as they kept pace with the exuberant child. “Another bit of atonement for the damage I’ve done. For Evadia I would suffer far worse. I have no doubt this was not in your plans, but you care for that girl. You will deal with this for her.”

“I don’t like it.” Bishop hung his head.

“Like what?” Neka turned and looked up at him grinning.

“Nothing, sweetheart.” Bishop smiled. “Where is this garden?”

“Carry Neka.” She threw her arms up toward him and Bishop obliged the request. As she pointed the way she tried to comfort her pet over his new gift. “Don’t be sad, Bishop. Neka’s sister and brother are vampires, too. Neka wants to have a stabby smile when she grows up, too!”

“I’m not certain your dear father would enjoy hearing that.” Farren laughed beside them as they walked through the doors that opened into an immense garden. “Remarkable…”

“This is one of Lilith’s little gardens.” Neka pulled one of the flowers they walked past and started to chew on it. “She loves flowers. Do you like flowers, Bishop?”

“I guess.” Bishop muttered. He had never given them much thought, but even without knowing the name of a single bloom in this botanical marvel, he was impressed by it. Vibrant colors set amongst the varied hues of greens that caught the strange light of Hell’s sky and burst with a luster that he would have never imagined before now. He wasn’t sure if it was this place, or seeing with new senses that made it so beautiful; he only knew he could spend hours under the branches here content with nothing but the view and the sweet perfume of the blossoms that grew around them.

“Don’t eat all of my orchids, Neka.” Lilith pulled Neka’s tail playfully when she walked past them to the edge of a set of stone planters that served as seating. As Bishop followed with the girl giggling in his arms Lilith sat and folded her hands on her knee. “Are you enjoying your gift?”

“I love it.” Neka squeezed around Bishop before she popped to her feet and hugged Lilith. “Thank you, Mama.”

“You are very welcome.” Lilith squeezed Neka beside her and took a bit of Bishop’s leash in her fingers. “But I was asking your pet.”

“You left out quite a few details about this arrangement, Mistress.” Bishop crouched and hung his head. At the very least the cunning woman had known from the first breath that his time with Neka would not be short. He hoped she had some deeper purpose for choosing him. “I don’t know that it is a gift, but I don’t want to offend you by answering before I even understand what is going on.”

“I couldn’t give you details I was unsure of.” Lilith chuckled. “Any number of things could have changed the outcome. I could not give you certainty that my Lord Lucifer or the Viper would accept you here at all. Or that Neka would. I most certainly did not expect the involvement of Frost and that Siren of his.”

“I don’t understand any of you.” Bishop sighed. “But I like Neka. I’ll look out for her.”

“And how about you, traitor?” Lilith grinned up at Farren. “You seem eager to play hero for your child, but once Evadia is out of harms way?”

“I would give my life to save hers.” Farren nodded respectfully to the Dark Mistress. “And I have. My sacrifice may not have ended my life, but I came to repent. This boys thirst is going to be my prison. Your Dark Lord made certain I can not stray far from my cage.”

“Nyaa!” Neka squealed as she jumped at Bishop and changed into a white kitten and clawed her way up to his shoulder purring. The leash still wrapped around her front leg had thinned to accommodate her smaller form and she rubbed against Bishop’s neck as she peeked into his hair. “Come out little bug. Neka saw you.”

“Bug?” Bishop reached into the hair behind his neck and felt a gentle flutter that startled him before he felt the thin limbs latch around his fingers to escape the kitten that reached for it. When he pulled his hand in front of him a fairy smiled back. “Where did you come from?”

“Maefyl’s shoulder was spoken for.” Vafera giggled. “I thought I would try yours out.”

“Bishop’s shoulders are Neka’s.” The kitten purred. “You have to ask Neka first.”

“This week can’t get any weirder.” Bishop shook his head. If it weren’t for the way he ached he would have sworn he was having some bizarre nightmare and he would wake up to his usual routine, but he knew better. All the pain he had felt was real, all the tears he had shed really fell. He was now the property of the demon on his shoulder, caretaker of an angel who betrayed all of Tsuriai and had a fairy wrapped around his fingers asking for friendship. He had lost family and friends and been swept into a frightening new life before he could even process the idea of mourning and seen Lucifer and his demons at odds with the future of Tsuriai. Bishop never thought his life would be anything spectacular. He never wanted it to be. He just wanted to be a good person and do the right thing. His morals led him here. A confused immortal with no more than a sense of decency to lead him forward. Bishop pet Neka and smiled as he hoped the right thing was not going to lead him down the wrong path. “I have two shoulders. What is your name?”

“Vafera.” The fairy smiled. “I can stay?”

“I’m not opposed.” Bishop nodded. “But I don’t make the rules.”

“When it comes to fairies, no one does.” Lilith laughed. “I’ll see to it Kage and Lord Lucifer are aware of our new arrival.”

“I realize I am not in a position to ask.” Farren looked to Lilith a moment before he carefully considered his words. He just could not seem to leave the question unanswered. They could have created any sort of companion to fill the girl’s time. Even among existing servants more docile, loyal company had to be available, and definitely less likely to be so offensive to her father. “But if you would grant the favor, Mistress; I am puzzled.”

“As am I.” Lilith grinned.

“I realize you are as keen to see my end as Kage and Lucifer.” Farren smiled. He could see in her eyes the distaste for his interruption; for his presence. “My intent isn’t to pry. I’m just curious. Why a human boy to begin with?”

“Why not?” Lilith laughed. There was no need for secrecy and Bishop was entitled to the answer he clearly wanted as he glanced at her. “The boy is impressive. I like him. Neka needs companionship beyond that of her father. As much as I enjoy seeing the Viper so irritated by this, it is actually meant to help him as well. My Lord Lucifer needs his Viper, Neka needs to develop beyond his tightly coiled embrace. Bishop is about as kind as humans are capable of, he is a rarity among the race and has suffered to keep himself above the petty nonsense that swallow most of their existence. If any human can help Neka see their worth, it is Bishop.”

“Wanted to show her human worth then saw to it he was no longer human.” Farren laughed. “So her first lesson is to corrupt the pure and decent.”

“A charming observation on your part.” Lilith smiled and admired Bishop’s way with Neka and his new companion as she scolded Farren for his hypocrisy. “Considering the work of angels past and your predilection to destroy beautiful things without regret. You have little say in what is pure and decent. Maefyl’s gift hasn’t taken either quality from Bishop.”

“Merely pointing out the obvious, my Lady of Darkness.” Farren bowed mockingly. “You brought him here as a human for his rarity among them. Now he is no longer human or rare.”

“Both of you quit it.” Bishop insisted quietly. He was making every effort to ignore the ache spreading through him as he tried to end another fight before it began. He hated all the fighting the girl was subjected to, he didn’t want to be the source of it. “The obvious doesn’t need to be pointed out and there is no point in bickering over what has already been done. I am what I am.”

“And you are still very much the kind and patient boy I brought here.” Lilith smiled at the young fairy sneaking across his collar to Neka’s shoulder to make friends. “The very sweet newling on your shoulder seems to agree.”

“Neka likes your new friend, Bishop.” Neka rubbed against his neck and purred as she wrapped Vafera in a fuzzy embrace. “She smells nice. Just don’t make too many friends. Neka doesn’t want to share you.”

“You make the rules, sweety.” Bishop smiled, but there was something in her words that scared him. As young as she was, as sweet and innocent, her time with her family had already instilled many of their ideals. The childlike possession over him could in time become something terrifying. It gave him chills when he thought of her father’s cold gaze and realized her eyes might one day be just as filled with hatred and ice.

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