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TCOL : Epilogue : As It Ends, So It Begins ~Fin~

Kage walked away from a frustrating evening only to have it spill over into a frustrating night, he loathed the idea of parting however briefly from Neka on such cruel terms but he simply needed time to himself.

“The discussion is over, Neka.” Kage stood firmly beside the locked door behind which her pet would spend the next few hours and pointed across the hall. “Your room. Now.”

“Daddy…” Neka whimpered. “It’s not fair. Neka will be lonely.”

“Thanks, kid.” Malice pouted as she fluttered nearby. “We’ll be fine, Lord Kage.”

“See to it she stays occupied.” Kage patted Neka on her head softly. “I am not going to apologize for teaching you obedience, Neka. You would not respect me if I did.”

“Neka will behave.” Neka hugged his legs abruptly and went to her room sniffling. Malice followed after her and Kage walked down the hall as the door closed.

“Settled?” Lucifer asked without looking up from his feverish scribbling into one of his journals.

“I don’t enjoy the fact she is already starting to fight my decisions.” Kage claimed a seat near Lucifer but stayed distanced enough to leave his writing undisturbed. “How did you handle Kaneko?”

“Kaneko was never a problem.” Lilith interrupted casually as she handed Kage a glass of wine. “She is a child, Kage. Neka will start to see the good in your decisions eventually.”

“Is that so?” Kage grinned cruelly. “When should we expect this miraculous understanding from your child? At least mine have respect for their parents.”

“That’s enough, Kage.” Lucifer continued writing.

“You must have had an eventful evening.” Kage sipped his wine. Lucifer had not even raised his voice to stop the quarreling. He had not once looked up at either of them since he arrived. “Should we be jealous?”

“You should still your tongue before I tear it out.” Lucifer looked up at him coldly. “I’ve never given either of you cause to doubt me. Don’t insult me again, Kagami.”

“Tek, Vasun.” Kage bowed his head in understanding. “I didn’t mean to say that you would…”

“My evening was spent with Maefyl.” Lucifer closed his journal and it vanished, finding its place on one of hundreds of shelves around the room. As he folded his hands he smiled at Kage. “Considering the efforts I made to keep you both, and the continued efforts I make to sate you both, I do not want to hear even the passing thought of jealousy. Is that clear?”

“Kryss has quite the talented daughter.” Lilith quickly changed the subject.

“I doubt Kage battled so long with Neka to rehash the evenings events, my Love.” Lucifer shifted playfully into Kage’s lap and started to gather up the long, dark hair of the blushing Viper in one hand as he pulled himself close. “Did you want my attention?”

“If you can spare it…” Kage’s fingers shook on his glass until Lilith was kind enough to take it as she walked by on her way out. “I did not realize you were still writing, I would not have interrupted.”

“Shut up, Kagami.” Lucifer grabbed Kage’s hair tight in his hand before he kissed him. While his mind had been elsewhere, he promised himself and his loves that he would make time for them. It was a promise he meant to keep. It helped that it was one he enjoyed keeping. Worry melted away when he was with them and while Kage wrapped his arms around him, Lucifer could almost forget the living words pulsing with the riddles of all existence on the walls around them.


It may have been a touch too early,

But his soul is a restless one.

Maefyl was always meant to have this secret.

I trust him with it.

It is not his knowledge of their existence that has me worried, but he still has so much to understand.

I only hope that he can fully accept it before any of the others realize what I have done.

There should be time.

So many distractions now.

Even for myself it seems.

But I am looking forward with enthusiasm.

Embracing the unexpected is rejuvenating.

Disaster can be therapeutic.


“He seems content.” Lilith smiled as she came to bed and saw Kage slumbering beside Lucifer. “Is it okay to join you?”

“Of course.” Lucifer welcomed her warmly into his arm and kissed her as she settled against him. “In fact he would probably sleep right through it I tossed you on his back and had you right now.”

“He would be mortified.” Lilith giggled.

“He is not that asleep.” Kage hissed and turned over hoping to ignore their cooing.

“Oh, Kage.” Lilith tugged a bit of his hair. “Stop being difficult. Let him enjoy us.”

“He can enjoy us all he wishes.” Kage turned enough to glare at her. “Separately.”

“Leave him.” Lucifer took her wrist and kissed it until she dropped her hold on Kage’s hair. As Kage relaxed back to bed, Lucifer pulled Lilith beneath him. “You are going to have to stop teasing him, my love.”

“But I so enjoy it, my Lord.” Lilith smiled up at Lucifer adoringly. “I think you do as well.”

“Let me do the teasing.” Lucifer grinned. He had a thousand wicked thoughts run through his mind, but he decided Kage still needed time to adjust and instead focused on pleasing Lilith. As she moaned he kissed her and did Kage the favor of putting him to sleep.



I imagine this excitement I feel is somewhat akin to what a child feels embarking on the unknown.

I feel renewed and inspired.

Ready to take on the unwritten chapter.

I have yet to be defeated by an ending.

I do not plan on bowing out just yet.



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RO : The Wyrms : Nikolai & His Pets Pt.2 (18+)

“I would have preferred you stay uninvolved as well.” Lucifer was concerned, but hopeful over Samael’s unexpected interest in Nikolai. It broke the Wyrms long standing ideals and offered a glimmer of hope that the Wyrms could be reasoned with. “You handled yourself well. I will keep Golod from as much trouble as possible, but to that end I need a small favor from you.”

“Ask it.” Nikolai waited.

“As always Asura has my protection, as do you and the cubs.” Lucifer handed a dark glass bottle to Nikolai as he spoke. “I am however going to be very distracted and you need to make my promise easier to keep. Until I say otherwise Asura needs to be kept within the well established barriers of this building and your home.”

“And this?” Nikolai smirked at the bottle. Its only marking was Lucifer’s crest on its long neck. The choice of a wine bottle was amusing considering the effect he knew the contents would have on a vampire. “For Asura?”

“For the both of you.” Lucifer explained. “You are not as weak as Samael believes, but this will give you both well deserved additional strengths.”

“I’ll do as you ask to keep Asura from harm, but this is…” Nikolai tried to decline the offer.

“Don’t refuse my gift, Nikolai.” Lucifer grinned and vanished.

“Of course not.” Nikolai sighed and went into his office. He chuckled as he saw Asura sketching on the couch. He knew that even after seeing them for only a moment she was filling the page with perfect images of their uninvited guests. He sat the bottle Lucifer had given her in her lap and sat beside her. As usual she had captured her subjects perfectly, well enough that even the sight of the drawing carried the weight of their presence. Nikolai took the book and set it aside for the moment.

“I wasn’t finished.” Asura pouted and looked at the bottle sitting in her lap. “Uncle Lucifer? Why didn’t he come in?”

“He is terribly busy.” Nikolai turned her face to his and kissed her nose. “How would you like to spend a few days at home getting drunk with me, my pet?”

“Hmm.” Asura tapped her chin and tried to look thoughtful as she smiled. “Will there be lots of sex?”

“Quite possibly.” Nikolai fed into her playful inquisition.

“Lots of purring?” Asura continued with a widening smile that ruined her attempts at a calm serious demeanor. “I simply must have at least two naughty kitties.”

“I’m certain we can arrange for that.” Nikolai called for the cubs and they each arrived startled at being asked to return so soon. They jumped over the couch and landed on either side of them as Asura crawled into Nikolai’s lap with the wine bottle and grabbed her sketchbook. “Will these two naughty kitties do?”

“Nicely.” Asura laughed and cuddled closer to Nikolai. “So can this debauchery start now?”

“Most definitely.” Nikolai kissed her as he grabbed each of the cubs by their collars and took them all home.

“Is everything ok?” Bezer asked.

“Yes.” Nikolai stood and set Asura on Bezer’s lap and headed for the bedroom. “I’m going to change. We’re taking the week off.”

“Who was she drawing?” Azazel asked when he closed the door to the bedroom behind him.

“Trouble apparently.” Nikolai answered as he kicked off his shoes and threw his shirt and tie onto the bed. “We need to keep Asura protected and if at all possible, blissfully unaware of any threat. I don’t like the idea of hiding this from her, but I believe Maefyl has gotten himself into another mess and I don’t want her at risk.”

“And Lucifer’s little present out there?” Azazel picked up all of Nikolai’s clothes and shook them clean with his magic before he hung them in the closet.

“A distraction. He does not want her involved either.” Nikolai pulled his hair back into a ponytail as he finished changing. “Though, the gift is apparently for me as well.”

“Our blood and Lord Lucifer’s? You are going to be so very, very drunk.” Azazel laughed. “I’m going to take advantage of you, Master Nikolai.”

“I certainly hope so, my pet.” Nikolai pulled Azazel to him by his collar and kissed him until he could feel the heat from Azazel’s face as he blushed. They had kept their most intimate moments private, and still had yet to cross certain lines with each other. Giving Azazel an excuse to cross them was like giving a child the keys to a candy store. He had been subtly suggesting a desire for more over the last few centuries, and Nikolai had been subtly ignoring it, fearing what it would change between them. “I plan on taking every advantage of you while I have Lucifer to blame.”

“Is it that you’re nervous about or the pretty boys Asura was drawing?” Azazel purred as he pressed against Nikolai. “Do I need to be jealous?”

“No. I prefer your stripes to their scales.” Nikolai teased him as he pulled him toward the door by the collar. “What makes you think I am nervous about either?”

“Because it’s the only time you still sound Russian.” Azazel laughed when Nikolai turned and looked surprised. “When you get nervous you slip up and stop hiding your accent.”

“I hadn’t noticed.” Nikolai had made every effort to hide the accent that to many other demons gave him away as having once been human or had at the very least lived among them long enough to adapt to a dialect. He hoped he would eventually have to stop answering questions, but accent or not it seemed his origins would forever remain a curiosity that begged annoying questions. “Does it bother you?”

“Are you kidding? I love it!” Azazel grinned. Whenever Nikolai indulged Azazel’s need for pain his accent was thicker than ever and Azazel loved every word. He loved that he still made Nikolai nervous after so long. “And I get to hear it more than anyone.”

“It sounds like Bezer started without us again.” Nikola laughed as he opened the door to the sound of Asura in growing ecstasy.

“You didn’t answer me.” Azazel pounced onto Nikolai’s back as he whispered. “What are you nervous about? Them or me?”

“Both.” Nikolai admitted quietly as he ran his hand back through Azazel’s hair. “Go grab a few of your dirty little stories and come show me what it is I’ve agreed to do to you.”

“I’ll have you calling me malchik before I even get you out of your clothes.” Azazel purred as he kissed Nikolai’s neck and then he ran off laughing.

“Quiet you two!” Bezer grinned at Nikolai as he walked in. “I’m very busy making Asura wriggle around.”

“And she is so very good at it.” Asura panted and twisted her fingers in Bezer’s fiery hair. “Back to work, kitty.”

“I married deviants.” Nikolai sighed and sat on the floor beside Bezer. He tussled her hair as she went back to the business of making Asura wriggle. Nikolai grinned as Asura curled her fingers in his hair as well, making him a part of the intimacy between Bezer and herself.

“You love every minute of this.” Blondie laughed as she watched from the back of the couch. She was always entertained by their unending displays of passion.

“Of seeing them so happy? Yes I do.” Nikolai smiled until his eyes fell again on Asura’s drawing. His worry was quickly cast aside when Azazel returned and kicked the sketchbook away, replacing it with a stack of his comics. Nikolai picked one off the top and opened it as Azazel sat in his lap to look over it with him. Nikolai smiled again with Azazel purring against him and Asura pulling his hair each time Bezer made her scream. “I love you, my pets.”

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