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TCOL : Eden : Homecoming Pt.2

In its current state Eden was unwelcoming. Eidolon could barely recognize it as the home they shared so long ago, but it was still painful to be returning after so long only to cover the gates in blood. Even if this pale illusion of their home was only a silent breath of Eden, it was still a part of it and it was unpleasant to taint the beauty of it this way.

He almost regretted leaving Kage alone with Lilith. He could only imagine the pain he felt further agitated by Lilith’s provocation. Even love of Lucifer would not stay Kage’s temper forever.

“That’s not it at all.” Eidolon laughed at himself as he cleaned blood from his blade. He was cursed with an overly active mind and his thoughts never left him at peace. It was only when he was alone that it bothered him. He had left Eternity to look after his brides and leaving Kage in Lilith’s hands left him to slaughter on his own. He realized that his concern for Kage was his way of making excuses to go back so he would not be alone with his thoughts and he muttered to himself as he moved onward. “When did you become so selfish?”

“I thought all you Watcher types were selfish.” Donovan smacked away a branch and noticed his sleeve was torn. “Damn it. I like this jacket.”

“I can fix it.” Mala grinned and bowed his head politely to Eidolon. “I don’t suppose you left us anything in that direction, Lord Falcon?”

“I see that Gabriel’s Lancers are in no way lacking for their years of inactivity.” He was glad for the distracting arrival. Eidolon smiled at the blood covered twins standing beside their adoring companions and felt completely overwhelmed by Gabriel’s talent for creation. The two of them were marvelous. Aesthetically divine and trained to be deadly, but there was a kindness in the two of them he could feel even now as they stood dripping with the blood of angels. “Nothing, I’m afraid. I would not mind the company moving on.”

“How many of these poor souls did she call?” Myrt sighed as he leapt in sync with his brother to end the life of another naïve soldier. As it dissolved at their feet they turned to hear the deathly scream of a second angel that had attacked from behind them and was meeting a rather violent end. Myrt shifted to Caleb and pulled him into his arms as he watched. “Are you okay?”

“I’m good.” Caleb nodded but kept his eyes fixed on the vampire that had managed to wrestle the Power to its’ knees. When it lunged at Caleb he thought it was over, but in an instant Donovan had broken its’ wings and tore into its’ throat. Now he had sliced open the creatures abdomen and bled it while he fed. “He got to it before it got to me.”

“Messy.” Mala drove his fingers into the wound Donovan had opened and claimed the chaos, obliterating the angels form. He crouched in front of Donovan smiling and grabbed one of his ears. “You are such a brute.”

“Lucifer does find some interesting choices for his Circles.” Eidolon sighed. He had watched quietly to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of his new team and found them to be unexpectedly impressive. “Well done, Donovan.”

“You could have helped.” Donovan wiped his face and sighed knowing it had been a sort of test of their abilities. “I’m not completely useless in a fight, but Caleb…”

“I’m not…” Caleb started to protest until he found himself silenced by the warmth of Myrt’s kiss.

“No one expects you to fight.” Myrt whispered against Caleb’s lips. “I just want you here with me.”

“What made you all accept this risk?” Eidolon smiled and turned to continue onward.

“We couldn’t let the boss go alone.” Donovan explained. He didn’t want to get sentimental over it with a stranger. They were a family in Nihil and he didn’t need the acceptance of another Watcher to validate it. It had always been his way to mask his deeper emotions with a colder wit and he was not about to change it now. “E would get him into trouble. Trouble for the boss is trouble for us.”

“I came for Mala.” Myrt shrugged off the question easily as if it should never need to be asked.

“I go where he goes.” Caleb smiled as he clung to Myrt’s arm. “What about you, honey? This worth the risk for you?”

“Protecting Tsuriai?” Eidolon laughed. “Undoubtedly.”

“That yea.” Caleb frowned. “But I meant playing what is obviously a game. If your buddy Lucifer can move this whole place into Hell, why couldn’t he just….”

“Don’t.” Eidolon stopped and turned to face Caleb. His own thoughts had already wandered into the darker corners of grim possibilities and he did not need the help of a child to see the obvious. “I have known Lucifer all my life. He has his reasons. At the moment our only task is to rid Tsuriai of Sachiel and that is what we are going to do.”

“Without questioning?” Caleb pouted.

“Without question.” Eidolon nodded. “If you all came in support of Vikarr, who has taken a place on the Council and agreed to this course, then honor him by doing what is necessary.”

“Come on, angel.” Donovan sighed as he took Mala’s hand and moved onward. Eidolon followed once Caleb nodded his understanding and they continued through the Garden on their slaughter.

“Has anyone else noticed.” Myrt asked suddenly while wiping Caleb’s cheek clean.

“Yes.” Eidolon sheathed his blade and closed his eyes. The gates of Eden were quiet. “Presia’s song has ended.”


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TCOL : Eden : Those Who Will Stand At The Gates Pt.1

“Was I unclear?” Kage shouted over the chatter. “Only Zakesalek will make this journey. Why are the rest of you imbeciles still here.”

“Oh, you were clear.” Asura smirked. “We just aren’t listening. We started this journey as a Council. Our families have all been involved since it started. We all go.”

“Even if Council were permitted, the rest of this rabble is not setting foot in Eden.” Kage insisted. “Send them home.”

“Is your kid going?” Eliza crossed her arms in front of her. Even without his behavior now, Eliza hardly needed a reason to hate Kage after what he had done to Vale. “Fucking hypocrite.”

“Vikarr, silence her.” Kage rubbed his forehead a moment and patted Neka’s head as she stood beside him.

“She will be nice if you will.” Vikarr giggled as he wrapped his fingers over Eliza’s mouth. They were both bitter over the loss of Vale. “This is not yet a meeting, but play nice.”

Lucifer’s audience hall was filled with chatter as they waited; the entire Council and those that loved them gathered to tackle the ordeal with a sort of fearless eagerness that was very nearly touching. Even to the Viper who hid his amusement with his vicious hiss. It was unfortunate that the touching scene was somewhat soured by the arrival of another guest whose arrival was as unexpected as it was unwanted.

“Now this is quite the party.” Nei strolled in confidently with Presia on his arm. “I should be hurt that this is the first time I’ve been invited.”

“Tch.” Kage glared at the vampire. “And who was it that invited you, Nei?”

“Your Lord and husband sent for us.” Presia politely explained their presence.

“So curtsy and play proper hostess.” Nei laughed. “And please Mrs. Lucifer. Call me Frost.”

“Keep it zipped you mouthy little fuck.” Maefyl kicked Nei in the back and knocked him to the floor, giving Presia a nod to explain his intent was to prevent a much more vicious attack from Kage. “I’m sure it wasn’t your mouth Lucy invited you for.”

“I love the both of you.” Kage stroked the girls’ ears when Kaneko came to hug him. He spoke softly and each of his daughters smiled at him. “Go play.”

“He has yet to feed.” Farren whispered to Kage as he followed steps behind Bishop and his young Master.

“Then I suggest you take care of it.” Kage sneered. “Don’t pester me about it. Just bleed.”

Farren shook his head and followed Bishop. In pain, ripped from a simple life and thrown into slavery. Smiling. Catering to the whim of the bright eyed child of a Watcher without complaint. Only ever making himself heard when it was for her benefit. Farren wished he could find that kind of peace with his fate and hoped that when Evadia was saved, she too would have someone as kind to hold her hand.

“You are uniquely quiet, Samael.” Eidolon watched Kaneko teasing her sister and let Karla cling to his arm as he opened a discussion he hoped would remain peaceful. “Any thoughts.”

“We are just eager to see the gates of Eden.” Samael held Shiroi in front of him and smiled as Azrael bit the end of his ear. “Knowing that we will be painting them in blood makes the homecoming bittersweet.”

“As if slaughter has ever soured your mood.” Raziel interrupted.

“Now, now.” Vikarr teased. “Same team, remember.”

“Some team.” Sanguine huffed from Maefyl’s shoulder. “This bunch couldn’t agree on cake or cookies for a party.”

“Why not both?” Asura suggested.

“An excellent point, Asura.” Lucifer arrived with Lilith and fueled the fire of anxious tension in the room. “Why not have it all?”

“Some of us are content with a cup of tea and the company of those we love.” Gabriel hooked his arm through Maefyl’s and whispered his plea for at least some good behavior.

“My Lord.” Kage bowed his head a moment when Lucifer approached his throne. As Lilith sat Kage felt Lucifer’s fingertips under his chin and looked into the eyes he loved to drown in. No trace of worry or doubt in those eyes, just a confidence and warmth that made Kage feel nearly ashamed to speak further complaints. “I tried to make them see reason. I asked them to leave.”

“Look at them, Kevas.” Lucifer grinned and slid his fingers around Kage’s tie. “Gathered together for a common cause, finally becoming the Council they should be.”

“Would that be the Council of the pissed off?” Maefyl flicked a cigarette to the floor.

“Unified.” Lucifer corrected. “I hope to keep it that way. So enough bickering.”

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TCOL : Connections : Bishop

“Are you okay?” Neka crouched in front of Bishop and patted his head as he laid on the floor. He just squeezed his eyes closed and she whimpered. “Are you mad at Neka?”

“Not at you.” Bishop muttered.

“I suggest you adjust to this quickly.” Kage sneered down at the boy. “If all your continued existence is going to accomplish is upsetting my daughter, I will very much enjoy revoking the gift you’ve been given.”

“Some gift.” Bishop opened his eyes and focused on the floor in front of him. Detail he never would have considered or imagined in the stone was now somehow fascinating. He turned his gaze up at Neka and felt defeated by his own bitterness. Seeing the girl so concerned over him swept away everything else and he sat up and hugged her. “I’m sorry. Don’t cry. I’ll get used to this.”

“I’m uncertain whether to think of you as one of humanities best or worst.” Farren chuckled quietly as he sat against the wall watching the touching scene. “You cave so quickly to the whims of a child.”

“Coming from one who slaughtered on behalf of a woman.” Kage hissed. “You would do well to remember your life is in his hands. I am not all that happy to suffer the continued presence of either of you.”

“Tell me you aren’t taking her on this outing.” Bishop chose to ignore his urge to inform the demon that the feeling was very much mutual and focus on his concern for the relieved child that clung too him and pulled at his hair. “It’s no place for a little girl.”

“You suggest I instead leave her in the care of her bloodthirsty pet and the traitor bound to it?” Kage glared at him. “My daughter will be in no danger if she is with me and your opinion on the matter is unneeded and insulting.”

“Right.” Bishop sighed.

“Teach Neka more songs.” She bounced on Bishop’s lap and tugged the ends of his hair as she swung her tail. “Neka wants to play.”

“Give her some time to play, Kage.” Lucifer hooked his arm through Kage’s and pulled at him gently. “You can not watch her every second of her life or she will start to resent you.”

“I won’t have her first hours without me corrupted by these two…” Kage was silenced by Lucifer’s kiss.

“Let me put this another way, Kevas.” Lucifer grinned as he let Kage right himself. The tie slipping through his fingers as the words slid from his tongue. “Vade hala de, baat.”

“Tek, det Vasun.” Kage was reluctant to leave his child but had missed his time with Lucifer too much to protest. “Have Lilith look in on them.”

“Of course.” Lucifer grinned. “Neka, you should show your pet to some of Lilith’s gardens.”

“Okay!” Neka pulled Bishop’s leash as she stood and waited for him to drag himself to his feet. She watched Farren join him and offer to keep him steady on his feet and giggled as Bishop refused the offer. “Neka thinks you two are funny. Let’s go play.”

“How am I supposed to deal with this?” Bishop whispered to Farren as Neka bounced along in front of them, tugging at his leash as she led them through hallways where stone monsters taunted the both of them. “I hurt.”

“Their plan is for me to keep you fed.” Farren sighed and took Bishop by his elbow as they kept pace with the exuberant child. “Another bit of atonement for the damage I’ve done. For Evadia I would suffer far worse. I have no doubt this was not in your plans, but you care for that girl. You will deal with this for her.”

“I don’t like it.” Bishop hung his head.

“Like what?” Neka turned and looked up at him grinning.

“Nothing, sweetheart.” Bishop smiled. “Where is this garden?”

“Carry Neka.” She threw her arms up toward him and Bishop obliged the request. As she pointed the way she tried to comfort her pet over his new gift. “Don’t be sad, Bishop. Neka’s sister and brother are vampires, too. Neka wants to have a stabby smile when she grows up, too!”

“I’m not certain your dear father would enjoy hearing that.” Farren laughed beside them as they walked through the doors that opened into an immense garden. “Remarkable…”

“This is one of Lilith’s little gardens.” Neka pulled one of the flowers they walked past and started to chew on it. “She loves flowers. Do you like flowers, Bishop?”

“I guess.” Bishop muttered. He had never given them much thought, but even without knowing the name of a single bloom in this botanical marvel, he was impressed by it. Vibrant colors set amongst the varied hues of greens that caught the strange light of Hell’s sky and burst with a luster that he would have never imagined before now. He wasn’t sure if it was this place, or seeing with new senses that made it so beautiful; he only knew he could spend hours under the branches here content with nothing but the view and the sweet perfume of the blossoms that grew around them.

“Don’t eat all of my orchids, Neka.” Lilith pulled Neka’s tail playfully when she walked past them to the edge of a set of stone planters that served as seating. As Bishop followed with the girl giggling in his arms Lilith sat and folded her hands on her knee. “Are you enjoying your gift?”

“I love it.” Neka squeezed around Bishop before she popped to her feet and hugged Lilith. “Thank you, Mama.”

“You are very welcome.” Lilith squeezed Neka beside her and took a bit of Bishop’s leash in her fingers. “But I was asking your pet.”

“You left out quite a few details about this arrangement, Mistress.” Bishop crouched and hung his head. At the very least the cunning woman had known from the first breath that his time with Neka would not be short. He hoped she had some deeper purpose for choosing him. “I don’t know that it is a gift, but I don’t want to offend you by answering before I even understand what is going on.”

“I couldn’t give you details I was unsure of.” Lilith chuckled. “Any number of things could have changed the outcome. I could not give you certainty that my Lord Lucifer or the Viper would accept you here at all. Or that Neka would. I most certainly did not expect the involvement of Frost and that Siren of his.”

“I don’t understand any of you.” Bishop sighed. “But I like Neka. I’ll look out for her.”

“And how about you, traitor?” Lilith grinned up at Farren. “You seem eager to play hero for your child, but once Evadia is out of harms way?”

“I would give my life to save hers.” Farren nodded respectfully to the Dark Mistress. “And I have. My sacrifice may not have ended my life, but I came to repent. This boys thirst is going to be my prison. Your Dark Lord made certain I can not stray far from my cage.”

“Nyaa!” Neka squealed as she jumped at Bishop and changed into a white kitten and clawed her way up to his shoulder purring. The leash still wrapped around her front leg had thinned to accommodate her smaller form and she rubbed against Bishop’s neck as she peeked into his hair. “Come out little bug. Neka saw you.”

“Bug?” Bishop reached into the hair behind his neck and felt a gentle flutter that startled him before he felt the thin limbs latch around his fingers to escape the kitten that reached for it. When he pulled his hand in front of him a fairy smiled back. “Where did you come from?”

“Maefyl’s shoulder was spoken for.” Vafera giggled. “I thought I would try yours out.”

“Bishop’s shoulders are Neka’s.” The kitten purred. “You have to ask Neka first.”

“This week can’t get any weirder.” Bishop shook his head. If it weren’t for the way he ached he would have sworn he was having some bizarre nightmare and he would wake up to his usual routine, but he knew better. All the pain he had felt was real, all the tears he had shed really fell. He was now the property of the demon on his shoulder, caretaker of an angel who betrayed all of Tsuriai and had a fairy wrapped around his fingers asking for friendship. He had lost family and friends and been swept into a frightening new life before he could even process the idea of mourning and seen Lucifer and his demons at odds with the future of Tsuriai. Bishop never thought his life would be anything spectacular. He never wanted it to be. He just wanted to be a good person and do the right thing. His morals led him here. A confused immortal with no more than a sense of decency to lead him forward. Bishop pet Neka and smiled as he hoped the right thing was not going to lead him down the wrong path. “I have two shoulders. What is your name?”

“Vafera.” The fairy smiled. “I can stay?”

“I’m not opposed.” Bishop nodded. “But I don’t make the rules.”

“When it comes to fairies, no one does.” Lilith laughed. “I’ll see to it Kage and Lord Lucifer are aware of our new arrival.”

“I realize I am not in a position to ask.” Farren looked to Lilith a moment before he carefully considered his words. He just could not seem to leave the question unanswered. They could have created any sort of companion to fill the girl’s time. Even among existing servants more docile, loyal company had to be available, and definitely less likely to be so offensive to her father. “But if you would grant the favor, Mistress; I am puzzled.”

“As am I.” Lilith grinned.

“I realize you are as keen to see my end as Kage and Lucifer.” Farren smiled. He could see in her eyes the distaste for his interruption; for his presence. “My intent isn’t to pry. I’m just curious. Why a human boy to begin with?”

“Why not?” Lilith laughed. There was no need for secrecy and Bishop was entitled to the answer he clearly wanted as he glanced at her. “The boy is impressive. I like him. Neka needs companionship beyond that of her father. As much as I enjoy seeing the Viper so irritated by this, it is actually meant to help him as well. My Lord Lucifer needs his Viper, Neka needs to develop beyond his tightly coiled embrace. Bishop is about as kind as humans are capable of, he is a rarity among the race and has suffered to keep himself above the petty nonsense that swallow most of their existence. If any human can help Neka see their worth, it is Bishop.”

“Wanted to show her human worth then saw to it he was no longer human.” Farren laughed. “So her first lesson is to corrupt the pure and decent.”

“A charming observation on your part.” Lilith smiled and admired Bishop’s way with Neka and his new companion as she scolded Farren for his hypocrisy. “Considering the work of angels past and your predilection to destroy beautiful things without regret. You have little say in what is pure and decent. Maefyl’s gift hasn’t taken either quality from Bishop.”

“Merely pointing out the obvious, my Lady of Darkness.” Farren bowed mockingly. “You brought him here as a human for his rarity among them. Now he is no longer human or rare.”

“Both of you quit it.” Bishop insisted quietly. He was making every effort to ignore the ache spreading through him as he tried to end another fight before it began. He hated all the fighting the girl was subjected to, he didn’t want to be the source of it. “The obvious doesn’t need to be pointed out and there is no point in bickering over what has already been done. I am what I am.”

“And you are still very much the kind and patient boy I brought here.” Lilith smiled at the young fairy sneaking across his collar to Neka’s shoulder to make friends. “The very sweet newling on your shoulder seems to agree.”

“Neka likes your new friend, Bishop.” Neka rubbed against his neck and purred as she wrapped Vafera in a fuzzy embrace. “She smells nice. Just don’t make too many friends. Neka doesn’t want to share you.”

“You make the rules, sweety.” Bishop smiled, but there was something in her words that scared him. As young as she was, as sweet and innocent, her time with her family had already instilled many of their ideals. The childlike possession over him could in time become something terrifying. It gave him chills when he thought of her father’s cold gaze and realized her eyes might one day be just as filled with hatred and ice.

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TCOL : Connections : Curiously Courageous

Nikolai had been leaning over the counter in the kitchen listening to the ones he loved celebrating what victory they could. At least the immediate threats to Tsuriai’s cities and residents had passed and they deserved the time to relax after all their patient efforts. Zakesalek had nearly insisted the remaining problems were left to them and Nikolai chuckled at himself for not accepting it as the gift it was. He would not only enjoy the time away from the Council; it would leave Asura and his cubs out of harms way for a change and he would be grateful to be spared the damaging winds of the coming storm.

“What’s up?” Bezer wriggled between Nikolai’s arms and hugged him.

“I am always the first to turn my back on conflict, aren’t I?” Nikolai opened his eyes to the accepting smile and laughed as she gave him a puzzled look. “Do you think I’m a coward, my pet?”

“No.” Bezer wrapped up around him tightly. “Master Nikolai, you try to talk things through, but how many times have you run head first into the impossible for us? You are not a coward.”

“Maybe a bit of an idiot.” Azazel leaned in the doorway with Asura on his back. “Are you in here thinking about getting us all into trouble?”

“I’m afraid so, my pet.” Nikolai hugged Bezer as he stood. “As much as I want to sit this out, I can’t allow them to face it alone. Maefyl and Gabriel have always stood with me when I was in need.”

“We were going to ask anyway.” Asura grinned at him. “You know how much trouble they get into. Someone has to look out for them.”

“And we need to get justice for Blondie!” Bezer poked at the smallest member of their family.

“Sure.” Blondie stomped on Bezer’s head. “Use me as an excuse.”

“There’s a kid to save.” Azazel shrugged. “I’m in.”

“Listen to the two of them trying to sound all noble.” Asura teased. “You know they just want to get elbow deep in angel guts.”

“Only elbow deep?” Azazel scoffed. “You know I’m better than that.”

“You know my rules, my pets.” Nikolai took his phone from his pocket. Even as part of Lucifer’s Council he was not Zakesalek and if they moved on their own he would never be informed. He dialed his phone in hopes he could ensure Golod’s invitation. “We do this together and protect each other, I will not lose any of you.”

“Who are you calling?” Blondie fluttered up to his shoulder.

“I hate to disturb you…” Nikolai smiled and hung up the phone as it became unnecessary. He smiled at the arrival of his Council shadow.

“It is no trouble, Nikolai.” Samael gave him a wave and a warm smile. “I expected your call and I’m glad for it. Azrael is already in Nihil with Vikarr to agree to what I imagine is a similar favor.”

“Sounds like we won’t be the only ones in trouble.” Blondie giggled.

“Hak.” Samael shook his head as he offered his hand to Nikolai. “But I can’t very well get into trouble without my shadow, now can I?”

“I hate to admit this, but I am looking forward to it.” Nikolai took Samael’s cool fingers in his and laughed. “I’m intrigued by this long hidden Garden you once called home, eager to see justice done….”

“I just want to see if these super Watchers can keep up with me.” Azazel taunted playfully. “When do we leave?”

“That is unfortunately up to our dear Vasun Lucifer.” Samael sneered. “This waiting is his idea. I will collect you when he calls.”

“This is exciting.” Asura leaned back into Azazel’s arms and he spun her and kissed her while Nikolai and Samael exchanged a few final words of understanding and reaffirmed his promise to take them all along when the time came.

“You still feeling cowardly?” Bezer kissed Nikolai before she emptied half a bottle of vodka.

“Anxious.” Nikolai tugged Bezer by her collar until she purred. “And thankful; for each of you and the life we have together. Let’s go play a while, my pets.”

“I’m a little worried, Azazel.” Bezer quietly confided in her brother. There was more to the coming end to Sachiel waiting in Eden. “What do you think is in Eden?”

“No idea.” Azazel whispered with a grin. He was no less worried, but his anxiety drove his motivation. He was excited by the unknown and the prospect of slaughtering Sachiel’s guardians. “I just don’t want to miss out on the fun.”

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TCOL : Connections : Lovably Rebellious

“Yep.” Brig hung up and sat his phone on the desk before he smirked and muttered to himself. The conversation with E had been brief, and he imagined many of the acquaintances he had made were having similar discussions. “Already working on it.”

“You realize I can hear each of your thoughts.” Raziel looked over the edge of his tablet at the devious grins of his puppets. “This is not a decision I can change.”

“It’s also not one we are going to listen to, Razzy.” Van rested her fists on her hips and clicked the stick of her lollipop across her smile. “We aren’t going to sit this out. You promised you would keep us with you.”

“Lord Raziel, please don’t be angry.” Galik smiled. “We only want to help.”

“You can not.” Raziel sat the tablet on the desk. “You heard what was said, the Council is to go alone. Zakesalek are to go alone.”

“Since when do you listen to Lucifer?” Demise protested. “The way I remember it, Kage only spouted off reasons why no one would help.”

“I assure you Lady Demise.” Raziel clarified. “Zakesalek do not want crowds in Eden. It is still sacred in their memories.”

“We’re just a crowd now?” Brig scoffed. “Fuck you, cupcake. You are cut off.”

“Yea, really. Talk about a bloody mood killer.” Shana leaned on Brig’s arm to help enforce the boycott. “I may take a vow of chastity.”

“While that is an amusing attempt to bait me.” Raziel said calmly and folded his hands on the desk in front of him. “I will take each of you as I please. Your willingness no longer has bearing.”

“Charming.” Shana grimaced.

“He was joking.” Brig grinned and hugged her. Raziel had been cold, but if he had been angry Brig would have known.

“How can you tell?” Shana rubbed her face on Brig’s shoulder as he laughed. “It’s not bloody funny, anyway.”

“Twisted sense of humor aside; this isn’t a request, Raziel.” Brig fumbled with a pack of cigarettes as he held Shana. “None of us want to sit around worrying again. We’re going with you. We don’t care about the fucking risks and we don’t give a fuck who it pisses off. If you are walking through fire, we are burning with you.”

“Yea!” Frikk shouted. “And we’re going, too!”

“All of us!” Tali agreed as she helped light Brig’s cigarette.

“We love you, Razzy.” Van leaned over and hugged him awkwardly. “You can be mad later. Just let us go with you.”

“Alright, puppets.” Raziel stroked Van’s hair as he closed his eyes. They all rushed to join in the awkward embrace and he was overcome with a sense of peace surrounded by the things he loved. “Afterward, I’ll be restringing all of you. You have all become very unruly.”

“Kinky fuck.” Brig sat up on the desk to finish his cigarette. “You just want to tie people up.”

“Starting with you, puppet.” Raziel teased and wrapped his arms around Galik as his most perfect creation crawled into his lap. “Hello, my Galik.”

“I love you, Lord Raziel.” Galik smiled. “You can tie me up.”

“Oh goodie.” Van pushed Brig and Shana toward the door. “It’s playtime.”

“So much for together in all things.” Demise laughed.

“There are just some things I am very okay with being left out of, doll face.” Brig took Shana and the ‘kids’ to relax while the others indulged in their own version of relaxing. None of them were sure what to expect in Eden, but for now they could rest easy knowing whatever awaited they would face it together.

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TCOL : Connections : Strength In Nihil

“I think we could both use a distraction.” Vikarr held Eliza on his lap and rubbed her tears away. “If you can handle the Keeper and his deviants slinging insults, we can visit them and make my offer more properly.”

 “What about Vale?” Eliza whimpered and tried to look away but he held her face and smiled at her sweetly. He had been just as angry, she could see the hurt in his eyes and he was doing what he could to distract her. His offer would likely mean humiliating himself again on her behalf. Eliza hugged him suddenly. “I think we should just stay with our friends here.”

 “As you wish, my lovely.” Vikarr smiled as she clung to him. “I can play Father another time. I’ll have everyone meet us.”


“Obviously.” Donovan sighed and put his arm around Mala to pull him close. When Vikarr sent word he wanted company, the others were already gathered together discussing what little they knew. “It wasn’t a question of willingness. I just doubt I would be more than a spectator.”

 “Cheer squad!” Caleb forced himself to be cheerful even through his overwhelming terror over the situation. “Don’t underestimate the support team. They need us, Donovan honey.”

 “From the sound of things we all may fall into those roles.” Myrt tugged Caleb’s hair until he settled back into his arm. “I don’t think we are even invited to this fight.”

 “We can’t let Vikarr go alone.” Mala insisted. “He is like family to us.”

 “I’m flattered, Mala.” Vikarr cackled. “You can all stop worrying. I’m not certain even I will be going. Seems the Six want to keep the fun to themselves.”

 “So don’t let them.” Eliza pulled out her phone as she wiped her face. “For the love of rainbows, I have to do everything…”

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TCOL : Death & New Life : The Needed Chemicals Pt.4

“Falcon, your request to meet you here has now left us all with further scars.” Raziel turned and made his cold remarks. “Were you through or will you finish with the torment your bride is so eager to give us.”

“Aren’t you supposed to stay out of my head?” Karla pouted.

“It’s not that easy, kid.” Maefyl stood beside the Council doors with Gabriel. At this point Raziel knew as well as he did what Eidolon was convinced of. It wasn’t much of a stretch all things considered. “Just spill it, Eidolon. We do have other shit to do.”

“Among the fallen of Vikarr’s lineage we spoke with very few.” Eidolon explained softly. Hoping the tone of his voice may soften the news. “The most talented of which were the last to die. Charming, powerful women.”

“Women have always been my best work.” Vikarr giggled. “But this story has a far more interesting ending then ghosts of witches or you would not have brought us here.”

“True enough.” Eidolon took a small gathering of Vikarr’s thread he had saved into his hand and sighed. “Your bride asked if you had family that still lived. Eternity, if you would.”

“The amazing thing about Vikarr’s blood is that it hid over the centuries.” Eternity explained as she took the thread and infused it with magic akin to a demonic paternity test. “His power, the talent with latent magic, would peek and wane as it followed the strongest women through his line. Near the end it was nearly as pure as it was in his own child.”

“Vanessa and Valerie were kind of fun, too.” Karla interrupted. “I liked them.”

“Razzy.” Van whispered as she took his hand. She heard enough once she heard the names. It didn’t take genius to work out the rest and she wanted to run from the truth before anyone spoke it aloud. “I want to go home.”

“Nearly?” Eliza watched the fairy lay the thread in Vikarr’s palm and manipulate it into a strange looking seal before forcing the magic into his skin.

“They were souls at peace.” Kaneko explained with a grin as she tugged Neka’s tail. “Hard to judge how powerful because they’ve let so much of it go for a quiet ever after. Still human enough to like it the easy way.”

“As strong as your blood had rekindled in the two of them.” Eternity continued. “The last of your line would have been as close to being your daughter as possible.”

“You demons make my head hurt.” Eliza complained.

“Because they play games and you are dense…” Donovan teased. “They are saying he has a living daughter.”

“I still have a child?” Vikarr laughed. “Impossible.”

“Not impossible.” Raziel lifted Van’s trembling fingers and pricked one with his thumbnail as he closed his eyes. He had seen the possibility and already knew it was only going to be confirmed. Vikarr was as close to a father as Van would ever have. “Just unfortunate.”

Lucifer laughed boisterously as he watched Van’s blood react to Eternity’s spell and the blood within the source of her family’s magic. Van started to weep.

“It’s a girl.” Eliza grinned up at Vikarr. “You can tell because of the pink hair.”

“Back off, E.” Brig sighed as he stood close by and helped comfort Van. “Can’t you see she’s upset?”

“Cram it up your arse, London.” Eliza taunted. “Isn’t this some kind of privilege?”

“Dry your eyes, puppet.” Raziel stepped in front of her as Vikarr approached them. As she tried to quiet her sobs against his back Galik stepped beside Raziel defensively and glared at Vikarr. Raziel could feel the rage seething in his creation over Van’s tears and took his wrist. “There has been enough confrontation, Galik. Let him speak.”

“No!” Van whimpered and pulled at the back of Raziel’s sleeves. “I don’t want to hear this. I want to go home, Razzy.”

“Now, look here Princess Pinky.” Eliza scowled as she crossed her arms. “Vivi might be a jerk sometimes, but you are being a real brat about this.”

“Lovely…” Vikarr’s sigh became a childlike grin as he pulled her up to kiss her. “Be kind. She is my child.”

“I am not.” Van glared at them over Raziel’s shoulder. “I want nothing to do with you.”

“Respect her decision, Vikarr.” Raziel suggested coldly. “Your bride has had her amusing puzzle solved. That is enough.”

“You want me to deny my blood?” Vikarr stepped closer forcing Raziel to tilt his head back to look him in the eye. “The girl carries a part of me. Let me speak with her.”

“I don’t get why she is all pissy.” Eliza looked away pouting. “If you are one of these Watchers, she should be thrilled.”

“My actions caused her heartache.” Vikarr pulled a handkerchief from his breast pocket and laid it across Raziel’s shoulder for the vampire whose eyes were now as pink as her hair from weeping. “For that I am sorry. You are free to disavow any relation to me, Van. If you choose not to, I will make every effort to be as I should. I would gladly call such a charming creature daughter.”

“I’ll think about it.” Van took the handkerchief and looked at it sadly. It had been Vikarr that played a part in Raziel and Brig suffering. Accepting that he was a part of her made her ache. This was not the answer she wanted to the questions she had in the back of her mind her whole life.

“Now back off, cupcake.” Brig held Shana beside him and tugged one of Van’s pigtails as he smirked up at Vikarr. As certain as Brig was that he was going to regret his behavior during their visit here, he was as compelled as ever to protect his family. “Van will talk to you when and if she wants to.”

“Of course.” Vikarr bowed his head and shifted away with Eliza. He turned to Eidolon and smiled. “Thank you, Falcon.”

“Oh, right!” Eliza squeaked and bowed her head. “Thanks so much. I hope it wasn’t too much trouble.”

“It was not and you are welcome.” Eidolon smiled as he and Karla walked toward the doors to the Council hall hand in hand. The task had been enlightening and had given him new experiences with his brides. It had not been trouble for him. He was more concerned for the trouble it would now cause for everyone else. He stopped near Maefyl and Gabriel and sighed. “I apologize for that distraction.”

“I’m more concerned with that distraction.” Maefyl nodded toward the scene at the throne. Kage even looked intimidating when doting on his children. There was a cruelty in his smile even when he was at his happiest, but while he watched his daughters laughing together now he would steal glances at the quiet boy at the end of Neka’s leash and ice filled his eyes. He had given his permission, but Kage was still furious over Lilith’s gift. Maefyl didn’t need Kage’s hidden thoughts to see it. The thoughts he did hear were more pleasant but no less troubling. Lilith was truly trying to help. Kage’s focus on Neka was bruising Lucifer’s affection, she hoped a distraction for the girl would let Kage take his eyes off of her long enough to see that. Neka was thrilled with her new pet and with seeing her sister Kaneko. She was busy introducing the two of them under the watchful glare of her Father. Bishop’s thoughts may have been the most disturbing of the lot. He was completely accepting of the offer Lilith had made. He consigned himself to this temporary slavery. Not for any of her promised rewards, but out of concern for Neka, a child he had known for minutes, and a sense of atonement for his part in the loss of lives in Vex. “That kid has no idea what he just got himself into.”

“I don’t believe that any of us are privy to what we’ve gotten ourselves into, Maefyl.” Eidolon gave him a sad smile as he looked back over the hall. Every moment of happiness in their lives had been paid for with tears and pain that no mortal would even have the time to experience, but watching the others arrive Eidolon realized that despite the bickering they were here, all of them together, who could regret a moment of a life that brought them this far? Karla looked up at him troubled and he comforted her with a smile that grew more genuine as she returned it with her own. “But like all of us I imagine he will have few regrets when he breathes his last.”

“His last comes quick.” Eternity sighed from Eidolon’s shoulder. “Strange choice for a pet.”

“Daddy!” Asura skipped over and jumped into Gabriel’s arms before she took in the moods around the room and started her inquisition. “Who is the boy? What’s wrong with Van?”

“Kitty boy!” Neka squealed at the sight of Azazel and in her excitement tugged Bishop closer. As he stumbled toward them Kage kicked him back gently and sat Neka on her feet. “Sorry, Daddy. Sorry, Bissop.”

“Bishop.” He laughed nervously at the girl that blushed over her own mistake.

“You are not to correct her.” Kage glared at him. “You’ll answer to whatever she calls you, shiga.”

“She is going to be positively evil when she grows up.” Azazel grinned as he watched the boy nod his acceptance. “A Viper in training.”

“Don’t you dare, my pet.” Nikolai slipped his fingers into Azazel’s collar and smiled as he pulled him along. “I’ll be evil for you. Asura, Bezer. I think we should wait for the others inside.”

Nikolai’s pets dutifully followed him into the Council hall as the others watched. Each of them doting on each other as they found their places inside and avoided the tension building in Lucifer’s audience hall.

“I think we will join him.” Raziel gestured for the door to have his puppets lead the way. Even with the truce of the Council, the Keeper made it a point to keep them in his sights and he wanted to see them all inside before there was any more conflict. Cid and Tali held tight to Brig’s arm as he escorted Shana into the hall silently and Galik followed close behind hugging Frikk and Frakk to his chest. In a rare show of tenderness, Raziel held Van by her hand and escorted her himself. She was quiet, but her thoughts were screaming and she was fighting the urge to wail and fall against him for comfort. When the doors closed behind them he lifted her hand and kissed it before taking the handkerchief she still had twisted in her fingers. He wrapped it softly around her wrist and tied it there as she sniffled. “We can discuss this later.”

“I just don’t want you to hate me, Razzy.” Van tried to stop her lip from quivering and toughen up and wished she could do what Raziel did and just hide it all away. “That man is awful.”

“Vikarr has made poor decisions, he is not awful.” Raziel laid his hand against Van’s face. “Even if he was, your relation to him makes no difference to me.”

“I truly hate to involve myself.” Nikolai sighed as Asura nudged him into speaking. “But if my experience can give you any comfort… We are not our Fathers.”

“He is NOT her Father.” Galik growled at him and handed Van a lollipop. “We can make her smile without you.”

“Thank you, Nikolai.” Raziel nodded to him. Van had understood the sentiment and accepted the truth in it. It would take her time to accept Vikarr, but she would not dwell on the worry that she would be held accountable for mistakes that were not her own. Raziel pressed his fingertips to her lips and she kissed them. He did the same for Galik before he claimed the sweetness of their kisses for himself. He cast a glance at Brig as he sat to ease the jealous thoughts stirring in his most troublesome puppet. “Now settle yourselves, puppets. We all want a quick end to this.”

“So what was with the other guests and the kid?” Bezer sat on the edge of the table between Nikolai and Asura as they sat. As she swung her feet she giggled at Blondie bouncing from foot to foot.

“The Lancers are here at the Councils request.” Raziel explained as he watched his puppets quietly finding there places beside him. “The boy is from Vex. He seems to have been given to Kage’s daughter as a toy. One more tragedy in his short life.”

“That’s not fair.” Asura frowned. “Since when do we give people as gifts?”

“Your grandfather has made quite the habit of it.” Raziel closed his eyes and offered nothing else.

Asura couldn’t respond and knew that Raziel understood her reasons. They all fell into a sullen silence and waited for the others. There were enough troubles without focusing on another of Lucifer’s many cruel games. They were here to end conflicts, not to begin them. Azazel slid behind Asura in her chair and held her as she tapped at her computer screen and Bezer stroked Nikolai’s hair as he rested his head on his hand and closed his eyes to shut out the misery of the heavy mood that had fallen across the table.

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