Welcome to the Official Tsuriai Blog…

Tread carefully, friends. We invite you with open arms to join us as we stumble through the darkness into the unknown, but recommend you catch up with us before you find yourself wandering alone and confused. Once you have familiarized yourself with us by all means come along as we continue our journey. Delve deeper into our lives and get to know us a little better. We may even meet a few interesting new characters as we move ever closer to our destinies. 

-The Circle of Osore

Violently passionate bi-erotic love stories… with demons.

“Bi-erotica?” Sanguine giggled. “Is that even a thing?”

“It is now.” Maefyl laughed and lifted her off the desk. “Leave the author alone. Lucy gets pissed when she doesn’t work. That’s a shit description, by the way.”

“Cram it.” said the author.

“You left out all the rest of us.” Sanguine poked at the keyboard…

There are fairies, too!

“I got this. thanks.” *sigh*

Also vampires. 

“Maefyl!” *Author is busy chasing off ridiculous helpers*

While she is busy, allow me to explain. Tsuriai is more than demons. More than vampires. Even more than the delightful Sanguine and her tiny sisters. There are all of these things of course, and more. As delightful as all these creatures are, it is the stories they live that make Tsuriai such a joy to watch over. Truly, you should see some of the things these deviants get up to…

“All of you away from my keyboard.” *Author is about to have a melt down.*

“Did you just refer to me as a deviant?” Maefyl laughed at Lucifer.

“I give up.” *Author grabs a notebook and walks away.*

“My turn.” Maefyl shooed the others away.

Clearly this is a story about a charming vampire who looks fantastic in eyeliner, and the wicked Lucifer who is always playing twisted games that ruin my make-up.

“Go do something useful.” Lucifer insisted and decided to finish things on his own.

As I was saying; deviants.

Tsuriai welcomes you, dear reader. As do I.

Join us on our journey. I always enjoy someone else to play with.


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